Giveaway: Tickets to see Bryan Adams and dinner at ROMA

Ladies, this giveaway is going to ROCK — (and we mean that literally.)

We’re sending one very lucky local mama to the Bryan Adams concert at the Arkansas Music Pavilion (AMP) on September 19th. With two free tickets, this will make an AWESOME date night or a Girls’ Night Out. For a preview of just how amazing this concert is going to be, play the video above to get a quick sampling of some of Bryan’s most-loved songs over the years.

roma italian photoWe’re pairing the two concert tickets with a gift certificate to the newly opened Roma restaurant in Rogers, which is within walking distance of the AMP. The food is amazing and the atmosphere is fun and not stuffy. Perfect for a fun night on the town.

For many of us who were tweens and teens when Bryan Adams’ music was on the radio ALL the time, this concert is like a trip back to some of the most exciting moments of our lives — first dates, high school dances, summer nights, first kisses, first cars, Walkmans, and those awesome “jam boxes” we all just had to have.

For the younger mamas, you have no doubt heard plenty of Bryan Adams’ greatest hits because they have quickly become “classic rock” anthems that stand the test of time with lyrics like “I need somebody. Somebody like you. Everybody needs somebody.” (And we’re not even sure it’s possible to sit still when you hear “Summer of ’69“. That song makes us want to dance!)

HOW TO ENTER: To enter, just click on the words “leave a comment” at the bottom of this post and tell us what kind of memories are associated with Bryan Adams’ music in your mind. For example, does the song “Heaven” remind you of your first boyfriend? Does “Run to You” remind you of slumber parties with your best friend in middle school? OR… just tell us why you’d love a date night or girls’ night out right now.

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We’ll choose a winner on Friday afternoon, mamas! Good luck!

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  1. Would love to have a girls night with my best friend Charlotte and pretend like we are “young again”!

  2. I listened to Bryan Adam’s Waking up the Neighbours cassette tape 24/7 when I was growing up! Great memories!! Would love to see him in concert and take one of my fellow Bryan Adam’s friends!

  3. Anytime I hear a Bryan Adams song, I flashback to the late 80’s/early 90’s and I think about growing up during a time when we recorded songs off the radio, played outside until it got dark and just lived life without worry or fear.

  4. I used to listen to Bryan Adam’s Waking up the Neighbors cassette tape (yes, cassette tape!!) 24/7! Would love to see him in concert with one of my friends!

  5. Bryan Adams reminds me of my childhood and all the fun we had listening to all of his music!

  6. Would love a proper date night, and Bryan Adams in concert is just the way to do it. My hubby has been asking to get tickets to this anyway, so this would be perfect.

  7. “Heaven” and “Summer of ’69”–Wow, flashbacks of summer fun between junior and senior years of high school (which wasn’t the summer of ’69, for the record)! Fun group of friends and more-than-friends. Yeah, good times. Would love to win this as a date night with Hubby, who I’m so glad turned out to be The One worth waiting for well beyond those days. Or a girls’ night out with girlfriends who can understand those days.

  8. Would love to win these tickets! Bryan Adams takes me back to the 80s!!

  9. Would be a fun date, it certainly would take me back to younger years… reminds me a bit of the county fair every summer. 🙂

  10. This would be great to win. My friend has three kids and never does anything just for her.

  11. Whenever I hear Bryan Adams it always takes me back to high school. My hubby and I would so love to have a date night!!!!

  12. My friend Vicky gave me Bryan Adam’s “Cuts Like a Knife” for my 13th birthday. It was a 45 rpm. 🙂
    Old school!

  13. I think having an evening with friends to see this awesome performer would be a great experience. “To Really Love a Woman” is what I am looking for in my next relationship. There is hope!!!! I would share this experience with my girlfriends.

  14. This would be a great way for me & my husband to celebrate our 15th anniversary!

  15. Bryan Adams is STILL one of my faves. I grew up listening to him and would LOVE to win this one! A friend and I are desperately in need of a moms’ night out!

