Giveaway: New Refrigerator from Metro Appliances & More!

We don’t like to shout but we think this next statement is worthy of all caps, so here goes: WE’RE GIVING AWAY A NEW FRENCH DOOR REFRIGERATOR COURTESY OF METRO APPLIANCES & MORE — JUST IN TIME FOR THE HOLIDAYS! WOO-HOOOOO!

It’s our Big Chill Giveaway, and the local mom who wins this one is going to get a beautiful stainless steel refrigerator delivered to her kitchen by our friends at Metro Appliances & More. (If you recognize the name, it might be because they’re the company that has hooked up FOUR of our readers with free appliances!! Here’s a list of other local moms and what they won:

  • Tracy Easterling of Huntsville won a washer and dryer set on pedestal stands. (spring 2009)
  • Elizabeth Dietz of Springdale won a new refrigerator. (winter 2009)
  • Dawn Stanford of Fayetteville won a washer and dryer set on pedestal stands. (spring 2010)
  • Cathy Head of Springdale won a washer and dryer set on pedestal stands. (spring 2011)

The Big Chill Giveaway fridge is GORGEOUS. It’s a Samsung 26 cubic foot French Door Stainless Steel model with water and ice in the door!Β  It’s priced online for more than $2,300! This fridge has moveable shelves, a flip-up shelf that accommodates tall bottles or pitchers, and this awesome slot in the freezer which is perfect for frozen pizzas. In fact, we’ve admired it in person in the showroom, and my own mother liked it so much that she bought one for her new condo! It’s decked out with all the bells and whistles including:

  • External digital display to control temperatures and settings
  • Self-closing “CoolSafe” doors to ensure tight seal
  • Ability to drop temperatures with “Power Freeze” and “Power Cool” modes
  • Energy Star compliant

Here’s a glamour shot of the Big Chill Giveaway Fridge! Pretty, huh?

HOW TO ENTER: To throw your name in the hat for the Big Chill Giveaway, click the orange comment button below and tell us about one of your favorite foods (or drinks) to find when you open the door to the refrigerator. (I’m partial to an cold Dr. Pepper and a lemon icebox pie. Yum!) Remember that all winners are chosen at RANDOM. You can also email your answer to

HOW TO INCREASE YOUR ODDS: We know some of you REALLY want to win this fridge, so here’s how you can help increase your odds. Just send an email to your friends/family and let them know about this giveaway. Be sure to put on the CC line of your email, and we’ll give you an extra chance to win for every person that you tell. So easy! Plus, your buddies will want to know about the giveaway so they can toss their name in the hat, too.

You can also get extra chances to win by “liking” our Facebook page. Click here to do that.

VISIT THE FRIDGE IN PERSON: We know mamas like to kick the tires on their new appliances before they make a decision. And we encourage you to go by and visit our Big Chill Giveaway Fridge at the Metro Appliances & More showroom, which is located in U.S. 71 Business between Lowell and Springdale. (Click here for directions.) The showroom is HUGE, so you can’t miss it. But don’t let the big fancy showroom make you assume this place is out of your price range. Metro has appliances that will fit into every budget.

We’ve always believed that you can judge a business by the kind of comments they get from local moms. Here are some of the comments about Metro’s serivce, which were posted by local mothers in past articles published on nwaMotherlode:

I have shoppped at Metro and you would not believe the HUGE seclection of appliances they carry. You can find whatever you’re looking for at a great price. ~ Carmen Miller

I work for Handyman Matters, & we have regularly partnered with Metro to provide appliance for homes we service. They’ve always been fast, courteous & cost effective. I also purchased an entire kitchen of appliances for my mother’s home via their Tulsa store. Wonderful to work with! ~ Kari Carpenter

Β I’m an interior designer and nothing can make or break a kitchen design more than the appliances. The Metro staff has always been friendly and helpful and the service is consistent and reliable, just like the products they sell. But the best thing is the price. Metro really does have the best prices around. I even shopped there when I lived in Kansas City because the prices could not be beat!Β  ~Brandy Overton

We used Metro Builders a few years ago. We were buying our first home and went there to choose our appliances. It was nice to go somewhere where the people knew what they were talking about. ~ Rachael Allan

Our thanks to Metro Appliances & More for the mom-friendly service and this great opportunity to win a fancy new fridge!! Good luck to all our fellow mamas (dads are welcome, too) in the giveaway drawing. Post comments or send your email now!



