Slightly Tilted: Am I a good mom?

By Jen Adair, Blogger at Slightly Tilted, Entreprenuer, Homeschool Mom to two fab kiddos

Life is full of questions.question-mark

  • How do people on HGTV flip a house in a month with a budget of $10?
  • Why have toys at a book fair? The kids will never, ever go for the books. Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of…reading?
  • When does your child realize “That’s awesome!” means “I stopped listening 8 minutes ago to protect what’s left of my sanity”?
  • Do double exclamation marks mean you think you’re hysterically funny or you want me to be extremely excited?
  • Why don’t they really call Target “Tarjay”? It sounds so much classier.
  • Avocados…why are they only perfectly ripe for one hour on a day you’re not even home?
  • How do they hot wire cars so fast in the movies? I can’t even find my keys that fast.
  • Does syrup really come from trees? That seems so weird.

The most burning question of them all for me is…am I a good mom? It always seems to bother me more this time of year. Maybe it’s because of spring cleaning and all the junk I end up finding that I don’t remember buying. What else have I said or done that I don’t remember? I barely remember breakfast, much less all of my millions of failures as a parent.

Will they remember when I had really bad PMS and yelled because they whined all through my favorite song?

Will they hold it against me that I was impatient…well, almost every waking moment of the day?

Will they remember that they had cereal for dinner on multiple occasions because I had to finish work?

Will they be scarred for life that I once ran out of the bathroom naked so I could get a clean towel out of the dryer?

Or…will they just blow it off as mom being mom?

I think I’m okay with them remembering all of that. I think I am. As long as they also remember that I washed their underwear. I dealt with blood, tears, and vomit. I taught them algebra — AND we all survived.

good day cup in circleSo, am I a good mom? I guess the answer is that some days I am and some days I’m not, but I do my best everyday. Don’t we all? Some days we are all on point, i’s are all dotted and t’s all crossed, and some days we’re drinking wine through a fire hose just to make it through dinner.

Today I spilled three glasses of water, broke my phone, taught school without anyone crying, ran errands without forgetting anything, and cussed someone who almost crashed into me while the kids were in the car.

So, yeah…I hope they remember that today was a good day.

jen adair3Hey. I’m Jen Adair. I’m an entrepreneur. Homeschool mom. CEO of organized chaos. Ok – it’s really not all that organized. Some days are great, some are not, some days I feel invincible, some days I can barely get out of bed. BUT…it’s my life and I’m living it. Browse my collection of random thoughts, humor (well, I think I’m funny!), images, links, whatever…at my blog Slightly Tilted. Sharing is caring, people! 🙂