Giveaway: Mamma Mia Tickets and Bordinos!

Note from the mamas: Amy Cash won this fabulous giveaway. After returning from the show, Amy sent us a note: “I wanted to thank you guys so much for providing this wonderful opportunity for my 10 y/o daughter and I to spend some much needed mommy/daughter time together. You all enabled me to have a rich experience full of fun and laughter, and some dancing queens too.”

This week’s giveaway is going to be so much fun for the mom who wins it. I’ve seen this show before, and it’s humanly impossible not to LOVE it when you see it on stage during opening night, Tuesday, February 8th at 7 p.m. at the Walton Arts Center. We’ll give away two tickets this week!

Mamma Mia is full of laughs and great party music, so it’s perfect for a girls’ night out or for a date night. The show features the greatest hits of ABBA — the Swedish singers who took the 70s by storm with songs like “Dancing Queen” and “Take a Chance on Me” and “The Winner Takes It All.”

Perhaps the only thing better than a fun night at the theater is a fun night at the theater preceded by an amazing meal. So we’ve arranged for the winning mama and her guest to be taken care of at Bordinos Italian Restaurant, just steps away from the theater on Dickson Street.

There’s a reason why so many moms love going to Bordinos. The food is always incredible and the service is top-notch. We also love the atmosphere, which feels upscale and special but never snobby or intimidating. The folks at Bordinos know how to treat a mama right. If you’re lucky enough to win this package, be sure you save room for one of their incredible desserts. They’re heavenly.

HOW TO ENTER: To throw your name in the hat for this giveaway (which would normally cost close to $200 ), click on the orange comment button below and tell us what song (new or old) turns you into a dancing queen. (I love ABBA songs, but it’s downright criminal not to dance to “Brick House” by the Commodores. What’s your favorite?)

You can also e-mail your favorite dancing tune to

HOW TO INCREASE YOUR ODDS: As always, you’ll earn an extra chance to win for every friend you tell about the giveaway. Just be sure to put on the CC line of your note so we can give you proper credit for helping us spread the word.

ABOUT THE SHOW: Most of you have probably seen the movie, so you know the story. For those who haven’t, it’s about a mother and daughter in the days leading up to the daughter’s wedding on a Greek island. The daughter, who never knew her father, invites three men from her mother’s past because she believes that one of them is her dad. But which one is it? And what happens when these old flames return to the island? The story unfolds as the main characters — the mother and her two best friends — belt out the ABBA classics on stage. (Note: You will be VERY tempted to sing loudly and chair dance throughout the show. Your inner dancing queen will have a blast.)

Tickets are selling quickly for this show, so call soon if you don’t want to miss a chance to see it. Click HERE or call the box office at 479-443-5600 for ticket info.

Good luck in the giveaway and enjoy the show!


  1. Anything Justin Timberlake. Every time I clean house, JT helps put a pep in my step. Love him.

  2. When anyone is feeling low in our house we play, Monty Pythons, Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life. Everyone starts dancing and acting goofy, in our house, when that song starts. Its a great way to remind ourselves not to take the bad things in life too seriously!

  3. My son is 5. We love getting down to “Hey Ya’ll” by Black Eye Peas. We get down and partaaaay while that song is on!

  4. There are a ton of great songs that get me movin… anything by Black Crowes is great… and also anything by Prince!!!

  5. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Boogie Shoes!!! I can’t hear it without dancing!!!

  6. We all love the Black Eyed Peas!! Put that on and we all get
    To dancing!

  7. Donna Summer, Last Dance.
    It was 1977, I was in high school and I had the most fabulous burgundy wrap around polyester disco dress you’ve ever seen.

  8. Abba was definitely from my generation. I remember taking The Hustle dance lessons in Jr. High! Dancing Queen was definitely my fave of Abba. And KC of the Sunshine Band was so hot! Now the memories are coming back!

