Divine in ’09: Win a home “makeover”!


EDITOR’S NOTE: You’ve got about an hour left! We’re choosing the winners today (May 29) at 4 p.m. Good luck!

When we’re kicking around ideas for our next big giveaway, we always ask ourselves some critical questions: What do mamas really want? What would make their busy lives a little easier? And one of the things almost all of us want is a clean house. We’re talking about a serious clean — the kind of cleaning job big-spring-clean-logo.jpgthat would take you hours and hours (or maybe days) to do on your own. Windows, baseboards, floors, window blinds, bathrooms, kitchen, woodwork, rugs — the works.

Along those lines, how awesome would it be to take a room in your house and just mix it up? It’s tired, you’re tired, and it would be great for a professional to come in and turn it into a new space right before your eyes! Beverly Odom of Modoa Interiors can do that. Beverly can take your existing accessories and furniture, make some sketches and come up with a brand new look for your room — one that you’ll enjoy looking at every day.

Some of us are living in clutter. There’s some area in our house that’s just covered in papers or so unorganized it gives us a stomachache just walking past it. Maybe it’s your home office or the kitchen cabinets. If you could use some help organizing a space in your house, Holly Shacklett and Janet Filbeck of Simply Organized are prepared to come in and help you whip that spot into neat, clean shape.

modoa.jpgSo guess what? Today we’re giving away three, count ’em THREE, awesome prizes for three different Motherlode readers: a “Deep Clean,” courtesy of Zecena Cleaning Service of Northwest Arkansas; a room rejuvenation from Modoa Interiors; and a three-hour organizing session with Simply Organized.

Gwen and Shannon are particularly excited about these giveaways because they have personally experienced services from these companies. Zecena has been Gwen’s house cleaning savior for more than three years now, so she can tell you from experience that their work is top notch as well as licensed and insured. (Note: Our website is not being paid to write about these companies.)

Gwen says: Diana Zecena is the owner and is the most conscientious, hard-working young entrepreneur I’ve ever met. This lady just does not stop. Just ask my fellow blogger Terri Chaddick over at Life + Kids. Terri also uses Diana’s company for house cleaning, and we both think she and her crew are amazing. They are like the SWAT team of clean. Over the years, I’ve recommended her work many times and at leacartoon_house.gifst six of my friends/neighbors, etc. have become her clients.

Shannon has experienced the joy of a rejuvenated living room after Beverly of Modoa Interiors dropped by and rearranged her furniture, art and accessories. It was simply amazing to have her walk in, “see” the room in a new light and get right to work making it better. The results were a more “pulled-together” room that is intimate and cozy. (See more about Modoa Interiors in a previous Motherlode story HERE.)

Shannon has known Holly Shacklett of Simply Organized for several years and has always appreciated her dedication to organizing spaces with the goal of helping people enjoy their lives more. She even offers organizing advice and encouragement to people on her Simply Organized blog.

HOW TO ENTER: If you live in Benton or Washington County and you’d like to win a spring “home makeover,” (remember, we’ll have three winners) you can throw your name into our online hat by clicking the word “comment” below. Then tell us what you love most about coming home to a clean, organized house. (That lemon smell in the bathroom? The papers in your office stacked neatly? An artfully appointed living room? The peace of mind that comes from knowing it’s all done?) And DON’T think you’re house is too far gone for one of these services — these girls realize you’re real people with real, sometimes messy lives. And we can vouch for their laid-back style.

zcs.JPGFor extra chances to win, simply e-mail some of your friends about this website and giveaway, and we’ll give you an extra chance to win for every friend you tell. (Spread the word to 10 people, and your name goes in the hat 10 more times. Fifteen friends, 15 entries.) Just be sure to copy us on the message by putting mamas@nwaMotherlode.com in the CC line, so we can give you proper credit.

Good luck, and Happy Spring!


  1. I love the look and feel of organization, and all the time I save when I’m able to find everything I need without searching.

