Valentine’s Day Getaway Giveaway!

Mamas, we have a winner! We’ll announce on Friday, Feb. 19. Thanks!

When we plan a giveaway, we always ask ourselves what moms really want and need most. When it comes to relationships, sometimes what a mama needs most is to get the heck out of the house.

Let’s face heart.jpgit: It’s often very difficult to shift out of “mama mode” and into “romance mode” when you’re literally surrounded by things that remind you that you’re a mom — a high chair, a pile of laundry, a stack of bills, school backpacks, or a Diaper Genie staring at you from the corner. Sometimes what we and our relationship need most is a change of scenery and time to re-connect.

aloft-pink-logo-jpeg.jpgSo, with that in mind, we’ve partnered with Aloft Hotel in Rogers to give one very lucky mama and her sweetie a night away from home, a.k.a “parenting headquarters.”Β  You’ll get to spend the night in the very swanky, very hip Aloft Hotel and then enjoy a free breakfast the next morning. Nice, huh?

(Your night away doesn’t have to happen during Valentine’s Day weekend. You can pick the night that works best for you.)

Plus, we’re sending you to dinner across the street from the hotel at the popular and posh Crabby’s crabbys.jpgrestaurant — a favorite of seafood lovers in Northwest Arkansas.Β  The dinner comes courtesy of our friends at

After dinner, you can use the two free movie passes we’re giving you to go see a show at any Malco movie popcorn-and-drink.jpgtheater you like. You pick the movie, the date, the time, etc. It’s all very flexible. (FYI: Did you know the movie Valentine’s Day, which includes actors like Julia Roberts, Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Garner, Taylor Swift, Taylor Lautner, Jamie Foxx and Patrick Dempsey is opening this Friday? Might be a good choice for your free tickets. Click here to see the movie preview.)

Sure you could technically bring your kids with you to the hotel if you really wanted to. But we’d recommend sending them on a sleepover with friends or asking Grandma to come visit for the weekend so you could use the time away as an in-town vacation with the one you love. Can you just imagine the number of “awesome wife points” you’ll earn if you win this thing and surprise your husband? He’ll think you’re a rock star.

If you don’t have a sweetie right now, no worries. You can still throw your name in the hat and use this getaway as a fun grown-up girls’ slumber party with a great friend.

So… anybody interested? Yes? Good.

Here’s how you throw your name in the hat: We love, love, love publishing and dreaming up all these cool, fun giveaways. But, honestly, none of it would be doable if we didn’t have local sponsors. So, we’re hoping you will “show us the love” by showing our sponsors the love. They’re the ones who help us make all the giveaways happen, and these are generous, mom-friendly people who run good companies. In fact, most of them are parents themselves.

To enter the drawing, click on the word “comment” below and post a short thank-you note to any or all of the sponsors on the list you see here. If you use one of these businesses, say so and tell us what you like about them. Or just let them know you appreciate their support of a local mom-focused website like this one. You can also e-mail your comments to us at

INCREASE YOUR ODDS: For decades, moms have told other moms about things they like. So we’re asking you to keep the cycle going. If you tell your friends/family about this giveaway or website via e-mail, we’ll give you an extra chance to win for every person you tell. Just be sure to put on the CC line of your e-mail so we can give you proper credit.

Share the love with these sponsors:

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  1. I’d like to give major kudo’s to Oh Baby Foods! I am proud to say that I am able to make my daughter’s foods but for those times that I am incredibly busy, it’s nice to have a back up like Oh Baby Foods that provides the nutritional quality that I like to give for my daughter! So Thank You!

  2. Thanks to all the sponsors for making these giveaways possibe!! I have been lucky enough to win one and absolutely love the rug I won from Flooring America for my son’s room.

  3. My husband’s birthday is on Valentine’s Day and this would be a perfect V-day/B-day give for him!!! I would love to stay at Aloft and I already love Crabby’s!

  4. I got ahead of myself on my comment. I do want to thank all the sponsors for helping to make this website happen and for all the wonderful giveaways. Thank you so much to all the local businesses!!!! We need a button for our websites saying how much we love local businesses!

  5. Thank you to all of the great sponsors! MY daughter recently started seeing Dr Hull; love her! She’s as sweet as her Dad! Flooring America by Carpet Smart ROCKS! They have such a great team! I personally use the NWA Restaurants and NWA Movies almost on a daily basis! We love!!

    I would love to win this amazing date giveaway. We need it! Thanks Again to all of the sponsors that make this happen!

  6. Thank you to all the wonderful sponsors! Our family enjoys many of their products and services…from the doctors at Mercy Pediatrics, Jump Zone for entertaining my son, Kate Austin for their amazing jewelry that I can’t get enough of and to Underwood’s for helping my husband design the perfect engagement ring for me almost 10 years ago! Thanks again for supporting NWA Motherlode!!!

  7. Oh and thanks to Walton Arts Center! We are proud to be Broadway subscribers for almost ten years! We absolutely love all your productions! πŸ™‚

  8. Thank you to all the sponsors who make these fabulous giveaways possible! I love Crabby’s and have never been to the Aloft. What a great treat that would be for me and my husband. Thanks again for making these possible.

  9. Thanks so much for all the sponsors who make all these awesome giveaways. I love the excitement that I feel each time I feel and I “think” I’m going to win this one… πŸ™‚ Thanks to Walton Arts Center for bringing wonderful shows to NWA. I also love shopping at Melody’s Choices. I’m hoping to win this one!

  10. Thanks to all the sponsors for making these giveaways possible! I will pick out a few of my favorite of the sponsors…The Walton Arts Center has allowed to see so many great shows over the years, Melody’s Choice is the perfect place to get that unique gift, Jump Zone (3 kids, need I say more!), Crabby’s is divine, and I have been dying stay a Aloft, it looks so cool every time I go by there! Thanks again!!

