Online Baby Shower: Win a shopping spree!

By Gwen and Shannon, Motherlode mamas


Today we’re throwing an online baby shower, and you’re invited! You know you’re in the right spot because we’ve tied pink balloons to this post. We’re throwing this shower with a co-host many of you already know: The Baby’s Room in Rogers. (Keep reading because one of you lucky shower guests is going to win an AWESOME door prize.)

As you may already know, two of our writers are pregnant and expecting baby girls!! Jacqueline Presley, who writes Mommy-in-Progress, and Kim Blakely, who writes All Akimbo, will both give birth soon to daughters, and we can’t wait to see them!! This is the first baby for Jacqueline and the second baby (and first girl) for Kim. You can read more about their pregnancy adventures by clicking on their blog categories on the right.

In order to shower these mamas appropriately, we need your help. We’re asking each of you to post a comment (by clicking the word “comment” on the lower right) or send an e-mail telling us what your favorite baby product of all time is. You know… the thing you always give to a new mom because you used it so much yourself with your own kids. Tell us what your “can’t live without it” item is. We may use a collection of your suggestions for a future article. If you’re not a mommy yet, then tell us what item you’d love to receive at your first baby shower.

By posting a comment or sending an e-mail, you’ll be helping these two mamas make a list of the things they’ll need for the new baby. And you’ll also be putting some shopping money in their pockets. For every person who posts a comment or sends an e-mail, we’ll spend one dollar on each new mama. So if we get 50 comments, that’s a $50 gift card each for Jacqueline and Kim.

babyroom1.jpgTHE AWESOME DOOR PRIZE!: For each shower guest who posts a comment or sends an e-mail, your name will go into a drawing for an amazing door prize. We’ll pick a winner at random and that person will get a $100 Shopping Spree at The Baby’s Room and its sister brand Kids Quarters! By attending our online shower, you’re helping two fellow mamas and also helping yourself to a chance to win the free shopping trip.

To Jaqueline and Kim: We’re SO happy and excited for you both. We have loved reading about your pregnancies these past few months and we can’t wait to hear more about those baby girls, once you all get home and settled into a new routine. Best wishes for safe, wonderful deliveries and healthy babies.

Let the shower begin!!


  1. One of my favorite products was the Bumbo Baby seat. It’s perfect for babies who can support their head but cannot sit up yet. And now I see that they even make one with a tray.

  2. I cannot survive babyhood without plenty of burp cloths. My husband wished he had one yesterday when the baby spit up on him as he was on his way out the door to church.
    I also love the Johnson’s Vapor Soothing bath for when my little ones have a stuffy nose.

  3. The Boppy was a great gift I received at a baby shower and I absolutely loved it. It was awesome at feeding time and to help prop up baby while playing. Congrats to both of the soon to be mommys!!

  4. My favorite product of all time is the Angel Monitor. It fits under the crib mattress and monitors your babies breathing. While pregnant with my first I saw it in a book. I thought it was a little over the top. We were not home from the hospital more than 1 hour before I had my husband online order it and having it shipped overnight mail. It greatly relieved my fear of SIDS and help with the overall anxiety you have as a new mom. It is one of my top gifts to give my pregnant friends. This is a MUST HAVE!!!!

  5. Two things I have decided I can’t live without as a mommy are:
    1) Kiddopotomas Baby Diner Placemat- It is a rubber placemat that you can stick down to any table. It is great for little ones who love to chew on the table.
    2) Robeez baby boots- They are so easy to pull on, walk in and they kept his little toes warm (but not sweaty).

  6. Congrats to the two Moms-to-be! I’d say a good, lightweight stroller is key if you ever want to leave the house with your little one. I’m due in July, and I’d love to get a BOB jogging stroller–they are awesome!

  7. Congratulations! The “can’t live without it” item for me is the sticky placemats that go on the tables at restaurants. They are disposable and come in a pack of 10 at Walmart. We use them at every restaurant so she is not eating off of thier dirty table. They are a must!!

  8. How exciting to be having a girl. I just had a girl (my last child) and I could not be happier with her.

    Burp clothes are a must and a humidifier is very handy as well,helps keep the air moist to keep away dry stuffy nose that she might get. Girls are fun, fun, fun, to shop for I must say. I am enjoying every minute of my baby girl. Good luck and Best wishes!

  9. My favorite baby thing is the Boppy pillow. It is great for when I breastfeed or just prop up my baby in so he can look around and see the world. :)Congrats to the new moms!

  10. My favorite baby item is the kiddopotamus snuzzler. It makes the infant seat very cofy.

  11. My two favorite baby items I wish I’d used from day one are: 1) Moby Wrap – great way to keep baby close and get things done around the house; and 2) Tracy Hogg’s The Baby Whisperer books – the closest thing to an instruction manual I’ve found!

    Congrats, ladies!

  12. Video monitor. I can’t say it enough. We waited until our son was over a year old to get one, and I wish I had it from the beginning.

    Oh, and a COMFY chair. One you can snuggle up with baby in and even sleep in during those need-to-be-held-to-sleep times.

    Budreaux’s Butt Paste. That stuff will knock out diaper rash in a flat second.

    And tons of burp cloths.

  13. Having a child with colic and reflux….the MOBY WRAP was the best baby gift I ever bought myself 🙂 Our anniversary was a little less than a month after John Lleyton was brought home and that was my anniversary gift (yes, i requested it!).

    I love the bumbo seat too…but I think they only go up to 22 pounds! they need a toddler seat because they are wonderful, light weight, and easy to clean!

