Giveaway: Valentine’s Day package with jewelry + chocolate!

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What’s the best way to celebrate Valentine’s Day? How about with jewelry and chocolate?

If this sounds good to you, you’ll fall in love with this giveaway!

Chisel Rose Quartz EarringsWe met Heather Cogburn at Lela Davidson’s book launch party and hit it off immediately. When we found out that Heather’s e-commerce business is My Diamond Obsession, we had to know more! She was formerly in retail and those connections allow her to find diamonds and other jewelry at great prices, which she passes on to customers across the country through her website.

Heather offered to give away some beautiful rose quartz earrings from the Chisel Collection for Valentine’s Day. One lucky mama is going to be rocking these gorgeous earrings in Northwest Arkansas soon!

My Diamond Obsession offers high quality jewelry at reduced prices, because Heather doesn’t pay the overhead that brick and mortar stores do. There’s a great selection of amazing jewelry,  including mother’s necklacesstackable stainless steel cable braceletsdiamond ring guards and wraps, and large gemstone rings.


While the winner of this giveaway is wearing her brand new (fancy) earrings, she’ll be nibbling on some delicious chocolate-dipped strawberries, courtesy of Sierra Dominguez at Dojo’s Designs.

strawberries white backgroundSierra makes beautiful chocolate-dipped strawberries and then artfully arranges them in edible chocolate bowls.

In addition to the original (awesome!) white or milk chocolate dipped strawberries, Dojo’s now offers white chocolate dipped in coconut, milk chocolate dipped in pecans or milk chocolate with pearl accents. The winner can choose her favorite flavor(s)!

HOW TO ENTER: If you want to win these amazing quartz earrings and chocolate-dipped strawberries, just click on the orange comment button at the bottom of this post and tell us which jewelry you’re in love with from My Diamond Obsession (click here to visit Heather’s site and browse the beauties). Also, tell us which flavor you would choose for your chocolate-dipped strawberries from Dojo’s Designs (the choices are above!)

HOW TO INCREASE YOUR ODDS: Help us spread the word about the giveaway and we’ll give you extra chances to win. Send an email to your friends about the giveaway and be sure to put on the CC line of your note. We’ll give you an extra chance to win for every person you tell.

BE SOCIAL: Spread the word via social media and we’ll give you extra chances as well. Just share the giveaway with your friends on Facebook (click here to go see the post on our Facebook and share from there) or share about the giveaway on Twitter to increase your odds of winning. If you do either of these things, just let us know in your posted comment or send us an email so we can give you proper credit.

GIFT THESE GOODIES: If you don’t want to risk not winning — or if you’d like to order some jewelry or chocolate for yourself or a Valentine — you can order jewelry by clicking HERE to visit My Diamond Obsession. Reach out to Sierra at Dojo’s Designs on her Facebook page HERE to order chocolate-dipped strawberries. You can also call 479.715.2302 or email her at dojosdesigns[AT]

Good luck, mamas!



  1. I love all the love jewelry – really do like the earrings in this give-away.
    Strawberries dipped in milk chocolate are my absolute favorite.

  2. Posh Mommy™ Engravable Wee Loop Necklace with Simulated Birthstone is adorable and perfect for my three kids!

    I love chocolate so the milk chocolate with pearl accents sounds yummy!

  3. My absolute FAVORITE is the chocolate covered strawberries. I hope and pray I win this prize!! Thank you NWA Motherlode!!!

  4. Love the 1/2 ct. Yellow and white drop earrings and the white chocolate and coconut strawberries. Yum!

  5. I like a lot on the site, but my fav is the Posh Mommy stuff, especially the name necklace w/birthstone and the engraveable loop necklace (both in silver). The strawberry w/pearl accents sounds really good!

  6. I love the Posh Mommy™ Engravable Wee Loop Necklace with Simulated Birthstone. I have 2 kiddos and have wanted something like this forever! I think I would pick the milk choc strawberries with pearl accents! YUMMMMM

  7. Love the Diamond In and Out Hoop Earings…I’ve always wanted a pair. They are gorgeous! Favorite strawberries are the old fashioned milk chocolate dipped. 🙂

  8. I found a really beautiful wedding band wrap. When I married almost 10 years ago, I opted for a solitaire with a plain band. Now, I’d love to add some bling! As for the chocolate strawberries, how could you go wrong with any flavor??

  9. Anything sparkly is great by me! White chocolate dipped in coconut sounds heavenly! Shared on FB!

  10. Love all the beautiful jewelry!!! Diamonds are a girls best friend and my husband and I got married very young and couldn’t afford expensive engagement rings and now that we are going on 20 years of marriage in March my dream is to get new beautiful diamond anniversary bands. So the diamond rings are my most favorite. I love strawberries dipped in chocolate. It sets the valentines day mood. With three girls in the house, its the simple momments that count.

  11. I love the Posh Mommy™ Engravable Wee Loop Necklaces! I like to share my family with the world!

  12. I love the princess diamond stud ear rings. I have wanted some for a long time!

  13. Halo engagement ring and posh collection. Chocolate covered with nuts and coconut<3

  14. Yummy and wow! I would love to eat some milk chocolate dipped strawberries while wearing the Diamond Heart Shaped Key Necklace. 🙂

  15. I don’t how I could chose between white chocolate coconut and milk chocolate pacans. Obsessed with the stackable diamond bangle in rose gold.

  16. Oh MY! The .98 Halo Diamond Engagement Ring is beautiful! I’ve been married 23 years, but I still want it!! And you can’t go wrong with milk chocolate dipped strawberries! YUMMMMYYYY!

  17. The diamond halo solitare necklace is absolutely stunning! And.the milk chocolate.strawberries look yummy

  18. Love all the posh mommy collection but especially the silver dog tag.

    And any chocolate flavor is my favorite. Yum!