  11. Thank you to all the wonderful sponsors of nwa motherlode. The giveaways (and the website in general) are awesome!!

  12. Thanks to all of the sponsors–I love entering and knowing it’s possible I could win!! Love this website for moms, thanks!

  13. I love Mercy Health Center. I always have a great experience when we have to make a trip to the doctor. It seems like all the doctors that I have been to have always tried to get to the root of whatever issue me or my children were having. They always have a definite answer to a health issue and are extra friendly and patient when you have questions. Mercy Health System is a trusted provider of healthcare for my family!!!

  14. Thanks to all the sponsors. This is such a great website for moms. Thanks for sponsoring it. Thanks for the opportunity to win such a fun night…yay!!

  15. I have been going to Dr. David Witherspoon since I was 10! That’s 20 years of being his patient. He’s the best. You should make your next eye appointment with him.

  16. Thanks so much to all the local sponsors who make this possible!it is nice to know that we have local business owners who care about us moms and apreciatte our hard but fullfiling “mom” job!I have used almost all the sponsors services and not only they all offer a great service but also they care about the community!thanks so much keep the hard work and the giveaways!!
    Martha Paola Bryant

  17. Thank you to all the sponsors! I my son absolutely loves going to Jump Zone what a great indoor and safe place for the kidos!

  18. Thank you so much to all the sponsors on this website! We appreciate you all so much! I do love the Jump Zone! Thank you for having affordable prices so I can bring my kids there when it’s yucky outside & they can burn energy while I relax:)

  19. What great sponsors! Thank you for these opportunities for great dates! We love the Walton Arts Center, are grateful for our Docs in the Mercy Health System, and also love Melody’s choices. =)

  20. Thanks to the Walton Arts Center for giving our community such wonderful productions!! My son and I went to see Goodnight Moon this morning and my husband and I are always season ticket holders. Having travelled all over the world seeing Broadway shows, I am so proud to say that I have seen the same things here as I did in London and NY. Awesome job WAC!!!

    Also, thanks to Dr. Gray at NW Orthodontics. My husband is getting his braces off soon and about to reveal a beautiful smile!!

  21. Kudos to Kate Austin Jewelry and Gifts. I love their jewelry plus you can get in on their sales. You also get a special coupon for your birthday!

  22. I’d like to say BIG thank you to Bordino’s and the Walton Arts Center :)…. Also I would like to mention that I’m entering this drawing for MY mom. My parents house was recently broken into and several of thier belongs were taken so giving them something like this package would be an amazing gift and break from the stress they have endured. And thank you Aloft for making this possible for some lucky person.

  23. Thanks to all the sponsors for for all the great giveaways. We moms love the chance to get away with our sweeties!

  24. My husband proposed to me in the rose garden at the Walton Arts Center, so it has special meaning to us. Plus, we really enjoy going to music, theater and dance performances there. Also, Feb. 16 will be the third anniversary of our first date, so this would be a great way to celebrate two special days!

  25. Thank you so much to Big Brothers Big Sisters for making a difference in the lives of our youth here in NWA! You are appreciated! Thank you also to NWA Motherlode for all your generosity and support for this community!

  26. Thank you to Mercy Health System of Northwest Arkansas for keeping my family and I healthy and well this winter season!

  27. I love love love Kate Austin. They have the best gifts! I always go there when I need to give a personal and unique gift. I have an oilcloth purse that my hubby got me last year for valentines day. I’ve received more compliments on that pink and green paisley purse. Thanks Kate Austin!

  28. It is so cool how all these local sponsors choose to share their blessings with local moms. Thank you so much! (I hope I win!)

  29. Thank you to all the area businesses that make the wonderful give aways possible! Thank you to the Walton Arts Center for bringing such amazing art and entertainment to the area!

  30. Dr. Gray and his staff at Northwest Orthodontics are the best- I can’t imagine a more pleasant atmosphere.
    We are flex subscribers at the WAC and appreciate the quality of shows they bring in. Also – everyone should try IM Spa – a great experience!
    A weekend of romance at Aloft, Crabby’s and the movies are just what my husband and I would enjoy without the kids!

  31. Thank you to all of the sponsors! I am going to specifically thank Melody’s Choices for having the best toys around! My son loves going in there to play trains and ride a plasma car. And we can always find a fun toy to take home πŸ™‚

  32. I think it is so wonderful to live in a community that supports the arts and gives families a chance to experience the theater together! I took my 3yr old daughter to see her first play, The Runaway Bunny and Goodnight Moon. It was so much fun!

  33. Yeah! Thanks so much! Would love to go to Crabbys asap! The Aloft has terrific martinis…..and the movie theater is the best!

  34. I just want to thank Motherlode for all their wonderful website. My wish is for my daughter-in-law and son. They have planned for so many anniversaries, but their plans have always been put on hold, due to him being in the service. My daughter-in-law is so kind and is always helping everyone in the family even though she has 3 small children of her own. I know that she appreciates the sponsers listed like Mercy and the Jump Zone. This would be a wonderful gift that I could give them. Thank you

  35. Thank you to the sponsors for making all of these wonderful giveaways happen! It is so exciting to check each week and see what you have a chance to win!

  36. I would love to thank all of the wonderful sponsors that support As a lucky winner of a past giveaway, I can attest to not only the great time my husband & I had, but also the awesome mommas behind this website. They and the sponsors continue to provide spectacular giveaways to mommas in need of a little tlc, as well as terrific articles & advice! I have to give specific thanks to the sponsors I’ve frequented most: Mercy, WAC, JumpZone, Metro, Melody’s Choices & Underwood’s. But I also have to say thank you to the other sponsors as nwamotherlode is a great way to introduce mommas to new places, services & products.

  37. I want to give a shot-out to the staff at Mercy Health on the labor and delivery floor! The care my twins and I received was wonderful. Thank you for providing quality health care to NWA.

  38. Wow! Thanks to all of the awesome sponsors that have made these giveaways happen. Walton Art Center you are amazing. You have helped me create a love for the theater in my two little girls. They can’t wait to go back again!

