Giveaway: Double-date tickets to see Guys & Dolls and dinner at Bordinos!

Okay, so the smoke from the fireworks has cleared and the Fourth of July weekend is officially over. Bummer, right? But here’s the good news: We’re giving one lucky mama a chance to go on a double-date to see the show Guys & Dolls at the Walton Arts Center followed by an incredible dinner out at Bordinos Italian Restaurant on Dickson Street. Grab your favorite “guys and dolls” and treat them to a night on the town! (If the husbands flake out on you, this would also be an awesome girls night out!)

The show is THIS SATURDAY JULY 9th AT 2 P.M., which means we’ve got to move quickly on this one. We’ll be picking a name at random out of the online hat Thursday night and emailing the winner to let her know. So throw your name in the hat quickly and then keep an eye on your inbox Thursday night to confirm that you can accept those four free tickets plus the $75 dollar gift card to use at Bordinos.

ABOUT THE SHOW: This sparkling new production of Guys and Dolls celebrates quite possibly the greatest music ever written for a musical by composer Frank Loesser. This romantic comedy is about a bunch of wise cracking gangsters — and the dolls who love them — living in New York City during the 1940s.

Many critics say Guys and Dolls is the perfect musical because of its vivid characters and incredible music. The New York Post said “If you have one musical to see, make it this–and make it quick!”

ABOUT THE FOOD: We ALWAYS hear rave reviews from the mama winners we send to Bordinos Italian Restaurant. The service is top-notch, and the food is incredible. It’s got such a wonderful “night out on the town” kind of vibe, but it’s not stuffy, snooty or intimidating in the least. Reading the menu always makes our mouths water and DO NOT forget to save room for dessert. Trust us, you’re gonna want dessert once you see it. Click HERE to see Bordinos yummy menu.

HOW TO ENTER: We always make it easy to sign up for giveaways. Just click on the orange comment button below and tell us what you think “guys” could learn from the dolls in their lives and/or what we “dolls” could learn from the guys. For example: Ever notice how guys can have an argument and then totally drop it and move on about two minutes later but sometimes we dolls stay uptight about it for six months or more? And maybe the guys in our lives could take a lesson from us and remember that the washing machine doesn’t load itself! Post a comment below or you can sign up via email by sending your answer to

HOW TO INCREASE YOUR ODDS: As always, we reward mamas who help us spread the word about cool giveaways here on Just email your friends/family to let them know about the giveaway and be sure to put on the CC line of your email so we can give you proper credit. We’ll give you an extra chance to win for every friend you tell.

Good luck in the giveaway! And remember you can still buy tickets to this show by calling the Walton Arts Center box office at 479-443-5600 and asking about ticket availability.


  1. I would like to win because well…. I am about to have a baby and it will be a great last night of freedom before I am forever bound to the house by my three under four 😉

  2. Ooohhhh the things guys could learn from dolls… 😉 That dishes need to be rinsed before going into the dishwasher is a good one.

  3. guys should learn from dolls their multitasking skills

    dolls should learn from guys their practicism

  4. I think no matter what gender you are it’s important to realize there are usually very different perspectives on the same situations in your life. If you’re frustrated with your significant other take a few minutes to try to understand their point of view!

  5. Marriage is a learning experience throughout; we’ve been married 5 years and we are still learning daily how to better help each other.

  6. Something that I admire about guys is that they say what they mean. With ladies you have to read between the lines and guess at the mood/tone of the comment.

    I think a lot of guys could benefit from lasting, close friendships like ladies have. It’s nice to be able to spill the beans about all the thing syou can’t discuss iwth your significant other!

  7. Also. I suppose I should play along. I think ‘guys’ could learn that when they say they’ll clean the toilet… it doesn’t mean just *ahem* flushing it… it means clean the whole darn thing, WITH SOAP. I think us ‘gals’ could learn to not be so hyper about well, cleaning 🙂 (at least in my house)

  8. Guys could learn from dolls how to multi-task while gals could learn from guys how to be more laid back. 🙂

  9. Guys need to learn that when the trash is full it needs to be taken out, instead of just stuffing more in it 🙂

  10. Guys need to learn that sometimes the words they are using when kidding around really hurt and don’t laugh it off as the doll being silly.

  11. After 20 years of marriage, I love and respect my husband more and more each day.

  12. I would LOVE to win! My husband and I are kid free for the weekend for the first time in forever, and we’re trying to find something to do with our brother in law and sister in law before our kiddos come back from camp.

  13. Guys could learn from their dolls to multitask, and dolls could learn from thier guys not to overthink things.

  14. Dolls could learn to relax a little from guys and guys could learn to look and see what needs to be done w/o being told.

  15. I could learn to pump gas, oh wait I know how to- he just always does it for me. He could learn how to make sweet tea, but he knows how, and I always do that for him! 😉

  16. My husband’s argument is that his way is “not wrong” OK… I get that. I should relax more about “HOW” things are done. HOWEVER, “My way” sometimes makes things flow smoother and it would be nice for him to see that!!! : )

  17. I would love it “guys” would notice when laundry needs done or something needs picked up off the floor – my “guy” just doesnt notice. This “doll” sees it all!

  18. I do believe that guys could learn patience from their dolls. And that dolls could learn persistance from the guys. There is a lot of things that we all could learn from each other. Listening skills, compliance. But that is why we are “Guys and Dolls”.

  19. I love my “guy”, and I’m not sure that he could learn anything from this “doll.” He’s pretty perfect. Maybe I’d give him some more patience, but that’s about it.

