Giveaway: Photo Shoot with Freedom Dreamer Photography

Happy Monday, mamas! The winner of this week’s giveaway is going to see herself in a whole new way. We’re sending one local woman to a 5-hour photo shoot experience courtesy of photographer Marsha Foster of Freedom Dreamer Photography. The winner also gets one free 8×10 print of her favorite image from the photo shoot. This package would normally cost more than $500!

freedom dreamer 3Marsha specializes in boudoir photography, which can be as conservative or as bold as you want it to be. (Click HERE to read an earlier article we wrote about Marsha’s work.) The client decides what to wear — which could include a range of outfits like a fabulous dress, your favorite jeans or the kind of lingerie that would make your husband’s head spin. (Many of Marsha’s clients give some of their photos to their husbands as an anniversary, birthday or Christmas gift.)

If there are certain areas of your body you’re not too crazy about, don’t sweat it. A professional photographer knows how to position you in each shot so that your best features are emphasized and your not-so-favorite features fade away. Marsha is in the business of photographing REAL women and mothers — not stick-thin twenty-somethings who have never wrangled a toddler in their lives.

Boudoir photography captures images that help you see yourself the way your husband sees you — as that beautiful, feminine and, yes, even sexy woman that you are.

freedom dreamer 4At least two weeks before the photo shoot, Marsha will meet with the photo shoot winner for a consultation. She’ll get to know more about you and your personality and what freedom dreamer sportytype of feeling you want your photos to convey. (Flirty and sporty in a sports jersey, jeans or a tank top? Soft and feminine in silk or lace? Bold and edgy in a leather jacket?) She’ll give you tips on the kind of outfits that photograph best and show you plenty of photography Pinterest boards where she has collected great ideas to help inspire you.

On the day of the photo shoot, all you have to do is arrive at the studio with your outfits and a make-up free face. Marsha’s makeup artist and hair stylist Ashley Gregory will do the rest — including eyelashes, hair extensions, professional makeup — the works! After a couple hours to relax and get gorgeous, the 3-hour photo shoot begins. If you’ve ever wanted to experience the full supermodel treatment, this is your chance. Marsha calls it the “Full Day of Sexy.”

After the photo shoot, Marsha will meet with you to review more than 200 shots she will capture during the photo shoot. She’ll help you review the shots so you can narrow down your favorites. CLICK HERE to see a short video of what a photo shoot in session looks like. Click on any of the photos shown here to visit the Freedom Dreamer website and get more info.

HOW TO ENTER: To throw your name in the online hat for the complimentary photo shoot and print, click the words “post a comment” below and tell us what makes you feel beautiful. Is it a certain dress? The way your freedom dreamer legshusband smiles at you? A killer pair of stilettos? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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We’ll tell the winner the good news via email at the end of the week, so watch your inbox. Good luck, mamas!


  1. Just getting fixed up–having someone else do my hair and make-up so I don’t have to stress or put any thought into it!

  2. I feel beautiful when my attitude is good.. Smiling and being kind and just having an overall positive outlook on life 🙂

  3. I feel beautiful just being me. I see the beautiful children I have made and the battles I have conquered in my life and I smile each day at the wonderful things God has provided to me and my kids.

  4. I feel beautiful when I catch my husband looking at me and he just says out of nowhere, “I love you, my pretty, pretty princess.”

  5. The way my husband looks at me when I am holding our daughter, that is what makes me feel beautiful.

  6. As a cancer survivor with many physical scars, sometimes it is really hard to ever feel beautiful. This is not typically my kinda thing, but I can’t help but wonder if it would make me see myself in a different light and feel beautiful despite the physical toll my body has taken.

  7. Many things can make me feel beautiful including a good nights sleep, a new outfit, a hair cut, a compliment from a friend, and knowing that I am a child of God, beautifully and wonderfully made!

  8. My husbands sweet smiles and my children’s joy make me feel beautiful. Id love to win this photo shoot!

  9. Believe it or not, a shower and some make-up make me feel beautiful! I spend most days in workout clothes (even if I”m not working out) and my hair in a ponytail. Days I dress up, I look in the mirror and am impressed with what I see!!: )

  10. I want to nominate my dear friend Angela Timmons. She is such a hard working mother! She has been going through an ordeal lately and could use some pampering. She is such a great friend to me even during difficult times in her own life. She is the best! Hope she wins!

