Giveaway: Washer & Dryer Set from Metro Appliances!

This giveaway is closed. Local mama Kristen Michaels won this awesome washer/dryer set from Metro! Click here to read about Kristen ad her family.

Mamas, this week’s giveaway is BIG — a Maytag washer and dryer set from Metro Appliances & More! Woo-hooooo! Wouldn’t you love to move these beauties into your laundry room?

We love hosting giveaways from Metro because the excitement level is so high when a set like this is available to win. It’s a Maytag set with the “deep fill option,” which is awesome if you want to be able to wash things like bulky bedding items.

Here are a few of the features on the top-load washer, which comes with a 5-year warranty:

  • PowerWash® Cycle
  • Deep Fill Option
  • Auto Sensing Option
  • Rapid Wash Cycle
  • American Pride
  • Stainless Steel Wash Basket
  • Maytag® Commercial Technology
  • Sanitize Cycle with Oxi

And here are the features for the extra-large capacity dryer, which includes steam-enhanced cycles:

  • Advanced Moisture Sensing
  • Extra-Large Capacity
  • Maytag® Commercial Technology
  • High-Torque Motor
  • Steam-Enhanced Cycles
  • Static Reduce Option
  • American Pride
  • IntelliDry® Sensor
  • Wrinkle Prevent Option with Steam
  • Rapid Dry Cycle
  • Wrinkle Control Cycle
  • Audio Level Option
  • Lint Screen
  • Direct Y-Connector Water Hook-Up
  • Airflow Monitor

Both of these appliances have extremely good reviews posted online. (Click the pics of the appliances to see the reviews.) Here’s one of the reviews we found on the washer: I bought this washer about 2 months ago. This is absolutely the best washer I have ever purchased. It is large enough to wash bedding. Clothes come out clean and fast.” (Posted by Jessica in May 2017)

And here’s one of the reviews posted about the dryer: Got this dryer 2weeks ago and love it. Dries quickly; love the feature that signals when a large quilt needs shifting for more efficient drying!” (Posted by Rosey in July 2017)

You can see these machines in person by visiting Metro Appliances & More (which moved earlier this year into a huge new showroom in Lowell. If you haven’t seen the new store yet, it’s a little like walking through a real-life Pinterest where all your dream kitchens, laundry rooms and patios have come to life!) The store’s new address is 801 Metro Place in Lowell.

You can also see the machines by coming by the nwaMotherlode booth during the Northwest Arkansas Boutique Show on November 17th and 18th. We’ll have the appliance set at our booth so mamas can check them out and put their names into the drawing. (You can enter both online and in person, to increase your odds of winning!) A winner will be chosen at random and notified during the week of November 20th.

HOW TO ENTER: If you’d love to give your laundry room a major upgrade by winning this set, click on the word “comments” (right under the headline of this post) and scroll down to the bottom of the comments posted by other moms. Then write a quick comment telling us about one of your favorite things that takes a trip through your washing machine. (Favorite comfy sweatshirt? Your baby’s beloved blankie? The jeans that fit just right?)

You can also email your answer to us at

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We’ll choose the winner at RANDOM during the week of November 20th, so keep an eye on your inbox! Our thanks to Metro Appliances & More for such a generous, AWESOME giveaway for local mamas.




















  1. I love sending my kids’ muddy clothes through. Not only am I thankful for washing machines, but I am thankful for the memories they made while getting dirty.

  2. My favorite thing to wash is my sheets! There is no better feeling than getting in my bed with freshly washed sheets!!!!

  3. My kids baseball pants! They are always a challenge to get clean but I love watching them play and get dirty!

  4. My favorite things to go through the washing machine are my cozy blankets that get used to snuggle my family up warm at night! There’s nothing like a fresh warm blanket to snuggle up under.

  5. My favorite things to wash are my daughter’s sparkly clothes, because I usually find a sparkle on something of mine and makes me smile. Love my girl so much!

  6. I have a soft t-shirt and a pair of well worn jeans that I love putting on right out of the dryer!!

  7. Love washing my boys’ favorite stuffed animals and blankets. They come out fresh and clean and ready to be loved and cuddled again.

  8. We are all fond of freshly washed and dried fuzzy blankets. My kids use them all the time; however, nobody appreciates one quite like our Jack Russell Terrier, Happy. She will search out a clean one and snuggle into it with such a look of contentment and happiness that the rest of us almost feel slightly ashamed that we don’t look as grateful as she does.