  2. I love knowing it is clean and I can go enjoy family time. I love the smell of lemon clear floors.


  3. What mama wouldn’t love to have a clean, organized, presentable home that someone else made possible? Order in my home is the thing I both love & struggle with the most, but having that & still having energy left to love on my family would be wonderful!

  4. I would love to be able to actually walk across my living room without tripping over a soccer all, my husband’s shoes, or my son’s Legos. If I could actually see the carpet underneath the toys, I would be a happy Mom!

  5. When everything is clean, I love to rearrange the furniture. It feels like getting new, fresh things for free!

  6. Well, I don’t know what it is like, but I am imagining the “Febreze” smell, and NOTHING on the floor.

  7. Clean house? What’s that. You mean that my entire house would be clean at the same time? Wow! That is sweet! I’d cry and jump and just sit and enjoy it.

  8. Oh my gosh!! I have four kids, if I came home to a clean house I wouldn’t know it was mine!! :o) I am usually happiest if at least the kitchen is clean and the floors are mopped…clean floors are good on the feet.

  9. Being able to see the floor, table tops, and kitchen counters always feels SOOOO good after I’ve done the number on the house. Problem is, I clean best when I’m ticked off, but I am usually in a pretty good mood… not a good combo.

  10. Just walking in to the smell of a clean house is amazing. With a two year old little boy it is hard to make time to do the real deep cleaning. This would be awesome. I would also LOVE to do something new with my little boys room.

  11. I have two girls (ages 4 and 1) and I feel that all I do ALL DAY LONG is pick up toys, books, clothes, etc… and stuff in a toy box, book shelf or closet. I would love to have an organized place to put everything at the end of the day (or even in the middle of the day). I would also love to have my furniture rearranged – my husband doesn’t like my ideas. My whole family would be surprised and enjoy it for a long time.

  12. I think a clean house with little clutter helps me use my brain more efficiently and I can do the things that I couldn’t do while cleaning the house. It also allows more time with the spouse that is needed to make a great marriage function properly.

  13. OH, I would LOVE to have some of my rooms rearranged! They need it desperately & oh my, the closets could sure use some organization!!!! What mom wouldn’t love a good cleaning??? I sure would!!!!

  14. I would love it! My mother-in-law comes to my house and cleans and rearranges my house to her content. A clean, organized house would mean we could visit as a family rather than watch her clean.

  15. hmmm…the only time I’ve come home to a clean house is when my husband did it (yes, he cleans once in a blue moon). And it immediately puts me in a good mood and destresses me. I know that my evening, weekend, whatever is free for fun and not for work!

  16. This is my dream prize!!!! I’d take any one of these prizes over a cruise any day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Too bad it’s just for Benton and Washington counties in Arkansas. Us Okies would love to come home to an clutter free enviroment too.

  18. OH, I would LOVE to have some of my rooms rearranged! They need it desperately & oh my, the closets could sure use some organization!!!! What mom wouldn’t love a good cleaning??? I sure would!!!! Being a single parent working multiple jobs just to make it does not leave much time for my own home.

  19. I try to keep a clean house but it seems that it takes more out of you than you get from it. I love to have a clean house so that I am not running myself ragged over the weekend. I love that fresh clean smell of laundry or febreeze.

  20. Organized, clean, house.. I am not sure those 3 words are in my family’s vocabulary!

  21. There’s something soothing about open space; counters, floors, shelves without clutter, etc. Maybe it’s a Zen thing.

  22. Coming home to a clean house means I get to spend more time playing my son and that’s always the best way to end a long day of work instead of cleaning the house.

  23. I love coming home to a clean, clutter-free house so I can focus on spending time with my boys while they are still little. Only 2 years until Ben is in school and 4 until Jack starts – and time goes so fast – so I want to savor every second! =-)

  24. Hmm. What is there not to like about a clean house. I’m not sure what I would feel since mine seems to never be clean. My house being messy is a major stress in my life, but between work and three kids, it always seems to come last. Please,please, let me win.