  20. Us “dolls” could learn not to overanalyze and realize the “guys” are simple thinkers and just don’t usually put alot of thought into everything like we do.
    The “guys” could remember to think before they speak and just agree to whatever us “dolls” say and it will make their world much easier 🙂

  21. The GUYS of our day impress me. I’m reminded all the time of how different things were for our grandmothers! We all just need to be glad we live in the times we do!

  22. The guys could take to heart that it’s okay to be in a bad mood and not really know why. This gal can always take some things less seriously!

  23. Us Dolls could stand to have a little more patience and learn that our guys have a pretty heavy weight on their shoulders keeping us safe and taking care of those things for us that we, while we could do them, won’t typically do. I’m thankful that the guy in my life takes care of all of his families needs. The guys could learn from us dolls the importance of a gentle compasionate caring heart. I’m thankful that my guy, appreciates me and that together we are an awesome team.

  24. My guy could learn a little more patience with the kids…to get down on their level. And I could certainly learn to not take things too seriously!!!

  25. Well I think guy’s can learn to tell what they think a little more and I think girls should learn to tell someone when they’re are mad not pretend they aren’t and be mad inside. Mainly cause that’s silly. Guys just get over stuff. But I wanna go to the theatre because I am a theatre major and my husband hasn’t found the appreciation for it yet. 🙂

  26. Guys can learn dolls just want to be loved and appreciated.

    Dolls can learn that guys just want to be loved, admired and appreciated.

  27. “Dolls” can learn from guys to be less judgmental of themselves and of others.

  28. Guys could learn to think and plan more in detail from Dolls, Dolls could learn to relax from the Guys and not be so detailed. I guess we usually balance our selves out 🙂

  29. In all relationships, the goal is to mutually satisfied, served, thought of; guys and dolls should seek to understand before seeking to be understood.

  30. Guys could learn to put the toilet seat down and Dolls could learn to ask their guys for advice and help more often.

  31. I would love love to win this. I never get to see any theatre shows! Guys can learn to be more accepting of the gals in their life and gals can learn to be more complimentary of their guy

  32. The best advice I have for guys AND dolls is what a learned during my wedding reception toast: the most important 3 phrases in life are “i’m sorry” “i forgive you” and “i love you!”

  33. I think I could learn to not sweat the small stuff so much from my guy and he could learn to be a better planner.

  34. Dolls could learn not to freak out over little things and Guys could be more understanding about Dolls freaking out about little things.

  35. Dolls can learn how to “play” more. Just have fun, watch a game or get in the floor and wrestle with the kids.

  36. Dolls could learn not to be over dramatic. Guys could learn to listen better and not always try to fix everything.

  37. Guys (at least mine) could learn to be organized while Dolls could learn to take life a little easier.

  38. One thing I truly admire about the “Guy” in my life, is how he can let things go. When an issue arises or he faces challenging experiences, he doesn’t carry that baggage around with him. When it’s over, it’s over. Whereas “Gals”; including myself, have a much harder time of letting things go. I’ve learned so much from my husband and have so much respect for him.

    Now, on the other hand, “Guys” (in general) tend to over-simplify things. And sometimes, life requires a little more detail or thought to work through things.

  39. Guys should learn everything from Dolls.
    Dolls should learn how to get away with doing nothing!

  40. Guys need to learn that musicals rock (this one is one my hubby likes) and to enjoy it because your wife does and dolls need to learn to enjoy your guy’s favorite thing even if is boring to you.

  41. Guys should learn how to multi-task from dolls.
    Dolls should learn from guys “that not everything is as important as they make it out to be” (I asked my husband to answer this one, and this is exactly what he said)

  42. Guys should learn to do the every day things in life. Dolls (in my case) should learn to have fun more.

  43. Guys and dolls have a lot to learn from each other! Guys could learn that dolls want to feel beautiful.

  44. Girls can learn when to stop being so serious and lighten up — Guys can learn when to be serious and stop joking around all the time! ~And never go to bed angry!

  45. Guys think in compartments, Dolls think globally…a little giv and take in these departments goes a long way!

  46. I wish guys would be able to see things that we see. Don’t they see the spill on the floor? I wish the doll (or at least this one) could have a blind eye to more of the little things – like dirt on the floor!

  47. Guys do need to see the dust some times and take the time to wipe it off, and sometimes Girls need to stop looking and enjoy life!

  48. I had to think about this for minute. From my husband, I’ve learned to let things go and have fun. From me? I’m trying to think what he’d want me to put on line. How about asking for directions?

  49. Guys need to know how important these dates are to their dolls no matter how many years you’ve been married.

  50. I think my son would know how much he and his doll needed a get away such s this.

  51. Guys don’t talk a lot, but when they do, they do it before they think. This was confirmed just last night by MY “guy” (hubbie for 28 yrs). At least he admits it. My “dolls” (aka best friends) agree as their “guys” do the same. But, God love ’em! =)

  52. My guy’s pretty good at this, but maybe guys could learn listening skills, and girls could learn to be more to the point. =)

  53. I’d love to go! I think guys and dolls can both learn from each other. Guys learn to listen without offering advice, dolls learn to offer practical solutions instead of just understanding.

  54. Well for starters, there are PLENTY of things guys and girls can learn from each other. We’re completely opposite in most cases. But I would say if there was one thing I could teach to a guy it would be the ability to understand them. Although most times we hardly understand ourselves. 🙂

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