Fall Overhaul: $1,000 Room Makeover Giveaway!

fall-leaf2.gifWell, we’re headed into fall and winter, which means we’ll be spending way more time inside. And hanging out at home is sure to remind us of all the things we love about our house — and all the things we hate.

If there’s a room in your house that you just can’t get comfortable in — or have wanted to change since you moved in — this Fall Makeover Extravaganza giveaway is truly for you.

Mamas, this giveaway is a BIG one. As in ONE THOUSAND SMACKEROOS big. That’s right — it’s a $1,000 room makeover giveaway from Modoa Interiors

modoa.jpgRemember that “Big Spring Clean” giveaway we had a few months ago? If you missed it, nwaMotherlode sponsor Modoa Interiors generously offered her design services to a local mama in that well-trafficked giveaway. You can check out the amazing results in the photos below. The winner’s bonus room was transformed.

What we really like about Modoa is that the owner, Beverly, believes that everyone should have access to an interior designer and she has very modest pricing which makes it possible on just about any budget. She lets her clients know that they control what they want to spend — and she works around their budget. She’s passionate about helping people turn their greatest investments — their homes — into “havens” they’ll love to come home to.

This time it could be YOUR bonus room that get’s the makeover. Or living room. Or kid’s room. Or bedroom. Beverly, an NCIDQ Certified designer, is offering $500 for brand-new decor and $500 for her professional interior design services.

See for yourself the awesome job she did on our last giveaway — with the winner’s existing furniture/decor and a just a little new paint!

Bonus Room Bungalow “Before”:


Bonus Room Bungalow “After”:


HOW TO ENTER: To throw your name in the hat for the Fall Overhaul giveaway, click the word “comment” below and tell us which room in your house you’d like to change and a little about what you wish it looked like. (More organized? Brighter? More fun? More relaxing?) You can also send your entry to us via e-mail at giveaways@nwaMotherlode.com.

REALLY, REALLY WANT TO WIN? If you’d like to increase your odds of winning this cool prize, just help us spread the good word about the giveaway and the website. Send your friends/family an e-mail to let them know and be sure to CC us so we can give you proper credit. Your name goes in the hat again for every person you tell. (Tell 20 friends and get 20 extra chances to win. Simple as that.)

This is one of those giveaways we wish we could win for ourselves. Good luck, mamas!


  1. I would like to do our living room where the kids spend most of the time. It is suppose to me our formal living area, yet needs to be kid friendly. Right now it seems to serve a purpose for the kids only and I would like to change that.

  2. The living room, it doesn’t look or feel homey, it is cluttered. I can’t seem to keep it clean!

  3. It’s so hard to pick just one room! Either the living room or the bonus room. I’d love to turn the bonus room into a playroom for our daughter to get all the toys out of the living room!

  4. We’re in the process of buying a duplex to live in one side and rent out the other. I’d love to win a makeover for the kitchen/dining area in the side we’ll be living in, it has chipped countertops and worn cabinets. I want to make it into a warm and cozy eating area.

  5. My poor daughter, Sydney’s room! As a baby she slept in a pack n play in our apartment while we renovated a house and now she has a room with only a bed, a rug too small for her room and a few toys we have to keep on the floor!

  6. wow! I guess my bed room I would love a relaxing place to go to get a little me time

  7. I would love to win this makeover and work with Beverly again -she is awesome!! I would makeover either my bedroom or the girls playroom!!

  8. We use a spare bedroom as a playroom, and as my kids have grow older the playroom is looking a little too “kiddy”. Would love to transform it into more of a big kid hangout. Boy would they love it!!!

  9. I would LOVE to do something to our living room. It’s so boring & needs a new life!

  10. I have an unfinished room that I paint in right now, and it is about to become a playroom/craft room. I would love another opinion on what to do in there!!!

  11. I would love to do something to my sons room… his room is tough and needs some help.

  12. I would love to have our living room done. We have both been working so hard and trying to take care of our 3 months old we have not had time to even think about the house. When people walk in i would like them to see color and life instead of boring same thing.

  13. Me,me,me. I would so love a makeover. The problem is picking a room to makeover, they all need one.

  14. We have been married for 11 years (next month) and our bedroom still looks like a college dorm. We just ordered a bedroom suit but I could use help picking out paint and decor. HELP!

