Just a few hours left in the Gold Mine Giveaway!

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UPDATE: We’ll choose a winner at random at noon today (Thursday, Nov. 20), so get your tail in high gear and COMMENT for your chance to own this gorgeous necklace!

It’s baaaaack! Our famous Gold Mine Giveaway is going to make somebody a really, really happy lady this week. As always, we only put the best in our Gold Mine, which is why this piece comes from Underwood’s Fine Jewelers in Fayetteville. It’s a 9 millimeter Tahitian Black Pearl pendant on a 16-inch sparkle chain in 14-kt yellow gold. Timeless. Elegant. Stunning – we think that says it all. We saw it in person last week at Underwood’s, and believe us, ladies, it’s incredible. The best part is you could win it and have it hanging around your neck by the end of the week.


How to enter the drawing: Just post a comment by clicking the word “comment” below and tell us what piece of custom jewelry you would have made for yourself (or someone else) if money were no object. If you don’t want to post your comment for all to see, then simply send us an e-mail at mamas@nwaMotherlode.com and let us know what jeweled creation you’d love to have made one day. You can increase your odds of winning the pearl necklace if you tell your friends via e-mail about our website. (Just be sure to “cc” us on your note to them so we’ll know you helped spread the word. We’ll put your name in the hat again for every friend you tell.)

We’ll choose a winner at random at noon on Thursday and announce the winner on Friday. Good luck!


  1. This is a gorgeous necklace. I have several jewelry pieces that I would love to have incorporated into one ring if I could have any custom piece made I wanted, that would be it.

  2. I would love to design a ring for myself. I would go with white gold and a very antique look. I would want it to look like something my grandmother would have worn. Maybe a cushion cut diamond surrounded by smaller diamonds on a double eternity band. I know – not asking for much, huh? Haha!

  3. I would have a pave diamond bands made to surround my wedding ring. I also have a couple of pieces in my box that would get more wear if they were reworked into an “updated” ring.

  4. I would probably design a new ring- either a mother’s ring with my kiddo’s birthstones (that doesn’t look like something my grandmother would wear) or a new wedding band.

  5. I would love to make a one of a kind mothers ring for my mom. And a pendant that represented all her grandchildren.

  6. I would have my grandparent wedding rings made into a ring for my mom. She would love that.

  7. I would love to have a custom made diamond wedding band to go with my engagement ring. The necklace looks beautiful!

  8. I would love to just upgrade my engagement and wedding band. It needs to be bigger!! 🙂 This necklace is gorgeous!!

  9. I would have a mother’s ring made, that had plenty of big diamonds surrounding the birthstones.

  10. What a beautiful necklace. Would be a perfect gift considering my husband and I have had to cut out our gifts to each other!

  11. I have several pieces of jewelry that have sentimental value from family members and friends long gone. I would love to have an abstract necklace made utilizing the stones, pearls and gold from each piece. My hope would be that it might be handed down through the generations.

  12. If money were not issue I would have a beautiful White Gold Necklace made with a HUGE princess cut diamond in the middle with smaller pink diamonds in the middle.

  13. How exciting! The necklace you are giving away to one lucky mother is absolutely beautiful. I will keep my fingers crossed that I am that lucky mom! 🙂

  14. The year 2000 was our 25th anniversary. We observed it with a dinner out, no big presents. We had just opened a new business which put us in debt. Our daughter was graduating from High School in 2001 so college funding was a major concern.

    In August a very dear friend of ours was in the hospital when she was told she needed open heart surgery. Women are not screened as carefully as men so she thought her pains were no big deal. Because she had no health insurance she first refused to have the operation. Our group of friends gathered money and lots of determination to go to her and tell her that yes, she was going to have the procedure and that we would stand by her. Her recovery went very well. We were all thrilled to have her with us during our Christmas party.
    Just after that party, she approached my husband with a roll of velvet. She had some jewelry that her deceased husband had given to her. One piece was a solitaire with a beautiful custom setting by Underwood’s. She needed to sell these items just to pay her mortgage and pawn shops were not offering anything but pennies on the appraised value. My husband and I talked and got together as much money as we could. It was a sincere exchange between friends that gave us both something to appreciate.

    Every time I wear this necklace I am reminded of the love of my husband, my friend, and the strength of friends to come together and help each other.
    The necklace is too long for my neck. Many times when I wear it, my husband comments that someday we should get a new setting done. Also many times when I wear it I get to tell the story of my friend.
    I would love to have the solitaire reset by Underwood’s to fit me. The story would still be in my heart every time I wear the necklace. Next year will be anniversary number 34, I think that is a good year to celebrate the joy of love. We do not need to wait until our 50th to have a golden life. If I would win the pearl necklace I would love to give it to my daughter. She loves my friend and knows the story. To add another dimension of love would be a blessing.

  15. A mother’s ring or necklace would be my choice. I’d love this necklace, for myself or a gift!! Thanks, ladies!

  16. I would love to have a pendant that reminds me of my four beautiful grandchildren. Anyone that knows me know that they are the love my life and the reward for raising two wonderful children. I race to Kansas City about every other weekend to play “Grammy” and can’t wait to hear them say it as best they can from their little voices.
    They are Five, 34 months, 28 months, and 9 months. We are going to have a blessed Christmas! Thanks for listening and happpy holidays! Sheryl Jegen.

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