Valentine’s Day Giveaway Getaway!

Okay, we’ve all been cooped up in the house for TOO LONG! So we dreamed up a Valentine’s Day inspired getaway that will cure your cabin fever. The winner of this week’s giveaway will win one free night at the posh Aloft Hotel in RogersΒ  plus dinner at Crabby’s restaurant!

Last February, we published this same “giveaway getaway” and it was hugely popular with our fellow mamas, collecting well over 250 comments and entries in just a few days. This is the perfect way to “get away from it all” without going too far. We love “stay-cation” weekends, particularly for moms who are often reluctant to travel too far from the kids. You can score a gazillion “cool wife” points if you take your husband away for the weekend. Or use the hotel stay as a fun girls’ weekend with a friend, sister or your own mom. You can book the hotel room on a date that works best for you.

ABOUT THE FOOD: If you’ve never been to Crabby’s, then this dinner gift certificate will be a huge treat. The atmosphere is upscale and urban, and the food is incredible. Crabby’s is known for its seafood specialties like crispy calamari, bacon-wrapped shrimp and Chilean sea bass, but they also have incredible steaks, pork chops, chicken, pasta and beautiful salads. Click here to see the amazing menu which we guarantee will make you hungry just reading it!

Whatever you do, be sure to save room for dessert. With things like Molten Lava Cake, Chocolate Smores Brulee, and Key Lime Pie on the menu, you’ll definitely want to finish off dinner with something sweet. As for service, one of the best things about going out to dinner is being taken care of and waited on — you know, the same way you wait on your kids all week! So rest assured the Crabby’s staff will make sure you feel like a V.I.P. When you’re done having dinner, you can literally walk right across the street to the Aloft Hotel!

ABOUT THE HOTEL: We’re sure you’ve spotted the Aloft Hotel from Interstate 540 as you drive through Rogers. It’s distinctive architecture makes it a stand-out landmark, and it has a very metropolitan, upscale vibe inside and out. The decor has a modern, clean feel but still feels warm and inviting. The minute you hit the lobby, you get the feeling that this is a place where you’d like to hang out for a while.

If you’re in the mood to venture out, the Aloft is less than 5 minutes away from the Promenade Mall, the Malco movie theater, Village on the Creeks shopping plaza and lots more.

While you’re relaxing at the hotel, you can enjoy the cool lounge, bar, outdoor spaces, and fitness center. And we know you’ll love the bright, airy guest room, which has 9-foot ceilings, huge windows, an over-sized walk-in shower, a luxurious bed and much more. Sleep late at the hotel, if you want, because the kids won’t be there to wake you up too early. πŸ™‚ When you do climb out of bed, you’ll be treated to a complementary breakfast at the hotel to complete your stay.

HOW TO ENTER: If this getaway sounds great to you, it’s time to get busy and throw your name in the online hat. In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, we’re asking you to put your name in the drawing by clicking the orange comment button below and writing a short “love note” to someone special in your life. You can write one to your husband or significant other, or you can write one to your kids, your friends, your parents — anyone who has a special place in your heart. Your note can be sweet, sappy, funny or anything in between. Winners are chosen at random, not based on the comment, so just be yourself.

If you don’t want your love note posted online, just email it to us at (Send it to your sweetheart, too!)

HOW TO INCREASE YOUR ODDS: Help us spread the word about the giveaway by emailing your friends and family about the giveaway. We’ll give you an extra chance to win for every person you tell. Just be sure to put on the CC line of your note so we can give you proper credit.

Good luck in the “Getaway Giveaway”, and enjoy reading all the great love notes. We’ll choose a winner at the end of the week and email the lucky mom.

P.S.: Our love note of appreciation goes out to our great website sponsors who make it possible for us to bring local moms opportunities like this one. And to our fellow moms who read the site, we thank you for making time for us in your busy day and for continually inspiring us to create this online retreat that’s “just for us moms.” Happy Valentine’s Day!


  1. 40 years with my husband, friend, soul mate and would not change anything, loved inconditionally ,cherished everyday what more could I ask for.

  2. To my Valentines, Caroline and Eli: thank you both for being such amazing kids and loving me, even when I’m not being the best mom. You fill my life with incredible joy.

