Great Date Giveaway: Comedy show and pizza, too!


NOTE TO MOMS: We’ll choose a winner at random by 4 p.m. today (Aug. 26). Good luck!

If you could use a good laugh, good food and a good time with your sweetie out on the town, we’ve got you covered. Today we’re doing another of our famous “Great Date Giveaways,” and the lucky mama who wins it will get two tickets to the Second City comedy show at the Walton Arts Center this Friday, August 2nd-city-ad-slick.JPG28th at 8 p.m. (The tickets alone are a $65 value!)

Of course, we never send our ticket winners to a show on an empty stomach. After all, we are mamas and our maternal instincts like to ensure that our winners are well-fed. So we’ll be sending the winning couple to dinner at U.S. Pizza on Dickson Street before the show. We think pizza and laughs go great together. ($30 dinner value!)

After dinner, you’ll be just steps away from the Walton Arts Center where you can pick up your show tickets and settle in for a night of really funny comedians.

About the show: The Second City is a touring company that has launched some of our country’s most famous comedians and actors. So this is your chance to see the next big comedians in the making. Stars including Dan Aykroyd, Joan Rivers, John Belushi, Bill Murray, Mike Myers, Steve Carell, Stephen Colbert and Tina Fey are just a few of the big names who did a stint with The Second City.

The cast members perform satire and improv. They even take suggestions from the audience and create catchy jingles and sketches off the cuff — with no scripts! But be aware that no topic is off limits with this group, and no subject is too sensitive. (If your parents asked you not to talk about it at the dinner table, chances are it’ll be made fun of during the show.)

In addition to the Friday night performance, there is also a Saturday show at 8 p.m. For more info on ticket availability, pricing and show details, click here or on the graphic above to visit the Walton Arts Center website. Or call the box office at 479-443-5600.

About the food: What can we cay about the food at U.S. Pizza? Might as well keep it short — it rocks. In fact, it’s so good that I’ve heard more than a few people say that, once they’ve had pizza from U.S. Pizza, they are forever spoiled after that. No other pizzas seem to live up to that standard. What makes it so great? Some say it’s the crust. Others say it’s the sauce. I have no idea, but I do know it’s goooooood. If you’re not into pizza, the restaurant also has award-winning salads so you’ll be covered either way. (Click the logo to check out their online menu.)


HOW TO ENTER: Since we’re sending one of you out for an evening of laughs, we’d like a few giggles, too. So, in order to throw your name in the hat, tell us something funny. (Toddler flushed 14 socks down the toilet? Teenager said something hilarious last week? Your husband gagged when he changed his first poopy diaper? Got a corny joke? Anything goes, as long as it’s clean.) Can’t think of anything? If you’re all out of funny, then just tell us you could use a few laughs and we’ll put your name in the hat. No pressure.

To post your comments, simply click the word “comment” just below the dotted line at the bottom of this post. (You can use initials or a nickname, if you like.) Or you can e-mail your comments to us at

HOW TO INCREASE YOUR CHANCES:  As always, we give you an additional chance to win for every person you tell via e-mail about our site and/or the giveaway. Be sure to put us on the CC line of your note so we can give you proper credit. (Tell 10 friends and you’ll get 10 additional chances to win. That’s how it works.)

Hope all of you have a great week this week! We’ll pick a winner AT RANDOM (using on Wednesday and notify that person via e-mail. We’ll post the winner’s name on Thursday. Good luck to all who enter!


  1. One day after a grueling workout with Bua, Conner and I were on our way home; I really needed to hear a song so I called and requested one from Roach on 104.9 the X. I guess Conner thought it was really cool that we talked to the guy on the radio so he was telling his older brother Layne all about it when we got home; He said Bubba… Momma called and talked to Cricket and he was going to play a song for her; I overheard him and said Conner, do you mean Roach? He started laughing hysterically. (He’s only 7.) It was so cute. He knew he had the name of a bug, he just forgot which one… 🙂

  2. I was in the car with Abby my 4 year old who was thirsty. She kept asking for a drink and I kept telling her that I didn’t have a drink for her in the car. Her reply was “But I can’t hold my thirsty!” 🙂

  3. My 1.5 year old has learned he can cruise down the driveway hill in the cozy coupe car unaided by an adult. Not sure if that’s funny or just plain cute! He couldn’t look any prouder!

  4. I don’t allow our 2 year old daughter to drink soda, so when she is visiting her grandparents she tells them that “black coke will make my tummy happy” and of course, gets what she wants.

  5. My hubby was browsing the toys at Target with our four-year-old son… Griffin wasn’t finding anything he liked (shock!) so he tried to explain exactly what he was looking for: “I want something unusual, but not too expensive.”

  6. We started a “date w/daddy” on the date of the kids birthdays each month, with 1 for mommy around our anniversary. Unfortunately, we’ve not gotten around to mommy & daddy’s date night in several months, so this would be much appreciated. I’m sorry, it’s nap time and I can’t think of anything funny to add!

  7. When my son was about 2 1/2 he used to call his older sister “Meanie Pants” whenever she would take a toy away from him or he didn’t get his way.

  8. My is 20 months old and instead of responding “no” when doesn’t want something/ to do something he says “no way!” it is so funny to ask him “you want to go to bed?” and hear “no way!” in respones.

