Giveaway: Spa Girl Giveaway

Mamas, we know you work hard every day and usually put yourself last on the list. We KNOW you deserve some pampering.

That’s why we brought back the Spa Girl Giveaway. And this week’s package is simply amazing. The fabulous ladies over at Spa Botanica (inside Embassy Suites in Rogers) are offering all kinds of goodies for the winner of this giveaway!

The Spa Botanica package includes:

  • 30-minute Swedish massage
  • A hair cut and color (wow!)
  • Choice of spray tan or bikini wax
  • Glo minerals makeup application
  • Shellac manicure

ABOUT SPA BOTANICA: They’ve got it ALL going on. Spa Botanica is the largest full service spa and salon in Northwest Arkansas offering girl’s getaways, couple’s retreats, massage, body wraps, facials, chemical peels, full body waxing, manicures, pedicures and glō minerals makeup applications.

You may not know this, but Spa Botanica also has a rockin’ hair salon with three stylists ready to assist you and your family with cuts, color, special occasion and up-do’s. Sara Carter, senior stylist has nearly 10 years’ experience. She trained in Dallas at the infamous Toni & Guy Hairdressing Academy before spending seven years working at high-end salons in the Dallas-Plano area. Sara is a Springdale graduate and relocated to the area three years ago to be near family. She is certified in Davines, and Bumble and Bumble. She and stylist Katelyn Isbell are also certified Redken colorists.

Katelyn’s been in the industry for four years and especially loves styling hair. She is expecting her second child this August! Adriane Butler previously worked as a guest coordinator for Spa Botanica while attending cosmetology school and joins the styling team this week! Adriane is an active member of the National Guard with two Iraq tours on her list of accomplishments and she also holds a license in massage therapy.

Spa Botanica offers the complete spa experience with soft music, fully appointed locker rooms, his and her steam rooms and intimate relaxation lounge complete with complimentary hot tea and fresh fruit (LOVE that!). Spa Botanica is Northwest Arkansas’ exclusive provider of world re-known Pevonia Botanica skincare and is the only spa in Arkansas to offer South Seas spray tans, the official tan of “Dancing with the Stars.” Spa Botanica was recently recognized as “Best of the Best” by the readers of the Arkansas Democrat Gazette, Celebrate and Citiscapes Magazines.

To learn more about Spa Botanica, call 479-845-3293, visit their website at or stop by and checkout the spa boutique featuring Farm House Fresh, Kneipp, Feeling Smitten and Jack Black. Spa Botanica is open 9am-8pm weekdays, 8am-7pm Saturdays and 9am-5pm Sundays.

SPECIAL OFFER FOR MOTHERLODE READERS: In addition to the Spa Girl Giveaway, Spa Botanica is offering all Motherlode mamas a special deal! CLICK HERE to jump over to the Spa Botanica Facebook page and look under “special offers”. Once there, just click the Motherlode coupon link to schedule a “buy a pedicure get a manicure free!”.

Don’t forget to “like” Spa Botanica’s Facebook page first so you can have access to this coupon — and other great offers down the road! We should also mention you can purchase Valentine’s gift cards through Spa Botanica’s website anytime. Purchase a $100 gift card through this Friday, February 17th and mention motherlode in the comments section at check-out and they’ll mail you a $20 certificate good towards any regular priced service. (Please note this certificate may not be combined with other discounts or promotions.)

HOW TO ENTER: Just click on the comment button below and tell us about your “happy place”. You know, that place you go in your head when you’re trying to avoid a mama meltdown? Do you picture yourself on a gorgeous beach with the ocean in front of you and sound of waves in the background? Do you picture your child’s sweet face while she’s laughing (or sleeping!)? Do you imagine that you’re at the spa and you’re being pampered by a professional? We’re so glad one lucky mama will be in that happy place soon!

HOW TO INCREASE YOUR ODDS OF WINNING: To increase your odds of winning the Spa Girl Giveaway, send an email to your friends/family about these opportunities and help us spread the word. We’ll give you an extra chance to win for every person you tell. Just be sure to put on the CC line of your email so we can give you proper credit!


  1. My happy place arrives when I am running! I feel free and my mind is clear! Plus it relieves my STRESS!

  2. I have lots of happy places. A spa would be one. The beach another. Time alone with hubby. Sweet times with kids and family and friends.

  3. My “everyday” happy place is Twitter. My special happy place is the beach. Pretty much any beach will do. There’s something about the ocean that just puts everything in perspective.

  4. My happy place is when I pick up my boys from school. Being a mother is the best job ever. My dream job.

  5. My happy place is wherever I am with my family. I have been blessed by God with an amazing husband and amazing kids and I am very thankful!

  6. My happy place is the quiet of the house, after my family is safe and happily sleeping. <3

  7. My Happy Place is in the house on Thursday mornings. The kids are at school and my girlfriends gather for coffee and Mama-talk.
    I look forward to it all week. 🙂

  8. My imaginary relaxing place is a walk on the beach or snorkeling in Hawaii. Looking at the colorful fish, only hearing the dampened quiet of the ocean, waving at the turtles. Yep, definitely a great place!