  3. Happy Valentine’s Day to my three beautiful children: Matthew, Megan and Mason! I love you all very much.

  4. Dear the 3 most beautiful kids ever,

    Mommy loves you very much! I love to wake up and see your sweet faces everyday! You make life soooo great! I am blessed! I love you!


  5. To all in my life…
    I’m seriously in love with my husband, twin boys, family, friends and job! I am one lucky gal! Here’s to a great day of love and a chance of winning the perfect staycation in NWA. I heart V-Day!

  6. My love note goes to my husband Spencer, my daughter Katie & my son Jackson (on his way 4/6): I am so blessed to have you each in my life. It is no small thing what each of you adds to my life. I am full of joy!! Thanks be to God!!

  7. My love note is to my hubby. This summer is our 25th wedding anniversary. We are best friends and despite how different we are, we offset each other nicely. We bicker and carry-on. But we are very in love. And I am very lucky that he loves me.

  8. Happy Valentine’s Day to my great husband of 20 years! We were blessed with our first son 8 years ago and just found out in January that we are going to have our 2nd blessing sometime in September. What a wonderful early Valentine’s gift. Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone!

  9. To my wonderful husband and sweet girls,
    I love you 3 so much! You are my reason for being. I can’t imagine my life without you 3. You are all such a blessing from above! I am grateful! Love you endlessly! Nuvia aka Momma!

  10. Twelve years ago today, I went on my first date ever! Little did I know that I would now be married to him. We have been happily married for 5.5 years and now have an 18 month old son. I love them both so much and hope I can always convey that to them!!!

  11. My love on this wonderful day goes to my incredible family! The encouragement, love, and support they give me…means more than they know!

  12. Happy Valentine’s Day to J.P., Teddy, and Evie! You are my little loves and my bestest friends too. With all my heart, Mommy

  13. Dear husband…
    You are the goofiest, sweetest, most loyal and loving man I know. You take care of me and our baby, you are strong mentally and physically, and you complete me. I looooove you!
    Dear son…
    You have made our lives brighter and more full of love. We love you little man, and thanks for making me a mommy!
    Wife and Momma

  14. To my sweet husband and adorable son,
    I love our little family! I couldn’t ask for a better husband for myself or father for Sam…and Sam, you are the best thing we ever created! I could just eat you up (but I won’t, because as you say, “you can’t eat me up because then you’d be sad that I wasn’t here anymore”) πŸ™‚ Happy Valentine’s Day!

  15. Happy Valentine’s Day to my awesome husband and most beautiful daughter!! You both make every day perfect!

  16. Happy Valentine’s Day to the most amazing man in the world. We’ll be married 15 years next month and I could not adore him more. He is not only an AWESOME husband, but an absolutely amazing daddy as well. I so love watching him with our two miracle babies!

  17. Happy Valentine’s Day to my wonderful husband Brad!!! Sorry we do not get to spend today together but hopefully we’ll win this and can celebrate when you get home!!! :). Love you to the moon and back!!!

  18. I love this site. Happy Valentines to Emerson, Ashley, Janice, Amelia, and Eli.

  19. This is a note professing my love for my husband, Howard –
    I love you so very much! I fell in love with you many years ago as you know, but the love has become deeper as the years roll by. I have so much respect for you as my partner, friend, lover and the man that I am proud to call husband. You are a wonderful Father that provides so well for your family. I am blessed to have you in my life.
    I love you more now than ever! xoxo Kim xoxo

  20. I would like to send a love note to the two men in my life my husband and my little boy. The two people that keep me going when I feel like quitting and do everything they can to keep a smile on my face and makes sure that there is laugher in my life each and every day.

  21. So many in my life that I love and wouldn’t be the person I am without them. Big hugs and kisses to all my friends and family…too many to name. I am truly blessed.

  22. love to all of my wonderful family and friends… thank you for loving ME too!! πŸ™‚

  23. Love note to my family:
    I am so blessed that God chose me to be your wife/mommy. Each of you make me smile in your own little ways and without you my life would be dull. I love my family!

  24. To my two beautiful kiddos…thank you for showing me what true, unconditional love really is! I love you more than you will ever know! Happy Valentines Day!