  9. I love washing sports uniforms! Mainly because I know those events make my son so happy!!

  10. My favorite thing that goes into my washing machine is a quilt my Great – grandma made in 1972. I love the fall when the leaves change and it starts getting cool, and we pull the quilts out of the linen closet.

  11. I love to pull out a load of baby clothes. After waiting and hoping a long time for this little guy, seeing tiny clothes in our house again fills me with joy.

  12. I wash my blanket and sheets weekly. While I love crawling into a freshly washed slumberland, my favorite is when I wash my pillows. I only wash them once a month but the fresh scent lasts for weeks! My pillows are fluffier too! =)

  13. I accidentally washed dog bones weekly. It’s usually in a load of towels and I don’t know it until I start the dryer and hear it clanking about inside! We do a load of towels daily or at least every other day, but I only own white towels and bedding so that helps with the sorting.

  14. Sheets and blankets! There’s nothing like a clean set of sheets and a nice warm blanket.

  15. My favorite thing I wash is probably my soft t-shirts because they are what I wear the most!

  16. One of my favorite things that I throw into a gentle cycle is the curtains! Just knowing that the dust is off of them makes me happy….and I swear I can breathe easier at night.

  17. My sheets. I love clean sheets. Nothing better than crawling into bed with warm, clean sheets right out of the dryer!

  18. I love washing my family towels. We love fresh towels and we really need new washer dryer now.

  19. My son’s baseball pants …. I Love being their mom and having the opportunity to do something for them. It reminds me how blessed I am to have healthy children!

  20. I love washing and drying my favorite soft pants
    Especially this time of the year there’s nothing more comforting than the fresh clean smell and and the soft relaxing feel right out of the dryer!

  21. My daughter’s favorite blankie went through until there was nothing left of the quilt but the backing and borders, but she still keeps it.

  22. I love throwing my sheets in the waher and dryer. Fresh. clean sheets are THE best!

  23. My favorite things are my old t-shirts that I sleep in nightly! I’ve had some of them for years and they are still holding together!

  24. My son’s football pants! Every time I treat and wash them it makes me smile! I can’t help but think of how much he loves to play and how much this Football Mom loves to watch! I’m his biggest cheerleader! 🙂

  25. My favorite things to wash and dry are blankets. I love when they are warm and smell good first thing out of the dryer. I’d love to win a new washer & dryer. Fingers crossed 🙂

  26. My oldest son’s practice uniform, middle son’s security blanket, my surprise baby’s tiny clothes!

  27. Honestly…anything! With four kiddos and full schedules, let’s be real…anything getting washed is fantastic because we can fall behind so quickly! We all just appreciate clean clothes! 🙂

  28. This probably sounds silly, but I think that one of the reasons why my husband and I have been married for 26 years is that he keeps his hands off of my laundry, LOL!! I found that most of my clothes fair much better if they go through the delicate cycle and there are a few delicate settings that can be used on the dryer as well (or the super delicate can be hung up to dry). I have several hand-made items that so far are holding up very well with repeated washings and for that I’m very grateful. My favorite piece right now is a hand designed and hand made tunic that my seamstress and I created together!

  29. I’d have to agree with a lot of mommas…sheets are my favorite thing to throw in the wash! Smells so wonderful when I snuggle down after sheets-washing Sundays. 😊

  30. Where to start? From every piece that clothes my precious 1 year old, or the mound of costume dress up clothes my 5 year plays in daily, to the special game day jersey uniform of my rough and tumble 9 year old. It’s all my favorite and as important as the next! A side note I must add, we recently had to have our washer looked at and told it’s on it’s way out, at only 4yrs not a or enough, and could stop working at any moment. So not only would I love to win but we are in actual need of a new washer! Thanks for the opportunity!

  31. Sheets, fuzzy blankets, and my kids’ favorite stuffed animals are the best after a good wash & dry❣️

  32. I just love the smell of laundry, and laying down on clean sheets and smelling that smell is my fav!!

  33. Oooh, definitely those jeans that fit just right. They fit well, they’re stretchy, and I can dress them up and down. Alongside yoga pants and leggings, they’re my mommy must-have. 🙌🏻

  34. One of my favorite pieces that goes in the washer is a blanket that has a bear with a pot of honey that we call Honey Bear that was my son’s when he was younger-he is now 34yrs old! It is still so warm and cozy and reminds me of when he was a little one running around in our house.

  35. I love to put towels in the dryer to pull out when the kids get out of the bath. This is especially true during the colder months. They love a nice warm towel to snuggle into and I love snuggling with them!