  19. The Posh mommy jewelry is fantastic! Love the dog tags! The white chocolate with coconut sounds yummy! I love coconuts.

  20. I would love anything from My Diamond Obsession, but I particularily like the posh mommy wee loop necklace.

    The strawberries dipped in milk chocolate and pecans:-) Yum!

  21. I love the engravable posh loop necklace with the kids’ names on it and the choc covered strawberries with pearl accents sound yummy!

  22. I LOVE the Liliana Diamond necklace. I just had a baby girl 2 months ago that I named Liliana!!! Love me some chocolate strawberries too. =)

  23. Such beautiful jewelry! I actually am really hoping for a pair of diamond studs…so the princess cut studs in 3/4 tw ct…yes, please! Also, I love love love white chocolate…dipped with strawberries! Heavenly! I’m pretty intrigued by the coconut as well though! Yummy!

  24. I love the 1/4 CT. T.W. Liliana Diamond and Sterling Silver Earrings–such a beautiful design. Lots of gorgeous jewelry on the site, though!

  25. Love the posh mommy jewelry!!! ANY. Of the chocolate covered strawberries would be AWESOME!!

  26. I love the POSH Mommy pendant necklace-it reminds me of my amazing daughter-in-law, she is a wonderful mother of three and a terrific wife. I would love to win the earings and chocolate covered strawberries for her. She really deserves a special Valentine’s Day!

  27. There’s a really pretty topaz and diamond ring at My Diamond Obsession that I like! And chocolate and pecan strawberries, all the way. Thanks, ladies!

  28. Turn 48 this month so would love to win. Chocolate with pearls and coconut for the chocolate and amethyst and staineless steel necklace (that’s my birthstone)and POSH mommy for the jewelery

  29. I absolutely love the in and out diamond hoops. They are beautiful. Any of the strawberries would be great!

  30. LOVE the wedding band with 7 diamonds…one for each of my kids. 🙂 And as for the strawberries, milk chocolate with peacans of coarse!

  31. OH M Gosh!!! LOVE this prize!! The strawberries are as beautiful as the earrings!! Gorgeous chocolate berries! I would choose coconut dipped strawberries and as for the jewelry, I love it all but would say the Yellow diamond ring is my favorite!! What a stunner!! Just gorgeous!! Thank you for the chance to win this awesome prize!

  32. I love the silver in and out hoop diamond earrings, and I’d have to go,with the milk chocolate with pearl strawberries! Yum:)

  33. Would love to win the milk chocolate with pearl accents and my favorite piece of jewelry from the store is the Yellow Sapphire and Diamond Ring.

  34. I love the dangle earrings…. the vintage inspired diamond ones. Pretty!!! And for the treat, who doesn’t love milk chocolate dipped strawberries. This girl does – yay!!

  35. Love just about everything on the site! The Posh Mom collection is adorable.

    I’m a traditionalist when it comes to chocolate covered strawberries!

  36. Love the cable braclets with diamonds-4cable. Never seen another like it! And as for chocolate, well that goes without saying.

  37. Posh Mommy jewelry is so pretty and can’t go wrong with milk chocolate dipped berries

  38. I love the liliana pear shaped necklace! And the white chocolate covered strawberries look amazing!

  39. The Liliana Pear Shaped Diamond Earrings in Sterling Silver are absolutely gorgeous and the White chocolate covered strawberries look delicious!

  40. I love the vintage style square shaped diamond stud. They’re perfect! As for the chocolate – I love milk chocolate dipped in pecans. Sounds delicious!

  41. I’m obsessed with the 1/3 CT. T.W. Diamond Ring in 14 Karat Rose Gold and would love the milk chocolate strawberries!

  42. The Posh Mommy collection is adorable. I love that you can have the names of your loved ones put on beautiful jewelry. And I love the milk chocolate dipped in pecans. Yummy.

  43. I really like the stainless steel cable bracelets! Any of them will due. Lol. And of course milk chocolate dipped in pecans. My favorite.

  44. I love the posh collection with engraving!! So happy to see Sierra is growing her chocolate she is very talented..

  45. The Posh Collection is amazing. I would go with the milk chocolate dipped in pecans.

  46. I love the posh mommy collection! What a fun way to represent your little blessings. chocolate dipped strawberries are my fav!! milk chocolate with almonds…yummy!!!

  47. I like the Posh Mommy Loop necklaces. 🙂 And the original milk chocolate berries.

  48. Love the diamond hoop earrings in 14K white gold. I would also choose the milk chocolate with pearls.

  49. I love the Posh Mommy necklaces and the 1/2 CT. T.W. Diamond Fashion Band in 14 Karat Gold is beautiful! I would choose the milk chocolate dipped strawberries! YUM!

  50. I love the black spinel ring and I’d love the chocolate with pecans strawberries!! Yumm!

  51. I love all of the collections but with 5 kiddos I’d love a Posh Mommy decklace with all 5 of my kids on it! Or I also love the Diamond in & out earrings!!! SO pretty! I look as choc dipped strawberries as a special mommy treat so I would def pic those!!

  52. I like all the jewelry,to be honest. But the strawberries? Regular milk chocolate all the way!

  53. LOVE the Posh Mommy engravable loop necklace with birthstone in 14K gold…would love to have that!! the milk choc dipped in pecans sounds delish!

  54. I love the diamond hoop earrings and would love to try the milk chocolate strawberries dipped in pecans!

  55. I LOVE the Diamond Filigree & Lilana earrings and all of the chocolate covered strawberries look DELICIOUS!

  56. This is probably closed by now, but just in case it isn’t – here’s my chance to throw into the hat!!! 🙂

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