Giveaway: Photography class for dads!

We know moms take tons of pictures, but dads are also in charge of the camera a whole lot, too. If your guy would like to improve his skilz with the DSLR camera (like learning how to take better pics at the kids’ sports events, for example!) tell him about this giveaway. Or better yet, throw your name in the hat and then surprise him with the FREE class.

THE GIVEAWAY: We’re giving away TWO SPOTS in an upcoming photography class (date to be determined after Christmas) for an all-guys group.

The teacher is Melinda Worthington of MJW Photography, who’s the sponsor for our awesome photo gallery here on nwaMotherlode. (Click here to see the snapshots sent in by local moms.)

Gwen and I have taken two of Mindy’s classes and she really makes sure you understand everything about what makes a great shot — and how to achieve it — during the 3+ hour classes. Your guy will appreciate her great Powerpoint presentation and she’ll be happy to answer all his technical questions.

SIX SPOTS AVAILABLE: The class will be hosted at a house in Rogers. There are spots available for six other guys if you want to go ahead and sign up your husband. Cost is only $50 bucks.

As in past classes, Mindy will talk a lot about how to find good light and shooting on manual camera settings.  After she has the list of guys attending (including our two winners!) Mindy will see what everyone’s biggest “want to learn” is and try to accommodate those needs.

This is a NOT a class for photographers who are already running a business, but people who just want to get the best usage possible from their DSLR’s.

HOW TO ENTER: Just click on the orange comment button below and tell us about a favorite photo of your husband. Is it a portrait from when the two of you got married? A snapshot from his high school days? Remember, we’ll have two winners — chosen at random, as always.

Don’t forget to tell  your friends about this giveaway. You’ll increase your chances of winning for each person you tell. Just don’t forget to CC us:

Here are some testimonials from a few NWA moms who have taken Mindy’s class:

“…If anything, the class made me more brave and experimental with my camera…I can’t wait to share some photos some day!” Kristy

“I have always loved to take pictures, but never felt like I could capture the beauty I was seeing with my lens. I felt intimidated and overwhelmed by the SLR.  The class I took with you showed me that learning through baby steps was ok and more importantly my camera was controllable…by ME!!  I fee much more confident in my ability to take pictures and capture what my eye truly sees.” Kathleen

‘Mindy has an amazing eye for photography. She has the ability to capture the most tender moments which is often hard to do with an extremely active toddler. I’ve also had the opportunity to learn from Mindy during one of her photography classes.  She is extremely knowledgeable and makes learning fun. I am thankful for the time she spent teaching us how to capture memories, but will always rely on her to capture our family milestones.”Candace


  1. My favorite photo of Steven is one in which he is helping to care for his grandmother as she suffered from the effects of emphysema. It really shows how special and tender he is.

  2. My favorite picture of Brian is a self portrait of us in paris.. He took it himself and it was pretty good with the Louve in the background

  3. My favorite picture of my husband was taken on the beach, in Northern California, the night he proposed to me. That was over 17 years ago and I still have that picture on my dresser so I can see it every day.

  4. My favorite picture of my husband is one taken with our sweet children. He is such an awesome,fun dad and everytime I look at that photo, it reminds me how great he it.

  5. My favorite photo of Scott is one where he is holding our daughter as an infant and looking into her eyes with so much love and he has his arm around me.

  6. There is a picture of my husband when he was about 4 wearing his pajamas with a gun and holster. He looks so cute!

  7. The first picture I ever saw of my husband is still one of my favorites. We call it the “Rambo” picture. It was taken while he was in Afghanistan and he looks a little tribal. : )

  8. My favorite photo is a recent one of my husband holding our daughter over his shoulders. The look on both their faces is priceless!

  9. This is Adrienne…
    I guess my favorite portrait of my husband is from our wedding day. He is rarely in the pictures because he is usually the one behind the camera.

    Oh…I forgot about the pics Mindy just took of us, there is a great one of him! Thanks Mindy!

  10. My favorite photo of my husband Lee is him decked out head to toe in Hunting camo on the first day of deer season holding our newborn, Hunter. That Camo always brought out his green eyes! And three years later, the “proud dad” look still glimmers in his green eyes as we raise our little Hunter together.

  11. My favorite pictures of my hubby are him laying asleep on the couch with our new born babies laying on his chest asleep. Can’t get any better than that.

  12. My favorite snapshot of my husband is one of his hand on our baby boy’s back while he was in the NICU. Such a sweet photo, and now that “baby boy” is almost 3!

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