Giveaway: CHOCOLATE!!

Note from the mamas: Kara Ault was the lucky winner of this delicious giveaway. Congrats, Kara!

Oh, yes, yes, yes! This giveaway will make all the chocolate lovers swoon. But first, I’ve got to tell you the back story on these amazing custom-made chocolates I discovered late last year.

I got invited to a jewelry party at my friend Heidi’s house. When I got there, I migrated over to the big spread of appetizers she had on the table. But then I spotted these chocolates out of the corner of my eye, and I felt this magnetic pull toward them. They were beautiful. The chocolate dipped strawberries were enormous. And then there were these little cake balls dipped in milk chocolate and dribbled with white chocolate. And the dipped strawberries and cake balls were nestled into what looked like a chocolate bowl.

“Is this bowl really made out of chocolate?” I asked..

Yep. It is!” said one of other ladies, as she broke a piece of bowl off and popped it in her mouth with a smile.

Genius, I thought. When the strawberries and cake balls disappear, there’s still a big chocolate bowl to eat!

I asked where the delicious chocolates came from, and Heidi pointed toward a young woman with a cute baby boy on her lap. She started her own custom chocolates business shortly after her son was born. It’s called Dojo’s Designs, and the chocolate artist behind those tasty creations is Sierra Dominguez (who just found out she’s expecting her second baby!). If you’re looking for the perfect addition to a baby shower, bridal shower, bachelorette party, wedding, book club meeting, birthday bash or a Valentine’s dinner, these chocolates are IT. They taste even better than they look. I think I’m officially addicted now.

HOW TO ENTER: As you know, Valentine’s Day is coming up quickly, and we thought a chocolate bowl full of dipped strawberries, cake balls or both would make a very sweet treat for one lucky mama. To throw your name in the hat to win the chocolate package, click the orange comment button below and tell us what your favorite chocolate treat is. Do you have any sweet memories that are tied to chocolate? (Chocolate fountain at your wedding reception? Box of chocolates from your first boyfriend on Valentine’s Day? Your grandmother’s famous chocolate cake?)

You can also e-mail your entry to To increase your odds of snagging the free chocolates, simply tell your friends via email about this giveaway and be sure to put on the CC line. We’ll give you an extra chance to win for every person you tell. Sweet!

If you’re shopping for a good Valentine’s Day gift this year, this would be a delicious surprise. At only $20 per chocolate edible bowl (which is filled with 5 to 6 dipped strawberries and 5 to 6 dipped cake balls), it’s a gift that won’t blow your budget but still feels very luxurious and high-end. We think it’s perfect for husbands with a sweet tooth, kids, and chocolate-loving friends, too.

But place your order asap if you want it for Valentine’s Day. (It’s only a couple of weeks away, can you believe it?) To order one of these artfully crafted edible boxes filled with your choice of either dipped strawberries, cake balls, (or both), call Sierra at Dojo’s Designs at (479) 715-2302 or email her at

ABOUT DOJO’S DESIGNS: Married to husband Mark, Sierra Dominguez is mother to a 6-month-old baby boy named Khai and is expecting another baby later this year. She and her family moved to Northwest Arkansas last summer and moved into their new home just three days after their son was born. Sierra says that loving chocolate runs in her family. Her grandmother taught her to make brownies when she was only 8 and she is still making them for family gatherings.

Sierra came up with the idea for her famous chocolate boxes after watching an episode of TLC’s Cake Boss.  Here’s her story, in her own words:

“After I saw that episode, I really wanted to learn how to make a chocolate box. Then I had to figure out what to put in it, and who doesn’t love chocolate-dipped strawberries? I also include my chocolate-dipped cake balls because they are so moist that it’s almost like eating cake batter. If you ask me, that’s what cake should taste like!”

“I’m a stay-at-home mom, and my newborn son was and still is amazing and actually sleeps 10 hours at night. (Lucky mom, I know.) So I had the freedom and energy to “try, try again.” I started making these chocolates for family, friends and even made one for a baby shower. The feedback was great, and I became intrigued because I couldn’t find these kinds of boxes anywhere else in the area. They’re so unique and cute… I couldn’t resist. Some stay-at-home moms make hair bows. I make chocolates! And I’m blessed to have this opportunity to start a business and am relying on God to steer it where He wants it to go.”

Good luck in the chocolate giveaway, ladies! We’ll choose a winner next Thursday!


  1. white chocolate dipped strawberries! During our ice storm a few years ago we had no electricity so my son and I used my tea light fondue and ate chocolate for a week!

