Want to see the Circus? Win 4 tickets here!


Okay, so it’s not officially a “childhood” until you’ve been to the circus at least once. Having said that, we’ve got an awesome ticket giveaway for you this week that your kid (or kids) will LOVE. We’ve got FOUR tickets to the Sweet Can Circus at the Walton Arts Center on Thursday, July 30th at 7 p.m.! ($82 value!)

And you know how we mamas are fond of feeding our ticket winners… so we’re including a $30 gift certificate for dinner at U.S. Pizza on Dickson Street, just a short walk away from the Walton Arts Center. U.S. Pizza has become another Dickson Street landmark and not long ago they converted their basement into a kid-friendly zone with plenty to keep the kids amused while they wait for pizza. If yousweetcan3.jpg‘re not into pizza, they’ve got award-winning salads, too.

The Sweet Can Circus is a show that integrates circus, live music, dance and theater. Audiences get a chance to see circus arts performed up close in the small, black box Starr Theater which seats nearly 200 people.

You’ll see trapeze stunts, aerial silks, slack rope, juggling and acrobatics. Performers walk on their hands, and mailboxes will levitate! This show is best for kids ages 7 and up. Show times are Thursday, July 30th at 7 p.m.; Friday, July 31st at 8 p.m.; and Saturday, August 1st at 2 p.m. and again at 8 p.m.

HOW TO ENTER: This particular show’s theme is called “Habitat” and it explores environments from a new perspective. So we’re joining in on the whole “habitat” theme and asking you to throw your name in the hat for the tickets and the pizza dinner by answering this question: “What’s your favorite spot in your own personal habitat?” Comfy chair in the family room? Hammock under a backyard tree? Soaking in your bathtub? Click the word “comment” below and tell us about your favorite spot in the house or yard is.

seetcan-0858_hr.jpgANOTHER COOL OPTION: Sweet Can Circus is also offering an “Open Circus Studio” where kids 16 and under can attend an aerial rehearsal, ask questions and test their skills with circus apparatus including aerial silk, trapeze, rolla bollas and juggling equipment. (Again, this event is best for kids ages 7 and up, and an adult needs to attend with them. You can come for the whole 90 minutes or just drop in. Cost is $5 per kid and parents are free.)

We’re looking forward to reading about the habitats of our fellow moms. Good luck in the drawing!

For more info on the Sweet Can Circus, click here or on any of the photos to go to the Walton Arts Center website, or call the box office at 479-443-5600.


  1. Sitting on my front porch watching my boys ride their scooter, play ball, or just run around the yard. Nothing is better than that. Hope I win.

    Jennifer Rirchardson

  2. I LOOOVE sitting outside under our big shade tree, drinking a cup of coffee and watching Miles play with our dog, Doc. It is such a peaceful way to start the weekend mornings.

  3. My favorite place is a whole room. My craft room is my spot to relax and create and do something out of ordinary. I even find myself sitting in my chair just relaxing and staring at the walls.

  4. My favorite spot is the living room because that is most often where everyone is gathered.

  5. My favorite spot to relax is in my bedroom on our comfy bed. All of us just kicked back watching tv or being silly! I can forget about everything in there! (wish I was there NOW) ha ha

  6. Fav spot is my chain in half in the living room cuddled up with my hubby and a blanket watching a movie or just cuddled up.

  7. We have the best backyard. The boys play for hours in the shade of a huge old oak tree.

  8. Sitting on my deck early in the morning before anyone wakes up, sipping my spiced tea, absorbing the sunshine into my soul, awakening my heart with the singing of birds and waking up slowly myself!

  9. My favorite spot in the house is really anywhere I can snuggle up with my favorite quilt. I bought a tattered, worn, beat up quilt at an antique mall. I love it, though some would say it isn’t the most beautiful quilt in the world. It has tartan plaid squares, vintage dishcloth squares, pink faded flowers, etc. on it. It is a hodgepodge of colors, fabrics, and textures. I love it BEACAUSE it is not perfect. It is very soft, and very comforting. My 2 year old calls it “Mommy’s blankie” and loves to “nuggle” under it with me and read his favorite books. It is priceless to me. 🙂

  10. My kids call it the cave, my husband calls it his office but I call it my sanctuary. A room we can all relate to and enjoy together as a family. A room that brings us together or keeps the kids entertained. Kids paintings, awards, pictures and Tae Kwon Belts line the wall. You better knock twice because we are probably not going to hear!

  11. My bathtub is my favorite place to get lost from the rest of the world. The jets are on full-force and the temperature is almost too hot to get into. I know once I can get into that intensely hot water, it seems to melt all of my troubles away. At the same time, I try to catch up on the latest book I’ve started or continue to drown out my world with my mp3 player.

  12. My favorite “habitat” is the back deck. I love to sit out there with my family for dinner, then bring out a game or some books and read to the kids as the sun sets. We’ll talk to the fisherman as they troll by, see the ducks and geese flying, the animals scurrying, sing back to the birds. It’s heaven on earth — or heaven at home.

  13. that would have to be on my bed or on my kids’ beds curled up with a good book for me to read or one to read to them.

  14. My cozy bed reading a book looking out the window at the flowers blooming in the backyard,

  15. My favorite spot would have to be the covered deck my husband built for us a few years ago with the help of his dad and our oldest son. We can relax and watch the boys chase each other and the dog around the whole backyard. Once it gets dark, you can cozy up and have an outdoor movie night with a portable DVD player, comfy blankets and lots of snacks. It’s a great family getaway!

  16. My favorite place in my habitat is my jacuzzi tub whenever I get the chance to use it- especially in the winter when I can get in the hot water and just soak !

  17. My favorite place in my habitat is sitting in my bed watching my little buttercup fighting sleep by playing with the toys that are hanging on the railing of her bed!

  18. My favorite place in my habitat is my craft room. I love looking through family photos and thinking of color schemes for scrapbooking. It is a place where I can go to reflect and remember special times. If the kids want to join me I have a table of beads for them so that we can have a good time together.

  19. My favorite spot is the living room because we are all together yet each one can be doing their own thing!

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