Lights by DUO has a Yeti giveaway bundle!

Lights by Duo Yeti Bundle giveaway
Would you like to win this Yeti bundle giveaway from Lights by DUO? Yes, please!

Happy Wednesday, mamas! We’ve made it to the midway point, and that calls for a fun giveaway celebration from a new company in Northwest Arkansas (and a new sponsor here on nwaMotherlode). DUO Lawn Care is bringing Christmas a little early with this Yeti gift bundle, which one local mama will win.

DUO Lawn Care spends most of the year making lawns beautiful in Northwest Arkansas, but when our yards take their “long winter’s nap,” the company also offers holiday light installations, removal and storage. The service is called “Lights by DUO.” Here are some of the gorgeous homes they lit up last year. Sooooo pretty.

To celebrate the beginning of the holiday season, the company wanted to provide a fun giveaway along with a festive “hello” to the moms of Northwest Arkansas. If you’d like to see your home lit up for the holidays this year but don’t necessarily have the time, talent or equipment to do it right, these guys do. (And don’t even get us started on the MANY reasons why your husband and/or you should NOT be climbing around the roof and on tall ladders to do this yourselves. One of my neighbors fell off a ladder a few years ago, and it seriously took him months of medical treatments and physical therapy to recover from that serious injury. Nobody wants to have a broken leg, or worse, for the holidays.)

Lights by DUO provides customized estimates for each home, and the price depends on what you’d like to do as well as the size of the project. If you’d like them to dream up something amazing for you, they can do that, too, and will tell you exactly what to expect for cost. The price not only includes the lights themselves but also installation, removal after the holidays and off-season storage of the lights (so you won’t have to put yet another storage box into your garage or attic). The lights used are commercial-grade, low energy LED bulbs. All colors are available and can be completely customized.

We love how this company’s owners, Ryan and Kelly Melancon, came up with their business name — DUO. Because they operate the business on the same faith-based principals on which they live, they named the company DUO by combining the first letters of the first three words of the  Golden Rule: “Do Unto Others as you would have them do unto you.” Ryan and Kelly are parents to two girls and a boy — Serah, age 8, Laurelyn, age 7, and Hunter, age 5.

The company also believes in giving back to the community in which they work, which is why 5% of all holiday light installation sales will be donated to the non-profit CASA of Northwest Arkansas. (CASA stands for Court Appointed Special Advocates, and these volunteers chaperone kids in foster care through the legal system so that they never have to go to courtroom hearings or appointments alone. They always have an adult who is on their side and looking out for their best interests.)

HOW TO ENTER: If you’d love to win the Yeti bundle from Lights by DUO, click on the word “comments” (right under the headline of this post) and scroll down to the bottom of the comments posted by other moms.

Then write a quick comment telling us your favorite kind of holiday lights. All white all the time? Do you like the big colored bulbs? What about when people outline the tree limbs in their front yard trees, or do you like walkways lined by lights?

You can also email your answer to us at

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  1. I love a mix of clear and multi-colored lights. Clear for the borders and multi colored for bushes, trees, etc. The more the better!

  2. Love the all white lights. We’ve never put them out around the house because well… I want to live long enough to see my kiddos get older 😉.

  3. The big soft white lights on the house, the small soft white lights wrapping evergreen trees.

  4. Oohh i Love Christmas lights!! I prefer white (not blue-white, actual white) but maybe Family likes colored. We switch off!
    I get the newsletter, commented on FB, going to do twitter and Instagram too! Thanks ladies!

  5. I love ❤️ all the Christmas 🎄 lights!
    But especially colored ones.

  6. I love all lights but if I have to pick it would be all clear and blue lights

  7. I love the elegance of white lights, but love all the cheerful colors of the others- so we use both. Haha! This would be awesome to win! I commented in Facebook, and follow on Instagram and Twitter! Love you all!

  8. Right now, my favorite is all blue! I still love all white, but LED is messing that up! I haven’t found a good LED white. I would love some help this year! Our steep pitch roof is beautiful except when you’re up there putting on the lights! 😃

  9. All white all the time! And yes, way cool when someone puts in all the effort to line each tree limb!

  10. I love the clear icicle lights for my house and the colorful lights on the tree.

  11. I love all white lights. Follow you on Pinterest & Twitter, get the newsletter and commented on FB.

  12. I used to put up 20,000 Christmas lights every year. I always liked to mix up solid colors on the house and the trees using multi colored lights. Then Santa and his reindeer hung on a cable over the driveway like he was leaving.

  13. I love white lights on the house, bushes in o e color, trees trunks wrapped in another . The more color = the more festive!!! Love lights!!! And the Owners of DUO are FABULOUS!!!!!

  14. My favorite is the larger white bulbs, and just simple. There is something so beautiful and simple about it that I love!

  15. I use all white lights indoors, but outdoors – I use a combination of both! I especially love the large, old fashioned bulbs in the trees!

  16. I love all kinds of Christmas lights!! The square in Fayetteville is just amazing this time of year, and they always give me a few ideas. This year, we are going to try out those projected lights. I usually opt for the white icicle lights, so this will be a change, but they look neat!

