Giveaway: Tickets to Giggle, Giggle, Quack!


Do you know somebody short who loves to laugh? Well, this giveaway is sure to turn over their giggle box!

We’re giving away two tickets to see Giggle, Giggle, Quack at Walton Arts Center on October 17th at 2 p.m. This giveaway package also includes lunch at Kosmos Greekafe on Dickson Street, just steps away from the theater. It’s the perfect family outing for those of you with kids who love to see their favorite books come to life on stage.

Last year, I volunteered now and then to read picture books to my son’s kindergarten class. The book Giggle, Giggle, Quack was one of their favorites, so rest assured this production is kid-approved.

About the show: The award-winning Dallas Children’s Theater brings to life this funny and colorful musical based on a popular barnyard book series by Doreen Cronin.

giggle_logo.gifChildren will recognize themes of cooperation, unexpected surprises, creative expression, and innocent mischief. They will also learn that adults like to have fun, too. Grown-ups will definitely “giggle” along!

Lively songs help forward the story, provide an in-depth look at each character and bring the barnyard to life with showbiz pizzazz. In this show, Duck’s typewriter is replaced by a pencil, which becomes a metaphor for the endless possibilities of imagination (“Golden Pencil”). A show stopper number (“Pizza Baby”), a sweet cream lullaby (“Nothin’s Gonna Hurt You”) and a lyrical bubble bath ballet (“Pretty Little Pig”) allows each animal to take the stage for a moment to shine.

How to enter: To throw your name in the hat for the free tickets and lunch at Kosmos, click the comment button below and tell us what makes your kids or grandkids giggle! You can also e-mail your comments to us at

To increase your odds: Send a note about this giveaway to your friends, and we’ll give you an extra chance to win for each person you tell. Just be sure to put on the CC line of your note so we can give you proper credit.

Click here for more ticket information from the Walton Arts Center website or call 479-443-5600.



  1. We love the Giggle Giggle Quack books. My youngest just turned four and has really come into her personality. She is so much fun to be around. She is always up to something. She loves to color and that usually means that at bath time the water is going to change colors from all the coloring she does to herself. When we ask her why she would color herself its always. “Mommy, I felt like I needed to be blue (green, pink, purple, yellow, orange, ect.) today.” Man I love that kid.

  2. My little boy has such an infectious laugh when I read books with silly voices. Love it! 🙂

  3. Eli’s laugh makes EVERYONE giggle–and he knows it! He can be throwing a fit, and all I have to do is tickle him and not only does he start laughing, but he gets everyone around him laughing, too! Caroline, on the other hand….

  4. My 19-month-old daughter has the most infectious laugh when my husband tickles her!! In between her giggles she yells out, “Daddy!” in her high-pitched little voice. It really is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!

  5. Bella is the most ticklish child ever! We don’t even have to touch her just wiggle our fingers!

  6. My son is 2 and silly sounds and faces still make him giggle. And when we play chase and I hide and then jump out and say boo and just laughs and laughs and says “Do it again”. Nothing is better than child laughter.

  7. My kids giggle over the weirdest things. But to hear the laughter of a child is pure joy. Truly one of the biggest blessings of being a parent.

  8. My little girl has the sweetest giggle! Too bad she does it every time she hears the word “poop!” Hopefully, she’ll grow out of it soon. Oh dear.

    Would love to take her to this show! Thanks.

  9. Making silly faces at each other makes my daughter giggle. Would love to hear her giggle at this show!

  10. My little girl giggles every time the cat sniffs her. She says the cat “kisses” her! She also thinks her stories are hysterical!

  11. My kids make each other giggle better than anything else in the world…and burps…that makes them giggle too!

  12. The most unexpected things make my girls laugh! I never know what it will be, but when they get going it is definitely contagious!

  13. My kids giggle when I tickle them. They also love the silliness of Giggle, Giggle, Quack and really enjoy all the books by Doreen Cronin.

  14. My son is super ticklish, and was blessed with great hair- needless to say haircuts are always fun to watch! He starts laughing as soon as the stylist starts cutting and doesn’t stop!

  15. The things that will always cause a giggle at my house are any kind of body humor or physical comedy. Sigh. I guess that’s what happens in a house full of boys.

  16. My kids make each other giggle. One of them starts and it just sets the other one off.

  17. Gabriel, giggles at everything! A funny movie, me chasing him, when he’s swinging in a swing… Haha… He’s my happy boy! 🙂

  18. Besides a good tickle, I can get a good giggle by rolling my eyes. It gets her everytime.

  19. There are several things that make my son giggle, that is the joys of having a happy little boy but I think the thing that makes him giggle the most is when his father picks him up in a family hug and give him kisses all over his face. That never fails to make him giggle even if he is in the worst of moods.

  20. My granddaughter Nevaeh and I love to whisper a secret into each others ears…after we whisper the secret we look at each other and SCREAM…AHHHHH! and then she just starts giggling and laughing a giggle from deep in her belly!

  21. She laughs and giggles when our dog licks her or runs around the house playing. They are both so funny!

  22. My grandkids would love to see this. They giggle whenever I read stories to them and do the animal sounds. Please pick me!

  23. I love to hide from my kids and jump out and scare them when they least expect it. That makes them laugh every time!

  24. Tickles under the arms. Gets them going every time! Would love to take my son to this!!!

  25. Unfortunately for us, our 4 yr old son thinks any type of potty humor is funny. Oh, well.

  26. Mila LOVES anything fast-paced or kid-friendly. Recently, as in yesterday, she came to me and said “Tee Tee, I have stinky toes.” We both laughed heartily and I remebmered thinking “this is what life is supposed to be about.”

  27. silly faces and noises always work on addison! especially when i am trying to get her to smile for a picture! =)

  28. My grand daughter is at the age and stage that almost anything can make her giggle.

  29. My 3yr. old son loves to wake people up by screaming. We pretend to be sleeping and he will scream at the top of his lungs. He thinks it’s hilarious, especially when his grandpa about jumps out of his chair. Kisses on the back of his neck always makes him giggle too, even if he’s in a bad mood.

  30. When my kids accomplish something, or I do, we raise our arms in the air and say “Champion of the world”. They love it and laugh every time! They remind me when I get excited about something good that’s happened and say, “Do it, mom”.
    I love it and so do they!

  31. My kids love when I read books to them and make funny voices for each character. What is funny is I can make the funny voices but my husband isn’t allowed too. It cracks me up. I love to listen to my kids laugh. It melts my heart.

  32. My daughter just got married and moved to Boston. We only had 2 months to pull of the wedding of her dreams. It was amazing! More than she could have dreamed which makes me happy. But, I need a rest! This getaway would be a wonderful blessing!

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