  14. My favorite product is my Moby Wrap. So comfortable for both mom and baby! My little one still takes at least one of his naps in it most days – though at 22 pounds he’s now usually on my back.

  15. I’m not a mommy yet (hoping to be any day now!) but one of the things I look forward to using the most for our little girl is our baby sling. It just looks so comfy! I would love to have someone carry me around in one. ha! Congrats!!!

  16. Yay for Jacqueline! I’m a mommy of twins and I LOVE having car seats that snap into the car and the stroller. SO handy. I also couldn’t have lived without my double blessings nursing pillow and Medela double electric breast pump.

  17. I think the Moby wrap would be great,
    and also the Boppy pillow. And lots of
    diapers 😉
    Congrats to the baby girls’ mothers !!!

  18. My absolute favorite baby thing is Fisher Price’s Ocean Wonder fish aquarium that hangs on the side of your baby’s crib. This kept both of my babies entertained. In fact, when one of my children moved up to a toddler bed, the aquarium moved with it, because she used it to go to sleep at night. It’s very relaxing! Congratulations Mommies!

  19. My favorite baby item is a soft plush giraffe from Babys-R-US. All the babies go crazy for it!!!

  20. A product that I wished I had received or bought myself was a nursing cover. I see them all over now and wished I had them when I was nursing. How convenient, yet discreet!! I’m making sure I have one when my next baby arrives!

  21. Our favorite item for our child was a wireless video camera. It was $60 at Sam’s. With just a flip of a button we could see & hear our daughter on our television. As a new mom it was comforting to be able to see my baby was not stuck or something when she was crying in her crib. And being able to see her was calming. When we removed the side from her crib we could watch to see if she stayed in bed. And we can also see if she is sitting in her naughty chair. It’s an amazing thing to have that you might not even think of.

  22. Oh and Candy is so right. I would have felt less empowered and able to listen and learn my baby’s cries if it were not for the Tracy Hogg book. I am a diehard believer in her philosophy and the book is written so gently!

  23. I loved my baby sling, used it everyday at home and out. And Boudreaux’s Butt Paste. We got a giant tub of it that still hasn’t been emptied b/c you don’t have to use it all the time. But the best with a newborn were those disposable washcloths. Didn’t have to tote around washcloths and soap with the baby bath, just grabbed a cloth out of the box!

  24. From a mommy of two girls….Congratulations to you both! I love having girls, and I am sure you both will too!

    Narrowing it down to just one “must-have” baby item is hard. There’s so many products that I love. I would have to agree that a Boppy pillow is great and definitely a must. I also love the Kiddopotomas reusable placemat and my baby sling (especially when chasing after an active toddler with a newborn in tow!).

    Other things l love that haven’t been mentioned are a nursing cover (great for outings) and a shopping cart/high chair cover (definitely a must for those germ-y places!).

  25. There are 4 things that I couldn’t live without both times. 1) Angel Care Monitor 2) boppy and boppy covers 3) bouncy seat 4) bumbo
    Good luck and Congrats!

  26. Congrats to both of you!

    Some things I couldn’t go through motherhood without:

    A good stroller, a sling and a bouncy seat.

  27. I definitely couldn’t do without my slings. I used a pouch sling almost exclusively when the girls were newborn. They napped in the sling during the day and I was able to get some work done. I know many have had luck with the Moby wrap in the very beginning.

  28. I would have to say the item I absolutely could not live without was the boppy type pillow! I was great all the way from newborn nursing to when my son finally began to try to sit up. Another was the baby gowns at the newborn stage. My son would let us know everytime he wet his diaper by crying…about 12 times a day! With all the fatigue and other stress they were wonderful to just pull up & then pull down (no snaps to worry about!)I am also expecting my first baby girl (2nd child) =)

  29. My favorite baby product is simply the stroller: great for parents, great for kids, and great to hold all the extra stuff I lug around with my family.

    My thoughts and prayers are with Jaqueline and Kim!

  30. I couldn’t have lived without:
    1) my hipster (the bigger, better bumbo)
    2) a great swaddle blanket
    3) pacifiers
    4) socks that stayed on their feet
    5) baby nightgowns… so easy during the night
    6) advil

  31. A Boppy pillow, Lansinoh nipple cream, a good baby-wearing pack, and those great little swaddle blankets with velcro so they stay swaddled are things I couldn’t have survived without.

  32. I know that I defititely couldn’t live without my breast pump because my son had the hardest time latching on and it was the only way for him to get my breast milk. The other thing would be the bumbo, he loved it and it helped him learn how to sit up!

  33. My favorite baby product is Baby Magic Lotion (I know…real exciting, huh?) There is NOTHING better than a sweet smelling baby to snuggle with 🙂 We also loved the co-sleeper (we got our at Target) People have differing views about co-sleeping but for us it was the only way (especially when nursing) 🙂 What we liked is that the baby could be in the bed with us and the co-sleeper had sides that helped us make sure we didn’t roll over on the baby. Congrats to you both 🙂

  34. Congrats ladies! I highly recommend the Robeez shoes, I couldn’t imagine putting anything else on my babies feet that first year. So comfy for them, and for mom, easy on and off. They are also adorable! For my second item, I don’t know if it’s a must have, but it sure is fun… the jumpy chair that suspends from your door frame. (Sorry I don’t know the exact name!) My son LOVED this chair! Great excercise, great fun and frees up mom all at the same time.

  35. Congratulations girls!!! I couldn’t have lived without burp clothes (we just used cloth diapers) and my swing. Good Luck Girls!

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