Holiday Giveaway: Underwood’s 12-carat Blue Topaz!

NOTE: The Blue Topaz giveaway is now closed. The winner, selected at random, was Kimberly Kisor of Northwest Arkansas. Click here to read more about her and what she plans to do with her new 12-carat blue topaz!
underwoods 60th anniversary giveawayThe holiday lights aren’t the only thing twinkling around here. This week’s giveaway from Underwood’s Fine Jewelers will make your jaw drop — a 12-carat round Swiss Blue Topaz stone valued at $1,500! Would winning it put a little extra sparkle in your step this holiday season? Yep, we thought so. It gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “Blue Christmas.”

This giveaway makes us feel nostalgic because it reminds us of nwaMotherlode’s very first giveaway during the week of our website’s launch back in 2008. We wanted something with true “wow factor” for our first giveaway, so we asked our friends at Underwood’s to partner with us to give something spectacular away to a local mom. They said yes. Now, more than 9 years later, we’re thrilled for the opportunity to help Underwood’s give another stunning gemstone to a hard-working mama.

This giveaway is part of Underwood’s 60th anniversary celebration, and they have a lot to celebrate. The Underwood name has become a permanent part of Fayetteville’s history, and women throughout Northwest Arkansas and beyond know there’s something special about jewelry from Underwood’s. (I’m proud to say my engagement and wedding ring came from Underwood’s nearly 20 years ago!)

Bill Underwood opened the store on Dickson Street in Fayetteville in 1957. Pictured below is what the store looked like in the late 50’s.

Almost 10 years later, the small shop got a new home when the famous Underwood building — designed by renowned architect Fay Jones — was completed in 1966.

During the 70s, Underwood’s made a name for itself not only locally but nationally, too. Bill was selected by the Smithsonian Institute as one of only 33 jewelers in America to create a special jewelry piece for the Smithsonian Collection. And in 1979, he was asked to do a certified appraisal for a ring belonging to none other than Elvis Presley!

While the store was growing, so was Bill’s son — Craig Underwood — who made regular visits to his father’s shop. Here’s a cute picture of him taking a peek at a diamond using his dad’s microscope.

craig underwood gets an early start

Craig inherited not only his father’s deep, distinctive voice but also his passion for making jewelry. He completed his gemological training in the late 80s and started work at the store. By then, his father had earned the title of Certified Gemologist Appraiser (which is the most advanced title in the industry) and had also become the President of the American Gem Society.

Craig later followed in his father’s footsteps and earned his own CGA title and also became President of the American Gem Society in 2006. Here’s a recent picture of the father-and-son team.

bill and craig underwood

Showing just how far a hometown business can reach, Underwood’s was also selected as a jeweler for the Emmy Awards gift basket. In 2012, the company was one of only 12 jewelers in the nation to be selected to provide two custom pieces for the Academy Awards “Red Carpet Collection.”

underwoods fine jewelersBut one of the things we love most about Underwood’s is how, despite earning national acclaim, the Underwood family has never forgotten its roots and how important it is to invest in your own community. Since the year 2000, Underwood’s has given more than a half a MILLION dollars to non-profits in Northwest Arkansas.

This week’s giveaway — the 12-carat Swiss Blue Topaz loose stone — is a symbol of this remarkable story of entrepreneurship, dedication to excellence, and a deep love of family and community. Because this topaz is a loose stone, you can do anything you like with it, although we think the sheer size of it (12 carats!) might work best in a necklace. The jewelers at Underwood’s can show you some great options for settings.

HOW TO ENTER: If you’d love to win this gorgeous Swiss Blue Topaz, click on the word “comments” (right under the headline of this post) and scroll down to the bottom of the comments posted by other moms. Then write a quick comment telling us about your favorite place to see something sparkly during the holidays in NWA. Maybe a favorite light display in the area? Or the star at the top of your own tree?

You can also email your answer to us at

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  1. My favorite place to see something sparkly is from my favorite spot on my living room sofa! Our house is lit up, warm and cozy. There’s no place like home!

  2. I don’t think you can beat the Fayettevilli Square for seeing something sparkly! Our tradition is to meet friends at Taste of Thai then walk down to the square afterward.

  3. My Favorite Place to see Sparkly at the Holidays are in the eyes of My Grand Children.
    I use to work for Bill and Leann for several years at their home doing housekeeping. What wonderful people they are. They always treated me well!! Good Luck to all who enter!!

    • The Fayetteville Square! It’s beautiful and I love seeing it with my family every year!