  39. I have used many of these sponsers but am most appreciative of Pinnacle chiropractic and wellness. When my was visiting she began to experience severe back issues. This clinic returned her calls immediately , scheduled her in short notice, communicated with her Dr. at home in Toronto and helped her a great deal!

  40. Thank you to Jump Zone for coming to NWA so my kids can have fun in the winter when it’s so cold outside!

  41. I can’t really chose just one to thank. Each one is wonderful for sponsoring such a great website and great giveaways all the time! Thanks so much to the sponsors for aiding provide such an awesome website and resource for all of us NWA moms!

  42. I want to thank Mercy Health. My family and I have been going there for 9 years now and I won’t go anywhere else. The doctors and nurses are great! They run things so smoothly and are very friendly everytime we are there. My son also loves Jump Zone. It’s a great place to have fun, no matter what age you are!

  43. i love mercy health….my son had to have a pin put in his elbow and he also had to have his forearm set in a cast when he was five….they were a very caring and friendly hospital. all went very well and he is completely healed and a very active 10 year old!

  44. Thanks for giving us a chance to win such awesome giveaways. I haven’t won anything yet, but keep trying!!

  45. I have used several of the businesses listed and I want to appreciate each one for taking time and money out of their business to help make each giveaway special for a special mom. Thanks for making someone’s life special.

  46. Thank you Walton Arts Center for bringing in high-quality acts. From the Indigo Girls to STOMP! to Les Miserables, you continue to enrich our lives through the Arts. I am always amazed at the quality and variety of shows you provide in Northwest Arkansas. Thank you!

  47. I want to give kuddos to Big Brothers, Big Sisters. They provide an AWESOME outreach to kids who need a positive role model to look up to and spend time with.

  48. THANK YOU Sponsors, for your help in making NWA motherlode a fun/informational/inspiring place to visit!

    I big fluffy heart the performing arts _ I wish I could get to the Waldon Arts center more often!

    Boys and girls club – what can I say? Ya’ll are AWESOME!

  49. I love Kate Austin Jewelry and Gifts! I can always find really unique and affordable jewerly in there.

  50. This is a shout-out to Pinnacle Chiropractic! Besides offering excellent chiropractic care, Dr. Hensley is inspiringly family-friendly and involved in the community.

  51. I love going to the Walton Arts Center. There are so many diverse attractions there for all ages, but what impressed me most is that they reach out to the community. They allow the judge to have drug court graduation there, and we went to it in the fall to support someone. I was amazed at the participation and support.

  52. Many thanks to the Walton Arts Center, Jump Zone, and Melody’s Choices… don’t know how else I’d keep my kids entertained all winter long without them!


  54. I would love to win this giveaway. My m-i-l had surgery 3 1/2 weeks ago in Little Rock. She came and stayed with us for 2 weeks because she couldn’t stay by herself. I just took her home (E. Ark) last Wednesday. Then I got sick for a day or two. My husband and I haven’t had a chance to go out for a long time just the two of us. This would be a great date night to reconnect. Cheers to the sponsers of this website especially Mercy Health – I had to take my m-i-l there while she was here (thought she was getting pneumonia), WAC – love the prodctions (last one I saw wa Little House on the Prairie) and Jump Zone (had my 5 year old birthday party there in Oct. – GREAT FUN!)

  55. I want to thank all the sponsors, but especially Mercy Health Center. You all work so hard, and do so much for the community! I really appreciate the hard work, hours, and everything you put in! You all are amazing!

  56. What a great giveaway!!! This is one gift I would love to have. Thanks to everyone who has a role in this website. Lots of wonderful information!!!

  57. Thank you to Walton Arts Center, for sponsoring and for keeping my family entertained and cultured!! You make for some very special family time!!

  58. What wonderful giveaways your sponsors share with us your readers! The Dr’s Witherspoon are our eye doctors and we just think they are the very best with our little eyeballs. Of course we are very partial to Mercy MD’s for our Medical Doctor’s too!

  59. Thank you to all the wonderful sponsors but I want to give a special shout out to the Walton Arts Center. The WAC has provided me with the chance to expose my young daughter to the theater with very affordable children’s productions. In this day of computers, movies, video games and t.v I really want her to see there are other forms of entertainment, a form that has been around a lot longer then all the rest. I love to see her drink in the magic of a stage production. So thank you WAC you help us expand our world.


  60. Thanks to all of the wonderful sponsers!!! A special thamks to the Walton Arts Center….We have made so many family memories there!!!

  61. I love Pinnacle Chiropractic. Their staff is wonderful, and Dr. Kelley is helpful not only for me, but also my children’s aches, pains, and coughs. I recently took my 3 year old there — and he was begging to go back again the next day.

  62. This is a dream come true giveaway. Sounds great and how nice it will go to a deserving mom and dad.

  63. My husband and I sure do need a chance to renew the woo! Also he had such a hard year in 2009, I would love to surprise him with a romantic date night.

  64. Thanks to NWAMotherlode for arranging such wonderful giveaways and to the sponsors for their participation.

  65. I want to give a warm thank you to all the sponsors for making these giveaways possible. Us moms need more excitement in our lives πŸ™‚

  66. my hubby and i need a night out. We take care of our three grand daughters and take them ice skating and to awanas and church and girl scouts on and on. we need a night for us
    thank you

  67. Bordinos has been our favorite date night restaurant since it opened! We haven’t been in a while! Date night is long over due!!! Thank you Bordinos for sponsoring NWAMotherlode!

  68. Kudos to all of the generous sponsors that enable to have such great giveaways!! i frequent Mercy Health, Drs. Witherspoon, Melody’s Choices, and WAC, and they are all just fabulous!! keep ’em coming!! πŸ™‚

  69. Thank you WAC for all of the wonderful performances you bring to NWA! Thank you Underwood’s for the beautiful ring you designed for me. Thanks to all of the NWAmotherlode sponsors who help make this much-needed website possible. Moms like me love to read it!