  1. I love finding the 35 calorie Almond Milk in my refrigerator. It makes delicious and healthy smoothies! Oh, how I would love to win this prize, my refrigerator is making lots of noises and the repairman says its days are numbered!

  2. Ahhhh! We are in the middle of a kitchen remodel and this would be grand!
    I love to find fresh fruits and veggies all ready washed and trimmed ready to eat.

  3. I like opening the fridge and going to the cheese drawer….I know, random, right?! It’s something thats always there and reliable! πŸ™‚

    What an exciting giveaway!! I might cry like Miss America if I win. Cheers!

  4. My favortie thing in the fridge is my coffee creamer.. I love the different flavors of the liquid creamer. I could have as many as 5 different ones in my fridge cuz i never know what i will be in the mood for.. my husband uses powder creamer but i catch him sneaking the liquid. Sometimes I have a black bottom banana cream pie in there and that is amazing with a hot cup of french vanilla coffee.
    when we moved here with the military money was tight and i had to leave my beautiful frigidaire in mississippi and had to buy a cheap one for here. I would so love a nice new fridge..

  5. I love to find in my fridge Sweet Tea!! I would really love to have this 4 layer dessert my mother makes with a nut crust chocolate cream cheese and wipping cream Yummy!!
    i just moved amd dont have a fridge inside my old one is in the gargage it wouldnt fit! I have my fingers and toes crossed!!

  6. I love to find cranberry juice and hummus in my fridge. What a delicious snack!

  7. I like to find leftovers in the fridge because it means I don’t have to cook that night! I would also love to find sweet tea.

  8. I would love to grab my favorites out of a new fridge….fresh homemade salsa and green tea!

  9. Wow!! This fridge is amazing!! I could store all kinds of my favorite foods and drinks in there. The problem with my fridge is there isnt enough room to store all the drinks we like. We must have the regular ones, like milk, juice, freshly brewed tea but then we also like to store our favorite sodas, mountain dew and dr pepper. It gets a little crammed when you try to fit them all in there. We also like to store our favorite candy bars in the fridge along with our favorite ice cream bars in the freezer. Dont EVEN get me started on the lack of space in the freezer. If we want our favorites, pizza, corn dogs, ice cream treats, there isnt much room for the needed meats and veggies. Im thinking this fridge would solve all my problems!!!

  10. I love having leftover birthday cake in there, even if my hips don’t love it quite so much. YUM.

  11. I have a teenage boy at home which means there are always boys in and out of my fridge. I love finding the milk carton empty in the fridge and an empty box in the freezer that used to contain ice cream bars. A bigger fridge would allow more room for multiple milk cartons and boxes of ice cream bars.

  12. Milk and vegetables – those mean I’ve been shopping recently and don’t have to go again. πŸ™‚

  13. I would love a new fridge!! Ours is 10 years old and showing its age in our busy, hungry household. While the kids love finding sweet treats and snacky foods, I love opening our fridge and finding enough leftovers for a meal! Every mom deserves a night off. πŸ™‚

  14. With Thanksgiving on the way, I can’t wait to see pumpkin pie sitting in my frig.

  15. CapriSun’s, it’s a constant reminder of my 4 yr old son and he is my world. πŸ™‚

  16. MY favorite drink to find is Earl Grey Iced Tea and Ice Coffee. I make both at the beginning of the week in large batches and enjoy them during the rest of the week. Yes, I am always caffeinated.

  17. I LOVE it when my parents have been to visit, and I can open my fridge to a to go cup of El Palacio salsa. It’s so good, I could drink it! Best thing in the freezer is definitely Daim candies (chocolate and toffee).

  18. I LOVE a good homemade cheesecake with hot fudge topping and whip cream πŸ˜‰

  19. Would love to find a pumpkin pie since Thanksgiving is coming up. Also an ice cold coke.

  20. I love opening the fridge door & finding a jar of jalapeno peppers and light sour cream… I just stab a pepper with a fork, dip it lightly in the sour cream and yum yum, a nice little pick-me-up

  21. Boy, could I use this! My water dispenser no longer works. My freezer makes ice, but the dispenser no longer works. What use to be white on the fridge is now a stained yellow. Seems everyday, I’m hearing new noises from my fridge and I’m just waiting for it to quit.

