Win Dinner and Tickets to Legally Blonde, the musical!


We’ve got a great night out on the town for one of our readers today. It’s dinner at one of our favorite Dickson Street landmarks – Bordinos Italian Restaurant – AND two tickets ($60 value) to the summer’s hottest legally-blonde-3.jpgshow at Walton Arts Center – Legally Blonde The Musical! The show is on Tuesday, July 7th at 7 p.m.

You could use the evening as a night out with your sweetheart, but we think it would also be the PERFECT event for a girls’ night out. Let’s face it: Elle Woods, the central character in Legally Blonde, is definitely a girls’ girl. Remember that scene in the movie when she teaches her manicurist friend how to do the “bend and snap”? Hilarious.

e-pics-choc-martini2.jpgAnd Elle Woods would certainly approve of having dinner at Bordinos. She would probably order a round of chocolate martinis or maybe the creme brulee dessert. (Hungry yet?) Our winner will have a 50-dollar gift certificate waiting on her at the restaurant on the night of the show. (To see the Bordinos menu, click on the logo or the bordinos21.jpgphoto of the chocolate martini on the right!)

HOW TO ENTER: So, if dinner at Bordinos and tickets to Legally Blonde sound like a good time to you, here’s how you throw your name in our pink hat. Click the word “comment” below the dotted line at the end of this post and tell us about one of your favorite memories with a girlfriend. Crazy night on the town? Fun trip with just the girls? College roommate adventure? We want to hear your fun stories! Or just tell us what you love most about your BFF. You can also e-mail your comments to us at, if you like.

To increase your chances of winning, simply e-mail your friends/family to let them know about the giveaway and be sure to put in the CC line of your note. We’ll put your name in the hat again for every friend you tell. Spread the word to 10 friends, and you get 10 extra chances. That’s how it works. We’ll choose a winner AT RANDOM on Friday.

About the show: Broadway’s new smash hit musical follows the story of sorority star Elle Woods. People underestimate this blonde who doesn’t take “no” for an answer. When her boyfriend dumps her for someone more “serious”, Elle puts down her credit card, hits the books and sets out to go where no Delta Nu has ever gone before – Harvard Law. Along the way, Elle proves that being true to yourself never goes out of style.

If you are one of those “I never win anything” kind of people, be sure to throw your name in the hat anyway because even those who don’t win the tickets will receive a special Motherlode discount if you wish to purchase tickets for this show. So there’s no way you can lose!

Performance times are Tuesday, July 7th at 7 p.m., Wednesday, July 8th at 7 p.m., Thursday, July 9th at 7 p.m., Friday, July 10th at 8 p.m., Saturday, July 11th at 2 p.m. and 8 p.m., and Sunday, July 12th at 2 p.m. and 7 p.m. Tickets start at $30 each. You can purchase tickets at the Walton Arts Center Box Office by clicking here or by calling 479-443-5600.


  1. So many great girlfriend memories! I’d have to say that teaching across the hall from one of my best friends was a great experience! Not only did we get to spend a ton of time together, we were also able to vent to one another when students inevitably made “brilliant” comments…

  2. I have so many fond memories of girls nights, I would not even know where to start! I have had several girlfriends through the years and each one of them meant something in my life. It seems they were there for a specific season in each of our lives. Any given moment we were strong where the other was weak and vice-versa. Girlfriends are so important in a woman’s life….we “get” each other….when my husband looks at me like I am from another planet….I know it is time to pick up the phone and call a girlfriend and you know what? I have never had that “look” from any of them! 🙂

  3. I would have to say some of the best memories I have was going to school at Arkansas Tech and running around with my friend Erin. We would run around with the sunroof open and sing songs that we loved. We would go ride horses in the middle of the night at a small community outside of Russellville. We had such a great time. She has been one of my best friends since and will always continue to be!!

  4. Legally Blonde 2 came out on my birthday. I invited all my girlfriends out to the movie and paid everyone’s way who was dressed in pink. It was a great night out!

  5. One of my favorite memories is yet to come…my six best college girlfriends and I are going to take all 12 of our children to Silver Dollar City in the middle of July! Call us crazy (and we are) but I can’t wait and I know it will create some wonderful memories!