  70. Thank you to I.M. Spa for the wonderful treatments and staff. I go in feeling stressed and come out relaxed and rejuvenated!

  71. If you haven’t yet visited Bordino’s I recommend you do for a special date night. The service and food are wonderful. Thank you Bordino’s for the special nights you have given us.

  72. I can’t say enough about jump zone. As a mother of two very active toddlers, rainy and cold days are not our friends so we really appreciate the jump zone’s facilities and also its very reasonable price of 5 dollars for both my boys. Thank you!

  73. We love Walton Arts Center and Bordinos! But an Aloft/Crabby’s/Malco combo sounds awesome as well! Keep it up NWAMotherLode!

  74. My husband and I eat at Bordinos as often as we can and we LOVE it! The food is ALWAYS wonderful and the service is unbeatable. So thank you thank you to Bordinos for having such a fantastic restaurant in Fayetteville!

  75. The Jump Zone is the BEST place in town to go on snowy, rainy, and cold days. I have one very active 3 year old and he LOVES it there. Its great that I can play with him on the inflatables and its affordable.

  76. I would like to thank the Walton Arts Center! They put on awesome plays which I have been to throughout my elementary years as field trips and college for extra credit to being a mom with the upcoming Nick Jr. play!! I’m so excited!! Thank you!!

  77. Thanks so much to all the sponsors! and a special thanks to Melody’s Choices for being a place i know i can go to find a unique gift for any of the special kiddos in my life.

  78. Thanks to all the sponsors! We love the Jump Zone and WAC! Hoping to win this one! My birthday is right around the corner and I can’t remember the last time we’ve had some alone time!

  79. Thank you so much to all the wonderful sponsors that help support motherlode!!
    You are awesome

  80. Thanks to all of the sponsors. They are just wonderful. How nice to have the chance to win and do things that we as moms don’t get the chance to do everyday. My kids love the Jump Zone. First Security Bank is a wonderful place that helped our family with our home loan. How nice to have a bank that supports moms and families.

  81. I visit so many of your sponsors listed above, but I have to share that my visit to Kate Austin Jewelers this past weekend was a joy. The young, sweet saleslady was so patient and helpful in helping me exchange a portion and add to my Staxx ring set that my husband bought me for our 20th anniversary in December. Then she helped my 16 year old son pick out a very lovely and appropriate gift for his girlfriend for Valentine’s Day. She even let us use our coupon on both of our purchases. The staff at Kate Austin impressed me tremendously and their items were just beautiful. I cannot recommend their shop enough to those looking for a unique and special gift.

  82. We love Melodys!! My kids always want to shop there when they get $$. Thanks for supporting this site!

  83. My husband and I love the service and food at Bordinos! Thanks for being a sponsor.

  84. Kudos to all the NWA Motherlode Sponsors for being so generous. I’ve got to tell you that Melody’s Choices has such a great selection of really unique gift item, LAUGH OUT LOUD greeting cards, and fantastic customer service. Check them out during the holidays for FANTASTIC decor!

  85. Love, love the Walton Arts Center!It’s so nice to have such a great venue for the wonderful shows they send our way. We enjoyed the Little House on the Prairie and look forward to many more!

  86. Mercy Health System has been great–I delivered my first child at Mercy Hospital in Rogers last summer, and we take him to Mercy Pediatrics for care. Thanks, Mercy, and thanks Motherlode for the giveaway!

  87. Melody’s Choice has been a great place to get gifts for loved ones. They always have neat and different items and not the usual things you find in a department store. Thanks Melody’s Choice! You rock!

  88. Thank you NWA Motherlode Sponsors you have been more than generous with the gifts that you all have given throughout the year. I have nothing but great things to say about all of the sponsors. Metro is the only place to get appliances, they always have the best price and service! Melody’s Choices is such a treat to shop in with the selection of fun things for the entire family. The Walton Arts Center has help my family make some unforgettable memories this year. Thanks again to all the sponsors I hope to visit you all soon.

  89. For the past 12 years our family has participated in the Walton Center Education program. We have seen so many amazing performances, each of which has enhanced our education program. Besides the education program, we have also taken advantage of other Walton Performances, such as The Nutcracker, Cats, Brian Reagan and others. We are so thankful for all the Walton Center does to bring fine art education into our lives and also a lot of memorable moments! With sincere thanks, Cathy Flack

  90. Thanks so much to ALL the motherlode sponsers!!! We appreciate all your support of this site and the moms who use it for the valuable info it provides! THANKS!!!

  91. I want to give a big Thank you to all the sponsors in our great community.
    I have always wanted to stay at the Aloft Hotel.. It looks really neat from the outside.
    Melody Choices has great selection of unique and great toys.
    Thank you!!

  92. We are new to the area as of December 2009. We have been to the Jump Zone in Bentonville 3 times already, my children love it! I am also glad I got this email because now I have a few businesses on the list I will use in the future for my family.

  93. THANK YOU, ALOFT, CRABBYS & MALCO!!! Rodney & I are excited about being announced as the winners and enjoying your establishments….we hope! ~Dawn Stanford

  94. I would like to do a shout out to Mercy Health Systems. They make it possible to keep all 8 of our children healthy and happy (except at shots time). They understand the dynamics, the differances, and the goals of our family. We love the Doctors at the Lowell facility! They are the bomb! I’d also to do a shout out to Cheryl at Hull Dermatology. I knew her way back when we both had pimples. lol Kudos, Cheryl. Thank you to all of the sponsors for making these giveaways possible, and for sponsoring such an awesome sight where us mothers can talk, vent, and get advice from each other. Way to go!

  95. Thank you to all of the NWA Motherlode sponsors! They have been very generous in their support to this site. We especially love the Walton Arts Center. I feel very lucky to live in a community where the performing arts are available to bring my family.