  25. I spend many hours a week telling parents to simplify and make life easier- yet my home looks like I have ignored my advice. A clean and flowing house and room can do the same for my brain- Also,I just read in Oprah, that relaxing can help lose weight! I’m HERE!!!Bring on the flow!!!

  26. I love coming home to a nice, clean, well-organized house for several reasons. The most important would be now that I work part-time, it is nice to be able to come home and focus on my kids and not feel the stress of what needs to be done and just be able to devote my full undivided attention to helping with homework, playing a game or watching a show with my kids.

  27. I would LOVE to get more organized and have my house be cleaner! I have dreams of being more organized but get overwhelmed at ‘where to start’. I feel like I am always behind on cleaning and organization and to have help with this would be a dream come true! I feel like I could enjoy my summer more if I didn’t have this “looming over my head” all the time! help me please!!! 🙂

  28. Oh, my poor baseboards need some love! And I have a big hall closet that has been calling my name for attention! I have tackled the attic, but am running low on energy now. Like all of us, I try to balance a clean house with good, quality time with the kids and husband!

  29. Belated Mother’s Day present….to myself. I’d love to be able to come home and actually sit down and relax, without having to pick up and clean..just sit and relax with the kiddos..what a dream.

  30. A clean house means I can have a few moments to sit down free from the guilt that I’m not cleaning!! I could really use some good organizational lessons!!

  31. Oh how I would love to have someone else clean my house. Having the extra time to simply enjoy my children and not worry about what else I need to be doing would be awesome!!!

  32. I love to come home to a clutter free home, all the toys put away in their right spot, the smell of a freshly cleaned bathroom and to see the vacumm marks on the carpet. This makes for a great momnent!!

  33. I love the satisfaction of knowing the cleaning is all done, so I do not feel guilty taking a moment to watch a little HGTV for some desperately needed design tips. Of course if I won the design help, that would be GREAT! Watching HGTV and putting the plan in action are two opposite ends of the spectrum. I would love to win…I never win anything

  34. I worked at a restruant in high school where every sunday was bleach day. We bleached that place from ceiling to floor. Now, for me, the smell of bleach is the smell of clean. I love it.

  35. Nothing better than coming home to a home that doesnt need you to clean it, dust it, organize it, etc….when all of those things are done it means you can relax and have some VERY RELAXING family time.

  36. I do not like having clutter in the house. However, I have a new baby and am struggling to de-clutter everyday. Baby toys, bottles, etc. always seem to make their way into the living room! I love having everything put away and in its place.

  37. After cleaning houses all day, the last thing I want to do is come home and clean some more! My home is usually clean…only because I spend at least an hour everyday working on this or that. It would be such a joy to walk into a clean house…that I didn’t clean!

  38. I would love for once to walk into a clean, organized home. Then I could invite the neighbors over!! 🙂


  40. I work a full-time job outside the home and also make jewelry in my spare time. I can’t remember the last time I came home to a shiny dust-free home (and not tripping over hot wheel cars). My 4 kids do a number on our home, which keeps me working all night. Sadly, it’s time I should be spending playing with them! So for me, a clean house = quality time with my kids! Love it!

  41. A clean home equals freedom! Freedom from chaos, freedom from guilt, and freedom to do something else with my time–like enjoying being home with my family!

  42. It has taken me a while to figure out how to organise the kids’stuff and get my girls to have a girly room. I am also struggling with the bonus room. I need a new color-what is in there is dark and depressing(although I chose that color hoping it wouldn’t get dirty). I need for that room to be organised so I can sit in there and be able to think constructively and work happily on the computer. A clean home through and through???? Who can resist that? This is an answered prayer!

  43. I love all the giveaways on this website! You all really know what a mommy needs and wants!

  44. The thing I love most about a clean house is being able to do what I really want to do – spend time with my kids or read my book!