  2. I love the covered strawberries! Cute designs! I don’t have a blog or website-just email.
    jamie pennington

  3. I LOVE everything that has chocolate. my favorite is chocolate fruit. Everyone around me knows this but some reason when they try to get me something they seem to forget it and think that I am too hard to shop for. If only they would remember my LOVE for chocolate. 🙂 Mmm…

  4. My favorite chocolate candy is either chocolate covered strawberries or chocolate covered pretzels but I love everything chocolate (unless it has nuts). These chocolate covered strawberries look amazing. Even if I don’t win them I’m going to nudge my husband to buy me some for V-Day.

  5. i’d have to say chocolate covered strawberries are my favorite!! nutricious and delicious!! haha… sort of…

  6. My mom makes my favorite chocolate cake every year for my birthday. Its a chocolate chip bundt cake with chocolate drizzled on top. The best part……the next day! I love it cold!

  7. When I was attending a college just south of NWA my grandparents, who lived in Goshen, drove down for a visit on Valentine’s Day weekend. My grandfather gave me a heart-shaped tin box of candy. It was the only thing he ever gave me that was directly from him to me, and I cherished that tin box. 🙂

  8. I love most anything chocolate. My favorite is dark chocolate. I really enjoy a good, from scratch, chocolate cake and from scratch chocolate icing .. yum yum and I have never had a bad chocolate covered strawberry

  9. Where to start… every memory is made better with chocolate! My best are from the Cadbury chocolate my Nana would send over from England when I was little… yum1

  10. chocolate covered strawberries from hanna kraus in New Jersey….my father gave each of us a box for valentines day every year…i would take count of mine to ensure my sister didnt sneak one from my box…to this day when i visit NJ I stop in to grab a box!

  11. When my daughter was 5 yrs old, we were saying how much we loved eachother. She said with hers arms spread apart “I love you this much!” I replied back “I love you more than chocolate!”. Her jaw dropped and she said, “Wow, I can’t beat that!”

  12. I love all things chocolate but I especially love dark chocolate. I like the little Special miniatures. They’re the perfect bite size!

  13. it just so happens that Chocolate covered strawberries is my favorite! So, I need them really bad! 🙂

  14. I LOVE chocolate covered strawberries (followed by chocolate covered blueberries). Yum!

  15. I love just about chocolate anything, but love chocolate covered strawberries. I’ve made chocolate cake balls and my son loves those.

  16. Dark Chocolate covered almonds. Chocolate covered Turtles (caramel and nuts). The Hot Fudge Sundae Cake my mom always made on birthdays (a one pan cake that makes it’s own chocolate syrup to drizzle of the cake and the ice cream).

  17. Any choc covered fruit! Doesn’t matter what is underneath, chocolate is chocolate! My great grandmother made the best chocolate cake. I have a friend who makes a chocolate Coke cake–Yum Yum!

  18. I love anything chocolate! Especially fruit dipped in chocolate…and candy bars…and everything chocolate. I have 2 memories: 1 is my dear friend Jules in WA – she made the best chocolate cake in the world. She made me one whenever I had a baby or needed a pick-me-up. I have tried to make it like her but it does not turn out as well. My other memory is eating Reese’s with my mom along with a flavored drink EVERY Saturday while we were doing laundry (I was 5).

  19. Those look so yummy. I’m happy to hear another sucess story from a stay-at-home mom.

  20. Love the look on my daughter’s face anytime there are chocolate covered strawberries around!!!

  21. Chocolate is the food of the Gods! If I would win this beautiful basket, I would give it to my teenage sons since I know they would love it. My favorite chocolate memory is making Brownies with caramal in them. My children would help and this was their very favorite treat. I miss their little chocolate fingers sneaking to their chocolate covered mouths and then telling me that they did not taste it. Sweet memories of little boys who are now bigger than me.

  22. I have always loved chocolate – any kind. If it’s chocolate it’s just right for me. The chocolate bowl sounds wonderful!

  23. There is not much better than a fire cooked s’more with a gooey chocolate center. Yum! Makes me want to go camping. : )

  24. My best memory is my mom making homemade chocolate fudge with black walnuts in it. So good. we never had choholate covered fruit but now I can say I love fruit and all Just so it has chocolate on it. Thanks for a new chocolate bowl and all the goodies in it.

  25. McCafé Mocha Frappé-This is one frosty cup of love: the coffee-chocolate goodness of mocha blended with ice, topped with whipped cream.

  26. I absolutely love Coldstone’s ChocolateDevotion. Yum. Chocolate icecream, hotfudge, brownies, nuts all mixed together. Yum. Great now I am hungry and stuck in the house during the blizzard. Guess I will have to do with an orange or banana. LOL.

  27. My favorite is chocolate almond ice cream and chocolate covered strawberries!

  28. My favorite chocolate treat is a plain hersheys bar smeared with jif creamy, very fattening. Also love the dark chocolates with sea salt that are so popular now.

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