  96. Thank you Aloft Hotel and Bar. I was there two weekends ago with my boyfriend and had an awesome time in your cozy, trendy cool bar and LOVED the D.J. that Sat. night! What fun and local, thanks!

  97. We are really grateful to have the Walton Arts Center in our area. We are very happy to be able to share age-appropriate theater productions with our young son. And we love Bordino’s too. It is a nice restaruant with good food choices, great service, and we’ve always been able to take our son with us with no worries. We’re pretty lucky around here!

  98. Thank you Jump Zone for a place to take the kids for fun, clean, exciting indoor play!

  99. Thanks to all the wonderful sponsors…. I particularly love melody’s choices!… They are my go to place for unique gifts for “hard to buy for” friends and relatives… A get away with my hubby would be AMAZING!

    Thanks for the great giveaways!

  100. Thanks to the Walton Arts Center! I’ve enjoyed the fun performances including ones that I’ve taken my students to. Keep up the great job!

  101. Thanks to all the sponsors!!!

    Our family loves Mercy Health Systems and the experience we had when our youngest son was born was excellent!!!

    Melodys Choices is always a favorite store to go in and browse, for me and my kids!

  102. Thank you! Thank you! We so appreciate you helping to sponsor such a wonderful site as Motherlode. Signing in is a great respite from the day, especially knowing that others are feeling the same way! Thanks for all the tips, and fun info. We know this could not be up and running without your support.

  103. I can’t just thank one sponser because throughout the past year and a half that we have lived here, we have encounterted about all of them! A huge thank you for supporting a local mom-focused website like this one. Thank you!!

  104. Thank you to all of the sponsors!!
    I want to thank the Walton Arts Center as I love being able to see the variety of shows that the continue to bring to our area. Thank you for bringing hit broadway hits and remembering the kid friendly/family plays as well! My daughter and I make it a special date and I love exposing her to the arts at her early age of 6 years!!
    Thank you!!!

  105. I would like to thank all the sponsors here for their generosity. I have enjoyed using Oh Baby with my little one!

  106. Thanks to the Walton Arts Center for providing our area with great shows…we enjoyed Fiddler last year.

  107. Thank you to each & every sponsor in their own unique way! Thank you doctors/hospitals/chiropractors for keeping NWA healthy, thank you to all of the fun stores for giving us Mommas a great place to get our “release” and shop, and thank you to all of the places that provide entertainment for so many families and children in NWA. I’m certainly a fan of JumpZone and Pinnacle Chiropractic & Wellness. Great offers!
    What a beautiful Valentine’s Day gift it would be to win this giveaway & treat my husband as well!

  108. What a wonderful place to live NWA. Thank you, to all you sponsors, you help to make the area we live in such a fantastic place.

  109. A huge thank you to two of my favorite shops, Kate Austin and Melody’s Choices, and to the Walton Art Center for some amazing entertainment.

  110. I am a huge fan of Kate Austin Jewelry and Gifts. They have a wonderful selection in a variety of price ranges and, best of all, everyone who works there is so friendly and helpful! Love you guys! Thanks for supporting NWAMotherlode and other locals! Carie

  111. Thanks to all the giveaway sponsors. I love me some Crabby’s. And I can’t even remember the last time my husband and I watched a movie. Would love that.

  112. Thank you so much to all the sponsors that are making this getaway possible. Each one of you makes life just a little easier for someone out there and that’s what life is all about, helping others. And whoever wins this fabulous gift, well, you will have helped them more than you will ever know!

  113. Thank you sponsors!! I especially want to thank the Walton Arts Center for what they bring to the area. One of our favorite KNO’s (Kid’s Night Out) was going to see the Wizard of Oz at the Walton Arts Center. My daughter still asks when we can go see the real Dorothy again.

  114. Thank you so much to all the sponsors! My daughter just loves going to Jump Zone, especially since jumping is one of her favorite things to do! We also really enjoy going to the Walton Arts Center! They are both great entertainment!

  115. so intrigued by aloft! i would love to check it out – i’m a huge fan of W hotels! maybe-oh-maybe i’ll have a chance to stay there? πŸ™‚ my husband & i NEED a break for valentine’s!

  116. Thank you so much. I really enjoy discovering new places in NWA. My kids beg to go to jump zone often!

  117. Thanks to all the sponsors! I love having the WAC here in Fayetteville. We’ve never been to a show we didn’t like!

  118. Just wanted to say thanks to all the sponsors! We especially love the Jump Zone! What a fun place!

  119. Thank you to all of the sponsors. Thankful to have the WAC so close so that we have opportunities that most people have to travel for.

  120. We have been so blessed by performances at WAC and can’t wait to see the Hobbit later this month! Their share-a-seat program with non-profits shows their generousity and desire to share with arts with everyone.

  121. Thanks to all the sponsors on nwamotherlade! The giveaways are always wonderful, and your generosity is greatly appreciated!!

  122. I want to say a big Thank You to Hull Dermatology. I don’t have to go regularly, but the two times I’ve had skin issues, she was SUPER nice and especially helpful. Thanks Dr. Hull!

  123. Thanks to all the sponsors! The staff at Hull Dermatology was great when I waS in there. Very professional, yet timely and efficient.

  124. Big Thanks to Kate Austin Jewelry & Gifts! Beautiful store, gorgeous jewelry, bags, and gift items. Also appreciate the kindness and patience of the store personnel. The music is uplifting, and the prices are reasonable. Thanks for being a store of fun for Moms!

  125. Thank you to all the sponsors for their generosity and commitment to making NWA a better place. The WAC is an amazing facility, that we have had the privilege of attending for years.

  126. We appreciate all the sponsors. The staff at Melody’s Choices was very helpful in helping my husband and I look at charms for my Pandora bracelet recently.

  127. Thanks to all the sponors and their ongoing generosity in making our hometown a safe and enjoyable place to raise our children.

