Giveaway: Knuffle Bunny tickets and dinner at Marketplace Grill!

This week our friends over at Walton Arts Center are hooking up one of our readers with FOUR tickets to give away this week to a great kids show musical called Knuffle Bunny on Sunday, November 6th at 2 p.m. If the name sounds familiar, you might be remembering that Knuffle Bunny actually began as an award-winning children’s picture book by Mo Willems. The performance will take place at the Pat Walker Theater at Springdale High School, so we’re pairing this family four-pack of tickets with a gift card from one of our favorite places to eat in Springdale — Marketplace Grill. Yum.

ABOUT THE SHOW: Knuffle Bunny is a story about firsts — a little girl’s first words, a stuffed animal’s first trip to the laundromat, and a Daddy’s first time dealing with a child who goes “boneless”. The musical is full of adventure, music and gigantic dancing laundry. (We don’t know about you, but the idea of gigantic dancing laundry sounds a whole lot better than sitting at home while doing the same old boring laundry.)

This is an infant-friendly performance, and the musical itself is actually geared for kids ages 3 and up. (My second grader remembers reading this book and is really excited about this show!)

ABOUT THE FOOD: Marketplace Grill is near and dear to our hearts for a few reasons. First, Shannon and I got together at Marketplace for lunch in late 2007. While munching on chips and an awesome bowl of spinach dip, we discussed ideas for starting this website. We kept on meeting at Marketplace every few weeks as we prepared to launch We launched the site in 2008, and we are STILL using Marketplace as our “office away from home” for business meetings, planning sessions and celebrations with friends.

The second good reason we love Marketplace is the food! We’re big fans of the spinach dip, the Jambalaya Pasta, the Cobb Salad, the awesome pizzas, the Texas Grill and so much more. And we have nearly drowned ourselves in glass after glass of the Marketplace sweet tea. And don’t even get us started on the famous Chocolate Mess dessert. If you haven’t eaten one, you are seriously missing out. It’s incredible.

The winner of the four Knuffle Bunny tickets will also receive a $30 gift card to use toward lunch or dinner at Marketplace Grill before or after the show.

HOW TO ENTER: Knuffle Bunny is about a stuffed animal who is lost and then found. So to throw your name in the online hat for this drawing, click on the orange comment button below and tell us about something you or your kids have either lost or found (or both). For example, during a family vacation my son Jack once left behind his lovey — a red stuffed octopus named “Otty” — and we had it shipped back to us all the way from Minnesota. Oh, it was a joyous day at our house when the beloved Otty came home. Now it’s your turn!

You can also enter via email by sending your answer to

HOW TO INCREASE YOUR ODDS: As you know, we really appreciate it when mamas help us spread the word about a fun giveaway here on the website. We’ll give you an extra chance to win for every person you tell. So just send an email to your friends to let them know about this giveaway, and be sure to put on the CC line of your email so we can give you proper credit.

For more information on how you can get tickets to this show, click HERE or call the Walton Arts Center Box Office at 479-443-5600 for ticket availability. Depending on where you sit, tickets sell for between $8 to $16. Enjoy the show!







  1. We lost a favorite blankie but after finding it in the house decided to cut it into two pieces so we always have one on hand if the other one us in thr laundry or missing!

  2. My daughter lost her favorite baby doll so we had to order a replacement (we actually ordered 2 so we would have a back up :). Of course she looked brand new, so we told our daughter that her doll had taken a trip to the beauty salon to get all cleaned up!

  3. My youngest son has misplaced his all-time favorite stuffed animal, a monkey named “Ooh ooh.”. We had to go back to Dilly Dally’s and get a new one that Griffin has christened “New ooh”. We are still hopefull that the old one will show up, though.

  4. Oh, I can’t even list all the things we have lost! Most recently, my son lost his squeaky Sophie giraffe. He hasn’t taken to the replacement we got for him – I think he knows!

  5. We lost our beloved sock monkey on a shopping trip one day. I never saw it drop out of the stroller, and I know we had it moments before we left the store. We never found that sock monkey, and to say my little one was upset would be an understatement!