  45. I always give my house a good thorough cleaning before going on a trip or vacation, because I love coming home to a nice clean house and falling into my own bed!

  46. Coming home to a clean house would mean living alone for me so I have settled for a cluttered, not so clean house and enjoying my three guys company. Someday they will all be gone and I will be lonely.

  47. Clean home= more family time.
    Family time…priceless (once it is gone-you can’t ever get back)

  48. I feel less stressed and more at piece with a clean home- like I can move on to what is really important

  49. I love a clean home because it means that I can truly relax when I have the time. 😀

  50. I like every little thing to have it’s “home”, and when everything is in it’s own home, it seems I’m more comfortable in mine. 🙂

  51. Having a just cleaned house always makes me feel proud & much less stressed, but unfortunately I get overwhelmed with “where to start” when I decide to clean or organize. I need help with getting it deep cleaned and then I need tips on how to keep it from getting so bad that I get overwhelmed.

  52. Knowing the house is clean takes away stress.. If there are things to be done then mom never gets to sit down. I like the fresh smell of a clean house and knowing that other things are done which I call deep cleaning would be great.. (ceiling fans, baseboards etc…

  53. When my house is clutter-free, I’m not so bothered by the clutter in my head.

  54. I would love to be able to come home to a clean and organized house and not have to do anything for an entire day, since I never get a day off. Especially being a single mom, I have double duty everyday. But I know we are all deserving, because all of us work hard at being great moms everyday!

  55. I feel so much less anxious when I can sit in my house and feel caught up (it’s been a while since I’ve felt that way). I think the kids become more disorganized and wild when the house is in disarray too. I am ready for a makeover

  56. It would give my husband a break! I know he loves me because he has stayed with me this long, cleaning up after me!

  57. Well, it’s so rare, I think it has only happened once before. From what I can remember about it, the house looked and smelled great, but no one was home.

  58. I love the smell and just looking around and realizing that all the rooms are clean at the same time…even if it’s only for an instant!

  59. Like some others have commented, I like being able to just enjoy my family and time with them rather than worrying about what needs to be cleaned.

  60. After working all day and coming home to
    5 kids, it would be GREAT to have a clean house and be able to relax and have an actual “family night”

  61. “Coming home to a cozy, comfortable home and being able to go into my children’s rooms get their favorite toys or game and play with them spending family time, then going into the kitchen and gathering all that is needed to make a delicious meal and sit down to a clean beautiful table and laugh and smile as we tell stories of the past present and future all together.”——It doesn’t happen very often, considering my daughter has to search for things in her room, I have a million things to do when I walk in the door and Scott puts things in the wrong place and keeps paperwork piled on the table, but when it does happen it is well worth it! 😉

  62. What I would love most about having an organized house (I haven’t had one yet) is that I wouldn’t have to block the doors to certain rooms so people couldn’t see how messy it is inside! And I would love to have a deep cleaned home – I waste too many of my Mother’s Day Out days cleaning and now it’s summer, there’s no Mother’s Day Out, and things are about to get really messy & disorganized!

  63. Gotta love a clean house. I would love the deep cleaning that I don’t have time for… little details that make the difference! Organized?? I can think of a closet that I desperately need help with, and the room make over? Would LOVE help with that too! Any and all sound great to me 🙂

  64. I love to come home to a clean house, otherwise, I turn into a monster and have to tidy everything before I go to bed!

  65. All of my life I wanted to be a mom…. My dream finally came true in October of 2005. After all of the hardships we had trying to have children and then being so blessed with our little one… I guess that is why we cherish all of the time we have outside of our normal jobs with her… We both work full time 50 hrs a week. When we come home we want to spend all of the rest of the daylight time and weekend with her…. as she won’t be little forever. The cleaning still happens but its one of those after she has gone to bed and we never get the “good – really clean smell anymore” it would be really nice to get that again.