  9. Music in general gets my blood pumping but it has to be Bad Mama Jama by Carl Carlton. My 11 year old son and I hear the first note of this and the dance competition is on!

  10. The Black Eyed Peas!! But, just about any kind of dance music gets us going! LOVE ABBA and Mama Mia! Would love to take my mom!

  11. The song that makes me break out and dance is OneLove by Bob Marley, I love the words about everyone getting together, OneLove. In the song it even says “Give thanks and praise to the Lord….” which is what I know to be the true way to find OneLove, His Love. The song also makes me think of paradise, you have all seen the Jamaica commercials… waterfalls, cresent beaches, warm sun, walking hand in hand with the one you love. I think i will get on Pandora and play it know. Since this week we are gonna need it! I hope I win, my sweet husband and I need a night out on someone elses tab. 🙂

  12. When I was in high school the best songs to dance to were “Gonna Make You Sweat,” “Baby Got Back,” “Whoomp There it Is,” and Lots of Boyz II Men! This would be a great date night!!

  13. We will dance to anything from the Wiggles to Ben Harper. I play Ben Harper’s “Steal your kisses” and steal a hug and a kiss from my boys who sometimes think that its not cool to hug and kiss their mama.

  14. It doesn’t take much to turn me into a dancing queen! It is hard to think of just one…Sugar, Sugar by the Archie’s!

  15. I have to admit that I am a dancing fool. Almost any music gets my feet to moving but I’m ridiculous when sir mix alot comes on with Baby Got Back. It’s infectious and I feel that for some reason most people know the words to this entire song. It always makes me smile and shake what my momma gave me:)

  16. Any good gospel music will lift me up. But i like most types of music so it is hard to pick one. Maybe cherry bomb by Joh melencamp

  17. I don’t dance, but my daughter sure does. She makes up for the both of us. I love theater and Bordino’s is my FAV! This would be Awesome!

  18. I didn’t like Abba until I saw the Mama Mia, the movie. Now I love all the songs! They all make me happy!

  19. My 3-year-old son and I listen to KLOVE all day! We love to dance to it! 🙂

  20. My birthday is February 20th and my husband and children usually kind of forget it. It is during busy sports activities. Last year I sat at a state wrestling tournament all day on my birthday. It would be so wonderful to be pampered with a show and dinner. Thank you for considering me.

  21. Footloose, Dancing Queen, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun…lots of “older” good ones to make you get with it! Great giveaway! Thanks Gwen & Shannon.

  22. I’d have to say in addition to Brick House being one of my favs, Brown Eyed Girl is my all-time, mostly because I am one!

  23. Every time I hear upbeat Celtic Music I have an urge to Dance Ballet. 🙂 As far as one song that makes me want to get up and dance – it would have to be Bust a Move by Young MC.

  24. footloose is great and YMCA is always silly fun with the kids 🙂 great giveaway!!

  25. Dance Star Mickey Mouse is what I like to dance to with my 1 1/2 year old daughter. My 10 year old son joins in most of the time.

  26. The writer, Norman Wexler, of “Saturday Night Fever” and “Staying Alive” was a very close friend of mine until he died in 1999. We went everywhere in lemos and then he’d step out of the lemo to expose his stocking feet–even when it was raining–shoes hurt his feet. Filthy rich, but he looked like a bum out of the alley. (Extremely manic depressive–or bipolar as we call it now.) But everyone knew him, and when we’d walk into any club or bar, they’d shout, “Hey, Mr. Dancing Queen!” So I have to say that whenever I hear that song or “Staying Alive,” I do come alive on the dance floor!

  27. Brown Eyed Girl always turns me into a dancing queen! It’s so much fun you can’t help but dance!

  28. My kids can rock out to “Hit me with your best shot” and of course we have the Mamma Mia soundtrack in our car in the cd changer at all times!!

