Giveaway: Tickets to the fabulous Listen to Your Mother show!

Stephanie and Lela

Note from the mamas: Congratulations to Lynette Terrell, winner of the 2 Listen to Your Mother tickets! We know you’ll have a great time at the show, Lynette!

The Listen to Your Mother Show is SOLD OUT.

However, we happen to have TWO coveted tickets to the show which is May 30 at 7 p.m. at the Walton Arts Center Starr Theater. Want to win them? (Keep reading to find out how!)

This show is big-time, mamas, and it’s awesome that we have it here in Northwest Arkansas. It’s not just happening here. There are also shows in Austin, Chicago, DC, Madison and quite a few other amazing states. This is the second year for Listen to Your Mother NWA.

LTYMLogoGwen and I were in last year’s cast and it was an amazing experience. (In the picture above, you see Lela Davidson and Stephanie McCratic, head mamas for the NWA show. They are listening to a story over Skype during auditions for the 2013 show).

Listen to Your Mother is the ultimate celebration of mothers.

By the end of the 2012 show — in which moms read aloud their personal stories about the gritty and gold of motherhood — the audience had cried, snickered, belly laughed and cringed. Don’t you want to be part of that this year? We guarantee you’ll love these stories.

Although we didn’t vote during the audition process, we were able to sit in and listen. Seriously, these personal essays are just fabulous.

You’ll probably recognize some of the mamas — and the one daddy! — who will be sharing their stories:

Courtney Kistler
Brian Davis
Jody Dilday
Rhonda Bramell
Lauren Levine
Jacqueline Wolven
Sarabeth Jones
Sarah White
Rhonda Fincher
Eileen Jennings
Sarah Hood
Margaret Robinson Rutherford
Karen Boston
Stephanie McCratic
Lela Davidson

HOW TO ENTER: If you’d like to win these two tickets to the SOLD OUT Listen to Your Mother show, click on the words “post a comment” at the bottom of this post and tell us about one of the BEST pieces of advice your mother ever gave you.

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Remember that all giveaway winners are always chosen at random, so anyone can win.

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Good luck winning the last few remaining tickets to this SOLD OUT show!



  1. The best advice I received was that I can always blame anything on her – like if I wanted to go home from something I didn’t like (bad date, uncomfortable situation with friends) I could always say it was her fault I had to leave. In hindsight, it got me out of a lot of comprimising places!
    PICK ME – because my mom forgot to buy her ticket – if I win, I can take her and my sister.

    • Such good advice! Wise mama ๐Ÿ™‚ We tell our kids that already and they are still pretty young. Trying to make sure they remember it when (not if) the need arises ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. My mom gave me lots of wonderful advice, but the best advice that still works for me as a happy, longtime-married woman is what she told me on my wedding day. “If you want to have a happy marriage, always remember two things: 1. Never go to bed mad, and 2. Always kiss each other good-bye.”
    So far, so good!

  3. My mother was a very smart woman, and a great mom, which makes it weird that I can’t recall a single phrase or comment that really burned itself into my brain… I think she really was more of a doer than a teller. She got her pilot’s license in her mid-40s just because she’d always wanted to learn to fly. That example – that it’s never too late to do something you dream – is in me every day.

  4. and on Twitter! Sorry… thought I had to post a comment for each one and just saw I could have told you in one comment. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Mom always said don’t worry what others think, simply do right and live life to the fullest!

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