Washer and Dryer Giveaway Going Strong!


The Spring Clean Giveaway is going strong, with more than 370 comments posted by local moms! And our e-mail inbox is overflowing, which is just the way we like it. If you haven’t thrown your name in the hat for the brand new Whirlpool Duet washer and dryer — including pedestal stands — you still have some time to get it done. CLICK HERE TO SEE INSTRUCTIONS FOR HOW TO ENTER. The Spring Clean Giveaway is sponsored by our friends at Metro Appliances & More. Thanks, Metro! You guys know how to make a mama happy!

If you need a laugh, be sure to read through some of the comments posted by moms who have told us about their worst laundry disaster stories. They’re hilarious! We’ve heard stories about accidentally washing disposable diapers, gum, ink pens, cell phones, iPods, Kleenex, stickers, chapstick, rocks, birdseed, and even a pocket full of worms. There were even two stories about moms who nearly washed a cat and two hamsters. (Don’t worry… the pets made it out alive.) CLICK HERE TO READ THE COMMENTS.