  22. When I open the fridge I find the coffee creamer I need to make my morning coffee perfect!

  23. Left over pizza! I love when we have left over pizza…’s great for breakfast or another meal!!

  24. I love to find leftovers, so I don’t have to cook! =) And my Crystal Lite.

  25. A diet coke and snickers bar that I have hidden so no one can find it but me!! πŸ™‚

  26. Pumpkin spice creamer for my coffee and the candy that we hide from the kids.

  27. I love to have an ice cold Diet Dr. Pepper! AND I REALLY need a new refrigerator. Emphasis on NEED!

  28. Fresh fruit and produce! It would also be oh so nice to not have to fill up ice trays. =)

  29. Wow or fridge is so old and makes a lot of noise, this would be great.

    Would love to find chocolate cheese cake with 0 calories ..

  30. Love to find some cold lemonade on a hot day or leftovers which mean I don’t have to cook that meal!

  31. I know it’s a good day when I open the fridge to find ice cream in the freezer. It just brightens my day!

  32. I love food in general, so this will be a tough one to answer. If I had to choose though, I’d go with banana pudding πŸ™‚ Good ol’ comfort food is the best!

  33. My favorite things to find in the fridge are Cheese cake and Cokes.

    Thanks for the great giveaway.

  34. My favorite thing to open the refrigerator and find is a nice, cold Dr. Pepper.

  35. Favorite foods when I look in the fridge: half n’ half for my coffee, homemade chicken noodle soup, and several days’ worth of meals-prepared and ready to heat up (one can always hope)for my family.

    I already “like” Motherlode on your FB page. Thanks for this giveaway!

  36. When I open the refrigerator door, I love to find a large jug of Apple Cider, this time of year!

  37. When I open the fridge, I love to see a cold milk waiting for me to eat with freshley baked chocolate chip cookies!

  38. A container full of my mom’s enchiladas ready to be heated up for another helping. Yum!

  39. I love to open the fridge and find my japanese leftovers or a dessert i was hiding and hoping my husband wouldn’t find! I also love opening the fridge and finding out my lunch for work the next day has mysteriously vanished….lol!!! πŸ™‚

  40. I would love to find a gourmet dinner ready to cook inside my fridge but what I’m more likely to find are just random ingredients!

  41. I love to find a can of diet coke in the fridge. I also love to find the empty cup of milk that my son set back in the fridge because he was “helping clean up”!

  42. I love to find any kind of ice cream! And – I know that winners are chosen randomly but I want to tell you I am entering for my best friend who is a foster/adopt mom to 5 kids! She REALLY needs a new fridge! This would be so great if I won so I could give it to her!

  43. Opening the refrigerator to find out that you don’t have to go to the store for a couple more days is probably my favorite, however finding a diet pepsi is a close second!

  44. Trying to encourage healthy snacks for my chocoholic daughter — so the first thing I like to see is the bowl of fresh grapes, strawberries or blueberries so I can either dish her up a small plate, or better yet — to check the inventory to see if there are more grapes missing or more candy kisses!

    Tami Fagan
    Proud mother of two wonderful girls!

  45. Half & Half for my coffee. It’s always a good start when we still have some. Ah, the little things.

  46. My absolute favorite thing to find in my fridge would have to be ice cold milk. So cold that little ice crystals are just starting to form in the jug. And of course that milk goes perfectly with my Oreos.

  47. I want to find enough room so that I could keep enough food on hand “Ice cream would not hurt either”.I could really use this fridge I have a large family and never enough room to keep the things I need. I would very happily donate my fridge to a family I know who could use one badly.
    By the way metro appliances is the best in the area for all appliances needs.

  48. My favorite things to find in my fridge are healthy foods, lots of fruits, veggies, farm fresh eggs and high quality dairy. A little chocolate is always welcome too. ; )

  49. I’d have to say that I love to find a block of brie and a bottle of pinot grigio on the fridge!

  50. A new fridge would be fab. I have a large family and would love to see a whole weeks worth of food in it when I open it as a wroking mother that would be a gift. I would give my old one to a needy family that I already know.

  51. I love to see a fully stocked fridge, complete with fresh fruits and veggies, and of course crock pot leftovers!!! How did I live without a crock pot???

  52. I would love to find ICE CREAM in my freezer and really could use a new one my current one is old but still works I would donate it.

  53. Well, first of all I would love to see the back of my refrigerator! It has been a standing joke with my family that I have so much food ( I raised 3 kids) stuffed in the fridge that one could never see the back. Other than that, I love to find fresh strawberries, greek yogurt and a ruby red grapefruit. As a working mom, anything I can cook for dinner, already defrosted, is great too.