  6. My 2 year old is constantly losing my keys. He knows just where I keep them in my purse and has no problem helping himself to them. I find them hidden in random places all over the house. It makes for a frantic morning when I’m trying to leave for work and cannot find them!

  7. We lost our remote to our DVD player almost two years ago and never did find it. It was around the time that my son was starting to walk and throw trash away, so I’m pretty sure it ended up in the garbage! We really miss it because now everytime we watch a movie, we have to actually go to the DVD player instead of using the remote from the comfort of our couch 🙂

  8. LOST: 1920’s vintage platinum engagement ring with a round diamond in a square setting. Last seen November 2010. Suspect my toddler daughter {2 at the time} who likes all things sparkly and pretty. Found the white gold wedding bad that was with it in her brother’s room… Still missing, the engagement ring. 🙁

  9. We lost my little boy’s “snuggle” on a walk one time. It was dark by the time we were home and discovered it had been dropped. My husband took off at a dead run to find it and did our whole loop again. Fortunately it was found and our little guy went to bed happy.

  10. I was jogging (2 miles out and 2 back) with my 2.5yo and 10 month old in the double jogger. My 2yo dropped her hat, and I told her we would have to pick it up on the way back, as I had already run far past it. We came back through less than half an hour later, and it was nowhere to be found. I will never know what middle-aged person thought they needed a child-sized, bright pink hat with a heart on the front (as we saw no other children on the path), but I hope they enjoy it. On the bright side, my toddler now keeps her hat on the whole ride! 🙂

  11. What has my kids or spouse not lost around our house. Remote to TV, phones, iPod and anything else of value…

  12. I found my stuffed dog that my favorite aunt gave to me when I was 3 when going through some old boxes in the attic that were going to be thrown out.

  13. my husband used to blame me when the remotes went missing. Gave my brother mike our red couch and 2years latee he said he found 3 remotes in the big red couch.

  14. I lost one of my daughters new shoes in the mall when she was little. We back tracked and never found it. My husband and her could have cared less but I wanted the shoe back! It is still a mystery to us where it went or who picked up one shoe 🙂

  15. Caleb left his blanket on a trip once and we had to have it mailed to us. Now that Nola is a blankie-lover, we have two of the exact same one – one for daycare and one for home!

  16. A barbi shoe while we were out of town visiting family, we bounced back and forth between three family cars. Two weeks after we got home the shoe was found and mailed to us.

  17. We lost my daughter’s very loved and chewed up Corolle doll, “Dollie,” at the post office. When we went back to look for her, she was gone. I can’t imagine why anyone would have even wanted to touch her, let alone take her.

  18. My little boy love trains and takes at least one every where we go. He has lost/forgot them at places before and it is always a major meltdown onec he realized he left them behind.

  19. Right before our beach vacation this summer my two children and I made t-shirts specifically for our vacation and were going to wear them at the beach, but lost them the day before our trip…we found them after we got back and made the best of it and took pictures after our vacation.

  20. My son had a Lightning McQueen car he played with all the time when he was 2. He would take it with us everywhere we went. It was really great when we were out and would keep him busy, until the day he left it on the table at a restaurant. We went back, but no one remembered seeing it. He was seriously devastated.

  21. My daughter (5) lost her blanket and baby doll at the HUGE Northpark Mall in Dallas. (She has had them since she was a little baby and has to have them both to sleep at night.) We searched that whole mall! Finally, we found them tucked into the star shape of the Macy’s sign at the checkout register! Thank goodness!!

  22. My son is 18 months old and we are always losing the paci, but we eventually find it.

    Once I was traveling w/my grandma and she had a little head pillow that she left in the hotel. She made me drive back an hour to get it…Funny things we cherish and don’t think we can live w/out.

  23. almost everytime my daughter gets a balloon, I accidently let it go, so she hardly ever makes it home with the balloon. She gets so mad at me and I’m not sure why it happens. 🙂

  24. We (meaning the kids) lose stuff all the time, usually just shoes or ao coat. I no longer help them look for stuff (they are 7), but if I have to, I charge them. Makes them think twice about just asking me before looking themselves.