  6. I am still a Mama’s girl! I always call my Mom when something happens. It never seems real until Mom knows. She will be here visiting soon. I would love to take her for a fun night out!

  7. One of my favorite memories with a girlfriend was of living across the hall from my best friend at Hendrix College when we were freshmen. We started talking about our favorite books from when we were really little. Mine was a book called “Miss Suzie” about a little gray squirrel who was run out of her house by mean red squirrels; i hadn’t seen a copy of that book since i was about 6 years old. It turned out that the same book was Tammy’s favorite when she was a little girl, too, and she had brough an old, tattered copy to college with her! We sat on the sofa in her room and read it together, and didn’t feel one bit silly doing it.

  8. I enjoy my time out with a dear friend. We love to go to movies when we can get away from work and husbands and kids. We always have a good laugh whether we are shopping, eating out or at a movie. One memorable evening is still funny to us today. We are always so in control and this one night we shared a pitcher of Sangria Swirl at Abeulo’s before a movie. We had to walk to the movie and wound up shoe shopping on the way. The movie was Blades of Glory and we were easily the oldest people in the theater. I think the Sangria made everything just funnier and we laughed and snorted through the whole movie. It was a very fun evening! Everyone needs a friend for laughs!

  9. Well, my best memories happen now with my best girl friends better yet known “my girls”. They are so simple and uncomplicated. They all have a great work ethic and deserve to have a girls night out-even when we just sit and talk/laugh/eat and hang out.
    They work hard on being the best Mom’s wives, daughters etc… and they (we) all deserve girl time!! Those memories are happening right now in my life!

  10. Recently my three best girlfriends flew into Kansas City from Milwaukee for a long weekend to celebrate our 30th birthdays. I drove up and met them. We did the Boulevard Brewery tour, shopped till we dropped in the Plaza, and wined and dined. It was such a great way to reconnect and celebrate.

  11. I am a huge Tyler Perry fan and I had wanted to see one of his live plays for a long time, but unfortunately they never toured close to this area. Taking advantage of birthdays 2 weeks apart, a girlfriend (who also loves the plays) and I planned a Birthday weekend trip last October and we had a blast! We went to a comedy show, went dancing, did some shopping, then enjoyed the play on Sunday before heading back home. It was just what we both needed, we had tons of fun and made some unforgettable memories. We do a lot together, but it is always with the kids or with other people. It was nice to spend some time away just being girls and enjoying our friendship.

  12. I don’t think I’ve ever had a “Girl’s Night Out”- not for 14 years anyway (since I got married and have a son). Before marriage there were lots of fun times- some didn’t even involve the police. I’m thinking a fabulous Girl’s Night out is just what I need! And THANKS for all the fun raffles and giveaways! XOXOXOX

  13. I am not sure if this worked, but this is such a great site for moms, really enjoy looking at it. We need to get our girls lacrosse sign up and schedule on here.

    Enjoy the beautiful day!


  14. One of my favorite girl memories is driving from Wisconsin to Texas with two of my best friends. We had such a great time and made so many memories that we still talk about!

  15. My favorite times were in jr high and highschool when my friends and I would have slumber parties….there is nothing better than eating tons of junk food, watching movies and playing games!!

  16. Definitely the best was going to the South of France for a week with 2 girlfriends from Paris, and one brought her yr-old daughter. I didn’t have kids yet, so got to love on her, as well as have big-girl time, too. It was a lot of fun–we even happened on one of those Provence bed and breakfast places you dream of! Stone farm house in the middle of a vineyard and orange groves, big farm kitchen overlooking the Mediterranean. I mean, really! It was dreamy.

  17. Any vacation with my sister…Paris was the best,but the others have been memorable too.

  18. Again, for a single mom of two, it would be a nice treat with a girlfriend or date, possibly? For someone who can’t afford to buy tickets just because I want to go! Good Luck ladies!

  19. Oh pick me please!!! I would love to take my teenage daughter out for a girls night on the town!!! 🙂

  20. I’ll never forget my trip to Cancun with my roomate. We had a blast. I loved the parasailing and I’ll always remember how peaceful it was floating above the water.