  66. I would love any of these prizes! A clean house that didn’t take me all day, an area organized by pros, or some design help. Wow! Any of these would be amazing and much appreciated!

  67. Coming home to a clutter free house would be ideal. Esp. in my girls rooms, that way I would play with them instead of always cleaning just to stay ahead of the game. Thanks for the chance!

  68. Keeping the house “surface” clean and being a mom and wife is difficult in itself. Taking time to “deep” clean the house doesn’t happen as often as it should. The deep cleaning surface would be wonderful!!

  69. I don’t really remember what it is like to have a clean organized home. It takes all my time just keeping up with the laundry and dishes – and foget any kind of decorating. I could really use the help!!

  70. It is so nice to see everything in its place and clean and nice looking. It makes it easier to relax and just enjoy being home. It would be nice to not look around the house and see a ton that needs to be done. I would love to enjoying just “being” in my house versus constantly “doing.”

  71. Sounds so fabulous- would love to have someone come in, even once a month, to do “deep cleaning”. I’m trying to organize myself, because we just moved into a new home, but I’m not as great at it as I’d like to be! Thanks so much for all the fun and fabulous giveaways!

  72. When I come in my house after it has been cleaned I am instantly relaxed. It is just a calming feeling. Now, it is only clean for a little bit before two little ones are destroying it again.

  73. When everything is in it’s place and I feel good about the arrangement of my home, I can be calm and focus on my family!

  74. When the house is in order, clean and clutter-free, the energy flows, the family is happier, and I feel like I have an outward reflection of inner calm.

  75. I rarely have time to do a good, deep cleaning because of work. I LOOOVE coming home to clean, white cabinets and baseboards and a fur-free hard-wood floor. This rarely happens because of our lab, Doc.

  76. When my house is clean and organized the whole family seems a little more relaxed and we can focus on each other.

  77. There is nothing more relaxing than coming home to a clean fresh smelling house. Perfect stress reliever! This would allow me more time to play with the kids.

  78. My favorite thing about a clean house is seeing the vacuum lines! In order to see this, everything has to be picked up and put away. I also LOVE organized closets, with shelves or little baskets to put everything in its’ place! (Too bad my house doesn’t have these features – I’d LOVE some help!)

  79. Being organized and clutter free gives me peace of mind. I am able to enjoy my life and family fully without having a nagging “clean up” thought in the back of my mind!

  80. I love coming home to the smell of a clean house, seeing everything in its place and I can just sit for a moment and take it all in. Hasn’t happened in years!!

  81. I love having a clean and organized house (even though I haven’t truly seen this since my youngest was born)! It gives me a peace of mind to be able to enjoy my family. It also gives me more time to enjoy my family (when everything is organized and clean, you don’t have to spend time hunting for things!). It makes my husband happy (and me too!). And, it provides a safer, healthier environment for my children to live in.

  82. I’m four months pregnant and have a two year old and work, so coming home to a clean organized home truly makes my day. It allows me to spend time with my daughter and husband…it truly does lift up my day!

  83. My favorite thing about a clean, organized, clutter free home is the energy it provides me. When my home is clean it gives me such a feeling of accomplishment, that I know I can tackle anything because I don’t have to worry about cleaning. I try really hard to keep things clean & in their “home”, but if I could have a professional help with some of these tasks it would be an AWESOME treat!

    I think this is a great giveaway & an awesome website.


    Single mother of 3 yr old twins who works full time… if that carries any weight in the decision process.

  84. I love coming home to the “clean smell”. Can someone please bottle that smell????

  85. I love pulling in the garage and already smelling the pinesol. I also love looking every picture frame without an ounce of dust on it! (:

  86. Could there be a better give-a-way for moms? OH MY! How wonderful it would be to have someone else clean my house, or organize my closet! I feel like I am constantly cleaning or organizing, and that is not why I am a stay at home mom. I stay at home so that I can spend more quality time with my children. As I am writing, my 2 year old just walked up and told me, ” I made a super-big mess.” So I guess I should attend to that:)

  87. It would be fabulous to be able to walk into my home and NOT have any cleaning to do. This is a great giveaway-THANKS!

