Giveaway: Skate or Splash Party at The Jones Center!

It’s not like you need a reason to party, but there are plenty of times when you have one — a kid’s birthday, awesome grades at school, an upcoming holiday, or even just a get-together with fun friends. Since you already have plenty of reasons to celebrate, we’re going Printto help provide the party place. This week we’re partnering with our friends at The Jones Center to give one local mom a FREE party for up to 12 people at either the ice skating rink or the newly renovated Splash Pool at The Jones Center in Springdale. All you need to do is bring the kids!

The Jones Center will set you up in a private party room, and you’ll have up to 2 hours to either skate or splash. (We can almost guarantee that winning this kind of party for the kids will earn you some MAJOR cool points with your kids and their friends.)

So the only question is… do you want to skate? or swim? Here are some details on both options:

SKATING PARTY: The Ice Arena at The Jones Center is massive. Kids are always blown away when they see it for the first time. It’s home to hockey games and ice skating lessons. (And remember that time they hosted the characters from Frozen on the ice rink?)

If you choose to spend your party time skating, you’ll also get your own ice skating assistant, who will give the kids a 30-minute lesson and then give skating tips throughout the remainder of the hour. Here’s a pic of the expansive Ice Arena.


SPLASH PARTY: It doesn’t matter if the sun is shining or what the temperature is outside because the huge Splash Pool at the The Jones Center is indoors, so it’s always ready to party. The Splash Pool area just went through a massive renovation and it is gorgeous! Fun, bright colors surround the pool area, and the bottom of the pool is nice and smooth for little feet. The twisty slide is back and better than ever and so is the always-popular mushroom fountain.

If you pick this option, you’ll get a private party room located on the pool deck, and lifeguards will be on duty. Here’s a pic of the amazing Splash Pool.


HOW TO ENTER: To throw your name in the online party hat to win either a skate or splash party, just click on the words “post  a comment”  below and tell us what occasion you’d like to celebrate. (Birthday? Congratulations party? Family Fun Time Party? Holiday party? Or maybe it could be a ” Just Because We Have Awesome Kids” party.)

You can also email your answer to us at

Please note that you’ll be able to work with the folks at The Jones Center to find a party date that works best for you and your guest list.

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We’ll choose a winner on Friday afternoon, mamas! Good luck!


  1. My daughter wants to have a swimming party for her birthday in February so this would be perfect!

  2. My son’s birthday is in February….he’s a little fish so this would be perrrrrrfect! Especially considering his sister just went to college so money is tight and he hasn’t been our focus since this summer. 🙁

  3. We’d love to win a swimming party at the Jones Center. My daughter Ava’s 9th birthday is coming up and an indoor pool party would be perfect! 🙂

  4. My daughters pee wee ball team finishes their season this month and we are going to celebrate in some way. A splash party would be perfect!!

  5. With all summer birthdays it would be great to have a “You Rock Winter” party for my little ones and their friends.

  6. Would love to celebrate my grandson’s birthday here. I have had a few parties here and love it. Thanks

  7. If I win, I will throw a swim party for my son who will turn six in December. It is always such a busy time of year when his birthday rolls around that he often gets a little short-changed. But not if we win this party!!

  8. Birthday Party for sure! My son will be 1 in Jan and it’s gonna be tough to find a place to host it. We have several kids in the family that are older, so this would be a fun way to let them enjoy a 1 year party!

  9. end of soccer season party for my awasome group of u7 boys who have leard its not all about winning its about playing with there hearts and having fun

  10. With four kiddos, we’re always close to someone’s birthday! This would be a great party for them!

  11. Would love to win this for my niece! She has a December birthday, so never gets a swim party. And I feel her pain, my birthday is in November, and I never got a swim party either! LOL!

  12. My twin sons just started Kindergarten in August, but they miss their buddies from pre-K, so I’d LOVE to throw a “reunion” party for them and their former Pink Panther classmates 🙂

  13. My daughters 9th birthday this December and this would be perfect because its all inside and The Jones Center is perfect for winter party 🙂

  14. My son is getting ready to turn 7 in November and this will be his first party to invite friends, he would LOVE this!

  15. I would love to be able to have my baby girl’s birthday party here at the pool!! It would be so cool to have a swimming party during the winter!!

  16. My girls are 4 years and 1 day apart. I would love to throw them a spectacular party!!!!

  17. my little boy’s been trying to figure out where to have his next party. we’d love to win. thank you for these awesome giveaways. i know i’ll win someday 🙂

  18. With a house of 4 kids, there’s never money in the budget for fun like this…so it would be a blessing if we could treat the kids and their friends!

  19. I would celebrate my son’s birthday there because his favorite thing to do is swim, He even goes to swim school which he calls swim practice twice a week. So It would be the ultimate party for him : )

  20. If the dates matched up, we would do this for my son’s birthday. If not, it could be a good incentive for something else– maybe good grades? A special project? I don’t know; the possibilities are endless!

  21. My son’s birthday is Thanksgiving and I am due with a baby right around then too. It would be amazing to have a swim party for him and not have to worry about much of anything! Fingers crossed we win.

  22. My son’s birthday is in the summer, so that’s sometimes hard to have friends come to a party. I would throw him a “half” birthday party if we won!

  23. We were unable to do parties for our kids this summer, so winning this would be great for a “better late than never” party!

  24. Potty trained party!!! My son (special needs) is six in January and will likely be potty trained finally!!

  25. Oh- this would be a just because party… My boys love extra pool time, and need to get all that winter time energy out!

  26. My 6yr Cancerversary is October 17th, my family and I would love to have a “celebrate life” party!!!

  27. I would celebrate my daughter’s 6th birthday there in February! Would be a fantastic venue for a winter bday.


  29. My little boy with autism is turning four and would love a swimming party! He LOVES water!!

  30. I would love to win it for my kids! My first grader has been working very hard his year (went from no hw in K to an HOUR a day now) so it would be a great reward for him and his friends!

    I also already subscribe to the newsletter and just now started following on Pinterest.

  31. A birthday party for my son! He’s getting to be “too old” for parties… would love to be able to give him an awesome one!

  32. Birthday party is the way to go. Now it will be a fight because my daughter loves to ice skate and my son loves to swim. Lol.

  33. My turning 11year old hasn’t had party for at least his last 5 birthdays, this would really make him feel special again!

  34. We would celebrate our awesome kids and their friends – a fun time to hang out and have fun!

  35. I would love to have an end-of-season party for my daughter and her volleyball team!

  36. We’d like to take our youth from our church just because they are awesome and would enjoy a day at the Jones center!

  37. This would be perfect for my daughter’s 6th birthday party for the end of this month. She would love it!

  38. Since the cool weather has hit us…my daughter age 9 said she would like to have an indoor swim party since they can’t swim anymore and invite the kids in her class! So we would have a spooktacular swim party!

  39. My daughter’s favorite thing to do is swim! She would love to get to swim for her birthday in February!!

  40. Darn, we just sent out birthday party invitations for the kids, so missed that opportunity. However – we just moved here, and don’t know many people, so I would use this for an opportunity to get to know our neighbors! There are several kids that live around us, and I keep looking for an opportunity to have a reason to get to know them better – so I’m thinking a “Get to Know your Neighbors Splash Party” would be perfect!!! Once we break the ice, the kids would have a whole ‘hood full of friends at their beck and call, and I’d know who to call on if I need to borrow an egg or who to ask to go on a walk! Thanks for this chance!

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