  4. My favorite place to see something sparkly is where ever I am with my loved ones — hubby, kids, grandkids. Could be home — nice and cozy. Or out looking at lights. Or in Underwoods looking at sparkly jewelry! When I am with those I love — all life sparkles!

  5. My favorite place to see sparkle is the sparkle in my grandsons’ eyes as they view various Christmas sights.

  6. I love just driving around looking at all the beautiful Christmas lights that people have put up in their yards and on their houses. I still oooohhhh and aaaaaahhhh everytime we drive around.

  7. When I was young, our parents used to pick a night as it got close to Christmas and drive us around Fayetteville to look at the lights on all of the houses. I remember those trips to this day and have tried to keep the tradition going with my children (sans cell phones!!). It’s a very special memory.

  8. My favorite place to see something “sparkly” is at work – I work with elementary students and every day they surprise me with their “sparkly” pants, “sparkly” holiday shirts, “sparkly” shoes, and “sparkly” hair accessories. The holidays are a fun time to work with little people!

  9. Anywhere my children and grandchildren are gathered is a great place for sparkle!

  10. Driving through the hills of Fayetteville and seeing all the Christmas lights below is my favorite 😊

  11. My most treasured sparkle on Christmas is in my girls’ eyes!!! I absolutely love the joy on their faces and the happiness that all the love and spirit brings into their lives during the holiday season!

  12. LOVE the Lights of the Ozarks–you can always see sparkles w/that gorgeous light display!

  13. My favorite place to see something sparkle during the holidays is looking at my family Christmas tree, by firelight, with my 2 girls and husband. Being able to relax, taking in the wonder of the season through my daughter’s eyes, and celebrating our Lord and Savior is the most wonderful feeling!

  14. I love sparkly wherever I can find it! Including, but not limited to the lights at Fayetteville Square, Stewart Family Christmas Lights, and we recently got a glittery star Christmas Tree Topper that projects lights into the ceiling!! 😍 ✨💚♥️

    I get your newsletter, follow on Pinterest and Twitter and I commented on FB!!!

  15. My favorite place to see spakle during the holidays is driving through different neighborhoods looking at everyones light displays!

  16. We love taking an evening & walking the Fayetteville square & then loading up to go see the sparkle at the Stewart family lights.

  17. My favorite place to see sparkle is the sparkle in Children’s eyes as they enjoy the wonder of Christmas.

  18. The sparkly clothes everyone wears with bows on Christmas Eve to open presents at my parents house!

  19. Lights of the Ozarks at Night is great for taking the whole family to see something sparkly. Although, it would be nice to gaze at that blue topaz . . . it’s my birthstone!

  20. My favorite place to see a sparkle is in my daughter’s eyes. She is almost grown but I cannot help trying to capture as much “childhood” for her and I possibly can. As she sees the miracle of Christmas unfold before her, in the lights, the decor, the sounds of Christmas music, it brings a contagious joy to our lives and homes and reminds us of the God who cares so deeply for us every day, not just Christmas day! It teaches us to love and give sacrificially in our time, energy, and resources. The true meaning of the season is reflected in her, when we put our hearts in the right place, set our priorities and live them out to our best. I would absolutely love to win this but honestly, if I do not, at least your encouragement to write these words was gift enough. Thanks for all you guys do to serve NWA!! Blessings to you, the Underwood family and Your beautiful Motherlode Ladies!! Merriest of Christmases

  21. We just moved to Bentonville, so it has been fun to see all the light displays in neighborhoods and in the Square. We loved the lighting!

  22. I love taking my kids to the Bentonville and Fayetteville squares for pictures with the lights. It’s so pretty there. It’s a sparkly winter wonderland. I love it!

  23. Our favorite place to see something sparkly is Fayetteville square light….of course! And taking the little ones to make memories 😍😍

  24. My favorite place to see something sparkly on NWA, is in my daughter’s eyes. As a single mom, it has become a tradition to see the tree lightings in NWA. We absolutely loved this years lighting and parade in Fayetteville. My daughters smile and sparkle in her eyes confirmed a good time by all!

  25. My favorite thing that sparkles is when my daughter’s eyes when she laughs.

  26. We take my grandkids and drive around neighborhoods. They get so excited it brings back the joy of the sparkling lights.

  27. My favorite sparkly view is the light display in my own cul-de-sac. I can view my neighbors’ beautiful lights from my cozy, Christmasy, front room.