  36. I love putting “hand wash only” items in my washing machine. Who has time to hand wash these days???!!

  37. I love washing my kids shoes, especially Converse, because they look brand new when they come out! Washing their special blankets are the worst, because I feel like the wash & dry cycle takes FOREVER then, when they’re asking every two seconds when it will be done, I can’t ever seem to sneak and get them in there before they notice!!!

  38. Washing my kiddos blanket and bear!! My oldest would sit and wait while his bear got washed.

  39. I love having our fleece blankets washed! My kids and I love snuggling in a clean blanket. I also, throw their clothing in the the dryer every morning so when they wear it it’s nice and warm.

  40. My favorite thing is washing all my kids clothes for the upcoming season. I just changed out their clothes to fall/winter clothes and there is something so satisfying about filling their drawers with clean clothes that smell good all set for the adventures to come!

  41. My favorite thing that goes through the wash is my purple and black fluffy blanket that my daughter loves to snuggle under on the couch.

  42. I love clean laundry! Nothing beats the smell and comfort of a nice warm towel or blanket from the dryer! Recently, I was sick and my sister was caring for my son who had a poo accident. A few days later I washed a load of laundry and found a weird brown chunk of something in the bottom of the washer, I picked it up and discovered it was poo! This happened twice before I finally found it all and got it out of the clothes that of course were re-washed a few times… this was an exciting washing adventure and proves that not everything coming from the wash is fresh and comforting 🤣

  43. I love washing “blankie” and my favorite seats! (The most used items in the house.)

  44. Love washing my baby boy’s favorite “athletic outfit”. He gets so excited when he wears it to play sports and be active! Would love this, our washer has been leaking for a while and single mom life doesn’t afford us to buy a new one : / so we just keep on : )

  45. I love finishing a load of my 4 year old’s clothes. I like it when I find all of his socks and they match. I feel like I’m winning at parenting when he has a dresser full of clean clothes.

  46. Believe it or not, I love washing the bath mats. I love stepping out of the shower on a clean fluffed up mat. We have dogs and cats and it seems they are always choosing my bath mats to curl up and ‘shed’ on.

  47. nothing favorite right now as I am a dunce still helping my 21 year old with his laundry and a 15 year old daughter who only wears things 1/2 day or once and throws in the laundry. I am constantly washing! Though on a cold night, I do love putting comforter in dryer before bed to warm up!

  48. Nothing tops clean sheets. I love the first night after fresh cleans come out of the washer and dryer!

  49. My favorite things to wash are the tiny baby clothes. There are some outfits (mainly sleepers) that all four of our kids have worn and it make me so happy. Each outfit brings back so many memories when I pull them out of the dryer and they smell baby-ish. I commented on FB, follow on Twitter and IG, and get the newsletter.

  50. Love having blankets warm and clean for grandkids
    To sleep under when they come to spend the night .
    Nothing like warm fun nights at nanny’s !

  51. My daughter’s crochet blanket. We’ve washed it so much that it’s almost falling apart

  52. I love to wash my blanket and then snuggle with it when it’s still warm from the dryer.

  53. I love washing my kids blankies! When they come out of the dryer and are warm & cuddly and smell fresh…,it’s the best!

  54. Washing my sweet children’s clothing bc it reminds me how much I’ve been blessed!

  55. My sweet daughter’s favorite blanket. I love how she cuddles up with it, when it comes out fresh and clean, and warm, from the dryer.

  56. Love washing my blankets ! Nothing like clean sheets and blanket for a good nights sleep!
    Thanks for this awesome chance to win!

  57. Definitely a clean, warm blanket pulled right out of the dryer and used to snuggle up with the little ones to watch a family movie night!

  58. LOVE when my 800 thread count sheets get washed–makes for a very comfy and warm night’s sleep!

  59. My favorite things to wash are sheets! There is nothing like the fresh scent of clean sheets!

  60. warm and cozy flannel sheets are my favorite things in the wash these days.

  61. Love my pets and all the dirty towels from cleaning them up. Rescue, my Breed of choice.

  62. 3 favorite things to put in the washer:

    1) sheets! I love clean sheets
    2) my mama bear light sweatshirt- my favorite top to wear
    3) my lovebugs lovies… we keep a rotation- but I know that clean snuggle is much loved!

  63. Love washing our sheets. They smell so fresh when we get in bed. Also our throws since the weather has gotten a little cooler, we need them in the evenings as we watch TV.