  54. I would love to open the fridge and find all the things my family loves….yoplait yogurt, Coke Zero, cheese, jello pudding (dark chocolate of course!), fruit, bagels, and maybe a cheesecake lurking somewhere in that huge, beautiful fridge!!

  55. We always have our fridge stocked with Diet Dr. Peppers & a bottle (or two!) of Moscato Wine. And my husband always has to have chocolate chip ice cream sandwhichs in the freezer. πŸ™‚

  56. I love to see my cheese wrapped in special cheese papers — it looks like I have little presents waiting for me!

  57. When I open the fridge, I have to have a diet coke and a big jar of dill pickles! May sound like pregnancy food, but it’s an everyday snack in my world!

  58. I love to see a beautiful basket of colorful fresh fruits. It is a great way to get a quick healthy snack when I get home!

  59. I love seeing a picther of sweet tea waiting on me when I open my fridge. What would be even better if I could get ice in my cup thru the door I still have trays I have to fill not leaving alot of room in my freezer. Pour me a cup of iced sweet tea then relaxing just alittle, as you know us moms do not get much of that.

  60. I love to see my french vanilla creamer for my morning cup of coffee! There’s nothing better to wake up to!

  61. You would find my hopefully yummy split pea soup in there right now, haven’t made it in awhile and haven’t been able to try it either, and my favorite drink would have to be milk.

  62. I love finding a cold Diet Pepsi or now that I am on week 4 of my “healthy eating” campaign, I am excited by a cold bottle of Aquafina water.

  63. I love to have crisp, fresh produce in my refrigerator. Also cold, cold beverages. I’ll bet this refrigerator can deliver!

  64. Hands down, my favorite thing to see in my fridge is fresh salsa – tomatoes fresh from the garden, pepper, onions – YUM!!!

  65. What an awesome giveaway!! My favorite things to put in the fridge is to have a nice cold Diet Coke and my favorite thing to have in the freezer is white castle cheeseburgers! haha Love it! Thanks girls for having this giveaway!

  66. I love to open my fridge and find it: 1. Clean! and 2. Holding some good leftover I can eat for lunch so I don’t have to make a sandwich or do anything requiring too much effort! I also love a cold pitcher of iced tea in the summertime…ahhh.

  67. I love to fund fresh fruit when I open the refrigerator door!! What an awesome giveaway!!

  68. I love to find an open tub of chocolate icing and eat it by the spoonful!

  69. I like to open the freezer door and find ice cream…lots and lots of ice cream!

  70. Cool giveaway… I love cold apple pie for breakfast straight from the fridge – the flavors meld so smoothly after sitting in the chill chest overnight. Pie is good for you too, right? It’s got fruit and flour and butter – at least that’s what my Grandma Effie says!

  71. Leftovers is what I like best unfortunatley I have to eat them all because my husband does not!

  72. Love it when I open the frig door to find it filled with all the supplies to have an impromptu dinner party!!

  73. My favorite thing to grab from my fridge is my Starbucks bottled coffee. Makes the morning rush so much easier.

  74. I would love to find a complete Thanksgiving dinner ready for inside that new fridge(especially chocolate pie!!).

  75. My favorite drink to find in the fridge is ice tea with a little bit of lemonade mixed.

  76. I love seeing leftovers from last night that I can reimagine as tonight’s dinner: yesterday’s pot roast is today’s enchiladas or leftover roast chicken is today’s chicken pot pie. Having enough food on hand for a family of five takes up a lot of space. This fridge looks pretty and functional. My kind of appliance!

  77. My favorite thing to find in the refrigerator when I open the door is….yummy, delicious, juicy chocolate covered strawberries…mmmmmmmmmm!!

  78. I would love to have a new refrigerator for Christmas, open it up and see a large ham.

  79. I love love love to find yummy cracker dip made w/cream cheese and and and……my neice’s recipe (I’ve never made it) and it’s AWESOME with Ritz crackers!

  80. I love to open the fridge and find apple butter! I just want some apple butter on my toast.

  81. I definately need a new refrigerator. The one I
    own is, well lets say the service contract began in 1990 and expired in 1995. Love to find chilled waters and milk.

  82. I love opening the fridge and finding nicely organized wiped down shelves. I love the feeling of a newly cleaned fridge with no mystery food containers!

  83. I love to open my fridge and see a nice, freshly cleaned fridge…with fiji water, gourmet cheese and some fresh pineapple.
    I would love a new fridge….mine is about 12 years old, but still works, but it is definitely time for an upgrade!