  25. To my sweet Miracle Child, Lindsay Nicole. I know you had to take our son-in-law, your husband to the airport the day before Valentine’s Day to go back to Afghanistan, so Valentine’s Day is sad for you in so many ways. Please look forward and not back, though. One of my favorite quotes in all the world is: “Use the past as a springboard, not a hammock.” Let’s move forward to next Valentine’s Day when your Valentine will be home from Afghanistan and will love you with all his heart up close. In the meantime, know that your dad (MY Valentine for 29 Valentines) love you with all our hearts and are here for you night and day. Call me at 2 AM and I promise to make you laugh … or cry … or look forward to next year. We are ALL “forever valentines.” With all my love and with all my empathy … Your Mom

  26. Love to all of my new NWA friends who have loved and welcomed our family! Thanks for your love.

  27. Happy Valentines Day to my wonderful and supporting husband. Thanks for always being there for me.
    Also, Happy Valentines Day to my sweet, precious, loving son. Thanks for always putting a smile on my face!
    I love you both!

  28. I want to send love out to my amazing husband and children! Every minute of my time is consumed with work, family and school right now and without their support I don’t know what I would do! Thank you!!!

  29. I would like to wish a Happy Valentine’s Day to my husband Chris. Throughout everything life has thrown our way over the past ten years, you have kept a smile on my face and my heart full of love. Now that we are parents, my commitment to you and our beautiful family has grown even stronger. Thank you for being my best friend, the man of my dreams, and the love of my life!

  30. I’d like to write a love note to my wonderful husband! You’re an amazing husband and daddy to our little boy!

  31. Happy Valentines day to my sweet husband! Rather than worrying about buying a gift, we try each year to make something special for each other. This year, he spend an entire day making me a silver ring out of a 1959 Silver Nickel! Thank you honey for being such a sweet husband and wonderful daddy! I am not sure a girl could ask for much more!

  32. Thank you for all your love and support. You are my best friend. Happy Valentines Day

  33. I couldn’t have asked for a better dream come true. Thank you for making me the happiest wife and mommy!

  34. I am so blessed to have a wonderful hubby for almost 28 years now. Plus 3 fantastic grand daughters. Happy Valentines to all.

  35. Happy Love day all,
    Foremost thank God for all the love He provides as that it where we get it from and when we follow His commands we extend that love to others, i.e. friends, family, acquaintances, and foes. May you all have a rich life full of LOVE!

  36. i am so blessed to have a wonderful husband of almost 28 years now. I also have 3 wonderful grand daughters who i love so much. Happy Valentines day to everyone

  37. I love my Husband! I am so happy to be a mother of four boys and a wife to loving and generous man. Love to all my boys

  38. Happy Valentine’s Day to my 3 wonderful children and husband. You make me the woman I am today. And to my Mom, I never truly realized the sacrifices you made until I become a Mom myself. Thank you for all that you do and have done. I love you all!

  39. Happy Valentine’s Day to all FIVE men in my life: my two awesome sons that keep me laughing, the two new sons I am super blessed to join a family with soon, and my wonderful fiance that keeps me sane through it all πŸ™‚

  40. Happy Valentine’s Day to my wonderful husband, Bill otherwise known as Nikki’s Dad, Mr. Bill, Daddy Bill, Paw Paw and of course to his kids the Root Hog.

    Wow our 25th Valentines and I love you as much if not more than our first. I am so proud of how we have grown into a couple who are still best friends, still love each other, and still stand by each other no matter what.

    Ours is definitely not traditional, and the odds of our success were not in our favor, yet here we stand…hand in hand united just as the day we met.

    You have children who learned independence, respect, and of course their American History from you. They learned endurance and patience and that love comes in all forms and is not always what is seen in the movies but what is lived day by day.

    I am happy that we have this day and have had all the days before and look forward to all the days to come.

    I love you…forever and a day….


  41. John, Words will never be able to express what I feel for you. You have been my prince charming for the past 13 years. I adore everything about you. You are the most giving wonderfuly perfect man and I know how blessed I am to have you as my husband and best friend! Like our song says I”ll give all I’ve got to give to make all your dreams come true. You have done that for me for the past 13 years and I only hope I can do the same for you. I love you, I love you, I love you!!!

  42. Happy Valentine’s Day to my two sons… you keep me going and could bring a smile to my face no matter what else is going on!!! Hayy Valentine’s to my wonderful husband of almost 5 years!!! My life is so complete!!! I love my family!

