Life With Ladybug: Potpourri

By Shannon Magsam, directionally challenged since 1986

hippoheart.gifThere’s a song that’s stuck in one of those little wrinkles in my brain like a piece of broccoli in a tooth.

It’s a little tune from the 1950s called I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas. I’d never heard it before, but my husband put it on a Christmas CD for Ladybug over the holidays and I loved it. The first 14 times. She loved it all the way up to “”, courtesy of mom.

But then I caved and we sang it together with gusto on New Year’s Eve for Ladybug’s big cousin, Sarah, who was visiting from Philadelphia (she helps dream up exhibits at the National Constitution Center in Philly — cool job!). Soon, she had the song stuck in her head, too. Bwa-ha-ha!

Here’s a link to the song. Please listen to it so it will stick in your brain wrinkles, too, and I won’t be the only mom walking around NWA humming about not liking crocodiles or rhinoceros-es-es:


car_navigation.gifIn non-hippo related news, I got a GPS (TomTom) for Christmas and it is awesome! I am one of the most directionally challenged people on earth. I just don’t have that natural ability to sniff the air and know which direction is north. Or even to find my car in the Walmart parking lot, at times.

I love the TomTom and feel confident driving to new places now. I especially like that “Samantha” says street names when she tells you when to turn.

I got my husband a Wii and weeee are all sore from playing the games. Talk about outta shape. That boxing game killed my arms. So did the baseball and bowling. Do you guys recommend the Wii Fit board and video? I can’t decide if it’s all that or not.

Oh, and I have to share this funny. One day Ladybug and I were driving on 540 and I was fussing at a completely oblivious driver (oblivious as in doesn’t pay attention to anyone else on the road). Then I remembered that I was trying to cultivate the Fruits of the Spirit (in the Bible) and that I should hush it. I even told Ladybug about all the fruits of the spirit and that I really needed to work on the one about self control.

Fast forward to Ladybug and her dad driving in Conway. Well, he started mouthing off about a bad driver until he heard this in a sing-songy voice from the backseat:

“Dad, don’t forget about God’s fruits and veg-et-ables!”

He was too busy laughing to continue fussing at other drivers.

Here’s something to get you laughing. I thought this was hi-larious (but if you’re not a Twilight fan, keep moving. There’s nothing to see here):


  1. Our Pastor’s favorite Christmas song is the Hippo song. After the Christmas play this year, one of the Deacons presented him with a gift on stage. It was a stuffed hippo. Then they played the song and had the congregation sing along. It was quite funny.

    And Addie popped something out about patience being one of the “main fruits” the other night.

    Are we living the same life? LOL

  2. I can’t believe I’d never heard it before! It really is a cute song. It was especially fitting for us since Ladybug loves animals so much. Of course, she wants to come down the stairs and see a real live horse in her living room 🙂 Sounds like a cool church! I like it when the pastor has a good sense of humor.

    :))) They hear us, even when we don’t realize it. I wonder what God’s vegetables would be?

    Hope you have a happy snow day!


  3. Ok, I’m not a huge Twilight fan, but that was hilarious!

    Oh, and the Wii Fit is worth every penny! You will love it. 😉

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