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peasout_bodysuit__03279_std.jpgWe have a new sponsor, mamas, and as you can see, it’s Sweet, Sassy and Stylish!

Vintage Virgo has adorable clothing and gifts. And guess what? Yep, you’re right, we’ve got an awesome giveaway this week! You could win a ONE HUNDRED DOLLAR shopping spree to Vintage Virgo! Well, a virtual shopping spree, that is. Vintage Virgo is online and has TONS of great items. The local company is also offering 20% off any order if you’re a Motherlode reader! Just use the check out code nwaMOTHER to receive your discount.

They’ve got boutique baby clothes and gear, funky baby gifts and cute clothes for boys and girls up to 4T.

Just look at this precious dress:


HOW TO ENTER: Simple, of course! We always like to read comments from other local moms, so tell us what your kid looks like when he picks out his own clothes (fashion do or don’t?) or about your child’s favorite piece of clothing (or maybe it’s an entire Spiderman/princess ensemble!).

INCREASE YOUR CHANCES: If you want to share the love — and give yourself even more chances to win — send info about the giveaway to friends and family. We’ll throw your name in the hat for every person you tell. Just remember to CC us on the email ( so we can give you proper credit!

Good luck and we’ll leave you with some other cute offerings from Vintage Virgo:




  1. My son either wants to wear all black from head to toe or mix black and blue or brown and black…the two items in the closet that match the least are the ones he pick!

  2. If Sawyer had his way, he would wear his cape every single day. Most of the time I let him, too, because he’s just so gosh darn cute in it. 😉

  3. My daughter loves flowers and “twirly” skirts. Who cares if they match! Also pajamas are very important but according to her they aren’t clothes. She changes her clothes about 4 times a day! She loves it!

  4. My oldest daughter usually does pretty well at picking out her clothes. Most of the time they actually match! My youngest, however, just pulls out the first top and bottom she sees. Although, if they both had their way, they would wear their PJ’s all day!

  5. So cute! Would love to win. My daughter doesn’t have a favorite outfit just yet, but I love to dress her in cute dresses!

  6. My 5 year-old is really into skirts that twirl these days with leggings. She would pick a dress over shorts any day!

  7. My daughter always does good with her clothes, it’s the crazy shoes she picks out that I just don’t understand. LOL

  8. Luckily my son doesn’t care much about clothes, and I can still pick out outfits and sit them on his bed and he’ll wear them. =) He thinks jeans are horribly uncomfortable and prefers pull on (stretch waist) chinos and such. HOWEVER, I am pregnant and we should find out the gender tomorrow (the Good Lord willing and the creek don’t rise) and this child may feel differently. Either way this child will need some COOL NEW CLOTHES since my only other child is 9 y/o this week! Thanks y’all!!

  9. My daughter Naomi wears her pink cowgirl boots with everything. Even in the heat of summer she begs to wear them. She’s 3 and already opinionated about footwear.

  10. addison is pretty agreeable when it comes to getting dressed… but i think her favorite thing to wear would have to be a tutu… and nothing else. then she likes to spin around and dance for me. thank goodness she’s only 2! =)

  11. My 6 year old daughter usually does a great job picking out her clothes (or her 2 year old sisters). She usually chooses dresses.

  12. My two year old had a cute shirt that had a puppy on it. It was his all-time favorite, and he was bummed recently when he realized it didn’t fit anymore. I even put it in the baby keepsake box because I couldn’t part with it. It went with some puppy pants (they were his PJs).

  13. My son grows so fast it seems like he’s picking out something every week! He is going through the stripping stage rightnow, but when he does wear clothes it’s usually something with Cartoon Characters, trucks, or dinosaurs on it. 🙂

  14. Cute, cute items. Granddaughter loves wearing dresses and skirts. Usually things match but she doesn’t care if they do or not when she chooses the “clash”

  15. One of my BFFs bought my son an adorable cape. It’s Superman on one side and Batman on the other, with his name in the Batman symbol. At first, he was upset when he put it on, and kept saying it was broken. I examined it, and the velcro was still there, and everything seemed fine. I asked him what was broken and he informed me that it didn’t make him fly!! After a quick explanation (and instructions not to jump off of furniture) all was well, and he wears it at least once a day!

  16. This summer, my almost 3 yr. old son’s outfit of choice was any shirt with a ball on it, shorts, RED boots, and a life jacket. I am not kidding…I have pictures to prove it!

  17. For some reason my daughter always wants to wear a red top & pink bottoms together! I would say that’s a fashion don’t for sure!!

  18. Bella is 3… and she usually looks like a Mad Scientist when she dresses herself…. Wellies, swim goggles, dress, & a feather boa……… Timeless!