  43. Happy Valentine’s Day to my wonderful husband and fantastic boys! You guys are the greatest! I love you!

  44. Happy Valentines Day to “Shack” and Holly. This would be a great gift to them.

  45. Avery and I want to tell you we love you very, very much. Your the best and most beautiful mom ever!

  46. I can’t imagine 3 more perfect valentines than my incredible husband and kids. I’m thankful every single day for such amazing blessings!

  47. Happy Valentine’s Day to my sweet husband. You know you mean the world to me. You are the best Daddy to our four kids!!!

  48. Happy Valentines Day to my hubby & son! You 2 make me whole. I love you both more than anything in the world! XOXO

  49. Happy Valentine’s Day to my husband and daughter. You make my world a happier place every day!

  50. To the best husband ever – you are a great Dad and an amazing cook. Thank you for being the official dinner-maker!

  51. I love spending Valentine’s day..and everyday… with my 2 kids & hubby! (But a getaway without the kids would be great, too!)

  52. To my wonderful husband: It’s been a LONG year! And I couldn’t have done it without you! From the 4-5 dirty diapers EVERYDAY to the 4-5 times up at night! We’ve worked well as a team getting past this first year and I’m so thankful to have you as my partner! Hopefully this is the beginning of a better- sleep- less- poopy- diapers year!

  53. Happy Valentine’s Day to my 3 boys…my hubby, my Evan and my Nate.. Every day is an adventure.

  54. Happy Valentines Day to Nathan. it’s been a rough 5 years but i am the happiest i’ve ever been. you are wonderful and i love you!

  55. Dustin:

    From the first day we met I was in love. I love you more today than I did then. While I know I don’t always show it, you are the best thing in my life and I truly do love you.

  56. Happy Valentines Day to my 2 angels! Brooke and Cooper my love for you extends longer than you’ll ever know!

  57. To my hubby…..
    You are the gravy on my buscuits…haha!
    I love you baby!

  58. I am so blessed to share Valentine’s day with the 2 loves’ of my life- my wonderful hubby and amazing daughter!

  59. Oh how loved and blessed I am this Valentine’s day. I have a loving husband of 12 years and three of the greatest children a mother could ask for. I am one lucky mama!

  60. My precious husband of 37 years still makes me smile. Still holds my hand. Still listens when I need a friend. He’s the best valentine ever.

  61. I am blessed to have a loving husband, and two beautiful, healthy children. I love you guys!

  62. Happy Valentines day to my beautiful girls. I love you so much and can’t remember what my life was like before the two of you. And of course happy Valentines day to the love of my life. You may not be the most romantic man but to me you are incredible. Its the small things you do that remind me why I married you. From giving the girls water every night before they fall asleep, to going to the store when I feel bad and picking up those girl things for me without complaining. You are amazing!

  63. I feel so blessed to have 4 beautiful, wonderful, adventerous, healthy children. I love you all!


  64. Brian,

    You have turned my world upside down since you came into my life 13 months ago. Life will never be the same for either of us now that we have finally found each other. You are my Prince Charming, my sunshine, my man, my everything! You ROCK MY WORLD!
    Your Princess, Sue

  65. Blessed to have love today and everyday! Ready to watch love grow with my forever (a.k.a Ryan)

  66. Happy Valentine’s Day to my wonderful husband John and my two sweet boys, John Robert and Joshua. You all make my life complete.


  67. Lets just say we have 3 kids and the ages range from 3yrs old to 12 years old and they still end up in our bed….All of them , including the dog…LOL….We need a getaway asap!!!!!!!!!!!!

  68. Dear Papa, even though grandma isn’t here to give you a Valentine, she left you four to enjoy forever…mom, me and my two sisters…we love you!

  69. Happy Valentine’s Day to the loves of my life, my husband of 10 years and my two extraordinary daughters. You make my heart smile every day!

  70. Happy Valentines Day to my husband, my best friend. I have totally enjoyed the last 20 years with you. We have had our ups and downs, but mostly ups. I love sharing our two adorable mini valentines with you. You make me laugh until I cry. I thank you for everything you do. I love you with all of my heart and cannot wait to spend 20 more Valentine Days with you. Always and Forever.

  71. To my husband, Happy Valentines Day. I love you dearly and feel blessed God placed you in my life. I look forward to spending the rest of my life with you.

