Cleanse: Day 2

So, wow. We made it through the whole first day of the three-day cleanse challenge (click here for details if you missed our last two posts). We couldn’t believe the number of times our hands moved toward the salt shaker, or the can of Pringles or the bottle of Diet Dr. Pepper before we remembered that we “couldn’t” eat that stuff.

Now to get through day two! We can do it!

On the first day, I especially worried I was going to put something in my mouth that was “not on the list” like when I was making food for my kiddo. It’s so easy just to pop something in your mouth when you’re making food for other people. Or just eat the rest of the macaroni in the pot….

I have to say I was not starving the first day. I was not, however, in love with the green tea. Really that’s the only thing I didn’t like. I even liked the breakfast shake. Did you? Gwen hated it 🙂 She also hated the green tea and refused to drink it. In fact she told me during one of our talk-me-off-the-ledge conversations, “I’m not going to waste my swallow reflex on green tea.”

Drinking all the water and green tea made me need to tinkle more than usual. And let me tell you, I already “go” a lot!

It was especially problematic when Gwen and I went to Bfit for our pilates workout Monday. I think I went three times while we were there crunching, working out on the barre and doing scissors from $#!!. We were wondering why we scheduled our first workout on the first day of our cleanse. And Bfit’s Tara showed us no mercy!

But we got through it!!!! Only today and tomorrow to go. Did you do it, too? We want to hear about it! Comment below or email us to tell us how it’s going.