Giveaway: NWA Boutique Show VIP Event tickets + gift cards!

Boutique Show graphic 2015

It’s getting close, mamas! One of our favorite shopping weekends of the year!

The NWA Boutique Show will be Nov. 6-7 this year and you will LOVE it if you’ve never shopped this event. If you have, you know what all the fuss is about and why you need to be there to snag some awesome gifts and goodies for yourself from the 150 unique boutiques.

We’ll have a booth there again this year and we’re planning a spectacular giveaway for the show. Be sure to stop by and see us.

But right now, let’s get to the giveaway: Five winners will each receive ticket packages, which will allow you to bring friends + shop for yourself! Each bundle includes 2 VIP passes ($50 value), 5 general admission passes ($25 value) and 1 $15 merchant gift certificate to be used at the show. Each package is valued at $90. YAS.

About the VIP Shopping Event: This will kick everything off on Friday, Nov. 6, at 9 a.m. and will run through 11 a.m. when general admission shopping will start.

This will allow you to be the FIRST TO SHOP at the event benefiting the Junior League of Northwest Arkansas!  As a VIP, you’ll get first dibs on all the fabulous shopping, live Christmas jazz and treats from Mama Carmen’s Espresso Café and Ozark Natural Foods. Don’t forget to grab a swag bag filled with goodies. You’ll also receive free return general admission ALL weekend and the chance to win hundreds of great door prizes.

*Girls Night Out requires a separate ticket.

Each of the five nwaMotherlode winners will receive a $15 gift card to one of the following Boutique Show merchants:

curly willow designs, cropped
Curly Willow Designs
sweet home candle, cropped
Sweet Home
chic gypsy boutique.aztec top, cropped
Chic Gypsy Boutique
Summerlin Design Company
kyya chocolate with purpose
Kyya Chocolate

HOW TO ENTER: To throw your name in the online hat to win one of these 5 Boutique Show packages, just click on the words “post a comment” below and tell us what you love most about the Boutique Show. If you’ve never been, we’d love to hear why you want to go!

You can also email your answer to us at

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We’ll choose a winner on Friday afternoon, mamas! Good luck!


  1. I love to go and find unique Christmas gifts for loved ones!

    Commented and shared on FB.

  2. I haven’t been before but I have heard is is amazing and I would love to get some of my Christmas shopping done early!

  3. I love having a weekend with my Ma in law!!!! This is a tradition for us to attend!

  4. I love getting to have a girls day with my friends and see all the neat vendors in NWA! One of my favorite things to do in the fall

  5. I come every year from Little Rock, Arkansas with three of my friends and we make it a girls weekend, I would love to win.
    We usually buy all our Christmas presents at this event.

  6. So many things to see at the Boutique Show. So much creativity. You are likely to find all the gifts for your Christmas list!

  7. There is nothing more fun than going shopping with my cousin and having all the local boutiques at one location.

  8. So many great things in one place! Perfect for holiday shopping or just sheer indulgence.

  9. I would like to take a friend of mine and her sister to this wonderful event. My friends sister just lost her house and everything in it so she needs to start over again. What a perfect way to restart and relax after just a hard time.

  10. I just started raising my 13 year old niece because my sister is deployed with the Army. Her m OK m will be gone for 2 years and I am trying to show her the best time and new things. I am teaching her how to shop, dress and put outfits together, mingle with new friends and social skills. I have never been to this but I have heard it is A-mazing and would love to let her experience this with me. We would have a blast!!!!!!

  11. I love being able to shop at all the different shops in one location with my friends. It is also great to be able to support local businesses that do not have a brick and mortar store. I find new fav places to shop each year!

  12. I love the chance to spend time with my girlfriends and do some shopping for cute things!

  13. Nwa Boutique Show is the BEST place to find unique gifts, wearable and jewelry for everyone on your shopping list and of course something for you too!! 🙂 I would love to win VIP giveaway and make it a special day out with my friends!♡

  14. I love the NWA Boutique Show. I’ve been going for 2 years now. I love to get a head start on my Christmas shopping. And I also always find a few things for myself.

  15. I LOVE it!! So many cute things and I get so much Christmas gift shopping done and it’s SO fun to go with my girlfriends!! We have a great time every year!!