  21. Cruisin’ the Caribbean with my best friend and business partner and some of the best musicians in the world — we stayed up until the wee hours listening to Zac Brown Band, Lyle Lovette, Brandi Carlisle, Emylou Harris, Edwin McCain, Sister Hazel, Roddy Romero and the Hub City All Stars, to name a few — check it out for yourself. — trip of a lifetime if you like music and the sun! Glad to see your site is doing so well!

  22. Much of my life had been all about “the girls” with a divorced Mother, two sisters, 6 girl cousins I knew very little about boy- world. Now I live with all boys.
    Husband, son, Noah the dog. I would love a girls night out!

  23. A group of girlfriends and I recently went to NYC for a fabulous girls-only getaway. One of the best parts was the night before our flight! A group of 4 of us packed up and left Fayetteville for Little Rock. I had packed a cooler for the drive, but no Solo cups for us! We brought champagne flutes for the care ride so that we could travel in style. Of course the soundtrack of the journy was that of a popular musical we would be attending on Broadway. When we arrived at our 5th friend’s house in LR, she had champagne chilled and ready for our arrival. I love how each of my girlfriends tries to come up with little ways to make all of our trips special for the others.

  24. I would love to take my best friend. She has been my best friend for 25 years (since we were 5 years old)!
    We just found out we are pregnant at the same time! Our babies will be 6 days apart and this would be a great way to celebrate!!

  25. We often vacation with a certain other couple and the guys play golf and my girlfriend, Terri, and I either shop or lay by the pool or on the beach. My favorite trip with them was to Cabo in Mexico. The guys played a lot of golf, so we did all of the above. And, we were fortunate to stay at a 5 star resort. It was awesome!!!

  26. I would love to take my best friend. She has been my best friend for 25 years (since we were 5 years old)!
    We just found out we are pregnant at the same time! Our babies will be 6 days apart and this would be a great way to celebrate!!

  27. I have a friend who has gone above and beyond the call of duty at work. She has given weekends and worked late nights to provide an excellent conference for our department. We all know those who do the grunt work never get the glory. Only the guy out front received the award. I would love to take my friend out for a well deserved girl’s night out. Thank you for an opportunity to give back to someone who gives so much – continually!

  28. I just helped my best friend with her wedding on Saturday. I’m a wedding & Event Planner and did her entire wedding for Free.. I desperately need a night out bad! Her and I actually watched the first Legally Blonde in Theaters together many years ago.. She is on her way to Cancun now.. Wish I was there!

  29. I love spending time with girlfriends! What a great escape from everyday life – getting to chat with girls and just unwind. It’s so important to stay connected to other ladies when you are busy with work, husband, and a small child… I would love a girl’s night out – this play sounds awesome!

  30. My favorite girls’ time is my monthly poker game with the girls. We’ve been doing it now for 5 years!! It’s a great mid-week break to have some fun without the husbands or kiddos. Would love to see this show on the week of my birthday, even!

  31. My favorite time with a girlfriend is a trip to Vegas we took. It was just three girls and an awesome hotel room. We spent time together at the pool, shopping, and out on the town. It was the best time because you could be away from everything and enjoy yourselves to the fullest!

  32. I’ve had the same BFF since 6th grade. I remember one time when I was in college in Tulsa and she was at Oklahoma State in Stillwater. I drove there to spend the weekend with her. Then the two of us drove all the way back to Tulsa one night to see a sneak peak of Pure Country, then back to Stillwater. The things we did for George Strait back then!

  33. Man would I LOVE to take me “tween” to this. She watched the MTV show that ultimatley found and cast new newest Elle Woods on Broadway. She watches the movie constantly and thinks that Elle rocks. You have no idea what a “SPECIAL” evening this would make for a mother & daughter. The MOST IMPORTANT friendship of all. 🙂

  34. One of my favorite times with my girlfriends was my Bachelorette Party. All of my friends were there to celebrate with me. We had the best time just hanging out and laughing and acting goofy on Dickson Street! They treated me like a queen and it’s definitely a night I’ll never forget! Girlfriends are the best!