  88. Having things organized – Peaceful! Clean House Smell- Love it!! – The fact that I didn’t have to do any of it – NO WORDS TO DESCRIBE!!!

  89. Coming home to a clean house..ahhhh there is nothing like it!!! Not that I would know because mine is nothing like it!! 🙂

  90. Time at home is so precious and it seems to be less time spent there for retreat these days. I LOVE coming home to a fresh, clean “house of order”..it’s very peaceful. My favorite part is just taking a moment to relax and melt into my favorite chair feeling the relief of home with no worries (at least for a few minutes)…

  91. That would be amazing. I used to be a stay-at-home mom until my husband became ill and had to go on disability a few years ago. I’ve had to go back to work and never seem to have the time or energy to keep the place clean and organized. We could sure use some help!

  92. I would love to win anything to help with cleanliness and organization at home. It’s difficult staying organized and keeping a clean house being a single mom.

  93. These are the things women dream of! Especially when they are pregnant, chasing a two year old and finishing out a school year of teaching 12 year olds!

  94. Oh my gosh, I would feel like I would have to clean my house before I could let someone else in to clean it! Sometime it gets so bad I don’t even want to go home. Now that’s pretty bad! I feel like I’m an organized person in a disaster kind of way. If I can’t get it done right the way I want it I just don’t do it. So it’s a disaster on top of disaster! Sigh…..oh how I would LOVE a clean, organized, homey home that I could happily come home to.

  95. I will tell you that for Mother’s Day my husband and children cleaned the house for me…it was the most amazing gift ever to have a clean house! Plus, I think my husband appreciates the amount of work I do because he threw his back out mopping. I would love to have my house cleaned and have a makeover because I work full-time and taxi kids the rest of the time and the ONLY time my house is cleaned is when I take off a day from work to do it- not really a vacation. PLEASE pick me so I can have tranquility if only for a moment!

  96. A clean, orgainized house? Isnt that everyones dream?! I love this give-away!

  97. I would love to have a clean and organized house all at the same time. A clean and orgainzed house makes me happy and helps me to relax and enjoy the time I have with my family.

  98. I have 5 children (9months-9 years) and keeping the house clean and nice everyday is a challenge to say the least… A deep cleaning is just what my house needs… I love the smells, looks, and feeling you get when you walk in your own clean house…

  99. What does a clean house mean? It means being able to play ball or have a tickle contest or listen to my 5 yr old play his guitar without the stress of worrying about what the house looks like. As a single mom who works full time it can be a balancing act of spending quality time with my son and making sure we are comfortable in our house. Organization is key and I absolutely love when things fall into their places so we can relax and have fun.

  100. I love coming home to clean house because I can focus 100% on my children and husband. I love to play with my children without worrying about all of the things around the house that need to be done. Clean makes me happy!

  101. A cluttered home is a cluttered mind. Coming home to a clean home would free up time that would have otherwise been taken away from my family. I can maybe have time to decompress & relax after a long day in the office or even eat dinner at the table vs. standing in the kitchen and scarfing down dinner so that I could get to the next task.

  102. I love coming home to a clean and organize home. I can focus more time on my two boys!

  103. I have 5 kids ages 9 and under. I really need to have one thing that is in order and smells nice. I love the order of a clean house.

  104. When my house is clean and organized, I feel like my life is clean, calm and organized. Also, I’m much easier with my kids (at least until they mess it up again!).

  105. I have to walk through my laundry room when I come through the garage. Makes me feel good to come home to a clean entry (laundry room).