  15. I would love to have my bedroom re-done. It’s so neutral right now and needs a big punch of color with art and new bedding. I want to make it a place that is relaxing but also rejuvenating that excites me to take on a new day with enthusiasm.

  16. I’d love to makeover our son’s playroom. It is a small room that I’ve tried to organize, but it just isn’t what I want it to be. I’d love for it to be a place that gives him tools to be creative and have access to all of his toys.

  17. We are expecting a new baby in March. This will be our second child. We are going to have to completly redo one of our bedrooms to create the new nursey. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  18. I have a dining area and room living room that are combined. I would like to find a way to make them distinct and seperate and more modern. I would like some color in both rooms to make them more exciting and yet inviting.

  19. I would love to have my bedroom redone. I am a single mother working one full time & 3 part time jobs. It would be great to get home from the end of a long day and have a nice calming place for some me time.

  20. I would most definitely love to have my bedroom done. It seems like it is the one room that we never end up getting around to doing. It is the ugly, catch all place that we close the door to when people come over. I would love a room that I can relax in and enjoy being in.

  21. My bedroom for sure! I have one picture of my son on the wall and an OLD hand-me-down dresser that the drawers fall out of when we open them and then a bed with no frame. No decor at all! it’s very bland and doesn’t look or feel like a bedroom other then the fact there are clothes everywhere because we have no where else to put them. I work full time, go to school full time, and take care of my family so I don’t have the time or money to spend on doing the room myself.
    I would love a relaxing room that I get a relaxed happy feeling when I walk into

  22. I would love to have my master bedroom re done. It is the last of the rooms to get our attention after fresh paint and decor in the other rooms.

  23. Our living room needs help! couch is broken,leaning to one side, no decor on the walls, play area is behind the couch — I have no creativity or organizational skills!! HELP!

  24. My living room is screaming makeover-From the burgandy carpet- yes!!! to the funky furniture arrangement- it’s says make me over and over and over!!!!

  25. My master bedroom needs a makeover. I can live with the furniture although all of it was free…hand me downs…and I mean ALL of it. My walls are white. They need color but I am scared of what to do in this room. I want blue, but haven’t done a thing. It just needs help so BADLY. I would like our room to have color but still ooze “relaxation”.

  26. I would love to have either my bedroom or my living room done!! Heck, I would love to have my laundry room done! LOL!!

  27. I would love to have my family room done! We nothing in it besides toys, a couch and a TV. I have never had the knack for decorating and could use a lot of help to make the room look great!

  28. i would love to redecorate our master bedroom…the walls are pretty bare and we desperately need a new bed frame… this would be so fantastic to win! thanks NWAmotherlode and sponsors for all the cool giveaways ya’ll do!

  29. My bedroom, I need a space for scrapbooking organization and some paint, tired of looking at gray walls.

  30. We’ve been slooooooowly remodeling and updating our home for the last 2 years. Of course, the last room to get any attention is OUR room!
    Thanks for all these great giveaways!

  31. I am clueless when it comes to decorating my home. I know what I like when I see room in magazines, etc., but I never know how to get there! If I had to choose one room it would be my living room. The room is so plain and needs some TLC!

  32. I would love to makeover our basement like family room. It’s just one big room with several uses and I don’t know what to do with it! Sometimes it feels like one big toybox.

  33. I would love to have our living room redone. The couches we bought when we were married are in dire need of help. They are looking a little sad these days!

  34. I would like to do my bedroom. We have been in the process of remodeling other parts of the house but our bedroom always gets left out. It needs to be brighten up and something done to it. I am not a decorator at all and always have to have help..

  35. I would love to have our bedroom redone. Everything is hand me downs (not that hand me downs are bad they are good). Something NEW would be great!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. I believe I would have to have my living room decorated. I have an open kitchen into the living room. The living room looks empty compared to my kitchen. It just doesn’t go. I need professional help!! I just can’t figure out what to do. Should I attempt to paint over my red walls (UGH!) or do I leave them? What should I do with my big empty wall? What kind of pictures should I hang? I need to buy new furniture, but what will withstand too little girls that love makeup and glitter? Sigh, so many questions with no one to answer them. I would give anything for a free decorator!!