  64. Yes, please! I love nwa motherlode, NWA Boutique Show and Metro Appliances! I’m just thankful I don’t hav to wash clothes by hand to be honest. It would be totally amazing to have a brand new set with all the bells and whistle s!

  65. I’m in the season of my life where the items I love to wash most are the clothes, towels, and bedding that my son brings when he comes come from college! I cherish every moment with him…even doing his laundry!
    I have commented on FB and I still follow on Twitter and Pinterest.

  66. I’ve got a 2 month old who’s had a few blowouts! I’m sure there will be plenty more to look forward to. So thankful for washing machines!

  67. I would so love to be able to wash my linens and quilts and have them come out smelling super clean and fresh. My washing machine is old and squeaky and im pretty sure it will be going out soon. Probably just in time for the holidays lol. This would be such a great gift that I would cherish.

  68. My daughter’s smelly, dirty, sweaty soccer uniform, it’s Usuallu a good idea to wash alone, but absolutely necessary. I have been washing uniforms for a various number of sports for a decade.

  69. I love fresh, clean sheets! Not only that, but probably the most important item I wash is “Lambie”, my daughter’s stuffed lamb that she’s had since the day she was born (she recently turned eight). Lambie has been well loved and isn’t as fluffy as he once was, so a gentle wash is always a must.

  70. I love washing my silky lined Pilazzo pants to wear to Church. They are dressy, yet comfortable! And warming them in the dryer feels nice on a cold November day!

  71. I love washing all of my hand crocheted items. It’s the final step before they make their way to their final home!

  72. I love washing sheets. I enjoy the way they smell and the feeling of crawling into them at the end of a long day.

  73. Love to see my and my husbands work clothes. This means we have jobs that provide for our family.

  74. My favorite thing to wash is my son’s clothes. They’re so little and precious.

  75. My 9 year old has a little blue elephant he still sleeps with and he is always nervous when “Peso” has to go for a bath in the machine. I also like finding a random $5 here and there 😁

  76. I love how happy it makes my daughter when her pinkie blankie and pinkie teddy come out of the laundry clean and smelling good. She’s 10 and has loved both for years!

  77. The blanket I made my husband when we were dating makes frequent trips through our washing machine–and with our current machines, it takes 2-3 cycles to get it clean in the washer, and 2 cycles to get it dry!

  78. I love washing clothes and sheets on the. Weekends so by Sunday I get a good nights rest smelling fresh and clean on my bedsheets and pjs

  79. What a FABULOUS giveaway!!! I love washing our family of 6’s sheets! Fresh, warm sheets bring so much comfort!

  80. It would have to be pulling out the towels, smelling so fresh & feeling so fluffy.

  81. I love taking my diapers from the diaper pail through the wash cycle (twice) and then to the dryer and drying rack. I love it because these water efficient machines make this process even more sustainable on our planet.

  82. I love to keep our church clothes looking fresh, but our old washer leaks and our dryer is about shot. We are grandparents and cannot afford a new set, so this would be a blessing.

  83. My favorite things to go through the washer and dryer are my bedsheets! You can’t beat the feeling of climbing into bed at night with clean bedsheets! And by the way, I do A LOT of laundry with 5 boys in the house. I think they change clothes more than girls!

  84. My favorite thing to go thru the wash is my favorite fluffy robe! And I love to use fabric softener so it smells so nice ..

  85. I love putting a few drops of lavender oil in the water for my sheets and towels. They come out smelling heavenly.

  86. I love to wash my fluffy blankets for my granddaughter to snuggle in when she comes to stay with me!

  87. Love the feel of my handmade quilt. Been in a storage bag for a while as I just recently got into a home (been in a camper for some time) but winter is approaching and time to pull out the blankets.

  88. There are so many choices I love my clean sheets probably the most but how can not mention that favorite sweater we all have since it’s getting cool out!

  89. Well I love the smell of clean sheets. If if it was less work I’d do it more often! But I must say my boys socks! Because sometime in the last year it went from that “cute smelly” to “what the heck does in your socks” smelly. And I’m glad I can wash them so I don’t have to burn them!

  90. Bedding is always my favorite thing to wash. Curling up in fresh, warm sheets and blankets makes for a peaceful nights sleep.

  91. My favorite things that take a trip through my washer would have to be blankets and throws. Regardless of the time of year, it is always nice to know these are fresh, clean, tucked away, and ready to use.

  92. My favorite things to wash are my sheets! There is nothing better than climbing in bed and having fresh clean sheets! It’s the little things…..

