Giveaway: Tickets to Drumline and Dinner on Dickson

Note from the mamas: Congratulations to Angela Goodman, winner of Drumline tickets and dinner on Dickson!

Calling all my fellow band geeks! This is the show for us! (If you weren’t a band geek but love good music and dancing, you should keep reading, too.) This week we’re giving away two tickets to see the show Drumline at the Walton Arts Center on January 29th at 8 p.m. This show came to the Walton Arts Center in 2009 and was so popular that they’ve brought it back. It was created by the same music team behind the hit movie “Drumline” which you may have seen on television. It brings the traditions of the American Marching Band to the theatrical stage.

If your kids are in band or your kids or husband likes to play the “air drums” when the radio is on, this is a show they will LOVE. It’s very high-energy and includes speed, precision, choreography and popular music everyone will recognize. The show will run for about two hours.

As always, we like to send our ticket winners to the theater on a full stomach. So our friends at U.S. Pizza on Dickson Street have offered to drum up some dinner for you first. The ticket winner will get a gift certificate to have dinner before the show, which means you’ll find out why some people won’t have pizza anywhere but U.S. Pizza. There’s something about the famous crust and sauce that has created a very loyal fan base of customers over the years. Their salads and sandwiches are amazing, too. Click hereΒ  or on the logo below to see their menu.

HOW TO ENTER: If you or your husband are former band members like me, (or you have kids in band), throw your name in the hat for this random drawing by clicking the “comment” button below and giving a shout-out to the band you were in and what instrument you played. If you weren’t in band, then tell us what you love about drums or band music. I’ll go first. I was in the Stuttgart High School Marching Band, where I played the clarinet and twirled a baton. (Go Birds!) And then I was in the Razorback Marching Band during college where I twirled baton with my fellow majorettes. (Go Hogs!) Now, it’s your turn!

You can also email your entry to us at

HOW TO INCREASE YOUR ODDS: To increase your odds of winning the tickets and pizza, email your friends and family about this giveaway and be sure to put on the CC line of your note. We’ll give you an extra chance to win for every friend you tell.

Good luck! We’ll pick a winner at random on Friday and send an email to the lucky mama!

To purchase tickets for Drumline, call 479-443-5600 or click here to order online. Be sure to tell the box office that you read about it here on nwaMotherlode!


  1. I played clarinet in the Coweta Tigers Marching Band in Coweta, OK in high school. Then I was in the University of Tulsa Golden Hurricane Marching Band all through college. (It helped pay some of that hefty private school tuition!)

  2. I played clarinet and my husband played the trumpet!! We are a musical family and our kids loving playing the drums and dancing to music!!! I’ve been wanting to see this show!!! Fingers crossed I’m the lucky winner!! : )

  3. I was in the Southside High School Marching Band and played the French horn and Flugelhorn. Then in college I was a music major at Arkansas Tech and played the french horn ad flugelhorn. Go Wonder Boys!!!

  4. My husband played trupmet for the Fayetteville High School band! GO PURPLE DOGS!!!

  5. My husband and I were both in the Razorback Band with Gwen. πŸ™‚ He played trombone, and I played trumpet. We both played in high school, too. I’m from Mountain Home, and he’s from Bryant.

  6. I love marching band music! It brings back so many fond memories from high school games.

  7. I love the band. I danced on the Drill Team at Lithonia High School. I am practically the only one in the stands at halftime while others are retrieving drinks and taking breaks. I am a total band geek but cannot play a single instrument! I love the Disney band – at Christmas best of all! I am excited my son is learning to play drums…maybe he will be in the drum line one day!

  8. My daughter and son-in-law were band members in Sallisaw, OK, where they were very fortunate to be taught by Jeremy and Amanda Ford and Bob and Dee Sivils. They then went on to Arkansas where they were both proud members of the Razorback Band.

  9. My husband played the saxaphone for the Charleston tigers. My son played percussion for Helen Tyson Middle School. I only wish I had their talent.

  10. Our son is in 7th grade at McNair and plays trombone. He gets the band gene from his dad who played both clarinet and sax.

  11. I played trumpet in the Razorback Marching Band and Hogwild band. I would love to see this show!

  12. I love seeing marching bands from schools! The high school I went to (Greenwood, AR) had a really awesome, award winning band even though the city population was just over 5,000! Ive always enjoyed seeing the neat routines & shapes they come up with!

  13. I played the Flute and my son played the clarinet for FHS. I LOVE the movie Drumline!! πŸ™‚

  14. I was not in band and don’t play an instrument.Never the less my husband and I went to see this show last year and it was THE BEST show I have EVER seen!!! these guys are totally amazing. I can’t imagine anyone not being impressed byt his show. If you do go get tickets on the aisle. They come into the theater and leave by the side aisles-playing thier drums. It is really something!

  15. In junior high I played the trumpet and was a majorette. I’d love to see this show and I’m ALWAYS up for US Pizza!

  16. i always loved the drums and wanted to play, but alas i am rhythmically challenged!

  17. I was never in the band but have spent a small fortune supporting all my friends kids who are! Lots and lots of band fund-raisers!

  18. I played flute and piccolo in high school and then learned guitar in college. My husband is a drummer and guitar guy. This would be a great show to see.

  19. I am a middle school teacher and absolutely love to see the new 6th graders practice and play so well by the end of the year. The best thing is when they continue to play into their 8th grade year and they sound so professional. So here is my shout out to the Lingle Middle School band and to the wonderful band teachers that teach them to play. Congratulations guys.

  20. My son is in a stomp group at school and we would love to take him to see drum line!

  21. I did not play any instrument! I did love to attend all the band concerts with friends and listen to the drums especially. My cousin was big into drums and even played for his marching band in college. I hope we win!!