  37. My Living room just looks lived now, it needs to be organized and redecorated.

  38. I would love to have our master bedroom redecorated, and to have the help of a professional would be great!

  39. I would love to have my craft room/guest room to look like a craft room/guest room instead of a storage room.

  40. I would love a living room make-over. I married a 34 yr old bachelor about 3 years ago and the place still looks like a bachelor pad with white walls and all. To win this would be a great oppurtunity for us to convince him to change and make his/our home look more homely.

  41. I might be moving from an apartment to a house in the next few months. Would love some help making the new place special!

  42. I agree with so many others that it’s hard to select just one room. The kid’s bonus room definitely needs attention. It’s not organized or decorated. The formal dining room could also use a major overhaul. We’ve lived in our house 2 years and it still is empty (except for our daughter’s play kitchen)!

  43. I would love to know how to rearrange my living room. Right now I have furniture on all the walls! Also lighting is a problem.

  44. My Family Room by far needs some lovin’! Ceilings are 12 feet high and it’s difficult to give it the cozy feel. Since we spend most of our time there it needs to feel more like US!

  45. I would love for my husband to have a real office/guest room. He is confine to a little space in our bonus room, where he does bike fits and prepares training plans for his cycling clients. He is a great guy and he deserves a space of his own, with no toys, and junk.

  46. I need help with the room we are calling the man cave. It’s a hang out/play area for the family. I’m envisioning a cozy open area with an elegant razorback theme. Odd, I know…but it’ll be awesome with Beverly’s help!!!

  47. There are so many areas I need help with, it would be hard to pick just one! I think the area needing the most help at the moment would be our hobby/homeschool/exercise room. I would love some help to make it a fun room to be in!

  48. My kitchen countertops are still blue! Yes blue. I’ve thought of painting them with that countertop paint they sell at lowes. Any opinions or ideas?

  49. I would love to have a makeover for my master bedroom. It has turned into a catch all room for all the “extras” in the house. The kids bring their toys in and they never seem to leave. It would be nice for my husband and I to once again reclaim this space for ourselves. Thank you!

  50. Ugh…My downstairs living area is an eyesore. Part family room, part toddler play area, part area for entertaining guests…I can not seem to pull it all together. Would love for it to be personalized and functional!

  51. We have lived in our modest home for 26+ years. I haven’t much sense for re-decorating, and seem to only change a pillow or piece of furniture every year or two in any room. Our living room needs to be updated, brightened, yet kept functional for entertaining and babysitting our 4 grandchildren.

  52. Definitely my master bedroom. The bedspread is several years old and looking a little worn out. It could also definitely use some brighter paint; and unfortunately, I am not very good at decorating.

  53. There are so many rooms in my house that need help, I wouldn’t know what to choose. It would be nice to have at least one room that is well decorated and looks like an adult lives here.

  54. There are so many rooms in my house that need help! I would love for my living room to look less like a playroom.

  55. I would love to have my eat-in kitchen area made over. We multi task so much in that area that I need more function and for it to be more eye pleasing!

  56. My living room just looks very plain and boring. I’d like it to look more modern and exciting, and decorative. I’m just not any good at decorating… and don’t have the funds to even try.

  57. Hands down, my Master Bedroom! It has no style, it’s cluttered & the kids think it’s their playroom/tv room. It’s hard to relax in there because it feels so worn down.

  58. A relaxing master bedroom would certainly be the ticket in my household. After running my three kids all over town and then feeding the whole crew, I would love a peaceful getaway to read, sip some tea, and catch some zzz’s. Right now it is just a stopping point for unfolded laundry!

  59. I would pick our family room-we spend ALOT of time in it but has original paint on the walls (’94) and even though we have updated other rooms, (live here for 8 yrs…) this one has not made it to the top of the list yet…
    Its got tons of potential, just needs to be unleashed!!! Please-the room is crying for some attention!

  60. It’s a hard decision, but I’d probably pick our living room. I would love to get new art and decorations and do a wall full of pictures.

