Underwoods Diamond necklace giveaway!


Smack in the middle of the sparkliest, twinkliest time of year, we’ve got a giveaway to match the season. In case you didn’t notice the huge picture above, let us spell it out: IT’S AN UNDERWOODS DIAMOND NECKLACE, MAMAS! And we’re giving it away! Can you believe it?

Retailing for more than ONE-THOUSAND dollars, this marquise-shaped filigree pendant has 29 round Underwood diamonds on it.  (Yes, that really does say 29 diamonds. No typos here.)

The filigree design gives it a look of feminine, classic lace but it has all the strength of 14 carat white gold. The lace design carries through to the back side of the pendant as well. And it hangs on an 18-inch white gold wheat-design chain — the strongest chain Underwoods carries.

Some of you may remember that the very first giveaway this website ever did was with Underwood’s Jewelers, located in Fayetteville on Dickson Street. We chose Underwood’s as our debut giveaway because, when it comes to fine jewelry, its name has become synonymous with luxury, beauty and quality in Northwest Arkansas. And nobody does diamonds like Underwood’s does diamonds. (Click here to visit their website and see some of their most stunning pieces of jewelry. You will swoon. We did.)

underwoods-gift.jpgIf you’re shopping for something sparkly to give as a gift, you should definitely cruise down Dickson Street to Underwood’s because there is nothing quite like seeing it in person. Or, if you’re hoping for something sparkly from your husband, send him the link to the Underwood’s website and maybe he’ll take the hint. 🙂

In a few weeks — before the big holiday — this diamond necklace will be hanging around the neck of a nwaMotherlode mama. And that mama can be you because this is, as always, a random drawing. All you need to do to have your shot at the diamonds is to throw your name in our diamond-studded online hat.

HOW TO ENTER: Entering for this giveaway will be easy, as always, but it’s also going to be fun. Because we’re asking you to go on a little virtual shopping trip inside the newly redesigned Underwood’s website. The website has a brand new look and layout that just went live, and the Underwood’s owners want a few opinions from us ladies on what we like or don’t like about it.

So cruise around the website and pick out your favorite piece of jewelry. When you roll over each photo, it will enlarge so you can get a closer look. When you do, you’ll notice that a serial number pops up beside the item. Just jot down the serial number of your favorite piece of jewelry and then click back to nwaMotherlode to post a comment and vote for your favorite piece. Click the word “comment” right below this post to vote for your favorite. You can also e-mail your vote to us at giveaways@nwaMotherlode.com.


HOW TO INCREASE YOUR ODDS OF WINNING: As usual, we will reward those mamas who exercise their ability to “spread the word.” If you e-mail your friends/family about this giveaway, we’ll give you an extra chance to win for every person you tell. (Tell 10 buddies, and get 10 extra chances to win. That’s how it works.) Just be sure to put giveaways@nwaMotherlode.com on the CC line so we can give you credit.

We’ll pick a very lucky, very sparkly winner on December 18th, so watch your inbox on that day because we will notify the winner via e-mail. Good luck, and Happy Holidays!





  1. I’ve been wanting something just like LDRXCO248. The necklace is beautiful too!

  2. Santa, if you are listening, I want this ring, UCD0438. Also, the necklace is beautiful!

  3. DLFR 1067 is my favorite ring. I love the canary diamond and love the details around the kite diamonds.

  4. They have such exquisite things, I wish I could have one of each!! 🙂 I love DLFR0956 and DLN0972.
    This necklace is gorgeous, it is so feminine! I would love to have this around my neck for Christmas! Whoever wins it I’m sure will wear it well! Thank you MAMAS and Underwoods!
    Merry Christmas to everyone

  5. This ring is GORGEOUS! It would match just about everything in my closet bc my closet is mostly pink!

  6. MEMD0868 2 carat fancy yellow diamond with pave diamonds around the band???? Ummmm Yes Please!

  7. UCD0484
    Beautiful, simple, and elegant! I’ve never owned anything that could compare!
    Maybe Santa could help a girl out? lol

  8. I too love ring DLFR0898! Aren’t diamonds a girls best friend! All the pieces are truly unique and beautiful! What a wonderful Chritmas gift this would make for me! Something to call my own, that my kids and hubby couldn’t “share” with me!

