Life with Ladybug: Scenes from a shopping spree

By Shannon Magsam

I call Gwen’s cell phone from the wrapping paper aisle: “I need help”.

I quickly tell her why, so she doesn’t envision me in a gutter somewhere with a broken leg (we’re both prone to worst-case-scenario thinking).

I’m in Target and I’ve got that rug in my cart.” She knows perfectly well what rug I’m referring to, because I may have mentioned it before. About 10 times. She tells me she thinks I should get it if I’m still pining over it after all this time (Read: Please buy it so you will shut up about whether or not you should buy it).

I keep the rug in my cart and continue talking to Gwen as I wander through the toy aisles. Then my cart screeches to a halt. “I found the Sing-a-ma-jigs!” I exclaim, then squeeze two of the little bears’ fat tummies simultaneously so they can harmonize at her into the phone.

After all our shopping talk with Jennifer and Guy on Magic 107.9 last week I’m ready to buy some Christmas presents.

I bring up the rug again. “I’m going to put back this reindeer pillow, which, by the way, would be perfect for my bench outside. That will bring the rug’s price down about $13.

“Shopping math?” she inquires. “Yes! I’m constantly doing shopping math.”

Gwen also tells me about her new habit of taking a hard look at her cart contents right before checkout — and removing one item. As much as I consciously choose each thing I put in there, taking something out seems too hard. But I agree it’s a good practice.

I finally hang up with Gwen after I exclaim over the new line of toys they have at Tar-jay with the brand name “B.”. Love!

At checkout I pause and look deep into my heart (via the cart) and finally take out the Zoobles. We’ve got too many little plastic animals around the house already. My kid don’t need no stinkin’ Zoobles!

Plus? Without that purchase, now my rug is even LESS expensive! Shopping math is fun!

Update: We did get that kitten I mentioned last time I wrote here. Now we have two black cats: Asia and India. Cute, huh? Here’s the new baby, ready for his close up:


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