  61. My 8 month old son would love his very own play room. I would like to turn our upstairs bonus room/my workout room into a place with his toys and books all organized for him to see. I am already in the process of getting things started but have no idea which design direction I want to take it. Bright,playful and MAKES you want to hang out in there. And I’m sure he’s tired of looking at his daddy’s college furniture up there…although our dog loves sleeping on it =)

  62. My home office! It also doubles as a guest room/storage room/sewing room, etc… You get the idea! I’ve tried to make the most of the small space, but the closet always seems too full (where does all that stuff come from?!) and despite trying to keep it simple and organized, it always seems in a bit of disarray! I’d love help tackling the storage issues and to help making the most of the closet space avaliable. It’s a bit of a blah space right now adn could use a punch of personality! Help me take my home office from so-so to a storage filled space!

  63. I would love to have my play room Over Hauled! It’s a small room with a large closet stuffed with toys that my children play with very little. The room has a large train table in it and big screen TV with Wii on top of it, which is fine, because I’d prefer the Wii back there. But the rest of the room doesn’t seem very functional. Help! Please!

  64. The room that I would like overhauled is my bedroom. I feel like it’s the last thing that gets attention with all the kid/ baby decor, and trying to keep the part of the house that people see presentable. I would love to be able to “escape” to my bedroom and not feel like it’s been neglected- as always.

  65. OHHHHHH where do I start. We have been in this house since 1995 and the kitchen cabinets are still off in the garage waiting to be painted for the last ten years! Currently though bathroom (sad old wallpaper and badly in need of paint job) or living room most on my mind.

  66. I would love to have my guest room/craft room organized and have an updated look. It’s not useful in its current state for either function. 🙁

  67. I would love to have our office/playroom overhauled. My husband and I moved to NW Arkansas a year ago with a one year old. One year later we have a busy toddler and twin 5 month old babies. Out of space, the girls have overtaken daddy’s office. Unfortunatley, there doesn’t seem to be enough space for all 4 of them. Storage is key. The space is small so it would be a challenge!

  68. My master bedroom needs some serious TLC! It’s the one room in the house that we always overlook when we’re updating. It’s full of mis-matched furniture and toys! I’d love for it to be a real retreat at the end of the day.

  69. Our poor master bedroom should be an escape for my husband and me, but it’s the absolute last thing our “to do” list…and you can certainly tell!

  70. I would love to win a makeover for our newly closed-in garage turned game room. It is still stark white and needs primer even before we paint. We have already gotten a pool table and it looks so lonesome sitting in the corner. I have recently ordered 2 inch blinds but I had to have them made-to-order because our windows are huge. I also have some red furniture that I have been holding off putting in there until I can figure out my wall color and decor. I need rugs and lighting and would like some sort of diner booth for snacks/drinks. I am NOT creative OR decorative. My family is miserable because this project has been uncompleted for over ONE YEAR! We play pool but it’s not even very fun anymore because nobody wants to be out there.
    I know there are more deserving people out there, but my house is a wreck and it’s old on top of that! I would have to have ample time to get things cleaned if we were to actually win this! But that would get me more than motivated!
    thank you for doing this! God bless you!

  71. Our Master Bedroom is always the most un-relaxing room in the house. Being military, we move quite a bit and the whole house is always unpacked before our room. I would love for our Master Bedroom to be more than just a room to sleep and keep all the stuff that I don’t have a place for!

  72. I would love to do the Front Entry/Kid room. We could really use more organization and a Mud room type area for coats/shoes/backpacks! Better storage for toys would be great also!

  73. We need help in several rooms but I think the one that could be much improved with this is our front room. It’s just blah and has a weird set-up

  74. I would like to re-do our den. We just put down new floor, and it would be nice to get it made over as a game room.

  75. My Living room – it is just boring. We love to have people over to hang out, so I would like it to be warm and inviting, but a little more modern and fun!

  76. He is 7 yrs. old and LOVES to fish.
    He eats, sleeps and dreams fishing. Re-doing his room into a fishing haven would make his Grammy (me)smile. Thank you.

  77. We have a very large bathroom that we actuall spend alot of time in. We have 3 daugters so everyone gathers in our bathroom to get ready. WE currently have no floor covering or closet doors. The doors were broken and would not stay on the track and our toilet needs some repair. It would be so nice to have a luxurious bathroom to get ready for the day.

  78. Wish my living room had a little more “pop” to it. It’s the first room you see in my house when you enter. Love for it to be updated and more exciting.

  79. My living room! It’s what everyone sees when they walk in my house, and it’s just not my style. I need a warmer feel, so it will be a room I’ll enjoy being in!