  128. Wow, what a great giveaway! Thanks to all of the sponsors for making this happen! We have been blessed by the services of many listed sponsors…from Mercy, to Jump Zone, to Metro, to WAC (just to name a few).

  129. I want to say thank you to NWAmotherlode and all the sponsors. We use the WAC all the time and it really makes NWA. It is so good great to see all these wonderful businesses support a local website that is helping so many women in the area.

  130. Melody’s Choices Thank you so much for your awesome selection of toys. We love dropping in picking out the perfect birthday gift. It’s always a hit!

  131. I want to appreciate the Walton Arts Center. I love being able to drive a short distance to see quality Broadway shows. I’ve been able to take my daughters to see Annie and The Wizard of Oz. They love it!
    Thanks for bringing arts to NWA!

  132. I found a new favorite store at the mall, it’s Melody’s Choices. I stumbled upon it while Christmas shopping and trying to find that just right gift for my mother-in-law. Melody’s Choices has lots of unique and fun items. Plus, it had lots of toys to keep my two children entertained while I browsed! Thanks Melody’s Choices….I’ll be back!

  133. My thanks goes out to Kate Austin Jewelry for their wonderful selections and their Christian atmosphere. It is always a pleasure to shop there.

  134. WAC– thank you for providing such great programming for kids! We can’t wait for our next show!

  135. Melody’s Choices is one of my favorite stops for birthday gifts. They have wonderful customer service.
    I can’t say enough about Walton Arts Center and all the family friendly performances they bring to us.
    Of course I have to say something about Metro who donated the Fridge I won last year. That was wonderful and they were all very friendly and helpful!
    Thanks to all the other sponsors also. These giveaways are great!

  136. Thanks for what you do Walton Arts Center!!! You are a great addition to NWA. Having lived in several states over the years, I know what it means to have a place for quality entertainment for ALL ages.

  137. Cant thank everyone enough for their great support of NWA Motherlode. I am a big fan of many sponsors – to mention one: ALL ABOUT HER – they sell my favorite underware in red for Valentine’s Day!

  138. Thanks so much to all of these sponsors. For me, the Walton Arts Center is such an important part of our community. It brings such wonderful opportunities to this small town! Also, OH Baby Foods — Fran, you are doing a great job!


  139. Thank you Jump Zone for keeping my son entertained for hours. He is so exhausted when we leave that our night time routine goes VERY smoothly.

  140. Big Thanks to Underwoods Jewelry. Tom did a great job working on my new ring with Tom Weishaar. He was great.

  141. A big thanks to Melody’s Choices. It’s such a good place to buy a gift. And Metro Appliaces has all the best stuff!

  142. Thanks so much to the sponsers of this website! What a great giveaway for any mom!

  143. We love Dr. Hull. She is the best with the whole family! She has taken care of everyone of us with the best of care.

  144. Thank you, Walton Arts Center, for bringing such quality entertainment to NW Arkansas. I really enjoy attending these events.

  145. My kids are piano players and our favorite show this season was when all 6 of us attended the concert by George Winston!

  146. What an awesome giveaway! Being new to NW AR, this site is great for getting to know the area. I look forward to visiting our sponsor sites! Thank you!

  147. This is a wonderful site-Thank you to all the sponsers. We love Melody’s Choices for gifts and fun stuff for every occasion.

  148. Thank you to the Walton Arts Center for bringing in so many kid friendly shows that my kids are able to attend and be exposed to fine arts.

  149. Thank you Aloft and Bordino’s for making our family event special. Our out-of-town guests stayed at Aloft and raved about the service, decor, and entertainment downstairs. Bordino’s catered our event and the food, service, and value were outstanding.

    Thank you again!

  150. My kids LOVE Jump Zone. What a great way to expell some energy and I even love joining them on the slides, especially the pirate ship!

    Dr Hull has done a great job trying to figure out my daughter’s skin issues. She has been very patient and is determined to figure out what is causing all the breakouts.

  151. Thank you to all of the wonderful sponsors for supporting such a great website. I especially love the Walton Arts Center and Big Brothers Big Sisters. I have read carefully over the names of all of the sponsors for future needs. So thank you and God Bless you all!

  152. Thanks to all of the sponsors for the great giveaways. The Walton Arts Center provides fun and educational events for families. What an awesome resource for NW Arkansas!

  153. Thank you, to all the sponsors! I love going to Malco. I’m a big movie buff, and my movie experiences wouldn’t be the same with out this company. Thanks for having multiple locations in NWA!

  154. Thank you to all the sponsors! I love Crabby’s! My girlfriend’s and I love to have happy hour there! Great food and drink specials! My husband hasn’t ever been, so I would love to be able to share a romantic evening with him there!


  155. I have used many of the sponsors on the list, and I just want to thank all of them for making this such a wonderful community to live in.

  156. Love Crabby’s…and we have talked about staying @ Aloft…would love it! Bought all our appliances @ metro.
    Thank you to ALL the sponsors!

  157. We love the Malco movie theatre in Rogers! It is so nice that we have made the trip from Farmington many times – it’s definitely worth the drive! We also had a friend who stayed at Aloft, and it looks so amazing – clean, new, and very modern!!! I haven’t eaten at Crabby’s (yet), but I’ve heard wonderful things about that restaurant. My husband and I lived in Florida for many years, and we LOVE good seafood!

  158. Many thanks to Hull Dermatology for the great work they do and for sponsoring such a great site for moms!

  159. We love living in NW Arkansas. We have enjoyed the Walton Arts Center for years. We have enjoyed the food, entertainment and services of many of the sponsors. Thank you to you all!

  160. I just received this offer from a friend! How awesome is this? I am fairly new to NWA but have had the pleasure of eating at Crabbys…wonderful!! Thanks to Crabbys and all the other businesses who are making this night (as well as many others) possible for a special couple! What a blessing to see so many local businesses and people giving to their community! Hopefully, you all receive blessings in return!