  16. I am in need of a girls night out! My husband just returned from being in CA for 22 days!!! I was home with our four kids & could definitely use a night out:) Plus, I do love Bryan Adams:)

  17. Lots of memories dancing with my girlfriends! Would love to take my best friend and dance the night away!

  18. The song Everything I Do was my husband’s and my special song when we first got married. We played it at our wedding. I still get chills when I hear it! That’s been 21 years ago.

  19. I’m almost too old, 60 years old… but love to think back about the younger years and how much fun kids had. I’ve never been to a concert, but I’ve heard about them. I wasn’t allowed to go plus didn’t have the money. then got married, and had a baby…. always thought it would be a lot of fun. Lucky person who gets to go!!

  20. Love Bryan Adams!!! I remember listening to his cassette tapes over and over again!!!

  21. I remember sitting outside my friends house and singing ‘More than words’ over and over and thinking we were great singers. I bet her neighbors were thrilled!

  22. Anytime I hear a song of his I remember sitting in my bedroom with my girlfriends trying to get each song recorded and then we would set up the video camera and pretend we were on stage and sing and dance. I still have those tapes to this day and I cant help but giggle when I hear any of his songs. Best memories and I am now smiling ear to ear just typing this 🙂

  23. Reminds me of when you had to listen to the radio for “that” song to tape – if you missed it you had to wait forever!

  24. Bryan Adams reminds me of summers spent watching “The Musketeers” with Chris O’Donnell! I was obsessed with that movie, and the song “All For Love” that Bryan sang with Sting and Rod Stewart. He really knows how to melt a lady’s heart with his words!

  25. As a single parent of 2 and working two jobs, I definitely need a night out. I work two jobs and the last time I had “Me” time I was 25 yrs old and moving to a new city looking for job opportunities.
    Bryan Adam’s music of course takes me back to when I was in love and in happy.

    This will be a great gift for this single mom!

  26. I’ve been thinking about aging lately and Bryan Adams’s song “18 ‘Til I Die” really speaks to me right now, LOL!! Oh, it would be fabulous for my husband and I to be able to get away and have a fun night of music and good eats! Just what the soul needs. 🙂

  27. I haven’t been to a concert since I was a teenager, well over 20 years ago. As a huge 80s fan, I was bummed to not see these great music icons when I was younger. Hopefully, this single mom can take my girls and show them music appreciation!

  28. Memories of big hair, high school football games, letterman jackets and lockers slamming.

  29. I’ve been loving Bryan Adams since junior high school!! Would love to actually get to see him

  30. Both husband and I are so busy we rarely see each other. What a great chance to have “date” night for a couple of mature adults

  31. Everything I Do (I Do It For You) has been my husband and I’s song since high school!!

  32. Oh, the wonderful high school memories. I was a sophomore in High school when “Heaven” was on the top 40’s list. I swore that it was the perfect song for me and my boyfriend….my first true love. At the time, I thought it would last forever. I was beyond devistated when we broke up. I remember listening to “Heaven” on replay for hours at a time, just crying, and crying. I don’t think we ever forget our first love.
    I had many more wonderful memories, “cruising the gut” (as we called it in our small hometown), with the windows down and the music blaring. I LOVE Bryan Adams!

  33. This would be part of a perfect start to a series of 25 year anniversary gifts for my wife because when we married January 5 1991 our theme song was Brian Adams’ Heaven. We love 80’s music and Brian Adams has been and still is part of the music that takes us back to the time we were young and reckless.

  34. Robin Hood (the best one withKevin Costner) was my favorite movie and so of course Everything I Do was me and my high school sweeties song, still one of the best songs ever and get nostalgic everytime I hear it

  35. For me it was from the movie Robin Hood. Every thing I do, I do it for you. I wore that sound track out. Amazing memories belting it out driving down the bypass.

