See who won the Online Baby Shower “door prize”!

babyroom11.jpgEveryone clap for … Heather Linzy! Heather won our Online Baby Shower “door prize” which is a $100 shopping spree at The Baby’s Room and Kids Quarters in Rogers.

Congratulations, Heather! By the way, Heather couldn’t decide on one must-have, so her e-mail to us listed ELEVEN items all baby mamas should have. Her list ranged from receiving blankets to onesies to the Boppy.

In fact, the Boppy nursing pillow came up quite a bit during this baby shower, along with Boudreaux’s Butt Paste, burp cloths, the Bumbo Baby Seat, The Miracle Blanket, the Moby Wrap, Angel Care Monitor and Dr. Brown’s bottles. The Baby’s Room carries several of these must-haves. One that it most definitely does not is “unlimited babysitting” as one mom suggested. That’s the ultimate must-have, we’d agree.

Our pregnant bloggers, Kim and Jacqueline, wanted us to tell you thanks so much for coming to their party and for all the wonderful suggestions! They can’t wait to look for some of the items you mentioned.

Jacqueline is going on two days past her due date, so let’s all be thinking of her and sending happy thoughts for an easy delivery her way (come on, Katie!). She’s ignoring friends’ advice of castor oil usage, considering the one friend who tried it did not fare well (As Jacqueline said on Facebook, “One word: Diarrhea).

Kim, as we know from her last post, will have a c-section on June 4 and welcome her new baby girl then! Is there anything more exciting than a new baby? We don’t think so.

Thanks again, friends, for stopping by Motherlode for our Online Baby Shower. We’re still finding stray confetti in our keyboards.