  11. I feel beautiful when my husband gives me that second head turn when I’m getting ready. He always compliments me but it’s that second smile that brightens my morning.

  12. I feel beautiful when I look at my kids. Knowing they love me unconditionally no matter if I’m in a baggy sweatshirt or all fixed up for an outing, they think I’m beautiful. And it makes me feel great! A photo shoot with Marsha and Ashley would be a gift to myself as a single mom. A little “me time” 😉

  13. I feel beautiful when I’m all dolled up ready for a night on the town with my husband.

  14. when I’m feeling my ugliest and my husband tells me how wonderful I am and how he would be nothing without me.

  15. I feel beautiful when I get a day of pampering which is rare when your days consist of chasing little ones and cleaning up messes.

  16. I am beginning to feel beautiful now for the first time ever (long tragic story, I’ll spare you the details). I feel beautiful when my fiancee looks at me with “that look”, smiles and says ” I can’t believe I have you”. I’d love to surprise him with boudoir photos.
    I follow you on Twitter and Pinterest!

  17. Never a day goes by that my husband doesn’t make me feel sexy or special. Even when I feel my worst. 15 years and 5 kids later he still knows what to say to build my self esteem.

  18. I feel beautiful in a t-shirt and jeans on the weekend after a looong week of work.

  19. I feel beautiful when my husband acknowledges when I take the extra time to dress up, fix my hair, and put on make-up. He tells me I am beautiful all the time, but it feels good to know that he pays attention and is not just saying it to “go through the motions.”

  20. I feel beautiful after a walk outside… Something about the trees and nature gives my eyes a sparkle

  21. I feel beautiful when my husband tells me “you are so beautiful” or “you are so sexy” no matter if I’m dressed up for work, wearing jeans and flats or just sweats around the house. I always tell him he just tells me that because he loves me and I dont believe him but inside he makes me feel beautiful. He has always made a comment about me doing some boudoir pictures for him so I would love to win this for him. (Following on Pinterest and signed up for newsletter!)

  22. My husband does a great job of making me feel beautiful by telling me at random moments when I am not expecting it. It would be awesome giving him a special photo of all that he loves so much! 🙂

  23. I feel the most beautiful when I’m just being me. Making people smile and empowering women younger than me. Catching that random stare from my husband and having him tell me he is the luckiest man alive. Holding my babies and knowing I made them. Looking at myself in the mirror and holding my head high no matter the day, making someone else know how beautiful they are. That makes me feel beautiful.

  24. I feel beautiful when my husband tells me he loves me at odd times. We are both always in the go and it’s nice when we can both catch a moment and just hold each other. That’s when I feel the most beautiful.

  25. I feel beautiful when I read how precious I am to my Savior.
    Also when my students tell me I look 25!

  26. I feel beautiful when I am making myself a priority and taking care of myself. It also helps that my husband still looks at me the way he does, after almost 20 years:)

  27. My husband is really great at making me feel beautiful! Even after years of marriage and kids, he never ceases to amaze!

  28. It makes me feel beautiful to hear my husband call me beautiful. I also feel beautiful when someone takes a picture of me that shows me at my best.

  29. My husband makes me feel beautiful everyday but of course I love getting dressed up and hair and makeup done which makes me feel beautifully confident!!

  30. I feel the most beautiful when Im not confident I look
    my best. Then my five year old son comes up an wraps
    his little arms around my neck an whispers…you look
    pretty mommy!

  31. I feel most beautiful when I get my nails done, and when my husband tells me I look good! I would absolutely love to win this shoot!

  32. After a good nights rest- I feel like my skin is glowing! It’s a bonus when I go to bed with wet hair and my hair is perfectly curled! Those days I feel the most comfortable with myself and will risk going without make-up.

  33. This may sound weird, but I feel beautiful at the end of the day when I get in my comfy clothes, wash my face and put on my face moisturizer. It just makes me feel “fresh”! Lol!

  34. I act aggravated when my husband tells me I am more beautiful now then when we met but it really makes me feel good! He always acts attracted to me even when I feel old, ugly and fat!

  35. As a stay at home mom just getting to be dolled up and do something for my husband would be amazing!

  36. I feel most sexy when I wear my LBD and nude colored heels for my husband 🙂

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