Giveaway: Vintage glamour photo shoot + hair and makeup!

Note from the mams: Congratulations to Celesta McLaughlin, winner of the photo session. We can’t wait to see the “after” shots, Celesta! Have a great time going Hollywood!

When was the last time you felt really glamorous? With your hair just so, wearing a beautiful dress and happy with your makeup?

When we become moms, we sometimes forget about that little part of ourselves that loves being a girl. And once we become moms we hardly ever think to get another picture of ourselves alone (unless we do a quick iPhone pic for our Facebook page). In fact, we’re usually the ones behind the camera and don’t even make it into the picture at all.

This amazing giveaway is for you, mama. We know the woman who wins this will feel like a movie star. Not only will the she win a vintage-inspired glamour photography session — along with 10 of the most beautiful prints —  from Greyline Creative, she’ll also get gorgeous in hair and makeup before the shoot. And where will the shoot be? At picturesque Pratt Place Inn!

We’re not talking about those “glamour shots” you remember from the 80s. No, no, no. We wouldn’t do that to you.

But it’s better to let the pictures do the talking. Our friend, Heather, had some portraits done by Casey at Greyline and we were wowed. See?

Heather Costa

Heather Costa 2

greyline creativeAbout Greyline Creative: We believe that the pictures above say much more than we ever could about Casey, who owns Greyline Creative! Her portraits are just amazing. We think it’s really cool that, in addition to shooting all the “normal” photos like families, babies and events, she also offers these vintage-inspired glamour photo sessions.

We think this pretty picture says it all:

greyline photo

About Bouffants and Beehives: Bouffants and Beehives works with Greyline Greyline to bring the whole “glamour session” dream come true. They take care of the hair, makeup and styling. Owner Ali is a graphic/web designer and artist. She blogs all kinds of fun tutorials and info at her blog here.

pratt place

About Pratt Place Inn and Barn: When we first visited Pratt Place Inn for a birthday party, we were so impressed. This elegant boutique hotel is tucked away in Fayetteville on Sassafras Hill, really close to Razorback Stadium. It’s the PERFECT backdrop for beautiful pictures. In fact, lots of weddings and events are held at the Inn and the Pratt Place Barn, which is also on the 140-acre property.

We adore the inn’s wrap-around porch and the seven guest rooms we visited were so gorgeous! Everywhere you look there are antiques from Europe and Asia.

In fact, it would be a great place to get away for a night without the kids. They have in-house spa services and offer a European continental breakfast in your room. Ahhhh. Click here to visit the Inn’s website and to take a virtual look around.

How to Enter: If you would love to win this glamour photography session, just click on the comment button below and tell us about your favorite picture of all time. Is it one of your grandparents in front of an old model-T? You and your husband on your wedding day? Your baby girl taking her first gasp of air? We’d love to hear about it!

HOW TO INCREASE YOUR ODDS: Help us spread the word about the giveaway and we’ll give you extra chances to win. Send an email to your friends about the giveaway and be sure to put on the CC line of your note. We’ll give you an extra chance to win for every person you tell.

BE SOCIAL: Spread the word via social media and we’ll give you extra chances as well. Just share the giveaway with your friends on Facebook (click here to go see the post on our Facebook and share from there) or share about the giveaway on Twitter to increase your odds of winning. If you do either of these things, just let us know in your posted comment or send us an email so we can give you proper credit.



  1. I want to win this!! How fun to leave behind the diapers, dishes and motherhood messes for a dress up photo shoot!!

    My favorite picture of all time is a picture of my 5 year old looking at her sister for the first time….it was taken on the hospital bed and the look on my daughters face can only be described through this photo. It is beautiful!!! She was touching her hands and her head so gently and had this quiet, pleased smile on her face the whole time. We were extremely grateful to catch this moment on “film”. Kristina

  2. My favorite picture ever of myself is of my husbands grandfather and I! I love unplanned pictures of my kids they turn out the best!!

  3. My favorite photo is actually a series of three images of my grandmother, aged four. She’s wearing a lace dress, a little gold bracelet and a tiny pendant my great-grandfather brought back to her from France while he was on leave during WWI. Our family has preserved the dress and jewelry, and my own mother had me wear it and pose identically when I was four…and then we did the same with my daughter, Haley, when she was four. We treasure them–and it’s fun to see the similarities in our features…as well as the differences in hair styles, even for little girls.

  4. My favorite pictures are my wedding pictures to the love of my life. Having been through a divorce that made me question everything, doubt myself, feel like I was trash, and just plain crazy. When I saw myself as my new husband looked on, through the lens of an amazing local artist, it felt like I existed again. I’m alive. I’m here. I’m beautiful. He loves me. I’m worth these pictures. It was a great experience for me.