  16. I love shopping at the NWA Boutique show for getting Christmas presents early! And some treats for myself!

  17. I have never been! Sounds like so much fun! Can’t wait for the shopping experience, that everyone is talking about!

  18. I only got to go for about 30 min last year. I’d LOVE to go and really check it out this year–and take my coworkers with me!!

  19. I love all the GREAT places that come and all the fabulous shoppping and best of all the time I spend with the ladies in my life. I just LOVE it ALL!!! Can’t wait

  20. I have never been but with my job, working the hours required I never have enough time to go shopping for me and mine! This seems like the perfect opportunity to do so! My little girl would absolutely love going shopping with me!

  21. I’m ALWAYS excited for the boutique show! Meagan Lee Designs is my favorite 🙂 You also can’t beat the swag bags, candied almonds, and all the unique hand made gifts out there!

  22. I love seeing all of the beautiful booths and typically find some great Christmas gifts. I also love seeing the Motherlode girls there!

  23. I LOVE going to the Girls Night out with friends!! We do the Boutique show every Year and LOVE it!!!

  24. I haven’t been but I am going on a Celebrity cruise to the Southern Caribbean in March and need several things which I might find there. I certainly would like to be considered for a free pass. I have a mammogram scheduled on the 6th but could come after that. I am a great grandmother.

  25. I have never been, but it sounds like a lot of fun! I can’t wait to check it out!

  26. What I love most about the NWA boutique show is hanging out with my mom. She drives in every year for the event and we enjoy pursuing the show together.

  27. My friends and I have been going the fast couple of years. They always have such cute stuff and I get to spend time with friends, so it’s a win/win!

  28. I’ve never been to this event. I do love the northwest Arkansas area and the quaint shops and places to eat. I would love to attend this event.

  29. I’ve never been before, but have always wanted to check it out. I’m sure I could find some great, unique Christmas gifts there.

  30. The NWA boutique show is the best/most fun way to Christmas shop! It happens each year after my birthday and this year, it is the day after my 30th!!!! Woo Hoo! I can’t wait to shop!

  31. I love the NWA Boutique Show because I can get most of my Christmas shopping done all at once!

  32. I am still pretty new to the area, so this will be my first time, and I have heard that this is something I definitely don’t want to miss!! 🙂

  33. I love getting to hang out with my friends! It’s our once-a-year standing girls night out! I also LOVED Gravel Road Art!! We need to bring her back to NWA!!

  34. Girl time in a fun atmosphere where we can see so many adorable things and shop in one place without running all over NWA.

  35. I love seeing all the goodies for my toddler like the bows and boutique outfits!

  36. I am one of those newbies to the area who’ve never heard of this before. Sounds like so much fun! Would love to go!

  37. Went last year on my birthday weekend, will definitely be going again!! So many unique things, perfect for Christmas shopping!!!

  38. All the different items in one place!! I didn’t get to go last year and really want to go this time and do some Christmas shopping:-)

  39. I love making a night of it and hanging out with good friends and of course, the shopping!!

  40. Love the variety available at the show. Would love to win any of these packages!

  41. I have never been to the boutique show and would love to check it out and do some Christmas shopping!

  42. The boutiques show is a great way for me to start my Christmas and birthday shopping. The bonus is it’s a great excuse to spend some time with your girlfriends. 🙂

  43. I’ve never had the chance to go to a boutique show. It would be great to have the chance.

  44. My sister took me once & it was such great place to get gifts for coming Christmas & just see all cool crafts. Plus engery in that big room was amazing!!!! I’d love to surprise my sister & take her this year.

  45. Love going and shopping with friends and buying local merchandise and to just get out and shop shop shop!!!!!!!!

  46. I have never attended, but I absolutely love small businesses and boutiques!

  47. I love all the new and creative things people come up with. Things that I might just have to have 😉

  48. I have never been to the boutique show and I hear such great things about it. I would love to attend this year! Thank you for offering such a fantastic opportunity.

  49. this will be my FIRST time at this event but who doesn’t love retail therapy?! I cant wait to see what goodies the vendors have to help me wirh my holiday shopping. VIP hours are great!!

  50. I LOVE the unique finds there and enjoy going w/special women in my life (mom and bff)!

  51. I like to go and start my Christmas shopping, but I always end up buying for myself!

  52. I love seeing the new ideas and trends in decorating, jewelry, and fashion every year. There are definitely some creative vendors out there who bring their goodies to the show each year!

  53. Cannot wait to shop this year and get Season started. We have made this a social event of year at Holcomb Elementary.