  80. My living room needs a makeover. My mother, sister, and I spent several hours trying to arrange the furniture when we moved in. The way we left it is o.k., but not great. I am out of ideas, though! I’d love to have a room that is practical and comfortable for my kids, my husband, and me!

  81. After much thought, I guess it would need to be our living room! That is the room seen by everyone; the room with all of the kids’ toys, etc. It could use some help (and a toy chest)!

  82. I would choose the living room for a “redo.” It has old carpet, needs some organization and a fresh coat of paint. There is so much activity in it every day that there just isn’t time to work on it ourselves. 🙂

  83. My family room needs a makeover. It is basically a great room with no flair whatsoever. I need bookshelves, we LOVE books. I need display area for some of our favorite treasures. I need HELP!! Busy fun family with plain vanilla family room….WRONG!!

  84. My kitchen needs some life!!! It seems boring and unorganized. I would love a fresh look and organizational help!!!

  85. With four children at home(two of them teenagers) we are busting at the seems! We have done some “creative” re-arranging and would love some proffesional help!! Thanks for the great giveaways!

  86. A shame it’s not a whole house makeover! ; ) Seriously, how generous this giveaway is! If I had to choose a room to makeover (as they all could use some help), it would have to be our living room. We spend lots of time there, it needs to be more cozy and inviting. Good luck to all!!!!

  87. I love my living room, but it is too cluttered. I would love to maybe freshen it up a bit by reupholstering my furniture. That way it would create a great relaxing environment for my family to spend in it together.

  88. I would LOVE to have my master bedroom done! 4 years after moving, it is still blah! I need a get away of my own! Please help me!!!!

  89. My husband and I started remodeling our livingroom 2 years ago. We are in the construction business and as we all know construction has slowed to almost a stop. We were almost finished when the market went south so we have had carpet that even the dogs were afraid to lay on in our livingroom this whole time!!! Please help us finish our livingroom so we can at least have guests over and turn on the lights after dark! Janet

  90. I would love a room makeover… or should I say a room begun… for my baby girl!!! Poor thing doesn’t have a girly room to herself! We didn’t find out her gender so we never decorated a nursery! I’d love the help and give her that girly room she deserves!!!!

  91. Recently I purchased a home business. My dining room is now my office/showroom. It’s only 400 square feet with lots of light and openness. I’m sure if someone knew what they were doing, it could be a gorgeous space. Would love for my customers to feel they are entering into a fresh, clean, inspiring place. I love turquoise and gold colors. I think they communicate peace and eloquence. Fingers Crossed!!

  92. How exciting! I would makeover my living room. We are moving into a new house and have limited living room space. We have needed a new couch for a long time too!

  93. Wow! What a deal!! This really caught my attention since I am in a redecorate mode…I would say my husbands office, it has french doors, front of our home..great window..just drawing a blank with this room for some reason…help!!! If that doesnt work we can do a small family room, just want something different or just something rearranged…needs some new thoughts..mine are gone..lol!!

  94. Since I found out that I am pregnant with our fifth baby I have wanted to do something with our master bedroom. It feels like a cave to me right now and would love to make it a more inviting and open space for when I come home with baby #5.

  95. I am so tired of my bedroom. I have repainted my kids’ rooms twice since we moved in, but our bedroom is still the same tan color it was when we moved in. It needs professional help in the design department. I want it to feel clean and uncluttered. I want better storage solutions. I am open to color options but lean toward black and white with splashes of other colors like green or red or blue.

  96. New home… Oh boy, this is the giveaway for me!!! Pick me, pick me!!! I could really use some help all throughout my house!!! Any room will do… 🙂

  97. I would love to have my living room redone. It is the same as it was when we moved in 4 1/2 years ago and just needs an update! It’s too dark and I would love for it to be lightened up. 🙂

  98. Wow! I was just thinking this morning that our living/TV room needs to be redone. Brightened with color, new furniture, window treatments and art! We spend most of our time in this room. Thanks!

  99. I would love to redo my boys room (age 11 & 13) to be more fun and organized. It’s always difficult to come up with something fresh and interesting for boys and I’m sure they would welcome a change.

  100. I would like help with my living room! We moved to our new house in May, and I don’t feel like our living room furniture works in the new space. I would like for the room to feel more pulled together, cozy, and relaxing.

