Summer Snapshots: Kids in Northwest Arkansas

Bedford Camera category logoWe love watching kids grow up via the great snapshots sent in by their moms. Having launched this website more than 7 years ago, we’ve already seen some babies turn into kindergartners!

Here’s the latest round of fun, sweet, amazing snapshots emailed to us for our Summer Snapshot Contest sponsored by Bedford Camera & Video.

Remember that we’ll name a grand prize winner in early August and that person will get a huge print on canvas of her favorite snapshot. (Click here to get the details and rules for the Summer Snapshot Contest.) Send five snapshots each month to

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The Splash Park never disappoints when it comes to capturing an amazing smile like this one. What a cutie.
In our humble opinion, this photo could be the national advertisement for eating strawberries. Gorgeous natural colors surrounding this gorgeous sweet face.
“Picked it. Made a wish. Blew on it. So we should be eating ice cream any minute now.”
Nothing wrong with wearing a little ice cream while you eat it. Makes it more fun.
We’re not sure how she got this brother and sister to be so sweet together, but we’d like to know her secrets asap.
“Welcome aboard my boat. If you need me, I’ll be here looking cool and catching some rays.”
The sand… the surf… and two sweet, beautiful faces. Does it get any better than this?
No summer is complete without a tire swing. Love how timeless this picture is and will be for decades to come.
She was helping mom shop for lipstick at Sephora. We think she found one she likes. 😉
While picking carrots in the garden, he got photo-bombed by a camera-loving dog.
“Mom, I hate to tell you this but the new play mat you bought has some plumbing issues.”