    I get the same feeling for this precious friend when I see Heather in these images. I see her gorgeous, alive, and saying I’m still here no matter what he put me through. Right on sista!

  5. I have lots of fav pictures but I have one of my grandmother posing in her 40’s swimsuit for my grandfather while he was in WWII. It was found in a letter she wrote to him, they were newlyweds when he went into the war.

  6. I would love to win this. The last time we took picture – wedding pictures – they were kinda a disaster becasue everyone was so rushed and we really needed strict “creative direction,” which was not provided.
    One of my all time favorites is of me and my grandfather on a huge John Deer tractor in the middle of a cotton field. It looks like an instagram photo filter before that even existed!

  7. I think my favorite is probably a candid one of my husband and I on a swingset on our wedding day.

  8. My favorite picture of myself so far was in a boudoir shoot I did. Vintage photos, a friend of mine did a gorgeous vintage shoot that was just jaw-dropping.

    I’ve of course posted this on facebook and commented on there!


  9. One of my all time favorites of my kiddos is a shot of my youngest as a toddler genuinely laughing while trying to cover her mouth because she got that tickle in her tummy while swinging. I also love one of my husband and I as he is leaning in over my shoulder to kiss me. In both, the moments are captured so well that I relive the joy of the moment when I see them. 🙂

  10. My 9 month olds picture with her great granddad. Her great grandmother was killed in the Joplin tornado and so blessed her great grandad survived so they could b in each others lives!

  11. My favorite photo of all time is of my daughter playing in Tanyard Creek in Bella Vista curls flying as she splashes aroud in the water with her hands out and the biggest smile on her face!

  12. My most favorite picture was just taken last week. My brother recently became a grandfather and had to travel across the country to see his new grandson. The picture of he and Malachi made me weep;BECAUSE…our Mom and Dad are both gone, and will never see him on this PLANET… but I know they are seeing their great grandson from Heaven above!

  13. My favorite all time picture is on my husband took of my son when he was two. He was outside in the snow, and he inadvertantly blew the biggest snot bubble I’ve ever scene. It was so big, it looked like we were blowing bubbles with a wand! Anyway, my husband snapped a picture with snowflakes falling around that cute little face with the snot-bubble and then made the picture black and white for an “artistic” feel. It is gross and beautiful and hilarious all at the same time!

  14. Among my favorites is a picture of my son and myself at Thankgiving camp. Unplanned and full of memories!

  15. My absolute favorite is of my little girl when she was 2, we were at a friend’s wedding and the photographer caught her in a rare still moment staring right up into the lens, her big blue eyes jump out at you, it’s such a wonderful picture. My other favorite is of my mother holding my daughter when she was a baby, it’s a profile view of Mom holding Lydia and looking down at her, it is the sweetest picture.

  16. My favorite picture is of my oldest daughter (who’d just turned 3) holding her newborn sister for the first time. It’s priceless!

  17. My favorite photo of all time was of me & my brother when we were little. We were in the bathtub and he had goggles on as if he was snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef! It was pretty awesome!

  18. My favorite picture of all time is the first picture taken of me holdong my son for the first time!

  19. Fav pic is of my son when he was 18 months old 🙂 he had this wild curly hair and we caught him making the sweetest grin!

  20. I love a picture of my black cat up in a tree full of snow. Looks like a pro took it.

  21. My parent’s wedding picture is my favorite. Seeing them young and happy, and my grandparents as parents themselves. I love the style and elegance of the dresses.

  22. I’m not sure I could narrow it down to just one favorite picture. Too many fabulous memories! I do love the first picture taken of me holding my son. I don’t look particularly good, but I do look very happy (and emotional).

  23. I have a precious picture of all three of my children facing the ocean as the sun slowly slips away. The shadows and lighting is remarkable and the photo brings back many memories of their first experience playing in the sand and in the ocean.

  24. My fav pick of all time is one of my daughter when she was about 3 .. She put her tutu and ballet top on by herself and was twirling around the living room .. And I noticed she had no panties on .. 🙂 It was adorable .. 🙂

  25. My favorite picture of all time is definitely the first picture of my then 3 year old holding his new baby sister. You can see the joy in his eyes and he was SO PROUD of becoming a big brother =)

  26. My favorite photo is a picture of My husband, my son, and me just after he was born. It was our first family photo, and we had tried so long and hard to have a baby. He finally made us a family, and the joy on my husband and my faces is indescribable!

  27. My favorite picture of all time is the first picture we have after my son was born. After surviving 7 years of infertility he was and is such a precious gift and I still can hardly believe it.

