Giveaway: Bridges of Madison County at Walton Arts Center


If you loved the novel or the blockbuster movie by the same name, you’re going to love seeing The Bridges of Madison County as a Broadway musical.

This Tony Award-winning musical is the perfect date night or Girls Night Out. We’ve got two tickets for one lucky mama for opening night of the show on April 19th.

ABOUT THE SHOW: THE BRIDGES OF MADISON COUNTY, one of the most romantic stories ever written, is now an irresistible, two time Tony Award®-winning Broadway musical. The show will run April 19th through the 24th.

With gorgeous, soulful music that the Daily News hails as “one of Broadway’s best scores in the last decade,” THE BRIDGES OF MADISON COUNTY is the unforgettable story of two people caught between decision and desire, as a chance encounter becomes a second chance at so much more.

WAC_BridgesHOW TO ENTER: To throw your name in the online hat to win tickets to see this show, click on the words “post a comment” below and tell us about something you’d find romantic.

An Italian vacation? Tulips (or your favorite flower) delivered to you at work? A love letter from your significant other? A loving gesture like your honey cleaning the whole house while you’re gone for the day? We all spell romance a little differently! Ha!

You can also email your answer to us at

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CLICK HERE if you want to buy tickets to see the Bridges of Madison County now. We’ll choose a winner on Friday. Good luck, mamas!


  1. My husband is not a mushy romantic type but when he cleans the kitchen and cooks for me, he melts my heart!! Thanks for such an awesome giveaway!

  2. My husband and I will be celebrating our 24th anniversary on 4/18 so attending opening night of Bridges of Madison County would be a romantic way to celebrate!

  3. A day to myself would be SO ROMANTIC 🙂 That, and this show of course. My birthday is that same week, so this would make a great birthday date!

  4. Any time my husband plans our night out and works out all the details. Babysitter included!

  5. My husband is romantic in so many little ways, like surprising me by washing my car while I’m distracted doing something else, but the ultimate romantic gesture would be a European getaway to Portugal or something like that. I love to travel!

  6. Traveling to a romantic place like Italy or Spain or Greece would be nice, but nothing would beat coming home to a fully cleaned house! That’s my kind of romance!

  7. Flowers for no reason, love notes left in surprise places, offering help around the house……….

  8. My idea of romance would be sweat pants, pizza, diet coke and Netflix with my husband! But seeing Bridges of Madison County at WAC would definitely be right up there too! 🙂

  9. I am not a gushy girl when it comes to romantic gestures. But a small thoughtful gift of something my husbands knows I like, left hidden for me to find, with a sweet note, makes me feel loved and special!!

  10. My sweet husband is a hopeless romantic! My favorite thing? A little yellow post it note that says “I love you” and signed simply “Me”

  11. When my husband plans the entire evening. I come home to a new outfit a note that says be ready at 7pm. The rest is a surprise….Love it.

  12. I’m pretty simple. A homemade meal by my husband and dancing in the living room. Then a movie and snuggling on the couch. This never happens. Lol.

  13. I find walking hand in hand behind our children running down a path in front of us romantic, but coming home to a clean house and dinner ready is a close 2nd. 😉 I get your newsletter, follow you on Pinterest and Twitter, commented on FB.

  14. I’m longing for any romantic gesture right now: a hand to hold, a simple “honey you look nice today”, a dinner out, a quirky note of affection he used to leave me, flowers, etc… My hubby and I have such off schedules we are passing ships in the night so I miss his attention!

  15. My hubs has a way with words so I would say a heartfelt letter or poem and a long sensual massage☺

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