  93. As much as I don’t love thie chore of changing sheets, it’s the best to have clean sheets after a long day!

  94. It’s always wonderful to have the clean sheets , blankets and even the kids sports clothes smelling fresh!! But my absolute favorite is when I wash my daughters favorite stuffed animal and when I take it out of the dryer her precious face lights up because her lovey is clean!!

  95. My favorite item to wash is an old shirt of my husband’s. We new each other when we were teens and didn’t get married until much later in life. He still has this old worn out t-shirt that he wore when we hung out as teens. I smile everytime I wash it. ❤

    • We sooo need a break right now. This would be amazing. Our dryer just went out and we can’t afford another on.

      Entered on Facebook as well.

  96. My favorite thing that would go thru the washer would have to be my go to sweats..the most comfy favorite ones

  97. I am very cold natured so there’s always a Couch Throw being used at my house. A Fuzzy Fluffy that was a wedding gift is my favorite… fresh out of the washer and dryer. Smells soooooo Good! Only thing that makes it better is when my hubby brings it to me just out of the dryer and covers me up to watch TV and snuggle.

  98. Love fresh sheets! Or pulling my favorite sweatshirt out of the dryer and putting it on right away!

    I follow on FB. 🙂

  99. So thankful to wash our children’s dirty clothes! Those piles of laundry don’t compare to the memories that are made while wearing them!

  100. My daughters lovey blanket. While she is getting older, she still loves to snuggle that blanket and it reminds me to enjoy this time with her while she is still young.

  101. All of my beloved cloth diapers-a huge investment that needs to be cleaned with care!!

  102. My bed linens. I love the smell of freshly washed linens when I crawl into bed.

  103. I’m thankful for my little girls dance outfits! She works so hard and loves every minute of it. Makes my heart happy

  104. My son is a freshman in college. He comes home on the weekends with his dirty clothes. His clothes right now are my favorite things because I get to see him and spend time with him while doing his laundry 😊

  105. Sheets. There is nothing better than warm clean sheets. Best thing ever.

  106. I’m going to be honest here…… my husband does most of the laundry at our house. Apparently if you shrink too many items you get your laundry privileges taken away.

    I do however love when it is time to get out all the holiday decorations and wash the table clothes and hand towels. Nothing says Merry Christmas like clean kitchen towels. 😉

  107. My favorite thing to wash are my three year olds Batman jammies! He’s obsessed with anything superhero but Batman in particular. Suffice it to say that get their wear and tear but he is always so happy to have warm Batman’s after bath

  108. My favorite thing to put in the washer is my favorite soft blanket. Thanks for the nice giveaway.

  109. My boys gave me a soft, white, fluffy robe last year for Christmas. It’s so warm and cuddly it’s like wrapping up in a cloud! I couldn’t wear it in the summer because it was too warm, but since fall weather has kicked in, I love to wash my comfy robe and wrap up in the soft, white fluffiness , especially when it smells like fabric softener..

  110. My favorite thing to wash is my sheets! Nothing compares to fresh sheets!! Love love love!

  111. I love putting my twins favorite blankets through the washer. They love their blankets and our washer gets tons of use from them!

  112. Anything that fits right now, this growing a baby thing makes it hard for favorites.

  113. My dad’s flannel shirt that I borrowed and never returned. Freshly clean and ready to wear on a chilly day.

  114. This time of year, there is nothing better than warm, flannel PJ’s straight out of the dryer. Then curl up on the couch with a warm blanket, a good book and some yummy cocoa! I love fall!!

  115. I love fresh sheets! Especially on a cold night when you take the out of the dryer and jump straight in to bed!!!

  116. Sheets and towels! There is nothing like clean sheets and fresh towels!!

  117. My man’s army uniform each time when he comes back home from being away.

  118. I am currently 21 weeks pregnant with my first baby and I love the thought of washing tiny little clothes!

    Also, nothing beats clean fresh sheets!

  119. My kids muddy clothes! Its like magic when they come out looking perfectly clean!

  120. My favorite thing to wash is all the invisible laundry that does not exist. Invisible toddler and big kid clothes (the toddler changes at least 3x a day), invisible towels (the best), and last but definitely not least, Dad’s clothes. Those are my absolute favorite!! The way they make it into the invisible laundry hamper. Am I right ladies?!?! Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to fold all of my invisies.