  9. I told my husband I would love to have a beautiful necklace that I could wear all the time for Christmas. The one above is so pretty and I love UCD0454. They are both something I could wear all the time and enjoy for many years.

  10. I had a hard time choosing, but when I saw UCD0312 (Platinum and 18 karat rose gold ring with fancy pink diamond + 2 pear diamonds) the choice was clear. I’m also loving the cushion cut diamond in UCD0447. Wouldn’t it be fabulous if we could roll over things in real live and click which one we wanted- and it would pop up in our Christmas Stocking? Santa might have an extra Merry Christmas if this Underwood’s diamond necklace showed up in my stocking! I could even give Santa a break on the “rest” of my Christmas shopping =). Thanks for super sparkly fun giveaways!

  11. UCD0454 is my favorite! thanks for the opportunity and have a fantastic holiday!

  12. DLFR0989 ring is beautiful, but I really love the CLEO276 earrings. The green matches my eyes 🙂

  13. Oh UCD0313 is an absolutely amazing piece!!!

    Their new website is spectacular- I really like the rollover photos, the expanding boxes are really a nice touch!!
    Jeannette Balleza at Scribe Marketing is incredible. All of her sites are top notch.

  14. UCD0313

    The only thing diamond that I have is my wedding ring. Would love to win this!!

  15. Oh, wow — right up front: DLFR0810. What a gorgeous sapphire and diamond ring. UCDC0369 runs a close second, but it has the square-cut sapphire and diamonds on platinum. I really prefer the marquise settng and the yellow and white gold. But twist my arm! They are breathtaking!

  16. DLFR1088 – Hard choice but love this one!!
    The new site is clean and elegant. Love the roll-over feature.

  17. I love the necklace , also like the gorgeous earings DLE0679 on Underwoods web page 🙂

  18. I love the ring DLFR1067 I love that it is yellow!! I also love the necklace DLN0972!!!

  19. Wow, what a wonderful giveaway! Every item on the Underwood’s site is stunning, but I really love the UCDC0380 pendant.

  20. Wow, this was a tough one! I probably spent way too much time on the site (and also took a bunch of notes for my husband), and I STILL couldn’t pick out a favorite! I’m torn between these two rings: DLFR1065 & DLFR0898. Absolutely GORGEOUS!

  21. I loved a lot of the pieces on their website…so hard to choose! I really LOVE the necklace you are giving away…but chose UCDC0373 on the website. The deep blue is just so pretty!



  23. I loved UCDC0369 – such a beautiful sapphire ring. The website was very user friendly and I thought the pictures were great – very clear and really would be helpful if looking for something specific.

  24. I love diamonds but never can get any! I would love this…its beautiful!

  25. I like UCD0447–very simple and so beautiful. I also liked LDRXCO257, except I would rather have it with an emerald. I could look at this website all day. Thanks!

  26. UCD0447 – I love this ring and the necklace to be given away is spectacular!!!

  27. Oh wow! There is just too many to choose from and I am not picky when it comes to a diamond! The only one I own is my wedding ring! I really liked UCD0447 and would love to have it on my finger one day!! Merry Christmas!

  28. Wow, still so beautiful. My wedding ring came from Underwoods 15 years ago. I love DLFR 0989 too!

  29. DLFR0898 was my favorite ring(I’m a three stone kind of girl).:) The website was easy to use and fun to look at. It was organized very nicely and gave buyers options before purchasing jewelry.