  29. Great giveaway. Loved the soundtrack of Mamma Mia and would love to see it at WAC. Thanks.

  30. Growing up my sister would always play “oldies” as we cleaned house, somehow it made it funner. I really love something with a good beat to get my groove goin’ especially when chores need to be done.

  31. The song that really jump starts me is “Lovestoned” by Justin Timberlake it doesn’t matter where I am I just gotta dance to it…lol

  32. Great giveaway! I can dance (or bounce in the driver’s seat) to nearly anything, but the Grease and Dirty Dancing soundtracks get me moving every time.

  33. How about “I Can’t Help Myself (Sugar Pie, Honey Bun)” by the Four Tops or a hundred other Motown hits!

  34. I really only dance to get a laugh out of my kids,so whatever happen to have a good beat and get us all acting silly.

  35. Shout is a great dance song! I remember my whole family (including my dad) getting on the dance floor to this song at my wedding reception.

  36. Any song with a great beat can get me to dancing (although I usually keep my dancing confined to my home)!

  37. I dance to almost anything, but one of my favorites is Flat on the Floor by Carrie Underwood. It is just fun and upbeat. I can’t help but dance to it.

  38. This would be so much fine! We love the movie and sign it all the time! What a great date night!!!

  39. I actually have and listen to ABBA’s greatest hits. My kiddos will even request it! Would love to take my sweet mom to the show!! Thanks!

  40. My son’s new favorite song is “Fire Burning” by Sean Kingston. We physically cannot sit still when it is playing on the ipod!

  41. Right now anything by Katie Perry or P!NK. Love them both. They help me exercise on the elliptical too.

  42. I grew up listening to the oldies so I can’t sit still when I hear Do You Love Me, now that I can dance, dance..

  43. I have to admit.. “Baby got Back” by Sir Mix-A-Lot! you just have to dance & sing along when you hear that one. oh, and “Don’t Touch This!” by MC Hammer

  44. I’m too sexy for my shirt…Right Said Fred! Oh yea…ladies, you all must remember the 80’s! :-0

  45. I absolutely cannot resist jungle boogey- by Kool and the Gang! I can’t help myself!

  46. As creepy as it seems, Micheal Jackson’s thriller or beat it. Also, love all the girls of my day Madonna’s Holiday and Lucky Star, Cyndi Laupers Girls just wanna have fun, Bangles Walk like an Egyptian

  47. I simply cannot help myself when I hear New Shoes by Paolo Nutini. My favortite local band, Big Bad Gina, also does this song, and it is so much fun! Go on You Tube and listen to it–you’ll be hooked!

  48. Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy! Horrible right? Not as horrible as when my 13 year old daughter and her friend walked in on me singing and dancing to it in the kitchen!!

  49. “I Feel For You” by Chaka Khan – cannot stand still when I hear this song!

  50. I LOVE anything by New Kids on the Block… old school I know! However, lately my life consists of Raffi and other kids songs! My little girl loves to watch me dance to them.

  51. ABBA’s music really IS great to dance to, but I also love a good old school Boys II Men or anything Michael Buble too! I could vaccuum all day to one of their songs! Okay, well…maybe not ALL day. : )

  52. I’ve got the “Grease” soundtrack. You cannot be still while any of those songs are playing. I’ve had it for almost 18 years. I think it may be time to buy a cd that’s not so scratched!

  53. Jack Johnson-every time the kids watch Curious George it’s a dance party throughout the whole movie. Wow my dance music is from a kids movie…I desperately need a girls night with a “momma show”!!!

  54. My hubby, 2 yo, and I can’t help but have spontaneous dance parties every once in a while to whatever upbeat song might come across the playlist, but my personal favorite is “Imma Be” by the Black Eyed Peas. Maybe mommy’s wild dancing will distract her from the lyrics!

  55. Love all of the ABBA songs and would love to take my daughter to see this play!

  56. Usually anything from the 80s! Especially Michael
    Jackson’s “Beat It!” Lately my kids and I have been dancing to the Annie soundtrack!

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