  28. a favorite of all time is tough!! There are so many to choose from! But I do have a fave of my husband holding our son on his shoulders – it’s taken from behind and it just captures how much they love each other. 🙂

  29. I love pictures, mine, friends even strangers family photos so it’s hard to pick just one favorite. The first to come to mind though was one of my mother, aunties and grandmother sitting together on a rock wall, they are all so young and beautiful.


  30. My favorite picture is a photo of me holding my daughter for the first time. When I see that picture it brings on so much joy still.

  31. The wind touseled her long blonde hair. Each strand was shinning in the sun. Her face was glowing, relishing the sunshine beaming down on her. She wore a spring time outfit with rain boots as she stomped through the creek. I caught her just in time. She looked up at me as I snapped the picture. Forever a moment to remember. I cherish this picture of my daughter. She was 2 years old.

  32. Picture of my daughter smiling, she doesn’t like her smile so when I am able to get it on camera it is amazing.

  33. It’s so hard to pick one! I have so many favorites. But if I had to pick one it would be one of all 4 of my girls together!

  34. My favorite picture is of my two girls after the youngest returned home from open-heart surgery at Children’s Hospital in Little Rock. She had been in heart failure, and at four months of age, weighed less than she did when she was born. To the uninformed observer of the picture, she would look like a fragile new baby, but to me, she looks like life had returned to her. She was full of color and wiggles. My older daughter (3 at the time), was smiling down sweetly and holding her very carefully. Every time I see that picture, I’m thankful to have both my now healthy babies and that they love each other so much.

  35. My all time favorite picture is a vintage picture of my mom in a pink lace dress holding an old fashioned phone to her ear. She was five. So precious.

  36. The picture of my son on his first day of preschool is my very favorite. He has on an adorable outfit and his grin is just a little bit mischievous.

  37. i LOVE a picture i have of my husband and i at our garden wedding under an arch of trees joining our unity candles. it was our first time that day to talk to each other, only he and i will ever know what was said and prayed about in that spot. the picture is zoomed in through the trees so it just makes it that much more intimate, preserving the memory.

  38. There is a black and white photo of my dad from the late 70’s. He’d just purchased the land in Brentwood where he would build his house. He’s young and full of the infinite potential we possess at the start of a grand adventure.

  39. I believe the best I have many favorite pictures. For sure a wonderful one from my wedding day, my husband is lifting me up and we are smiling at each other. The other would have to be of the 4 generations in my family, 2 of them to be exact, the first of my great grammy, memaw, my mom and me, and then of memaw, my mom, me and my daughter.

  40. My favorite picture is of my brother and me on my grandma’s farm, when we were about 6 and 3. He was holding a baby duck for the first time, and I was smiling, with the old wooden fence behind us. Pure happiness.

  41. My favorite picture is of my two girls sitting on a bench at my grandmothers house two Easter’s ago!

  42. My favorite picture is one of me and my first daughter about an hour after she was born 😉 shared this fun giveaway on Facebook!

  43. I love, love, love pictures!My favorites are always changing, as my son grows older and does cute thing after cute thing. If I had to pick one photo to be my favorite, it would be a doctored photo I have of my husband, son, and I. Our faces are imposed into an old movie poster with my husband as Wyatt Earp, my son as Doc Holiday, and me as Belle Starr. It is just so great!

  44. I have so many it is hard to decide, but I really love the pictures of my daughter playing in ocean. So sweet!

  45. A picture I took when my youngest was infant-toddler age and oldest was 6 years old at Terra Studios with them peeking out of the window of the old mini cabin they have outside.

  46. Favorite all time picture is of my children when they were small. My daughter is leaning her head on her brother’s shoulder — such a sweet shot!

  47. My favortie picture is of my son and I not long after he was born. I’m kissing him on the forehead and he has the biggest smile on his face.

  48. My favorite picture is one my best friend took after I finally got through the worst part of a health issue that weighed me down for a while. For a long time in photos before this one I barely recognized myself: I looked like an old woman, closer to death than I should be for my age, and sometimes you can really see my face tensed up in pain. Then over the course of a year I lost almost a whole person in weight and finally regained the best parts of my life. It’s the first photo where I fully recognized there’s really no pain in my face anymore … and well, even now when I look at it, it makes me tear up a bit. Every day you are healthy, even “bad days,” is a gift.

  49. My husband and I got married in 2008 the weekend of Bikes, Blues, and BBQ. We didn’t plan it really, but we decided to leave the wedding still in my dress and he in his suit on his motorcycle. We decided to ride down Dickson, but what we didn’t realize was that the parade was happening at that time! We rode past so many people taking our picture and waving asking us if we really just got married! We felt like rock stars! We did manage to get one picture so I blew it up poster size! It is my favorite movie and quite a conversation piece.

