Crafty Mama Queen Contest: Win $100 Shopping Spree


Calling all Crafty Mamas… and you know who you are. You’re the ones who make things, reinvent things or beautify things in a way that makes your friends say, “You mean you made this? You’ve got to be kidding!” But then you pass it off like it’s no big deal… like all of us can just whip out a throw pillow or a table centerpiece that looks like it cost a hundred bucks. Trust me, not all of us can.

So this contest is for the crafty mamas among us. We want you to take a photo of your craftiest project to date and e-mail it to us along with a line or two about what it is or how you made it. The only rule is that you have to have made it yourself. It might be wall art in your kids’ room, a piece of furniture, a funky planter, a favorite scrapbook layout, a kids’ costume – you name it. If you’re a local NWA mom with a flair for crafts, we want to hear from you.sssd_new.jpg

A panel of judges will review the photos and select a Crafty Mama Queen in the coming months. That winner will receive a $100 shopping spree from one of our favorite crafty places in NWA – Signed Sealed Delivered. For those of you who haven’t been there, Signed Sealed Delivered is a Crafty Mama’s dream come true. They’ve got roughly a gazillion scrapbooking products along with a huge selection of silk florals, dishes, gift items, tools to use for home improvement projects, Razorback stuff, and the list goes on. We could shop in there for hours.

The newly crowned Crafty Mama Queen will also be treated to a gourmet lunch on the day of her shopping spree at Cuisines Gourmet to Go, located right across the street from Signed Sealed Delivered in Rogers. Cuisines is primarily a catering company, but they also offer a fabulous lunch menu Monday through Saturday. And here’s the big news: They also offer take-home meals! For those days when you just don’t have an ounce of energy left to cocuisines.gifok, this place is a lifesaver. On the menu today? Stuffed pork chops with garlic roasted red potatoes, Catalina vegetables and a roll with butter. Their lunch specials and take-home meals sell out every day, so you need to call ahead so they’ll have your meal ready to go. For more info on Cuisines, check out their website by clicking here. The site is great – lots of info and detailed menus!

If you know a Crafty Mama who might be perfect for this contest, please e-mail her the link to this article and encourage her to send in a photo. (Sometimes those Crafty Mamas are too modest for their own good.) With permission, we may even use those photos on the website to inspire your fellow moms with new, fresh ideas for how to become a little craftier themselves.

If you have questions, e-mail us at We can’t wait to see what you Crafty Mamas come up with! Good luck.



  1. I am submitting a girly tooth fairy tin! I absolute love Signed Sealed and Delivery!! And the Gourmet Catering sounds divine!!! Thanks for the contest!!

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