  17. I love big red bulbs and white icicle lights together on a house! It makes for a peppermint wonderland!

  18. I love all kinds of Christmas lights, but there has to be some color and organization to it. It truly is the most wonderful time of the year!

  19. I love the big white bulbs that make the house look bright and Christmasy🎄⛄️

  20. What a fun giveaway and a great cause they’re supporting!!

    My favorite is any kind that makes my kiddos go, “Oooh!” But I’m always partial to the plain white lights that outline a building and make it look like a gingerbread house.

  21. I like the light shows synced up with Music! I’m like a giddy kid watching those

  22. I love clear white lights, but LOVE for the bushes and trees to be different colors!!

  23. I love the big C9 multi-color lights on the house and a Christmas tree in the front yard with green led lights and a bright white star on top!!

  24. I am SO happy to have their info!! I work in real estate and always have clients asking me about someone to do lights! And I could use them myself! I usually just like white lights but I would love to see what they suggest!! And my husband would LOVE this prize for Christmas!!!

  25. Love the Christmas light shows to Trans Siberian Orchestra’s Carol of the Bells!!!

  26. The white lights are my favorite with a touch of red but this year we have blue and white ones up. I love the tree wrapped and the sidewalks lined! I love to take the family and drive around and look at all the beautiful lights!!

  27. I love all white lights, but have recently been obsessed with the colored vintage lights (the bigger bulb ones)!

  28. I love the big old fashioned colored bulbs. I also like when the tree trunks and limbs are lined with lights.

  29. I absolutely love blue Christmas lights, they’re so pretty! I also enjoy the houses that put inflatables up in their yard because it makes my kids so happy.

  30. I love it when other people put up lights–any lights–it’s so time consuming and tedious to do by myself!

  31. For Christmas lights outside, I love white icicle lights hanging around the house. It’s nice to see the sidewalks lined with white to match. As for the trees and bushes, they can be a different color, and it’s fun to see the limbs wrapped in white, as well as lit large ornaments hanging from them if possible.

  32. I like all decorations. Probably the big colored lights are my favorite. I like trees trunks and driveways lit up white.

  33. We hang red and white vintage lights on our house and line our sidewalk with candy can’t lights! The more lights the better!😊

  34. I love all white lights! It looks so beautiful! I really like when outdoor trees and walkways are lit🎄

  35. I like the large colered light s for a tree. All white has a clean look but the colors are so much fun. I miss doesn’t seem like you see them much anymore.

  36. I love all white all the time! Not a huge fan of when people wrap their trees (branches and all) but I love lighted pathways. So pretty!

  37. White lights are my favorite for the CHRISTmas tree, but I love the colored lights on the outside of the house! Really, you can’t go wrong with any color, they’re beautiful lights for goodness sakes! 😉 I just want them everywhere!!!

  38. I love all white on the tree, but the big blue ones are just so pretty on the house! You can see them from so far away! They are mesmerizing!

  39. I love bazillions of tiny white lights, especially when they’re outlining trees.

  40. I love all lights! I remember always driving the kiddos around town to see all the colors and bright displays. What a wonderful time of the year!!!

  41. I love when shrubs and trees are lit up. All white lights are elegant but we love the colorful lights for the family! 🎄

  42. Love white lights lining the roof of the house with lighted wreaths of colored lights on each of our front windows and dormers

  43. Honestly, I love them ALL!! But I’d say my faves are solid colors on different trees. If you have lots of trees, it looks beautiful!!

  44. I’m partial to trees wrapped in lights, and different designs on the side of houses Cause my dad used to do that on our house when we were little and I t was awesome to see everyone driving by just to see your house lit up! Wish I could do mine like that : )

  45. I like blue lights. The pitch of our driveway and roof are so steep, we almost never hang lights. This would be awesome.

  46. I love the giant colored bulbs that my grandma still puts up every year. They remind me of when I was a kid.

  47. I love all the Christmas lights, white ,colors,, flashing, the more the merrier, in the trees, in the bushes, on the house and maybe even on a mouse (haha).

  48. I love lights on the shrubs and trees and icicle lights on the roof line. Lining the walkways is a nice touch too. This would be an awesome prize to win, and this company sounds like one committed to the community!

  49. There is something about all of the lights that make Christmas magical!! I love white and I love colored!! They always put me in a good mood!!

  50. I love all white lights. Especially when they line the sidewalks and drive way

  51. We are the Griswolds of the neighborhood and use about every kind of bulb there is. Sticking to the Christmas colors of red, white and green

  52. Love the colored lights! Especially an outside tree that is decorated like a Christmas tree with ornaments, lights, and all!

  53. I love the white lights on the house, trees, & entryway. They are so beautiful!!

  54. I love the clear white lights! It looks so elegant! I also like when the trees are done in lights as well.

  55. I like when the lights are straight and trees are wrapped branch by branch! Any color is good!

  56. I love the white lights b/c they make me think of the purity of Jesus and tgey bring a feeling of serenity. BUT, I LOVE bright colors blinking on my tree so I like a mixture. I think walking up a driveway lined with white twinkling lights is something very beautiful!

  57. All white! I love to see a house, walk way, tree trunks and limbs all trimmed in white. It looks very elegant! A huge wreath with white lights on the front entrance, just adds more elegance!

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