  22. I played in the Oostburg High School Band. Now I still play my saxaphone in a small church band. This sounds like a fun night out!

  23. My son is in the Ramay junior high band and has played percussion since 7th grade. I love drums and Stewart Copeland (drummer for the Police) is one of my favs. Would LOVE to see DRUMLINE.

  24. I wasn’t in band (was in choir), but my husband was a drummer in the band. We would absolutely LOVE to go see this! My husband would be thrilled if I won this for us!

  25. I played the piano so was jealous I couldn’t be in band. I would love to see this show for the music.

  26. Growing up in New Orleans Parades were an almost everyday part of my life. What I enjoyed most about the parades were the marching bands, when the drum section would come by is when I felt most alive. Love music but drums get to the heart of me.

  27. My son is in the Razorback band (freshman) and I’d LOVE to give him this opportunity to see Drumline. He plays the Tuba, and has been in marching band since Middle School in Fayetteville Public Schools.


  28. I believe we would really enjoy this. I would love to take my husband and daughter. My daughter is currenlty taking piano lessons and would really enjoy this.

  29. I work at a junior high and I love pep rally day because our excellent drum line walks through our halls just playing away getting everyone riled up…it’s awesome and intense! My thing is how it makes my heart race and pound I can help but wanna mimick the hand movements I wish I was that talented!!!!!

  30. I wanted to be in band in Jr. High, but wanted to play the flute (because it looked fun and feminine) but they wanted me to play the saxaphone or something and I was like “no”. BUT, my son plays percussion at SWJH in Springdale. My daughter played piano for 8 years and my son took 3 years. Both play a tiny bit of guitar. I’m very proud that they have been exposed to music. Good for the brain.

  31. I was never in the band but I was a Pom Squad girl. There is just something amazing about the beat of the drums. They are the heart and soul of any song. They keep us on beat. Lol

  32. I absolutely love hearing the marching band in a parade. This is my favorite part of any parade. πŸ™‚

  33. I’m a marching band junkie. Played clarinet, tenor sax, sopranio sax, chimes, xylophone and was on HS flag line in Aurora MO. On flag line for Razorbacks too….love marching bands!!!!!

  34. My family is definitely musical! I played clarinet in school, my 11 year old is the singer, and my 14 year old son plays the trumpet – although he has dabbled in various other instruments. He has thought about playing drums in high school, so when I heard this announced on the radio this morning I told my husband that I had to take our 14 year old son to this! Thanks for the chance Motherlode!!

  35. I played the clarinet from 5th grade all the way thru college. I loved band-still do! Always enjoyed the Razorback marching band drumline!! Would LOVE LOVE LOVE the opportunity to see this show!

  36. I played saxophone for Bentonville – all 6 years of Jr. High and High School! I loved band! I still play for church. I would love to see this show!

  37. Not only did I playin high school and college, I was Band Queen! I played for a while with a community group, wish I was still playing!

  38. I went to Rogers High School and played the french horn. I played the mellophone in the Razorback Marching band in college where I met my husband who was playing trumpet with the alumni band. During a performance together, I forgot my steps and ran into the back of him. I’ve been his headache ever since! Woo Pig Sooie!

  39. I was in the Bentonville High School band. I played the flute and during marching season I was on the flag line. I loved it!

  40. My husband and I were both in the Benton High School band. He played trombone, I played melodic percussion and was in the flag corps.

  41. I was not in a band but I play piano and LOVE music! All types! All kinds!

  42. i was never in band but at every parade or game i have ever went to the bands have always made the show! i love to hear the drums! there is something about the sound of drums that makes you want to just get up and dance!

  43. I was not in band, but I was a cheerleader and I LOVED dancing and listening to the band at all of the games!! Band music always sound sooooo neat!

  44. I played clarinet, but more importantly, my daughter just made drumline this year at school and loves rhythm. I would love to take her to this performance.

  45. My husband Dana has been a musician and in choir since early high school. He was in the Percussion Ensemble at the University of AR at Little Rock (UALR) and played several percussion instruments. He has also been in a variety of local bands, playing the drums, guitar and singing.

  46. I was in concert choir rather than band, but my sister played drums in hs band. She could rock it on the percussion with the best of them! =)

  47. A friend gave our son Greg his first drum set when he was three. I never thought a drum set would be a living room decor item, but there it sits – just a much nicer drum set now that he is 12! I love to watch how he zones in and really enjoys getting a workout with his drumming. Thank goodness for headphones!!

  48. I was in the Springdale High School Bulldog Band. I played percussion (drums, cymbals, etc., but mostly xylophone and like instruments). I was also a member of the flag corps.

  49. My husband plays drums and I play piano in our church praise band at Central United Methodist in Rogers. Go PRAISE TEAM!

  50. I played oboe, clarinet, percussion, and spun a flag in the Arkansas High Razorback band. I was on color guard in the UA Razorback Marching Band. Go band geeks!

  51. I played alto sax in the Razorback Marching Band. My husband and I just played this past Saturday with the Hogwild Band as Alumni. Woo Pig Sooie!

  52. My instrument was voice. I was the only one in my family who didn’t play a “real” instrument but I’m the only one still using my training after all of these years! I started playing a little percussion while my hubby and I traveled and gigged 10 years ago. If I’d known that I love percussion rhythm so much I so would have been in band.

  53. I played the trumpet and my son a junior in High School now and he plays the snare. The movie Drumline was a big influence on him playing the drums. This would be a great father and son activity.

  54. I played the flute and my son presently plays the snare drum in the High School band. This would make a great mom and son date.

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