Walk a Mile in My Shoes VIP ticket giveaway

i love shoesCalling all handbag and shoe lovers! This giveaway is just for you.

We’re giving away 4 V.I.P. tickets to the upcoming Walk A Mile in My Shoes sale event, hosted by Ozark Guidance. This is THE shoe and handbag sale of the year because it includes new and nearly new shoes, handbags, accessories and more, and the prices are so legendary that you’ll be bragging about your bargains for months.

Brand new name-brand running shoes donated by the event’s presenting sponsor Rush Running Co. and high end designer shoes will be sold for $40. Other brand new shoes/handbags will sell for $20, and nearly new shoes/handbags will be sold for $10.

If you’re the winner of this giveaway, you’ll get four tickets so you can grab some sale-loving friends and attend the VIP Party on April 28th. The VIP Party is where you’ll be able to see the full selection of merchandise before the general public shops the sale during the next day. The VIP Party also includes food and entertainment, so this would be perfect for a Girls’ Night Out with friends. (It all happens on the campus of Ozark Guidance, located at 2400 S. 48th St. in Springdale.)

rp_Walk-a-Mile-logo-2017-300x268.jpgNew this year! The Walk a Mile in My Shoes event will also offer a 5K race and a Family Fun Walk this year, and we are honored to be serving as the Grand Marshalls of the Family Fun Walk. We’d LOVE it if you’d walk with us in the Family Fun Walk on Saturday, April 29th! (Bring the kids, too, if you want.) If you’d like to join us for the walk, email us by clicking here and we’ll send you a free registration code.

All of the Walk a Mile in My Shoes events raise money for behavioral health care services for families in Northwest Arkansas. Last year Arkansas ranked as the 16th highest state in the nation for suicides, so we know these services are desperately needed.)

high heels pixabay1cropcircleHOW TO ENTER: If you’d love to win these 4 tickets to the V.I.P. party and shoe sale event, click on the word “comments” (right under the headline of this post) and scroll down to the bottom of the comments posted by other moms. Then write a quick comment telling us about your favorite pair of shoes or tell us what type of shoe you’d love to find at this event for a bargain price. High-end running shoes? A killer pair of heels? Maybe a cute pair of comfy sandals for the summer? (With the sale prices, you could probably find and buy all three!)

You can also email your answer to us at giveaways@nwaMotherlode.com.

INCREASE YOUR ODDS OF WINNING: Help us spread the word about this giveaway by emailing your friends and family about the giveaway. We’ll give you an extra chance to win for every person you tell. Just be sure to put giveaways@nwaMotherlode.com on the CC line of your note so we can give you proper credit.converse shoes pixabaycircle

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We’ll choose the winner on Friday! If you don’t want to leave your V.I.P. tickets to chance, click HERE to go ahead and purchase a ticket to the V.I.P. shopping event.

Ozark Guidance is the nonprofit community based mental health provider serving Washington, Benton, Madison, and Carroll Counties in Arkansas. Each year, Ozark Guidance provides quality, compassionate mental health service to nearly 10,000 adults, children, and families.













  1. I would love to find a cute nude heel for spring! Who am I kidding? I just love new shoes!

  2. I’m a bargain shoe shopper. Spending over $100 on a pair of shoes for me is absurd but I did. I was in the SAS Outlet store in Branson a couple of years ago and tried on a funky pair of polka dotted beige slip ons and fell in love with them–before I looked at the price. By the time I flipped them over to see the $125 price tag, I already loved them. They are absolutely the best shoes I’ve ever owned and have held up so well.

  3. I’d love to find me a pair of tennis shoes and some cute sandals for the summer!!

    Also I follow you on FB and Instagram!

  4. I would love to find shoes with arch supports for my ridiculously flat feet! The older I get, the more I have to have good shoes! And they are so expensive to buy new!

  5. Love wedges! I would love to find some really cute wedge sandals for summer I would be so excited! Haven’t had much luck yet in finding any really cute ones.

  6. My favorite pair of shoes are a pair that I share with my daughter. We have been the same shoe size since she was 14. We connected by shoe shopping together and trying to agree on shoes that we could both wear. I’ve always loved purses and shoes the most because no matter your size fluctuations, they always fit!

  7. I’d looooove to go to this! I’d be on the lookout for some Birks, some casual tennis shoes, and really anything else that would catch my eye 🙂 I follow on FB, IG and Twitter.

  8. A pair of those Rush running shoes would be a find or a low-heeled dressy sandal, or both!! My daughter wants a pair of Birkenstocks.

  9. I would love cute wedges and I’m in need of some nude dress shoes. I LOVE shoes, but comfort is the key!

  10. I LOOOOVVVEE shoes!!! I am a realtor so I wear heels most days but I love good running/walking/workout shoes!! Comfort is everything to me!! i would LOVE to attend this event! Thanks for the info!

  11. I really love cute flats. And cross trainers and sandals. Ok. I love shoes!

  12. My birthday is the 28th and ANY new pair of shoes would be a great gift for me!!

  13. I once had a pair of casual slip-on shoes. They were so cute! Canvas, floral pattern with just a fun-funky look to them….until my dog chewed one of them! I was SO mad. They were a few years old at the time, and I’ve never found another pair that I loved as much as those.

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