  30. DLW0704 is my favorite. I already told my husband that i want a new addition to my wedding band:)

  31. The necklace is beautiful! I would love to win! I have always wanted a diamond necklace.
    Underwoods website is great. I found so many that I liked. For fun, I love LDRS0043. For KNOCK EM DEAD, UCD0484! WOW! Sleek, Modern, Simple, Elegant, ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!
    Thanks MAMAS. I love seeing you in my inbox.

  32. wow, I just love DLN0889. Tell Santa I’ve been a good girl and I would love to have that around my neck for Christmas.

  33. DLFR0966 is by far, absolutely for me. This is the ring I’ve always imagined having on my finger! It is stunning. And, it’s from Underwoods, so I know the quality of the diamonds are simply the best. I’d love to win that necklace, but I’d rather have the ring.

  34. I’m not big on bling, but I am a Hog fan, so I have to go with the Razorback07 pendant. I might want it in white gold or platinum though – instead of gold. 🙂 Too bad my hubby doesn’t read this blog!

  35. WOW! ring DLFR1067 is some major bling! i would be happy to have anything on the site though… love it!

  36. Everything on the site is beautiful, but my favorite is the three diamond ring DLFR0898.

  37. DLE0888 is my favorite, but if my husband gave me any of those i wouldn’t complain!

  38. I like UCD0388 – very unusual necklace. Love your new website too. My engagement ring is from your store (purchased 11 yrs ago). I am due for something new!

  39. I haven’t gotten a new piece of jewerly in I don’t know how long. Every woman loves diamonds. What a wonderful giveaway. I would be so excited to win. Thanks for the chance. I love the yellow diamond necklace UCD0319.

    Kelly White

  40. Most of the items were beautiful, but I think I liked UCD0313 the best. It was hard to choose! Concerning the website, I enjoyed reading the history and the story; it was nicely done! I had a bit of trouble navigating the gallery; it kept thinking I was clicking on the rings. It might be nice to have the viewing options accessible directly from the home page. Also, the descriptions could be added to a bit; they don’t always do such beautiful items justice! But a nice, clear website overall. Thanks, Underwood and Motherlode!

  41. I really like this ring- UCD0313; it looks like the wedding rind I lost during a move a few years back. Here’s hoping for something sparkly this Christmas!

  42. I just love DLFR1128. How I would love to own a piece of jewelry from Underwoods!!!

  43. UCD0313 is exquisite. Rolling over the photos on the website and giving you a zoom picture is great!

  44. UCD0456 I have wanted one of these rings for so long. This particular one is amazing!! Thanks for this great giveaway.

  45. Would love to be wearing DLFR1089 as my engagement ring 😉
    The website seems to lacking some pizzaz though. The jewelry is gorgeous, website… not so much.

  46. I love it all the rings but UCD0447 is the most beautiful and rare ring I’ve ever seen. WOW!

  47. DLFR0954 I love the yellow diamond ring with the trapezoids. So pretty ! My son’s birthstone is a diamond, so the giveaway necklace would essentially be a “mother’s necklace” for me !:)

  48. Such beautiful jewelry! My favorite piece is the DLN0950 Diamond Cross Pendant. Stunning!

  49. So many great choices but would have to go with the Sapphire and Diamond Ring…anyone want to tell Steve for me:) DLFR0810.

  50. Please, please let me win this! Also, I want to add to my Christmas list razorback08!!

  51. I thought LDRXC0255 was beautiful!! I would love the opportunity to win the beautifu necklace from Underwoods!!! Merry Christmas everyone!!!

  52. Oh, this was a hard decision! I have had my eye on DLN0598 for two years now! It is so simple, yet soooo beautiful! I love Underwood’s! They do a wish list too for all you moms who’s sweeties need a little help.

  53. I would LOVE DLFR1060…I would love to have that ring!! I love that store and would love to win the necklace.

  54. DLE0888 is the best, but if my significant other gave me any of those i wouldn’t complain!

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