  54. I just LOVE going to the NWA Boutique Show Friday Night Girls’ Night!! It’s one of the few nights each year I get together with my girlfriends! We have so much fun shopping together!!

  55. Can you believe I’ve never gone?! But I WILL go this year! I want to buy me and my kids some cute, unique clothes and gifts this year. It’s time to spoil Mama too! I can’t wait to see what they have to offer!!

  56. I love all the unique Christmas gifts that I can get here!! Not only for my family and friends but also for myself!!!

  57. I love the adorable new outfits and jewelry that comes out for the fall. I also love the ideas for Christmas. Such cute stuff.

  58. I go to the Ladies Night event every year and it’s such blast! I gather several friends and each year we end up with fantastic goodies! Love this event and the vendors that attend!

  59. I love the variety of booths to choose from which gives something for everyone. Would love to win one of these fabulous packages.

  60. I love the NWA Boutique Show because it gives me, my mom, and daughter a fabulous girls day out each year!

  61. I’ve never had the time to go but every year I really WANT to! Maybe this will be my year.

  62. I’ve never made it to this show! How have I missed it?!? I would love to win tickets and take my girls out for a day of shopping! Thanks!

  63. I love the variety of vendors at this show. All the staff members and volunteers are very pleasant ans helpful. It’s an exciting weekend kicking off the holiday shopping season with a group of girlfriends.

  64. Would love the chance to win tickets! Sounds like a great way to start my Christmas shopping, since I’m a procrastinator!

  65. My daughter and I have been going to this together since the very first one. Now I have two daughters and can’t wait to take them both!

  66. This show is a great way to go shopping for the holidays with my girlfriends in tow! Something for everyone!

  67. NWA vendors have lot to offer. i hope if I win my $15 will be for Summerlin Design Company so I can add a new lunchbox to my son’s collection or to Curly Willow Designs for a new fun wreath. This is just the tip of the iceberg. I can’t wait to see the jewelry vendors. Shop til you drop ladies!

  68. I’ve never been to the NWA Boutique Show and would love to go. I’ve heard great things about it. Looking forward to the event.

  69. My girlfriends and I love getting together and going to Girls’ Night Out. Such a fun night of shopping and laughing!

  70. I’ve never been but hear it’s amazing! It’d be a great way to do some Christmas shopping and support some local businesses.

    I subscribe to the newsletter, follow on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and commented on the Facebook page.

  71. I have never been before and I have heard how wonderful it is! I think that I need to make a little time for myself and celebrate life by surrounding myself with other ladies that love to shop as much as I do! After all, shopping IS my favorite hobby!!

  72. Haven’t been yet, but would love to give it a try. Looks like a great time away from the kiddo and husband. LOL

  73. It’s a great event with fantastic vendors every year, and it’s a great way to kick off the holiday season and get some shopping done!!

  74. I’ve never been! I love shopping local businesses and should get a jump on my holiday shopping.

  75. I can’t wait to head out to this boutique show, it is my fave and has most of my favorite boutiques participating! I can’t wait to gather up my sister and a few of our cousins for another fun year of making traditions at the show. I absolutely love this boutique show and hopefully will get to score some awesome new items. I am anxious to check out the show this year, I get to add a new item to my list this year, baby items!

  76. I forgot – I had been to one and purchased a Razorback gift for my daughter’s collection. She has it proudly displayed.

  77. What better way to enjoy the weekend than supporting our NWA Boutiques! This would be a thrilling time of fun with my ladies and daughter. Maybe we’ll find some more cute things for the grandbaby we’re expecting around Thanksgiving!

  78. I love that the Boutique Show timing coincides with the time to buy Christmas gifts! I get such cute ideas every year from it for gifts. In addition, I love the fun times, me and my friends have going together!

  79. Would love to go and check out all the cute stuff for me and my cutie boys. I’ve never been, but heard it’s great!!

  80. I enjoyed visiting with the shoppers and looking at all the creative ideas. It would be fun to go again and shop this time!!

  81. I love the Boutique Show! It is a great time to hang with friends and do some shopping! I can’t wait!

  82. I enjoyed going to the Botique Show with a friend to shop for Christmas presents.

  83. I love knocking some Christmas shopping off my list (and finding something for me too!)

  84. I love shopping time with “the girls” always so much fun and laughter!!

  85. My girlfriends and I kickoff our Christmas shopping with this event every year!!

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