  84. I like seeing leftovers so I don’t have to cook that night. I would love a new fridge!

  85. I love my Fit and Active 100 calorie fudge bars from Aldi. I think the fridge we have now came from Montgomery Wards that used to be in Evelyn Hills mall. That’s how old it is! It is freezing my lettuce. HELP me get a new fridge, pleeze!!

  86. I love fresh southern sweet tea, chicken salad and vanilla bean ice cream!!! Among many things. I am a working mother of five and our fridge is just about to die, we really could use a new fridge to stock up with all the kids favorites as well!!!

  87. My favorite thing to find in the fridge when I get home is an ice cold Mountain Dew and maybe some ice cream. I teach 2nd graders all day, so treats are welcome after a long day at work. πŸ™‚

  88. There is NOTHING like a clean frigerator and everything in its place with no plastic containers filling up all the space. I love throwing showers for many reasons but I love opening my fridge and seeing all the fresh fruits and vegetable trays. Its so colorful lol.

  89. I’d love to open the refrigerator and see desserts-especially chocolate ones, like an Oreo pudding pie-yummy!But with this refrigerator,I’d love seeing the space to fit everything in much more than the desserts!

  90. Iced tea is the everyday must. Leftovers and fruits and veggies. Thank you Metro for your generous donations for an amazing website πŸ™‚

  91. RC cola and a moon pie is my favorite thing to find in my fridge. Finding it in a new fridge would be the best.

  92. I love to see Red Diamond Sweet Tea and leftover chinese from Panda Express! Lunch is a no brainer after that…

  93. When I open the refrigerator, I would love to find it full with all the essentials which means I don’t have to go to the store! Milk, butter, eggs, (maybe some Smirnoff Ice), cheese and lunch meat. All of that would make me happy!

  94. When I open my refrigerator I love to see little bowls of leftovers carefully covered. It reminds me of my grandma’s refrigerator where there was always so many good things to eat!

  95. When I open my refrigerator first thing in the morning, I like to grab my peppermint mocha creamer for my coffee.

  96. Diet cherry Dr. Pepper – sliced chicken breast – apples – – – making me hungry!!

  97. I love to find cold, homemade lemonade and chocolate pie is always nice too! (of course not together!)

  98. A must at our house is Diet Dr. Pepper, apple juice and milk! The colder the better!

  99. I love to find an ice cold Coke Zero and Yoplait Whips! My fridge is just about to die!

  100. I love to find a bowl of fresh chilled cut up fruit when I open my refrigerator door, but that rarely happens! πŸ™‚
    Otherwise, I like my Mt Dew and Coke very cold!

  101. I would just love to have a refrigerator w/food in it. Seems like lately my son has been eating us out of house and home. Thanks for the opportunity to post.

  102. I love to open my fridge and see a can of diet Coke sitting there. Ahhh… caffeine. ; )

  103. Room! When I open the fridge/freezer doors I’d like to find room to put things. For years I’ve asked the neighbor across the street to borrow space in her fridge/freezer when the kids are coming over for a meal (or other friend’s & family come) because I didn’t have room for the food needed to feed them—even after stripping out everything from the fridge that would fit into multiple ice chests. Last night I could not get the 3 layered Tiramisuo Toffee Torte in the fridge because there was not enough height nor space for the cake, the cake took up a 1/5 of the whole fridge. Milk, Orange Juice, Leftover’s from dinner Eggs & Sausage for breakfast are taking up the rest of the space. Winning a large fridge would be a dream come true.

  104. I love opening my frig and seeing a freshly made banana pudding made by my mom. πŸ™‚

  105. I love finding Red Diamond sweet tea, or ice cold diet Dr. Pepper. This new fridge would be awesome for the holidays!

  106. I love opening up my fridge Nd seeing it wiped dow. This recently happened to me. When I came home it was a great surprise! I have amazing friends!

  107. My favorite when I open the fridge is Milk! My husband and I go through at least 2 gallons a week!

  108. I too, LOVE to find a cold Dr Pepper when I open the fridge! πŸ™‚ And I would love to open and find 7 layer dip already made in there as well!

  109. I love seeing Whole Milk as that means I dont have to go to the store that day and get some for my son! Ha!

  110. I love to see leftovers because it means I don’t have to cook dinner that night!

  111. I love to see some cold milk for the baby, cause if he is happy momma is happy! πŸ™‚

  112. I love opening our refrigerator door and finding more food than usual because that means our kids and grandkids are coming for a visit ! Great times ahead !!