  72. To my husband, I thank you for making me feel special everyday! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  73. To the two amazing boys in my life: one of you taught me what “falling in love” meant, and the other taught me the meaning behind “unconditional love”. You both complete my heart, and make me a better person by just being in my life. I love you two more than anything.

  74. my so for being a good child and for giving me the best thing in the world my grandbaby Isabella.

  75. Happy Valentine’s Day to the most amazing husband! Thank you for 12 wonderful Valentine’s together! I love you!!

  76. my son for being a good child and for giving me the best thing in the world my grandbaby Isabella.

  77. To Rick and my girls, Aubrey & Kinley: The love you all show to me is the light of my life. Eachh morning I wake up and look forward to another day with each of you. I love you 3 so very much and I thank God for blessing me with a supportive, loving husband who puts up with all my quirks and two amazing little girls who make me laugh & smile every day. All my love!

  78. Happy valentines day to the sweetest husband and cutest baby boy anyone could ask for!!!

  79. Adrian, Happy Valentine’s Day and Happy Anniversary! Here’s to the next 11 years. I love you!

  80. Happy valentine’s Day to my amzing husband Curt! You have supported me and encouraged me since our wedding 11 years ago, but more so in the last 3 years while I’ve been in school. You are such a wonderful father to our little angels. I love you!!!

  81. Thank you to my wonderful husband and kids for making Valentine’s day special. You all are my whole world! I love you!!

  82. Thank you to my wonderful children for my home-made Valentine’s! They are the best present I could ever have! Love you both!

  83. Thanks my love for an amazing Valentine. I enjoyed every minute,second, hour. WE have many years to come. I love you very much!!!

  84. To my best friend and sweetie of the last 10 years and our precious little man ~ I’m so blessed that God has given you both to me. Though being a wife and a mommy is one of the biggest jobs, it’s also the BEST jobs and I love you both so much.

  85. To my amazing husband and 3 beautiful daughters. Life couldnt be better and I thank god every day for my blessings.

  86. To my sweet husband, our new level of love that has grown these past 4 months is just amazing! I thank God for you everyday:-) I love you!

  87. Eric, I love that you are my husband and my best friend. Someone to laugh with, cry with, and just be myself. You are my world, my everything. The best part of my day.

  88. Happy Valentine’s Day to my awesome hubby, Danna. You have been a wonderful Valentine and super duper Daddy to our three beautiful kiddos. I love you.

  89. Not only do I have the best Valentine, but I also have the best Mom for our three kids!!

  90. Happy Valentines Day and Happy Anniversary to my hubby of nine years. We have been through so much in our Nine years of marriage, we have grown up together and are watching our kids grow up together. Each day I love you more and am very thankful to have you as my husband. I am so proud of the husband and father you have become. I love you!

  91. To my dear, sweet husband, I would like to say thank you for loving your family so very much! I hope you know how much you are loved and appreciated.

  92. To my hubby: I thank God for you. You are perfect for me. You not only compliment me, but you complete me. I appreciate you and love you for the man of God you are. XOXO

  93. They said it would get better with time but I didn’t think it could. Wow! How awesome that our love can

  94. To my wonderful husband πŸ™‚
    You are so loving and encouraging even though I am not always easy to deal with at 9 months pregnant! I love you

  95. To my husband
    Thank you for picking me up when I am down and loving me despite my short-comings. I truly believe that together we can tackle anything!

  96. Thank you, Jesus, for being our true valentine. Thank you for the undeserved gift of my husband and 3 kids. I am blessed!

  97. To My Family…

    Thank you for supporting me no matter what, I wish I was the perfect Mom, Wife and Friend, but you love me just the same. I would be no where without the love you give me
    thank you to the MAMAS and the sponsors!

  98. My husband and I could totally use a night away…we haven’t had one in over a year.

  99. I am so thankful for my three beautiful babies in my life. They bring joy to my life and make life so much sweeter. The smile and laugh of a child is simply the best thing ever.I thank you God each day for the gift you have given me.

  100. To my husband: Thank you for being my valentine, a great dad and an amazing husband! You make me so happy and I feel lucky to call you my husband!

  101. Thank you to the most supportive husband! Thank you for allowing me to follow my dreams!

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