The big cleanse: Day 1

OK, girls, today’s the day. For those of you who have opted to join us for the Today Show three-day cleanse, thanks! It makes us feel better that we’re not the only ones out there who are “detoxing”.

If you missed last week’s post, the Motherlode mamas are following a three-day cleanse recommended by the Today Show nutritionist Joy Bauer (click here to read the story). We invited you to join us. If you want to do it, but missed the story, go out and buy the detox-approved food and join us tomorrow!

We don’t know how your weekend went, but Gwen and I found ourselves eating like crazy! It was like we were storing up extra food in our bodies to help us through the cleanse. Does that make any sense? No, but food-related neuroses seldom do. I ate at a barbecue restaurant and tore through some homemade barbecue chips, then proceeded to eat a honkin’ pork sandwich with the fixins’. I was a little less freaky on Sunday.

I went to the grocery store last night and could not believe how expensive it was to get all the ingredients for this detox! I spent $66, no lie. Of course, that included a $14 container of the whey protein powder. Yikes!

My husband looked at all the groceries lined up on the counter and said, “Well, that’s a month’s gym membership.” Thanks, honey.

Gwen and I also stressed when we realized we’d have to weigh ourselves. We’ve avoided that since before Thanksgiving! But we’re curious about whether we’ll actually lose any weight on this thing.

Probably the number one thing we’re worried about today is not having any caffeine in the form of Dr. Pepper — diet or otherwise. It will be an interesting few days. Click on the orange comment button below if you’re joining us in this cleanse. We want to hear about it!