  161. What a fun giveaway! And what a great list of sponsors…we are a big Jump Zone family! Thanks to all the sponsors!

  162. Have made great use of the Walton Arts Center since moving here almost 2 years ago. We have seen some high quality shows. Crabby’s is absolutely my favorite restaurant here. Love that Filet Oscar! I am so thankful for Melody’s Choices in the Promenade. It provides a place for my children to enjoy between places they don’t enjoy going in with me. You can’t beat Jumpzone either for a good time for the kids. Thanks nwamotherlode and your sponsors for all the info and great giveaways.

  163. This is so great!! I just love this site! I have to tell ya that Jump Zone has been a life saver on these snow days! I need a break on these long days when we are cooped up inside! Thanks to all of the sponsers on this site…what a great giveaway!

  164. Thank you to ALL the sponsors of NWAMotherload for their wonderful services! You are all greatly appreciated! Thanks again!!

  165. Thank you to Hull Dermatology for sponsoring this website. My daughter is a patient of yours, and we appreciate you.

  166. Thanks to Mercy Health System!!! You are there when I need you….and I have needed you!!!

  167. Thanks for all the great sponors. My son has braces and goes to Dr. Gray at Northwest Orthodontics. Dr. Gray and all the staff there are great. They always so professional and caring.

  168. I would like to say thank you to all the sponsors who are generous to help give us a break from our busy lives! Your generosity is GREATLY apprciated!

  169. Crabby’s fish tacos are the best! Didn’t RPatz stay at Aloft?! Thank you, sponsors!

  170. Thank you to all the sponsors for acknowledging that us moms need a break, a little pampering, and fun every once and a while. My husband and I love Bordino’s. Their tomato soup with goat cheese is yummy! We also love Crabby’s!! Their food is delicious and they have an awesome happy hour 7 days a week! And Jose is the best waiter we have ever had! He takes dining at Crabby’s to a whole other level.

  171. Big kuddos to All About Her — the owner gives FABULOUS customer service — fitting me through all of the stages of motherhood and remembering personal things that only a store like hers could do! GREAT JOB!

  172. What a great way to celebrate the importance of being wife, mom and friend! Thanks for being willing to encourage healthy relationships by sponsoring this event. I salute you back!

  173. Wow- that is a lot of sponsors! I really appreciate all of the sponsors who make these give-aways possible. It is such a blessing to the mothers of NWArkansas!!

  174. Thanks to all the sponsors!! I personally love Kate Austin Jewelry and Gifts! Thank you for being a great place to shop!!

  175. We are grateful to all the sponsors for sponsoring all the GREAT giveaways!! We go to the Walton Arts Centers so much and we just love it there!! Thanks everyone!

  176. As a STAM with no family in-state, a night out is not heard of in this household. My husband and I always joke that next time family is in, we should book a night at ALOFT! We have heard wonderful things about it and Crabby’s. Thank you to all the sponsors for offering this opportunity to a lucky person!

  177. A huge thank you to all of the sponsors for helping “spoil” us moms. A special shout out to Melody’s Choices for making my son’s toy room a space he loves to be in, thanks to his Rody Pony and tool kit, both purchased at your store. But, it would be nice to have a night away from all the hammering πŸ™‚

  178. Thank you to all the sponsors who participate. This is a great opportunity to become familiar with the area and vendors of NWA. Also, a night with my husband and great food would be fab!

  179. Thank you to all the sponsors, especially to my favorite gift store, Kate Austin Jewelry & Gifts.

  180. Many thanks to ALL the sponsors. I especially want to thank Melody’s Choices for giving us a local place to shop for GREAT toys. I love your store and have shopped both locations. I am also a super-huge fan of the Walton Arts Center. We love the offerings, especially for families; it is the gem of NWA. Thanks for continuing to bring a huge variety of performing arts to our area.

  181. The Walton Arts Center is amazing. The programs that they offer are great for the family. There are a variety of programs for everyone.

  182. Thank you to all of the sponsors, but a special thanks to Walton Arts Center for providing a venue to expose ourselves and our children to the arts right here in NWA.

  183. Thanks for making these giveaways possible — and so exciting! Love to support the local businesses — and would love a weekend!

  184. Special thanks to Hull Dermatology!! Dr. Hull is such a wonderful Dermatologist…our sweet Rachel Grace has severe allergies and eczema and she loves going to see Dr Hull for treatments. Hugs to Dr. Hull and her absolutely wonderful staff for making Rachel Grace feel so welcomed.
    Thanks so much!!!!

  185. Thank you just doesn’t seem like enough for all that you all do in supporting our community. It is sponsors like you that makes living in NWA a joy. Thank you again for supporting NWA motherlode.

  186. Ladies – This is Jodi from WAC and I have to say that I am completely OVERWHELMED by all the great shout outs and kind words about Walton Arts Center. I know I speak for Beth, Lauren and everyone at WAC that we love your site and what you provide for our local moms. And we love your readers and thank them SO very much for their support. What a great place NWA is!

  187. Thank you to Mercy Hospital for all of you generosity, without your help it would have been impossible to afford my husbands back surgery. Also thank you to Mother Lode for making this give away possible!!!

  188. Thank you to all the wonderful sponsors of nwa motherlode. The giveaways (and the website in general) are awesome!!

    This is the first time I have visited and this is wonderful for us Momma’s.

  189. Thank you to Bordinos Restaurant for having an incredible ambiance, food and excellent service. Also, thank you Joe Fennel, for being an amazing owner and contibutor to our community. You guys ROCK!

  190. Thanks to all the sponsors! Melody’s Choices is such a great place to buy birthday gifts! Great service and selection!

  191. Thanks to all these great sponsors for this wonderful giveaway. I especially want to recognize Bordino’s and Melody’s Choices. Bordino’s has been our favorite place to celebrate over our years here in NWA. Also, Melody’s Choices is our favorite place to shop for kids gifts.