  36. Heaven definitely reminds me of my first boyfriend! That was a fantastic summer!! What a wonderful give away.

    • Gave a shoot put on Facebook, followed on Twitter and Pintrest. Sending emails now!

  37. Those were some great memories! Would love to see him and have a date night with my husband. Havent been to a concert in years! This would just be wonderful!

  38. I would always pretend we were long lost relatives – I am an Adams too 🙂 Would LOVE this date night!!

  39. We have a six month old baby and I haven’t left her side for two minutes, yet! This would be a GREAT motivator to make me get out and have a date with my wonderful hubby!!

  40. Straight From the Heart, this would make for one great date night straight from Heaven. My husband could really reminisce about the Summer of 69 (seeing how that’s the year he was born). It Cuts Like a Knife to think of not winning, but know I would quickly Run to You if my name is drawn. Just know, Everything I Do is with my husband in mind and All for (his) Love. 🙂

  41. When I was pregnant with my first child, my husband made me a CD of lovey dovey songs to listen to while in the hospital going through labor………….needless to say Bryan Adams was included!!

  42. I would so love going seeing him remind me of me and my cousin acting like we was at his concert and he was signing to us and we got to go see him backstage was fun times …

  43. always great giveaways, but this one is by far the one i want to win the most. i graduated from high school in 85, so i’m a big fan of bryan adams. plus my husband and i are about to celebrate our 17th wedding anniversary. we’ve not had a special night out together in well over a decade. we need this! win, win, win, win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…..

  44. This would be wonderful to win because my husband and I could have a date night and get away from the chaos that is going on right now. We are having major work done on our house and moving out for a period of time- with three young kids. A night for just the two of us would be great! I get the newsletter, follow on Pinterest, Twitter and commented on FB.

  45. For me, Bryan Adams represents the nostalgia of being a teenager. Going to this concert with my partner would be a fantastic date night (And now that I’m back in school and on a tight budget, getting these tickets and lunch would mean a perfect low-budget date night too).

  46. I’ve been in the process of starting a family business and haven’t seen my best friend in ages except to have her watch my kids. We need a girls’ night! 🙂

  47. I would love to win tickets to the concert, my best friend wanted to go so bad and it would give me the opportunity to give back to her. She has been my rock thru the past two years as my husband underwent cancer surgery a year ago in July, then in February of this year he had brain surgery and one week later he suffered a massive stroke. My dear friend Debi has been there for me from cleaning my house to cooking dinners and yard work. She is the truest friend a girl could have and she has fond memories of Brian Adams in concert from her youth, we could have the best girls night out if I win! We often refer to ourselves as Lucy & Ethel ie. I Love Lucy shows. This would be such a fun night for both of us!
    Regards, Treva Wood

  48. Great memories of Bryan Adams song. We had a couple songs sang at our wedding and I have fond memories of my children singing summer of 69 in the back seat of the car while driving them home from school. If chosen Id be taking my daughter along.

  49. I could for sure use a date night!!!! With loosing a dear relative and starting back to school all in the same week I could use a fun night!!

  50. “Cuts Like a Knife” always reminds me of my best high school friend and debate partner. Yes, we were nerds, but we were nerds with great taste in music!

  51. Way back in nineteen hundred and eighty-seven my first concert was BA. Would love love a girls night out with my bff. Cuts like a knife……my fav

  52. I would love to have a girls night out! Many memories of Bryan Adams music in high school.

  53. When I think of Bryan Adams I think of cranking up the stereo in my best friends car, or MTV or just dragging her boom box around… singing loudly to Summer of 69 and how I still sing it loudly in my living room with my boys… I think of dancing in my kitchen with my husband to Run to You… Or him holding me close singing “right here in heaven”… music especially the 80’s stuff was my safe place as a child and my happy place as an adult…

  54. I went to France in 1985 at the age of 15. We only had one cassette tape to listen to- Bryan Adams! We renamed “Summer of ’69” the “Summer of ’85” and I’ve sung it that way ever since!

