Who won the washer & dryer from Metro? Meet the Northwest Arkansas mom here!

Kristen Michaels was at work at the Benton County Conservation District when she saw the email that she’d won the brand new washer and dryer from Metro Appliances & More.

As requested, she gave us a call as soon as possible and was still a little in shock that she’d won. We asked her a few questions so we could all get to know her better:

Where are you from and how long have you lived in Northwest Arkansas?

I’m from El Dorado, AR, and I moved to Fayetteville to go to grad school at the U of A in 2002. I met the boy in 2004 and never left!

Tell us about your family:

My husband Chris and I have been married for 12 years. We have a 7 year old daughter named Sara Kate, and in April we welcomed our new little guy, Carter, who is now 7 months old. We have a couple of old puppy dogs as well, a yellow lab Cora and a chocolate lab/border collie mix, Cody.

What was your first response when you read the email that you were the big winner?!

I was shocked!  Who really thinks they’re going to win an internet contest, much less a big prize like a washer and dryer!  Not me!

Who was the first person you told the news and what was their reaction?

I told my husband.  I said you’re not going to believe this, I won something. His immediate reaction was oh no, what did you win this time?? The back story to his reaction is a few years ago I won tickets to see Bring It On: The Musical at the Walton Arts Center from nwaMotherlode. To this day he still gives me a hard time that I made him go to a cheerleading musical, haha. So naturally he thought he was going to have to go to some weird show again (and it wasn’t a weird show, it was really good, just not his cup of tea!).

Needless to say, he was much happier when I told him what I won.

What’s going to be in this washer and dryer a LOT?

Clothes! Sunday is laundry day out our house, but since our kids are 7 years apart, I forgot how much laundry you do with a new baby!  Spit up on this outfit, spit up on the sheets, spit up on mommy after each feeding so she has to change her shirt 3 times in one day, burp rags galore, a blown out diaper on this outfit, a blown out diaper on that outfit…needless to say, I’m washing a little more than I did 7 months ago!

Where will your old set go live now?

Our church works very closely with 7Hills Homeless Shelter and our pastor is on their board so hopefully they can take them and use them. If not, we will donate them to Habitat for Humanity.

What are your plans for the holidays?

We are staying in Fayetteville for Thanksgiving and hosting Chris’ family. Our daughter is very excited to spend the day with her cousins! Not sure about Christmas yet, probably go to my parents’ house at some point.

Again, congratulations to Kristen Michaels! We know you’ll put these new appliances to good use!