  9. I love going to spa, spending time on the beach or just relaxing with a good book but my all time happiest place is sitting on the couch with my kids around me watching a movie (everyone is quiet).

  10. My happy place is in a comfy chair with a blanket sipping a hot coffee or a margarita (depending on the weather of course)!!! My favorite time to do this of course, is on a Saturday or a Sunday when my 2 year old is down for a nap! 🙂

  11. My happy place is an outdoor run. But, for the immediate moment I have a long list of funny moments that always make me smile! You’be gotta have laughter!

  12. My happy place is in the shower at the end of the day when I finally made it through another day of motherhood. It’s the 15 minutes I get to myself to clear my head.

  13. I try to make my daily activities part of my happy place! I am truly happy in my marriage, with my precious son, my job, my family and friends 🙂 Life is good and God has blessed me beyond words!

  14. My happy place! I have a few I am a stayat home mom I get about an hour to my self a day maybe!! My true happy place is right here with my babies!! My get away place is a nice warm beach with my hubby! I would also love to be pampered with a spa day as most stay at home moms know I am good to brush my hair everyday!! I have a beautiful 2year old girl and a sweet little 1 year old boy!!

  15. I also dream of the beach and warm sunshine. My real life every day “happy place” is my bathtub with a cup of tea and a magazine though!

  16. My happy place is in my bed, under my covers reading a book when the entire house is quiet.

  17. I have never been to the spa! The only pedicure I’ve had was at the beauty school when I was 8 months pregnant….. Right now my happy place is a dark, quiet, empty bubble…. Floating above everything, moving along with the wind, no set course, direction, place I have to be……. Free!

  18. My Happy Place is the bathtub with a book… just something to give my brain a get away. When I am feeling down about something I also think about the snuggles and kisses my 8 month old loves to give. 🙂

  19. My happy place – a beach in Mexico, drink in each hand, sun, breeze, waves – ahhhhhh!

  20. I love being with my kids but a happy place after a long day (especially a snowy day like this one) is in front of the fireplace, with a soft blanket and a good book to read.

  21. My happy place is with my family, with all three kids smiling and laughing (and no fighting). 🙂

  22. I just try to go to a place that is quiet. I like thinking of a large room with window, beautiful landscape outside to look at (preferably spring) and a large oversized, overstuffed chair and ottoman with a few good magazines and books, a cup of good coffee and my ipod.

  23. My happy place is simply watching t.v. with my son and my husband. We like laughing and watching funny cartoons as a family.

  24. My happy place is somewhere quiet, with coffee, daydreaming of Hawaii!

  25. My happy is right after I finish running or walking! And Watching my little girls sleep! They always look like angels!

  26. Lately, my happy places have been the times that I forget about the housework, and focus on my family. It’s amazing just to enjoy the moment and not worry about anything at all.

  27. One of my many happy places is when both my girls are nuggled up sleeping next to me and my husband. The sounds of their breathing is a lullaby to me 🙂

  28. Oh, forgot to give you my “happy place”…Bible/quiet time in the morning and cup of coffee before anyone else is awake!

  29. My happy place is outside in nice weather, or completely involved in a good book.

  30. My happy place is with my family, when we are all together for dinner, or having a game night, or I am having my grandson for a sleep over! I am so blessed. Now, that’s not to say I don’t love some time in my recliner, fireplace on, and a good Karen Kingsbury book!
    I am so very blessed!

  31. My happy place is the first thing in the morning when I get to snuggle with my little boys 🙂

  32. My happy place is when my family is all gathered together and my 8 and almost 15 year old are interacting with each other – and they are happy! Those moments are becoming so rare – so they truly make me happy when they do happen!

  33. My happy place is the beach. I love to just lay in the warm sun and listen to the waves.

  34. Definitely the beach (or maybe on the balcony of a cruise ship in the middle of the ocean) – That is the perfect escape and happy place for me but reality actually puts me in a buble bath listening to christian radio or reading scripture with no interruptions !!!

  35. Oh this Spa giveaway sounds fantastic! Thanks for having it. As crazy as it sounds, my “happy place” would be in my car by myself so I can crank up the tunes and just relax. Good luck to everyone!

  36. I find reading really helps calm any mental pressure. Just to get away from “life” for a few minutes to a couple hours, read a great book!

  37. Love being laughing and hanging out with my friends and family. There’s no place like the warmth of surrounding yourself with those that are special to you.


  39. My happy place is my daugther and I spending quality girl time together. We love going to the spa together and enjoying a relaxing day together.

  40. My happy place is a warm beach with my toes buried in the sand! The giggles of close friends and happy kids would make that beach just perfect!

  41. My happy place is the beach, to sit and soak up the sun and listen to the waves crashing. I can hear that if I’m at the spa, too! I can ask for soothing water cds.

  42. My “happy place” is when I get to be in cozy pjs and snuggled in bed watching old movies. This is the best I can do until I get a fireplace anyways.

  43. On any vacation or get away, I’m not hard to please take me to the city or country or a little between, I can find something to take a Picture of anywhere/ beauty is everywhere!