  55. I slow danced to the song “Heaven” in my driveway with my boyfriend when I was in high school after getting home from a date night.

  56. I was just a teenager when Brian Adams was big. Loved his music. I had a teal VW bug that me and my friends would drive around in playing his cassette tapes as loud as we could. Good times.

  57. I would take my husband out for a date night and show him that “everything I do, I do it for you” isn’t just a line he can use. We will enjoy listening to Bryan Adams “belting” it out after filling our bellies at Roma’s.

  58. Bryan Adams is my favorite 80’s artist! Would love to have a date night with my love!

  59. I don’t think my last comment went through (please delete if it did! Sorry!)

    I would LOVE a date night to this concert! So many memories surround all his songs! I cannot hear I Do It For You without thinking is having to sing for our support. “Look into my stomach and you will see, it’s empty and hungry. I need to eat so please feed me…” Now, I love nothing more than to hear a song on the radio and reminencse with windows down and the radio up- fully embarrassing my kids! Awesome giveaway! Thank you for he chance!

    Also- I get the newsletter, follow on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest and have shared on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest and commented on the Facebook page. I’d really love to win! 😉

  60. Last saw Bryan Adams right before I got married 18 years ago! We took our maid of honor and best man as their thank you gifts from us. Would love to be able to see him again!!

  61. My momma raised me on Bryan Adams, def leopard, and the ‘Rodfather’. So this music brings me back to road trips to go shopping. What a great mother/daughter date night this would be!

  62. I love Bryan Adams! I used to listen to his music on my boom box!! And my husband was born in the Summer of ’69!!

  63. I grew up listening to Bryan Adams, reminds me of my high school days! Me and my husband need a date night!!

  64. I need a girls night out because I haven’t had one in so long I can’t even remember. I have never even been to the AMP. I saw Bryan Adams in the 90’s in Philly, he was AMAZING!

  65. I would love a date night with my hubby! He works so much, we don’t have a lot of time together.

  66. The summer of 69 reminds me of high school riding in the car singing with the windows down.

  67. Great childhood memories! Would love to share a fun concert date with the hubby!

  68. Bryan Adams music bring up memories of watching MTV videos late at night during my high school years. Just feeling very alive and looking forward to the future!

  69. Bryan Adams songs take me back to windows down cruising which was all there was to do in small town AR in the 80s!

  70. I was always in love with Bryan Adams. reminds me of my early days dancing with my babies

  71. After a tough year, my husband and I would appreciate a night out to just have fun. We lost his parents and my mother in a four and a half month period. We’ve literally been grieving for quite a long time. We rarely have gone anywhere. This would be uplifting for us.

  72. I bought two tickets to this concert for my husbands 50th and daughters 15th birthdays. When I gave them the gift tonight my husband asked why I didn’t get myself a ticket and our 13 year old said “what about me?” Winning this would let us all go to the concert together to see one of our favorite artists.

  73. Best Bryan Adams memories are of my handsome redhead playing Summer of 69 on guitar hero. He was so cute. Hope I could win so I could take him with me.

  74. Everything I do, I do for you- Our wedding song and the concert is on our 22nd anniversary!

  75. I love Bryan Adams! His song, “Everything I Do, I Do It for You” not only reminds me of Robin Hood (one of my favorite movies!) but also of my high school crush.

  76. Good memories of Senior High School dance 1981. The song was You want it I got it.

  77. This would be unbelievably awesome. I would go with my husband of 25 years sounds like a perfect date night to me and one that is long overdue:)

  78. SO FABULOUS!!!! I was just lamenting again that I can’t download ANY Bryan Adams on Amazon Prime/music…. and saying I needed to buy his CDs! He definitely reminds me of Jr High and High School… ♪ Everything I do, I do it for you! ♫

  79. So many memories! I still love to crank up a Bryan Adams cd (because I’m totally into cds!) when I’m in the car. It makes me feel young.

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