  25. Our family we to see my brother’s family in Texas. My daughter left her dog, Bolt. Named after the movie. We told her that Bolt would make his way home. My sister-in-law sent it to us and I tracked it, so I knew when it had arrived at our door. My husband and I took him out of the box and rang the door bell. She still believes that Bolt took an adventure and made it back home on his own.

  26. Well, we lost our 3-yr old daughter Kristin at Disney World 32 years ago. Talk about scared–she wasn’t the only one! And then talk about joyous!!…….

  27. When my son was about 18 months old (he’s now 3), we lost our diaper bag, filled with all the essentials. Fortunately, we were close to not needing one anymore so it gave me a good excuse to buy a fancy new one when our second son was born (two weeks ago)! 😉

  28. My grandson, Laken, lost his “polka dotted” blanket on a trip once but luckily we found it. He is 2 and 1/2 years old and is like the character “Linus” when it comes to his blanket.

  29. My daughter (18 mos) is always losing her pacis.
    My son loses things all the time by leaving them all over the house.
    Luckily Mommy has not lost her sanity (yet). =)

  30. I lost my wedding ring once. I didn’t notice until we had returned home from a softball tournament with my daughter. I called EVERYWHERE!
    When I had finally given up the hotel we stayed in called with the GREAT news that their cleaning person had found it on the nightstand in our room. I got in my car and drove back to Joplin to get it. Whew!

  31. Me, mother of 6 hasn’t really lost any toys or blankets of any concern. But, sure had a scare at an Easter Egg Hunt. My 3 year old at the time was holding my hand until she bent over to get an egg all by herself. She was gone, that fast. In the crowd I started hollering and looking around. No where in front of me. But, there she was about 5 to 10 feet behind me standing there all panicky. Poor girl was crying and shaking. Needless to say she has never been fond of Easter since then. She still panics when she can’t see me in sight.

  32. Losing pacifiers was always a drama when the kids were little. You had to have them every where!

  33. My daughter has a bear that she has had since the day she was born. She is now 8. This bear is so loved that recently we quilted a quilt for him. The longest she has been apart from him is two weeks when she left him at her grandmother and granddads house. She counted down the days and would call to check on him!

    I teach second grade and Mo Williams is my favorite author. We always do an author study on him!

  34. My almost 2 year old son has one single thing he loves more than all else…..a stuffed Roo, of Winnie the Pooh notoriety. Since he was born, we’ve called our son “roo” and on my husband and I’s first vacation without him, we found the stuffed Roo at a Disney shop and knew that this would be The One. Sure enough, it was love at first sight…they sleep together always, with Roo nestled under my son’s arm. We have only lost him once, and I thought we’d never have a successful naptime again. Turns out our son had taken him outside for an adventure (this was a big no-no, but he snuck by somehow). Needless to say, after a good wash, the two were reunited and all has been right since.

  35. For Christmas on year when my daughter was 4 or 5 Santa brought her a Barbie dressed in pajamas and she got the same pajamas also. So they matched. It was so cute. About a week after Christmas, we went to Branson to meet with the grandparents and stayed in a hotel. My daughter brought her Barbie along. We all had a great time. We always double check the room to make sure we did not leave anything. We were rushing to get out of the hotel before checkout. And on the way home, my daughter said she could not find her Barbie. She was so upset. Once we got home we checked through all the bags and could not find it. She was so upset. We called the hotel and said they would check, but they never found it. SO everytime my daughter would wear her pajamas, she would get sad because she missed her Barbie with matching pajamas. My daughter is now 11 and can still remember how sad she was when she lost her new Barbie.

  36. When my son was 18 months old we took him on his first trip to NYC. We lost several binkies on the streets of Manhattan that trip!

  37. I got a Nook for my birthday and I lost it! I have searched my entire house and car for it, but it’s been missing since Sept. If anyone knows where it is, please let me know. LOL

  38. When we would get the kids stuffed animals they would always lose them until oneday we figured out that the dog would take them for herself.

  39. When we would buy our kids stuffed aniamals they would always get lost but then would find the animals with our dog. She would take them and hide them. She still has some of them as her toys…

  40. I have lost and FOUND my wedding rings twice. My husband wanted to kill me! ha Worst days ever…I was so worried I had lost them forever!

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