  9. My husband is in commercial construction and one of his most impressive jobs (from the kids’ perspective) was the pool at the Fayetteville Boys and Girls Club. One day a few years ago when FPS were out for teacher in-service day, the kids went to SKC at the Club. I was explaining to my son that this pool wasn’t like going to Grandma and Grandpa’s pool where mommy and daddy would be right there watching him like a hawk, there would be lifeguards who had to watch LOTS of kids, so he could not go into the deep end of the pool (I’m paranoid! What can I say?) Anyway, his bossy older sister chimed in, “Yeah! Just because our Daddy BUILT that pool doesn’t mean you can’t DROWN in it!”

    Thanks for all the great giveaways you offer!

  10. Yesterday I was in the kitchen cooking and my 3 year old (Ben) came walking in and said “Hi Mommy. You makin’ Krabby Patties?” Can anyone say ‘too much Sponge Bob’? =-)

  11. We had gone out to eat with our one year old and 4 year old daughters. It was just one of those evenings – the 4 year old (Brooklyn) was being loud, laying down in the seat, not wanting to obey, etc… and the one year old (Brianna) was just cranky and crying – just not happy. We were leaving and Brooklyn was wanting something and I told her no. Well she just started crying and throwing a fit. I walked to the car and said, “I wish I had a 4 year old that would obey me just one time.” She looked at her daddy and with a straight face and a possible tear in her eye asked, “Daddy, if mommy had a 4 year old that obeyed, would you miss me?” Just had to turn aound and laugh at her.

  12. Recently I was babysitting 3 and 4.5 year old brothers. They were being the normal boys, goofing around when the 3 year old fell and bumped his head. Not being thrown off by a kid bumping their head, I quickly said, “uh oh. that’s ok…let’s keep playing” when the 4.5 year old turned to me and said, “excuse me, my brother hurt himself. I think he needs to take some time to himself and think about what he’s done.” Hmmm, wonder where he’s heard that before.

  13. I am sure I have lots of funnies (because I have an almost 4 year old) but I have pregnancy brain right now and can’t think of anything!! I just know I could use a night out with my hubby again, by ourselves, before this baby gets here in 11 weeks! 🙂

  14. Last year around the time of the elections, my son’s elementary school had its own voting day, having students vote for either McCain or Obama. When my son came home he began telling me about it, how they had voted and what students were saying. When I asked him who had won the presidency he informed me, “Barack O-Grandma, of course”

  15. Our 2 year old came in after a rain this Summer announcing that there were “a ton of CUGE, CUGE, CUGE worms on the streetwalk!” (huge worms on the sidwalk). We got quite a kick out of that!

  16. My son turns 6 months old tommorrow!! Of course I think everything he does is funny, but I’m sure I’m just sleep deprived and easily amused. A night of laughs with the hubby is much needed.

  17. Help! I can’t think of funny right now. That’s why I need to go so badly. I have been chasing two boys around the house all day (19 months and 31/2) while they growl and scream incessantly. Meanwhile my husband has been bed ridden with some sort of tick illness (we just found out) and miserable for days now. He will be feeling better by friday and in need of some funny…. me too!

  18. Our 3 year old son is always making us laugh. The other night I informed him that it was bedtime and he replied, “That doesn’t make sense to me.” Where did he come up with that?! 🙂
    My husband and I could use a date night for sure!

  19. We have had to listen to the same joke over and over again, first my daughter told it to us for 3 eyears, and now she taught it to her brother: “Why did the chicken cross the road? Because it couldn’t fit through the window”. I still don’t get it…I think I am all out of funny and could use a night out.

  20. Well my 4 year old was not listening very well one day and I was getting on to her and said Abby you are not being a very good listener today and she looked at me very serious and said with her big brown know what mom I am not a good listener but I sure am funny…How could you not laugh at that.

  21. When my son Keegan was 2 we had family over. Keegan starts walking up the stairs, and looks at everyone and says see you later I am going to check my email.

  22. I have a 13 year old, we have DRAMA in our house right now. Boy a night of laughs would be perfect, epecially with no kids.

  23. This is something you don’t talk about at the table, but…. we had a house full of guests and my 5 year-old-walks out of the bathroom and says “MOM!” urgently, so of course, everyone looks at him. Then, dead serious he says, “I think I just pooped out my soul.” What?? Are you kidding me? Don’t even ask, because I don’t know…….

  24. We have numerous funny moments with a 3 yr old and a 4yr old. The only one I can think of at the moment though involves discovery of personal body parts and I am saving that one for blackmail later on in life.

  25. I love the give aways! My son is in love with cars at the moment. Because he cant say cars, we have taught him the sign and he also makes the vroom vroom sound with his lips (sort of like a raspberry). He does it when we are driving down the road, walking into restaurants,EVERYWHERE. Saturday, while at a family wedding reception, he spots a man in a wheel chair and almost comes out of my arms signing and very loudly making the car sound. He would not let up until we let him touch the wheels on the wheel chair. Thank goodness the man was understanding!

  26. At dinner last night, my husband and I (along with our 2 year old) were trying to get our 4 year old to try peas..She informed us that, God told her she would NOT like them and she did NOT have to try them if she didn’t want to! ha How can you argue with that? She tried them though. She’s too funny!

  27. Just last night, as I was tucking in my 2-yr-old, she pushed me away and said, “Go!” She just wanted to go to bed!!

  28. I could have used a laugh this morning while my 3 year old had a meltdown because her butter had melted on her hot toast!

  29. OK, I have a corny joke. Papa, Mama and Baby Tomato were out taking a walk. Baby Tomato kept lagging further and further behind. Papa Tomato runs back to Baby Tomato and stomps on him and yells “Ketchup!” (catch-up)

  30. My mother took my son, who was then 3, to the store to buy eggs. My son looked at the brown eggs and told his Nana that she should buy the “chocolate eggs”.

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