  44. Italy…I was fortunate enough to be able to visit twice..I would love to go back. Makes me happy just thinking about it 🙂

  45. I’m not really sure about this one- I don’t really go to a happy place, I just say a quick prayer sometimes!

  46. in my mind, i’m singing and dancing the night away. looks like many of us are desperate for a spa getaway instead. good luck everyone.

  47. If I can get 15 completely quiet minutes to myself and my thoughts, that’s all I need.

  48. I just think of all the wonderful memories we’ve had together as a family…and it makes it a happy place, wherever I am.

  49. My happy place is laying in a chair on the beach while dangling my toes in the sand. Ahhhhhh…

  50. I have never had the chance for a getaway..My dream of getting away would be at a beach relaxing by myself with a V.C Andrews Novel. But I have three daughters and 3 granddaughters so I guess I will never get that chance for a dream getaway…Have never had the chance to feel that special getaway…But one of my daughters thought this would be a great way for me to possible get treated special…..Thanks

  51. My happy place is a Sunday afternoon nap while football is on and warm enough weather that allows for open windows.

  52. No doubt, my happy place? Hawaii immediately comes to mind–no explanation needed…………

  53. 2 “happy places” that I like to go:
    Revisit our 2nd honeymoon in Hawaii las year (in my mind, until we can return), and to my comfy king-size bed. Sleep makes everything seem better, so a nice nap rests my mind, then I am better equipped to deal with the stress at hand.

  54. My happy place is sitting outside with my feet up in beautiful weather watching my kids play together. I love watching their friendship grow. Nothing else warms my heart more than that!

  55. My escape is to imagine that I am scuba diving in an aqua ocean with colorful coral and no jellyfish!

  56. My happy place is crawling into my bed after a long day with the electric blanket on.

  57. My happy place is when the dishes are clean, laundry is folded and kids are safe, sound and asleep! I make myself a cup of “sleepy time” tea, relax in a hot bath and go to sleep with a smile on my face (most of the time) TOO BLESSED TO STAY STRESSED !!!

  58. My happy place is knowing that my husband will be home soon and then sending the offending child to her room to wait…

  59. My happy place is in a hammock by the ocean, I love the sound of waves hitting the shore.

  60. My happy place (which I don’t get to go to often) is getting a pedicure with a friend. Adult conversations while getting pampered…ahhhh!

  61. My happy place is on a floatie – either at the lake or in my parents’ backyard pool. Preferably with a sangria slushie in hand!

  62. My happy place is running on the Skull Creek trail while pushing my kiddo in the jogging stroller.

  63. I have to remember the cute moments of each child and usually try to use distraction during a meltdown and get a cute smile out of the little one. I also look forward to bedtime and indulging in one of my shows with a bowl of ice cream or favorite drink so I’ll just tell myself to look forward to that moment! Me Time!

  64. My happy place is water skiing first thing in the morning at Lake Tahoe! If I can’t be doing that…I love to be with my sweet boys snuggled up reading a good book or playing family bball!

  65. When I’m driving in my car and I glance back in the mirror and see my 4 year old little girl just smiling at me!

  66. My happy place…..relaxing at home, watching a movie with my family. Of course, surrounded by a spotless house (that I didn’t clean) and having a beautiful meal (that I didn’t cook). Ahhhhhh…..

  67. My happy place is watching my 5 year sleeping. I go into his room every morning and give him a kiss and just watch him sleep for a moment. This gets me in the right frame of mind to tackle another day of work, knowing I’m doing it for him and it puts a smile on my face.

  68. My happy place would be in a hot tub or bubble bath just relaxing. I would love to try a spa though!

  69. My happy place is curling up under our feather bed with my hot water bottle and a good book. : )

  70. My happy place is that moment when your kids are finally down for the night and I can open up a good book in my warm and cozy bed. Just wonderful. 🙂

  71. my happiest place is when i look at my kiddos and they are smiling back at me. without them, my happy place is curled up on the couch with the hubby watching tv.

  72. My happy place is anywhere with my kids. I also love to be anywhere in the sun with water nearby!

  73. my happy place is all of usin the bed saturday morning, being silly. and i love putting on some good music and all of us dancing together!

  74. I always go to a secluded Hawaiian beach with palm trees…. I’m swinging in a hammock enjoying the cool breeze!

  75. I would love a relaxing spa day. I have a kindergartener, a 2 year old and a 1 year old. Then I also babysit my 8 mo old niece. A spa day sounds WONDERFUL!

  76. My happy place is a beach- with no screaming kids. It can be simulated by a hot bath (I’m used to Gulf Coast beaches that are warm 😉 and a good book. I might try that here in a few minutes… thanks girls! May you all find a moment to escape to your own private happy place today!! XO

  77. Picturing myself with my feet in the sand near the ocean. Ahhhh, that’s my happy place!

  78. My happy place is laying on the beach, listening to the waves crash against the shore and smelling the salty air. Gets me every time.

  79. My happy place is definitely the beach – a delightful sunny day with a great book:)

  80. My happy place is sitting @ the edge of a boat looking into the calm clear blue sea, and listening to nothing but the ocean. That’s my happy place.

  81. I imagine a day all to myself especially at a spa! a day to do anything i wanted for myself

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