Picture Mama: August finalists announced today

"Wonder what happens if I pull this trigger?"
A good luck kiss for the big sis.

We had some really, really cute snapshots submitted in August for the photo gallery. We have no idea how the judges managed to pick the

finalists this time, but somehow they pulled it off. Pictured throughout this post are the three photos chosen as finalists for the month of August. Congrats!!

If you missed seeing the finalists from the month of June, click HERE.

If you missed seeing the finalists from the month of July, click HERE.

Here’s what happens next. The judges will review the snapshot finalists from June, July and August and pick their all-time favorite out of all those shots.

The mama who snapped that winning shot will win a free photo shoot with Melinda Worthington of MJW Photography plus a huge 16×20 wall print of her favorite shot from that session. If you’re doing the math, you know that adds up to hundreds of dollars.

4-year-olds like to PARTY!!!!!

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Here’s one more highly click-worthy link we hope you saw on birth

photography. It’s AWESOME. Click HERE to see it.

Our hearts melt for this one... Is there anything better than this kind of love?