  50. My favorite picture is of my little girl when she was a baby. She had a big pink flower on her head and big blue eyes.

  51. My favorite picture is of my Grandfather when he joined the Army at 13 years of age. He took his brother’s ID so he could be of legal age. This was in the 1920’s. He was an amazing man and I miss him every day.

  52. The first photo, taken by my best friend, of me with my first born son right after he was born! We tried for so long to have him and that photo is priceless!

  53. My favorite picture is of my husband and daughter. Hazel was about 3mths old when we went hiking out at the Buffalo. I turned around on the buff and he was holding her and she was just looking at me like she belonged there.

  54. My favorite picture is of my daughter holding her little sister for the first time. She was so serious. You could see how much she loved her little sister already!

  55. One of my favorite pictures is of my mom when she was a teenager. She had long blonde hair and a beautiful smile. It wasn’t in black and white, but sepia tones. I love looking at it and seeing how my mom use to be when she was young. Beautiful.

  56. My favorite picture is one of my husband and I on our honeymoon. We are in central park and just so happy! It was just the start of an amazing journey.

  57. My favorite picture is one where I’m holding my newborn baby girl and my 4 year old son–they both have their heads on each of my shoulders & have their eyes closed. It’s the sweetest Mom photo ever & so special to me!

  58. My favorite picture of me is of a glamour shot I had taken about 25 years ago! It was so much fun posing for the pictures. I still remember feeling beautiful and special!

  59. One of my favorite pictures is one I took of my boys with mustaches on. It makes me smile every time I see it!

  60. One of my favorite pictures is of my children with their father. We were visiting an Army base right after he returned from Afghanistan and he scooped them all in close and hugged them. It was one of those shots I just happened to snap at the right time and they’re all laughing and looking at the camera. It looks like a little circle with their dad on top, the oldest daughter to his left, the middle daughter a little lower and the youngest son on the right. It is beautiful and I’ll cherish it forever!

  61. My favorite photo ever is of my daughter dancing at Wilson Park. I stood on a picnic table and asked her to look up at me and she spontaneously started dancing. You could see the mischief on her face and the joy of her dance in motion…perfection. 🙂

  62. My favorite photo is one of me and my sister. We’re young posing in identical, hand-made-by-Mom Wonder Woman outfits, with galoshes for our special boots.

  63. My favorite picture is one of me and my husband on our wedding day, a close second is one of me and my daughter as a baby:)

  64. My oldest son (who is almost 6) on his first birthday – big ol’ chubby cheeks and hair curled out over his ears – with THE biggest grin ever after sliding down a slide. If it weren’t for pictures like that – I would never remember his hair like that because we gave him his first “big boy haircut” right after he turned one and it’s never been that long again. I probably also wouldn’t have remembered just HOW fluffy those sweet cheeks were!! 🙂

  65. The photo of my husband that someone snapped as he was walking down the sidewalk to the gazebo at my grandparents house on our wedding day. He is in his military dress uniform and the picture was in black and white. He looks like he is on a mission and that day his mission was to get married!

  66. My favorite photo of all time is one of my husband and I dancing at our wedding. It perfectly captures the joy of the moment!

  67. That’s practically impossible to answer! But “A” favoraite picture of mine is of my husband and me at our 25th anniversary celebration just months before he died–a memorable event for sure, and we were looking gooood……

  68. There is a great one of my older brother and myself when I was 1. I love it.

  69. My baby girl at the hospital swaddled up in her hat, she has the best eyes in this picture. Love it!

  70. I love a picture of my grandfather reading Far Side comics to my cousins and I from Christmas in 1988. We are all laughing and smiling.

  71. My favorite is a black and white photo of me riding piggyback on my husband the day before our wedding in Central Park.

  72. My youngest daughter (2) looks very much like my Maternal grandma- who I was very close to growing up. My favorite photo is one of my grandma when she was 2 or 3. She looks so solemn- which is exactly like my 2 year old. Just love it how 4 generations apart and they can look so much alike.

  73. My favorite picture is of me tickling my nephew to get him to smile for the photo. Those moments get rarer as he gets older.

  74. My favorite picture is a snapshot of me and one of my sisters on my wedding day. It snowed the day before my wedding. The girls had been outside taking pictures in the snow and we were headed back in. My sister was carrying my train for me and the photographer snapped an action shot. It’s really sweet.

  75. As a fellow photographer, it’s hard to say which photo would be my favorite. Each one sparks emotion for me. One of my all time favorites tho would have to be one of my oldest, Bailey, when we were just having another day at home, living the life of a stay at home mom, and thinking am i doing this right? But when I look at this picture and many others in this album of Bailey now, and know for 18 years i got to have many of these moments and they were so worth it……..i know this picture is my favorite.

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