  19. My just-turned 4 year old likes to wear his little brother’s clothes (his brother is 2). I think he needs some new duds to inspire him to put on his own things. =-)

  20. my daughter would like to wear head to toe pink everyday and if it has a kitty on it too, double bonus

  21. My son is too young to pick out his own clothes yet and I’m enjoying every minute of it because I know one day I won’t get to pick out his clothes every day! I would love to win this giveaway – such cute clothes!

  22. Joseph’s favorite “outfit” to wear around the house right now is his fireman’s hat and his pull-up. It is quite a sight!

  23. Who doesn’t love a new outfit as the 3rd and 4 th child they are always wearing hand me downs.

  24. My daughter loves anything that is pink, pretty and a dress. No idea where she gets it from, but thanks to hand me downs we have a closet full of them. My son is wonderful and always wants me to pick out his clothes, because ‘mommy does it better’. Good boy. 🙂

  25. My 4 year old surprised me the other day by finding a set of XBOX 360 pajamas all by himself while we were shopping. He loves to play and they were even 60% off =}

  26. My son recently dressed himself completely backwards. Reminded me of the days of Criss Cross. Ha!

    Also? Got to the store the other day and found out when he got dressed, he neglected to put undies on.

  27. My 4 year old must have been paying attention (first time ever!) when I told him his clothes should match…because he always makes sure the colors are matching, even if the outfit may be a little silly!

  28. Nate doesn’t have an opinion yet, he just wears what I get out for him.

  29. My son likes his basketball shirt or Curious George shirt and my daughter likes girly dresses or skirts. It would be great to win this!

  30. Ivy, 4, likes either a princess costume or a batman costume, OR a nightgown…who cares about real clothes!

  31. I don’t have any answers to the questions you posed yet about favorite clothing or what he looks like when he dresses himself because my nephew was just born on Friday! But I would love to win him some cute clothes. 🙂

  32. Everyday my son pics out what he wants to be…fireman, police man, buzz, woody, pirate, cowboy, etc. And he has insits on wearing a belt where he will stach his handcuffs, phone, police radio, everything,he goes all out everyday, so al long as he has pockets and belt loops he is happy.

  33. I would just love to win this!! I have a one year old daughter and a baby boy on the way!! It is just so hard to find cute clothes for boys!! He is Due in Novemeber and has maybe 3 outfits!! Miss Emma Rose (my daughter) just loves clothes already am I in trouble or what!!

  34. Ha ha forgot to answer the question asked!! Miss Emma loves her Minnie Mouse Pj’s! Well and anything else with bows or ruffles!!

  35. My daughter has always loved winter sweaters and sweatshirts – and wants to wear them in the summer! GEEZ! I have always had to hide them!

  36. My son is only 12 months old, but his favorite clothing is definitely his diaper only! He loves his “naked” time before bath! I think he would go without clothes, and only his diaper, everyday if I would let him!

  37. My older daughter’s style is sort of bohemian/hippy/starving artist. She likes to wear a peasant skirt with some short of t-shirt, flip-flops, and a beret or scarf on her head. My younger daughter usually picks a skirt and t-shirt, but I can’t keep shoes on her.

  38. My son has just started picking out his own clothes and he’s so proud of himself that I don’t have the heart to tell him they don’t match. He definitely stands out in the crowd when we go out!

  39. My 3 year old would wear the same blue dress with her pink flip flops and absolutely no bow every single day if she could.

  40. My granddaughter is outgrowing all her clothes — would love to win some new outfits!

  41. My daughter enjoys mixing and matching different patterns to come up with her own outfit. My son chooses his favorite color that day to wear. I have no problem getting them dressed!

  42. My son is OBSESSED with a t-shirt the playcare workers from our gym gave him. It was an extra shirt from a 5K event they found when they were cleaning out. It has a huge turkey on the front. Every night he as soon as he gets out of the bath he screams, “2 T! 2 T!” (His way of saying turkey.) I have to wash it every day or face his wrath! 🙂

  43. My baby girl already shows her love for clothes. Everytime I show her an outfit she squeals with delight. I hope I win so I can hear that sweet sound of joy some more.

  44. My daughter loves clothes, shoes, and purses! I am in trouble! 🙂 She loves to dress up in play dress up clothes and regular pretty clothes. She is all girl.

  45. Elijah just loves his red T-shirt that his little buddy Dylan got for him from his CA trip – it just says California… and wears it all the time!

  46. Morgan usually just wears a diaper most days – could use the shopping spree to cuten her up! 🙂

  47. My daughter 7, enjoys dressing up her brother and sister. Her favorite outfit is a blue princess dress. I think she is going to be a fashion designer. She has several different ways she wears it and it looks okay. So dresses are a must. My 3 year old likes wearing her sisters clothes, usually a dress that is several sizes too big. Then my son, well he now thinks he needs to dress up in a suit jacket or sports coat, some kind of pants usually his football pants and cowboy boots. His big sister started dressing him up in suits when he was 3.

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