  101. My old house needs so much done in every room that I wouldn’t know where to start.But the room I’d rather have redone is for my Daughter, son-in-law and three grandkids. They have enclosed their garage to make into a game room, so their kids can have friends over to play pool,watch TV and fellowship in a Christian surroundings. Thank you for considering my request.

  102. I would love help with the living room, a room that currently serves as a hideous toss-all.

  103. I could use some help organizing the kids playroom/homeschool room. It Needs balance of beauty and functionality.

  104. My home has a very open floorplan, which I love! What I wasn’t counting on, was how hard it would be to decorate in a way that flows smoothly from room to room when kitchen, dining room, living room and entryway all interconnect. If I could get my living room on track, the other rooms would follow! I’d love the help!

  105. My husband and I have been married 9 years and we still DO NOT HAVE bedroom furniture!! Our kids rooms are great, but we always leave ourselves for LAST! I would like to have a relaxing bedroom that is fit for grown-ups!

  106. I would love to redo my daughters room. She is 4 and it has really just been a play room. We need furniture and organization. I would love the help. This is such a great giveaway!


  107. My husband and i have some antiques in our bedroom that are pretty…but we have no idea what to do with them! I would love it if our room could have more personality, organization and romance…and someone could find the best way to showcase our furniture!

  108. I too am throwing my living room into the ring for a makeover. It’s shaped differently therefore making it hard to arrange. A prefessional’s advice would be nice.

  109. My husband and I are both officing at home. Our “office” is a computer desk in our bedroom, the kitchen table, and the garage (filing/storage). All of our extended family lives out of town, so our real study/office we use as a guest bedroom. How can we make this space serve both functions? I want my bedroom back as a place of rest and relaxation. Help!!!

  110. I would love to redecorate my master bathroom. It looks the same it did 8 years ago when we built the house and although it’s neutral colors, it feels old. I’m ready to add some COLOR!! and CANDLES!!

  111. I would love to have my formal dinning room/computer area updated. It’s the first room you see when you enter my home. It’s off white,and feels cold. I want it to feel warm and cozy.

  112. DEF DEF DEF my living room, have a few big pieces in there, but just kinda blah – my husband thinks it’s too dark, and of course I have kid city going on, as everyone seems to meet there and hang out! too many toys and too many baskets!!!

  113. Take your pick! My little kitchen/breakfast area is very outdated or my living/dining combo area is very blah….either way, this single Momma would be so very, very excited and energized!!!

  114. Our kids room needs a major, hands-on intervention & Makeover! Our daughter changes her mind every few months on her style and would love a new coat of paint on her walls and a crafty way to accessorize. Our son needs a way to organize (and easily enough so he doesn’t realize that what he’s doing) his clothes, sports equipment, legos, bakugan and video games. She’s 15, He’s 12 and with few exceptions we never get in their rooms to help them (without cramping their style). Please come by and show them some great decor that will fit right in!

  115. My guest bathroom is in GREAT NEED of a makeover. This bathroom also doubles as our kids bathroom. The shower unit is falling apart (literally coming off the walls), the fixtures leak, the wall paper is falling off the walls. This is one room that we have wanted to remodel for quite some time and haven’t been able to get to it/afford it. My husband was just laid off from his job and so now our hopes of being able to afford the remodel is out the window! This makeover would be a big boost to our spirits as well as providing a room that is currently an eyesore to a room that we’re proud to have our children as well as our houseguests use! We have our connection group from church over every other week so it gets a lot of eyes seeing it and I would love to have a more updated bathroom!

  116. Hi,

    I would love to have our bonus room made into a play/study room for our kids. We have been in the house for many years and have yet found the time to fix the room up. What I really want is a color scheme that will last the kids a while and cool, innovative storage and living solutions to maximize the space. I would like to have little seperate areas, for instance, reading, creative, dramatic play, video, etc. Right now, it is litterally a pit. There are 2 deer heads on one wall, exercise equipment, old clothes, wrapping paper, tubs from stuff I had when I was a little girl, an old, sectional that is way to big for the space and much, much more. Fixing this up would truly benefit our family. After a 2 hour commute to work, kids, sports, church, wife, mom, you name it, I just don’t have any creative juices left. I would love to have your expertise and creativity in this space.


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