  113. I would grab a cold Dr. Pepper and get into the freezer for a Moo Bar!! Yum!

  114. I love to to see an ice cold can of cherry coke in the fridge and I wish I would open the freezer door and find ice cubes! It would be a blessing to win this new fridge since ours has been having problems and now our ice maker no longer works πŸ™ Thanks for the opportunity to win!!!

  115. I love to open the fridge and find roasted red pepper hummus with chips or crackers and a big old unsweetened tea!!!

  116. I love to open the fridge and see all the makings for a Chef Salad. Yum, Yum. Or better yet, a bowl of already made Chef Salad–compliments of my husband.

  117. I love to keep things in the frige that my grandkids can help me cook when they come to visit.

  118. I love to find pudding or cookie dough or apples and caramel dip. Sweet treats for me!

  119. Alden’s Organic Blackberry Ice Cream! Especially being 9 months pregnant πŸ™‚

  120. Love to open the refrigerator and it be full with lots of left overs to be eaten.

  121. I love finding my kids favorite snacks and if I won this I would have that handy little snack drawer to put all their favorites.

  122. Freash fruit and veggies are my fovorite things to see in my new fridge

  123. Believe it or not fruit is my favorite thing to see in the refrigerator…just about any kind of berry nice and cold right out of the refrigerator makes me smile and feel good that I”m eating something healthy and it tastes good too.

  124. Wow!! What a giveaway! I would love this new refrigerator! What I love to see when I open up my fridge is: Some great gourmet cheese and my favorite drink of all time: Dr. Pepper!!

  125. My favorite thing when I open the door to look for food is cheese! Any kind of cheese!

  126. I love to open the fridge and find some yummy creamer for my coffee and to find some delicious left overs so that I don’t have to cook tonight!!!!

  127. I love to find an ice cold diet coke in my fridge when I open the door! Refreshing!!

  128. I enjoy opening the refrigerator door to see an ice cold Diet Dr. Pepper calling my name. And in the freezer a chocolate fudge bar.

  129. I bright crisp apple is my favorite snack though some chocolate ice cream is always a nice bonus too!

  130. I love to see leftovers from our previous nights meal knowing I get a break from cooking that night!!!

  131. My favorite drink is Diet Dr. Pepper and I love when its really cold. So when I am able to just open the fridge and grab a cold one it makes me a happy camper. πŸ™‚

  132. I love to open my fridge to cleanliness and organization. HA…but some yummy iced tea and a slice of cheese are good too! πŸ™‚

  133. When I open the fridge I like to see Orange Juice. And, it is an extra bonus if I have hid something special and it is still in its hiding place πŸ™‚

  134. When I open the fridge I like to see leftovers because that means no cooking dinner that evening.

  135. I love a cold diet dr pepper and greek yogurt. I also love to fill the door with all sorts of unique condiments.

  136. I love opening the door to the fridge and finding a pitcher of perfectly chilled fresh brewed iced tea with fresh lemon and an ice cold crisp and juicy apple out of the produce drawer! makes my mouth water! πŸ™‚

    Thank you Mamas!!

  137. My favorite food to see in the fridge is homemade cheesecake from my Grandma!

  138. Chocolate…… Any kind of chocolate….. and fresh brewed sweet tea!

  139. Me, I have a 21 month old so I always, without knowing it sometimes, reach for his gallon of vitamin d milk. I guess that’s all part of motherhood so I’m always disappointed when i don’t see a gallon of milk in the refrigerator. LOL
    Happy Holidays!

  140. OH MY GOODNESS this would be Godsent. My frig is so old. Wow I would love to win this prize. πŸ™‚

  141. I love an ice cold can of coke. I know it’s bad for me but sometimes I just can’t resist!

  142. COCONUT CREAM PIE is what i would like to see when I open my refrigerator! Or anything CHOCOLATE!!

  143. I love it when I open the refrigerator and there is an ice cold Dr. Pepper:)

  144. When I open my refrigerator, I want to see ice cold milk and a big roll of cookie dough! πŸ™‚

  145. What I like to see when I open my refrigerator is a chocolate cream pie and a tall jug of milk.

  146. When I open my fridge I like to see my sister in laws turtle cheesecake! Yummm!

  147. I would like to see lots of room without having to rearrange every time I go to the grocery store!

  148. When I open my fridge I like to see a big jars of pickles and a pepsi!

  149. When I open my fridge, I like to find cheesecake!! Dosen’t happen very often! LOL!

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