  121. Sheets, blankets, and towels. They are also nicer when they are fresh and clean!

  122. Cozy blankets & snuggling up in them when they’re still warm from the dryer!

  123. My family’s laundry. Although I HATE laundry, I am so grateful to have a family, who creates the mess. Without them, I would have nothing. ❤️

  124. One of the ways I show my love for my son is putting his clothes in the dryer before I woke him up in the morning. When he woke up he had warm clothes to put on. I plan to carry on this tradition with my grandchildren when they come to visit, however, this would be a long way off in the future.

  125. Love washing sheets and then putting them on the bed while they are still warm and jumping in the bed! It feels so good!!

  126. I love washing sheets, blankets, and towels! My washing machine just broke and my dryer is 16 years old. As a newly single Mom, I would be over the moon to win this prize.

  127. Anything that goes into the washer that my husband puts in there………. when I get a break and he washes them for me!!!!!!

  128. Towels! I love when the towels come out nice and warm from the dryer. Every time I pick them up , it’s so warm and cozy ☺️

  129. i love washing everyone’s favorite cozy blankets. All 5 kids have a favorite that they love to curl up with on the couch when we watch movies. My two year old has a favorite that he loves to carry around the house and that he has to be covered with every night. With 5 kids I have a lot of laundry to do and I usually dread it but the blankets are special.

  130. I love washing (my girl’s) sweet, tiny baby clothes. They’re the most fun to look at and hang up!

  131. My clothes are my favorite things to wash. I’m a single mom, so my wardrobe selection is super limited. But…when I can take them out of the dryer and have fresh clean clothes to wear…it reminds me of how blessed I am.

  132. I love throwing my throws in the wash and sniffing and snuggling when they come out of the dryer!

  133. My favorite things are my husband’s Navy T-shirt’s. He is a disabled veteran and no longer active duty, but wears them to do work around the house or to tinker on the vehicles. They’re a reminder of how we met and that now he’s home-safe; near his daughters and me. They’re a reminder of the gratitude I have for the military leading us to each other-we wouldn’t have met had his Navy career not taken him to a San Diego-and they’re a reminder of the gratitude I have to him for his sacrifice and service. Who knew a piece of cotton could be so meaningful, huh?

  134. I love it when the bed sheets are washed! Nothing like crawling into bed right after your sheets have been washed !

  135. I love seeing my little 19 month old pants. They are so tiny and cute and they make my heart so happy. They remind me of my little bitty blessing.

  136. My daughter’s fuzzy pillow case. It was made by my mom, her nana. It is pink fuzzy with her name cut in all different floral fabric and sewed on. It is something we don’t go without. It gets washed first thing in the morning so it is back on by nap time 😊

  137. I love to wash our bedding! Crawling into bed with freshly washed sheets at night makes me happier than it probably should! Haha Just that fresh smell and feel is super relaxing though and I sleep so well.

    I’ve commented on Facebook and follow on twitter and Pinterest too! Love the site, radio segments and all the awesome giveaways! You ladies rock!

  138. My daughter’s teal blankie. She is 13 months old and drags it around everywhere like a cute little red headed Linus. It gets quite dirty at times but I love washing it and seeing her cuddle with her fresh, clean, warm item of comfort.

  139. I have a new favorite thing to wash and I am so honored to do it. My son just came home from Marine boot camp and I have never in my life been so happy to wash his clothes as I have this Veteran’s Day weekend while washing his mountain of military clothing. I can’t even describe the feeling. Now… if the sand ruins my washer I will NEED to win this washer and dryer set!

  140. I would absolutely love this set. My favorite thing to wash are my daughters clothes. The more she grows up the more I realize that some day she will be grown and on her own. Another thing that is near and dear to me is her “special blanket” that she asks to be is tattered and falling apart bc she’s 12. I brought her home from the hospital with it.

  141. My husband does most of the laundry, but I know he would love a new set! I love him for it! My daughter’s stuffed lamb gets washed quite often. 🙂 Follow you on facebook, instagram, and twitter. also receive the newsletter. 🙂

  142. Just to let you know I started following on Pinterest and left a comment on Facebook. Thanks for all the giveaways !! It beings a smile to your followers!

  143. My favorite things to come through the machines are grandkids clothes, that means they have been here and I have loved them .

  144. My favorite pair of pajama pants! They are old and have seen better days but they are so comfy I can’t part with them!

  145. I love to wash my favorite pair of jeans which gets washed over and over… Or a good and cozy fuzzy blanket!

  146. Love fresh clean sheets and blankets or towels. I have never had a new washer or dryer before sure would love it now

  147. Our warm soft family snuggle blanket we use for movie night!!

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