  192. Thanks so much for everyone for this! This is so GREAT for all moms!!!! I would LOVE IT!

  193. I’m a grandmother now. I wish this would’ve been available when I really needed the time away!

  194. Thank you, sponsors. This website is great! I especially love Melody’s Choices. They always have the perfect gift.

  195. While all of the sponsors are deserving of thanks I especially want to thank Walton Arts Center for bringing so many wonderful shows to the area allowing us some fun entertainment!!

  196. I don’t know what I would do without Kate Austin. I go to them for all gifts, and also for myself.

  197. I want to thank ALL the sponsors for their fabulous services and support of NWAMotherload! You’re the BEST! Thank you!

  198. Thanks to all the sponsors on nwamotherlade! The giveaways are always wonderful, and your generosity is greatly appreciated!! Thanks again.

  199. Thank you to all of the sponsors! This is a wonderful giveaway and will be much appreciated by any one of us lucky enough to win it! πŸ™‚

  200. Thank you Walton Art Center for wonderful entertainment that you provide to both me and my family!!!! Thanks!!!!!

  201. we love going to all the shows at WAC. I request tickets for special occasions and give them as gifts.

    we also appreciate first security bank. i like banking at a locally owned bank where you can actually talk to an owner and people know your name.


  202. Thanks to Mercy Health..for helping to save my hubby’s life! Two years ago, almost to the day, my husband returned home to me and his two little girls after catching a bacterial pnemonia that went sepsis, collapsing both his lungs. He was sedated & on a ventilator in your ICU for 5 long weeks. I thank every single one of Mercy’s amazing medical team for taking the utmost care of him. You men & women are top-notch and your hospital provided outstanding care!

  203. Since I am an allergy sufferer I read
    with interest the two interviews with
    the doctors at Hedberg Allergy clinic.
    Very informative. NWAMotherlode keep
    up the great interviews. Thanks to
    Hedberg Allergy Clinic for promoting
    this wonderful website.

  204. Thanks to all the sponsors for keeping this site going! Much appreciated! Choices…we couldn’t do without your awesome selection of hands on, unique games/activities for the kids. Dr. Hull is the bomb!! πŸ™‚

  205. Thank you for all you do to help this website / publication, helps us stay informed and connected.

  206. Thanks to all the sponsors, but especially to Dr. Hull, Kate Austin’s, and Bordinos! You all are great businesses and you represent NWA well!!!

  207. Thanks to all the sponsors!! I love Kate Austin’s!! What a sweet store. I also have to say Mercy Health has been great!!! Thanks!!!!

  208. Love Cheryl Hull @ Hull Dermatology, she and her staff are great, and such a nice office. Kids love jump zone, melody’s choices is great for gifts.

  209. A big shout of thanks to Mindy of MJW Photography! Just ten days after our baby girl was born, Mindy took beautiful photographs of her in our home. They are amazing and captured that fleeting period of newborn-ness. Mindy was so nice and easy to work with. I have never seen a photographer so patient with a hungry, peeing and pooping baby. πŸ™‚ I enjoy the photos she took EVERY day and recommend her to all my friends and family. She is an amazing photographer!!

  210. My husband and I have never actually went away for a night to celebrate Valentine’s Day. What a nice gift that would be.

  211. I’m so thankful that we live in an area with such awesome resources! I’m new to the site but excited to explore more such an awesome resource!

  212. Thank you Melody’s Choices for offering us a place to find good quality, inspiring, out of the ordinary toys. We love to come into your store as much if not more (is that possible?) as our four children. Keep up the good work…

  213. Thanks to everyone for sponsoring this giveaway. What a special treat this will be for the lucky winner!

  214. Well where should I start?!?! First of all I love shopping at Melody’s Choices so thanks for being a sponsor. Secondly we love the Walton Art Center. It’s fun and educational for the whole family. Thirdly we love and appreciate the great food at Bordinos…yum! Of course what would we do without Mercy…thx! And lastly I would like to thank Aloft…I have never stayed there but with my fingers crossed maybe I will soon!!

  215. Thanks to all the sponsors who made this giveaway possible! My family and I love Crabbys! I’m fairly new to the area, and have recently heard a lot of great things about the Walton Art Center, and can’t wait to attend one of their great performances.

  216. Thanks, Sponsors, for supporting local writers. Supporting local everything makes the whole community stronger!

  217. I LOVE Bordino’s, Hedburg Allergy & Asthma Center, and the Walton Arts Center. These are the only sponsors I have personal experience with, but I would also like to say thank you to those that I don’t simply for sponsoring such a giveaway. Great job guys!

  218. Thanks to all the sponsors! I am especially grateful for WAC. What a wonderful place.

  219. I took the kids to the Jump Zone during one of the many snow days we had this winter and got to hang out with my friends while the kids hung out with theirs. We all had a great time.

  220. I have visited so many of these sponsors and want to thank you all for everything you do.

  221. What a great idea to sponsor such a give away πŸ™‚ Thanks to all of the sponsors who make such a give-away possible. We are especially grateful to the Walton Arts Center for providing a cultural experience to our family time and time again.

  222. I love Melody’s Choices! I know I can always find the perfect gift there!

  223. Bordino’s is my husband and my favorite restaurant. We have never had a bad ,the wait and bar are extremely helpful and food is always good. And we love the new outside eating area.

  224. What an awesome giveaway!
    Thanks to Mercy Health System for being wonderful during the birth of my son and all the care the nurses and doctors have shown me and my family over the years.
    Metro Appliances and More has super friendly staff that helped me a lot when building my new house last year.

  225. We appreciate the service and friendliness shown us for years at First Security Bank! I also appreciate seeing their “Teal Grill” at so many community events, helping to raise money for worthy causes!

  226. Businesses supporting moms in all we do . . . what’s not to love?!? A huge thanks to all the wonderful folks that really make a business shine by reaching out to our community.

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