MOMS Club of Fayetteville: How to plug in to this fun group for kids and moms


Guest post by Beth Gallini

If you’re a mom who’s at home during the day and has young children, then MOMS Club of Fayetteville might be for you! Our membership group is very supportive and our events allow you to get out with your kids, meet up with other moms, and enjoy all the fun things to do in our area.

moms-club-resizedMOMS Club is a national organization with a mission to provide support for at-home moms. We schedule events for moms and kids on weekdays during traditional work hours.

We have breakfast and lunch meet-ups, activities at local children’s places, park play dates, and holiday potluck parties.

There’s also a monthly Mom’s Night Out just for the moms. In the past, we’ve done things such as dinners, bowling, escape rooms, and group painting and craft projects.

Typically there are between two and four events planned each week and moms RSVP for the ones that fit into their schedule and are age appropriate for their kids.

One of the most fun activities we do is Secret Sister. Secret Sister is an activity we organize once a year in the spring for moms who want to participate. Once a month, our Secret Sisters put together a care package tailored to their Secret Sister’s interests and drops it off as a surprise for that mom.  It’s a nice way to boost that mama’s day and to let her know that someone is thinking of her.  At the end of the Secret Sister event, we get together for a Secret Sister reveal party.

I joined almost two years ago and have loved being a part of MOMS Club!  I love that when I take my boys out, they get to meet up with other kids and I get to see other moms.  I have formed some great friendships through the group and I love seeing my boys playing with other kids instead of just each other when we go out.

It’s also very comforting to get together with others who understand what your days are like and can offer advice on what stages your kids may be in or helpful tips for current challenges.

We would love for you to come to an event to see if the MOMS Club of Fayetteville could be a good fit for you.

We have a New Member Tea and Social on October 7th at 9:30 at the Boardwalk Clubhouse (2704 E. Meandering Way, Fayetteville). This event is always well attended and it’s a great way to meet current members. We hope to see you there!


If you’re not able to make it to the New Member Tea, you can view upcoming events and get membership information on our Meetup page.  If you decide to join, you’ll be given access to our Meetup group and private Facebook page where you can see upcoming events, RSVP, and communicate with other member moms.

If you have any questions or would like to RSVP for the New Member Tea, please contact Beth at

beth-galliniAbout Beth: Beth is a SAHM of two 3-year-old boys and has so much fun with MOMS Club that she volunteers as the Membership Coordinator and tries to get all the moms she knows to join. You can find Beth chasing her boys around or running the local trails.