Giveaway: Tickets to Harold & the Purple Crayon!

Oh, we do love a classic. And it doesn’t get much more classic than Harold & the Purple Crayon — the beloved children’s book published in 1955 about a boy, his purple crayon and a BIG imagination.

The book has been turned into a contemporary dance adaptation and will hit the stage at the Walton Arts Center on Saturday, November 12, 2011 at 2 p.m. We’re giving away FOUR tickets to see Harold & the Purple Crayon, plus lunch or dinner at the ever-popular Jose’s Mexican Restaurant on Dickson Street.

ABOUT THE SHOW: This show is designed especially for kids and families and it’s interactive! Kids can help create Harold’s next adventure through their own exploration of movement during the show. (Do you have one of those kids who can’t sit still during a performance? This is the show for them!) It’s a great combination of a children’s story and contemporary ballet.

ABOUT THE FOOD: Speaking of great combinations, one of our favorite combos goes like this: great show + great food = great time! So we’re combining the four tickets to Harold & the Purple Crayon with a $30 gift card to Jose’s Mexican Restaurant, just steps away from the theater. We picked Jose’s for this combo because it pairs so beautifully with this show. Harold loves to draw and so do the kids who visit Jose’s. In fact, Jose’s is so fond of the kids’ creations that they display them as artwork.

So when you have lunch or dinner at Jose’s, be sure to hand your kid some crayons and let them create another masterpiece for the wall at Jose’s. While the kids are busy drawing, you’ll stay busy chowing down on chips and salsa and your choice of all the awesome entrees on Jose’s menu. Yum!

HOW TO ENTER: Since Harold’s story is about imagination, click the big orange comment button and tell us how your kids like to use their imagination. Do they like to draw? Think up stories to tell? Pretend they’re super heroes or ballerinas? Are they imaginative with their wardrobe, pairing rain boots with tutus? Or maybe they hang around with an imaginary friend from time to time?

You can also throw your name in the hat via email by sending your answer to

HOW TO INCREASE YOUR ODDS: Help us spread the word by sending an email to your friends and/or family about this giveaway. We’ll enter your name in the drawing again for each person you tell. Just be sure to put on the CC line of your note so we can give you proper credit!

For more information on how to get tickets for this show, click here for info or call the Walton Arts Center box office at 479-443-5600. Our thanks to the mom-friendly businesses in this great giveaway — Walton Arts Center and Jose’s! We couldn’t imagine nicer folks!


  1. My older son makes up songs which is an adorable and annoying mix. He also likes to make up jokes that are not that funny, particularly knock knock jokes. I’m hoping that his funny bone grows along with the rest of him.

  2. My son is a genius with a handful of Legos. He’s not as interested in drawing, but the things he builds from little tiny blocks of colored plastic (mostly “space fighters” of some type) blow my mind with their detail.

  3. My daughter loves to pretend. I think she is something different every day :). Her favorite thing is to be a princess.

  4. My girls have great imaginations. They show it in almost everything they do – from their drawing to dressing to playing to recipes. Just yesterday they made a fort out of leaves that turned into a store of leaf made items and leaves as the money. Then they put leaves into trash bags to make furniture and pillows. I love those girls!!

  5. My daughter has a place called Imaginary Land where she visits all the time. She is always telling us about life there, showing us how they write there and all kinds of stuff. She has a great imagination.

  6. My kids love to dress up and role play. Putting on shows is a favorite thing to do.

  7. My little girl likes to pretend all kinds of things. She likes to be a little mommy to bugs (real ones), dolls, barbies, etc. She loves to pretend she’s a mermaid in the tub and wears lots of princess dresses to dance around the living room. She just came in the room and wanted to put on a princess dress…

  8. My kids love to pretend play together. One minute they are Dora and Diego, and the next they are Peter Pan and Tinkerbell!

  9. My daughter has an elaborate other world with Princessa and Prince and a wooden girl that kidnaps parents!…. She gets carried away and I love watching the story unfold.

  10. my son loves making up his own songs. i love it when he sings an extremely long and completely nonsensical song then asks me to repeat it.

  11. John loves to pretend that he is a ‘lawn mower,’ using various objects around the house.

  12. My son is only 18 months old, so I have to live through the imagination of my neice and nephews right now. They are so funny and you never know what they will come up with. This past weekend, they got in my mom’s car and told her to turn the tv up. They pretend she has tvs in her car and they can watch whatever they want at whatever volumn they want! She plays along and asks them to keep her up on the story while she’s driving 🙂 I’d love to be a good aunt and take them to this show!

  13. My daughter is very imaginative with everything – drawing, the outfits she puts together, her hair do’s – you name it.

  14. My kids like to show their imagination by making up plays and dance parties! Of course their numerous other ways…but I think that one is probably their favorite!

  15. Grandkids love to use sticks, rakes, brooms etc. as swords, bats, tennis rackets. Anything but what they were meant for! Love it!!

  16. My son took a jar outside , came back inside, opened the lid and let out the scream. It was hilarious.

  17. Both of my granddaughters-Raine and Ezmah-have wonderful imaginations not only in drawing but in story telling.

  18. My daughter has such a wonderful imagination. It inspires me to think like a kid again!

  19. My kids don whatever costumes they dig out of the dress up box and perform “shows” for us. Generally, our little guy is the announcer and then we get lots of interesting dances and songs. It’s sweet adn I love it.

  20. My kids play school together all the time and pretend their dolls are the students. I love to listen to each days “lessons”!

  21. My kids like to direct me and “modify” pictures that I have taken- changing their hair color, adding a bigger nose or just warping faces entirely in photoshop! It’s pretty hilarious and shows them what fun you can have while being creative.

  22. My Grandsons love to play cowboys and indians! They will pick up sticks in the yard, use imaginary items, and their hands as their guns. Then they will gallop through my house on their horses and chase each other. I really like to see them play together with their imaginations working together! They will take their hats off as a lady goes through, such polite little ones! Their parents have tought them well.

  23. My son can turn anything into anything! He is very good about using his imagination, since he is an only child.

  24. My son has a hilarious imagination. He tells me wild stories about what he has done during the day. One included learning to fly over volcanos that were not hot, so they were called non-canos. Amazing!

  25. Nate is all about his trains and telling us where they are going and what the people are doing.

  26. My older kids used to love this show….Ruby has never saw it…They wanna win soooo bad….good luck kids

  27. My little boy is not quite 2 but he still has quite the imagination already! His favorite thing to do right now is to get his mini pots and pans and get water in them and pretend to cook. So fun watching his imagination develop and him learn!

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