  106. Good Heavens, a clean house? What a novel idea! This gift of a clean house is more than not having to get down on hands & knees or up on ladders. It would enable me to have & have had the extra time to properly prepare for and enjoy my 5th Grader’s Elementary School Celebration, the Teacher’s Appreciation Luncheon, my soon-to-be Kindergartner’s PreSchool Graduation, Vacation Bible School, a week of vacation with my much neglected kids & hubby at the beach, the Small Group I would really like to join, the conversation with my little sister that is long overdue & the time I want to spend with my dearest friends. Blessed is the Mom who wins this! Enjoy it to the fullest!

  107. With a 4 month old sometimes it’s hard to get all the household chores done. So it’s really nice to come home to an organized, clean smelling and sanitized home. When all the work is done I get to spend my free time with the most important people in my life my daughter and husband!

  108. I love coming home to a clean house because then I can truly relax with my husband and kids knowing my work is done!(even if for only a few hours or days)

  109. Being a working mother of 4 children, I do not often come home to a clean home. However, when I do, I get such a sense of peace. It is truly a great feeling to come into a clean, well-organized home. Someday maybe I will have that “peaceful feeling” again!!!

  110. My favorite thing about coming home to a clean house is that I can relax and spend time with my husband and 5 1/2 month son without having to worry about cleaning it …. at least for a day or two!

  111. Having a clean, uncluttered home (even just a small area in my case) gives me such a sense of peace. I think more clearly and am more motivated to do the things I love to do, not just what I have to do.

  112. It’s SO hard to keep things organized at my house. I feel like I’m always playing catch-up, and just trying to get by with doing the laundry, dishes, and keeping the bathroom presentable. It’s a never-ending battle that I would LOVE to have the upper hand in- for ONCE!

  113. My favorite part of a clean house is coming in and everything is shiny and clean and fresh. Great giveaway!

  114. It seems when my house is clean I can think more clearly, that things just run smoother and I am happier. I would love to win any of the three giveaways,they all sound wonderful.

  115. I love knowing that my obligations are only my own. If I have a messy house, it’s always at the forefront of my mind– it’s something I have to do for my son and my husband. When the house is clean, though, I feel like I have the freedom to do what I want– write, read, pull out a craft project, etc.

  116. I love nothing more than a clean house – it just makes me feel calm and organized. And i have a 4 month old who doesn’t sleep so I could REALLY use some help in this area!!!!!

  117. Entering a clean, orderly home puts me in such a happy mood. It gives peace of mind amidst all the chaos of our busy lives and gives me more time with my little ones. Total Bliss!

  118. i think our home is a reflection of how we feel. a clean home to me means a cleansed spirit. i’m more relaxed and less stressed.

  119. I love that I can be the one to mess it, but not have to clean up after myself – if even just for once!

  120. I have a home based business and I tend to pile, rather than file. The thought of bringing some organization to my office makes me smile!!!

  121. I love knowing that everything has a place and I can find it easily. I love the clean house “smell.” I love knowing that the clutter won’t overtake me – although right now I think it might!

  122. I currently use Zecena cleaning service on a bi-weekly basis and they are amazing! If you are even thinking about hiring cleaning help at some point, you should definately give them a call. They will try to work with you within your budget and are pleasant, reliable and professional. After our second child was born, we decided to scrimp in other areas so we could afford the occasional cleaning help… it is worth every missed dinner out to have a clean house.. (if even for a moment!) As for the deep clean, now that would be awesome! And the organizing and redecorating, any mom’s dream. Thanks for the opportunity!

  123. I love knowing I won’t have to do it on the weekend and I can enjoying playing with my boys.

  124. We just adopted a baby and only had three weeks to prepare emotionally, physically & financially! I am overwhelmed and need one less thing to stress over!

  125. I love the smell and feel of a completely clean house–almost like everything is new for a moment. To have a time when someone else does it for me would be incredible!

  126. I love the fact I can spend time doing something fun without the guilt of cleaning house in the back of my mind!

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