  35. My Bachelorette party was one of my favorite girlfriend times. We were all dressed up in a limo going on a scavenger hunt they had planned for me. We went all around town taking pictures, laughing and having a great time. We ended up at James at the Mill for dessert. It was a night I will always remember. So much fun and so sweet.

  36. I too have way too many girlfriend memories to count. But I do remember a really special day in college with about 5 of my girlfriends. It was warm outside and we were bored and trying to figure out what we wanted to do for the day. I’m not sure who started it or how but all of a sudden a waterfight broke out. It lasted hours and we chased each other from room to room with anything we could get our hands on, waterguns, bowls of water, even shaving cream and funny string. It was the most fun I’d had in college and we couldn’t stop smiling for days. Years later, now, I can see the irresponsibility in our actions, considering we were in the dorms when we did this and there was carpeting. I don’t regret the memory though. It was such a blast and I’ll never forget those girlfriends even though we’ve all gone our separate ways and don’t talk much now.

  37. My friend Amanda and I were just getting to know each other and decided to head to a Hogs baseball game. It was during the school week and early in the season, so not that many fans were in attendance. Because of that we decided to do a little sunbathing/Hog watching. We wore our little tank tops and shorts and slathered on the SPF. Unfortunately we didn’t reapply. We both got so burned we couldn’t do anything the rest of the week! She of course is my favorite person to go to any Hogs game with…and now we don’t forget to put that SPF on again and again!
    Love you Amanda!

  38. Kelly and I met in 1st grade and since that moment, we’ve been very best friends. She is still my best friend after 25+ years and we have so many great memories together! Her friendship is a true gift in my life. I also treasure the friendship of the moms I’ve met through our playgroup. They are fantastic, giving & supportive!

  39. Anytime with friends now that we all have multiple kids is great, just having coffee is a treat!

  40. My favorite memory with my ‘girls’ was almost 6 years ago. I was big and pregnant with my first baby and we all went camping in the Uintah mountains together. Despite my big belly, I swam across the entire lake with them! That night, a skunk visited our camp, just feet away from where we were sitting. What an adventure!

  41. It’s hard to pinpoint just one memory. But I went to Vegas with a girlfriend several years ago and we had so much fun eating at the wonderful restaurants, hanging out by the pool and playing slot machines… It seems like so long ago!

  42. Girls nights out are the best stress reliever ever, ever, ever! One of my favorites is when my BFF and I went to Branson for 2 nights, New Years Day. 2 whole days of just girls time, shopping eating out, watching movies, staying up late, it was GREAT!

  43. Who would we be without BBF’s and girls night out. My BBF lives over 500 miles away. When we get together we enjoy staying up talking until late the next day.

  44. One great memory was with my high-school BFF, Erin. Since being married and living states apart kept us physically apart for several years…. this past spring she moved back to Arkansas. We got together and decided to drive around our old stomping grounds and cruise the strip in our hometown. It was so much fun reminiscing and catching up with the here and now! We felt like teenagers again!!!

  45. My favorite memory is a girl’s only trip to California (LA and San Diego) for a week. Pre kids and husbands. We rented a convertible, stayed at great hotels on the ocean, and had a blast!

  46. My favorite thing to do with the girls is go out for cocktails and then to see one of those great ‘chick flicks’ that my husband won’t see. We have a blast!

  47. One of my favorite memories is going to Dixon with my friends and seeing live music. I feel like I have become a teenager again when my girlfriends and I are at George’s and hearing the bands and trying to get up front to see the band. 🙂

  48. All my best girlfriend memories revolve around hours and hours of laughter.There is something special about laughing with girls.

  49. Any Girls Night Out is a treat these days! We have kids of different ages now so we don’t do playgroup as often but it always fun to get together.

  50. I agree with a previous comment – when you have kids, any girls night out is a treat!

  51. My girlfriend, who lives in Illinois, met me halfway in St. Louis for a weekend of fun. We ended up going to a blues bar all dressed up and having a great time. At the end of the evening when the band finished playing, we got up to introduce ourselves and compliment the band only to see them bowing down to us as we approached!

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