  28. My favorite place is home. I love turning the lights off and only turning the Christmas lights on!!

  29. The holidays don’t officially start for us until we’ve seen the Fayetteville Square in all its glory. There is a special feeling of peace and calm that comes when we walk the beautifully lighted square

  30. My favorite place to see something sparkly during the holidays is in my children’s eyes! It’s wonderful to watch the magic of the holidays through them. Happy Holidays!

  31. My hands. My love affair with Underwood’s began 43 years ago when my boyfriend bought me a promise wing from Underwood’s jewelers. Theee years later he sealed the deal with my wedding ring set from Underwood’s. Twenty-five years later Mr. Underwood chose a perfect 1 carat ruby on his Burmese buying trip for my husband to surprise me that was set in a band with four diamonds representing our four amazing daughters. And our relationship with Underwood’s continued for another gemstone set in another amazing ring So yes, my worn and busy hands are my favorite sparkly place. This season and every day.

  32. This may sound cheesy but I love the sparkle in my kids’ eyes as they watch the Christmas parade or talk about Santa coming or wondering “how did our elf get here?” That is a something I greatly cherish!

  33. We love the lights at the Fayetteville Square, but I think my favorite sparkles are the ones on our own Christmas tree at home. Our tree has many sentimental ornaments on it which are highlighted by the twinkling lights 🎄❤️

  34. My favorite place to see something sparkly has been the Stewart Family display. It was fantastic!

  35. My favorite place to see sparkle during the holidays is at the Fayetteville square!

  36. There are so many places to see the lights in NWA. We love visiting both the Fayetteville and Bentonville Square. A friend of mine has a tradition where her family all puts on snuggly jammies and they pack hot cocoa and popcorn and just drive around and scout out the prettiest lights. This area is so beautiful and it only takes noticing to see something sparkly and beautiful.

  37. My favorite place is the Fayetteville Square! Followed on pintrest and comment on favebook! Ui

  38. My favorite place is the Fayetteville square! The lights are beautiful, and I love spending time there with my family each Christmas season! I also love seeing my children’s eyes light up with excitement to see all of the lights as they anticipate celebrating the birth of Jesus on Christmas Day.

  39. My children’s eyes as they watch the excitement of the season is my favorite place to see something sparkle. Visiting the lights and our family Christmas Eve celebration is made better through their eyes.

  40. My favorite place to see sparkle is in my 8 month old sons beauriful blue eyes. I took him to see the Stewart family Christmas lights this year and his eyes lit up and it was just such a precious moment. He also loved the lights on the square.

  41. I love to see the sparkle in my kids eyes when they get excited. I couldn’t ask for anything more just making my children happy is by far the best thing about being a mom. I never win anything and it would be awesome to win such a beautiful piece of jewelry.

  42. Wow! Would love to win this! Our favorite place to see something sparkly is atop Mount Sequoia! 🙂

  43. My favorite sparkle are the candles lit odirinf the Christmas Eve service. So magical celebrating Jesus’ birthday!

  44. I absolutely love this beautiful blue topaz stone. I love to recline on my sofa and cuddle up with my Christmas tree lights on. It is so relaxing to me and they are so beautiful.

  45. I just love the Lights of the Ozarks on the square in Fayetteville! It is like magic walking around there with my kids!

  46. I love all the lights on the squares and driving they neighborhoods and looking at everyone’s house and lawn lights. Christmas is my favorite!

  47. My favorite sparkly lights are from my own tree. I have ornaments from my very first tree with my late husband (42 years ago) as well as ornaments I have received as gifts through the years. I have a wonderful walk down memory lane every year when i decorate the tree.

  48. While not technically sparkly, I love seeing the fireplace all lit up and cuddling with my little boy while we watch Christmas movies

  49. My family & I went to the Fayettville square for the first time & boy did it amaze us. It was beautiful & sparkly. I also love being at home to see sparkles because I have a very sparkly tree & the ornaments shine on the ceiling & wall. I love Christmas time!😊

  50. I love just sitting on our couch and enjoying the sparkle of our own Christmas tree 😍

  51. My most favorite Christmas sparkly memory was watching “The Living Christmas Tree” at First Baptist Church Springdale. It was a holiday sensory overload at the time!

  52. We love the Stewart Family Christmas display in Fayetteville! But we also love the lighting of the greens in our church and the Advent candles 🙂

  53. I love seeing the lights on Fayetteville square with family. Beautiful year after year.

  54. My absolute favorite place to see sparkle is in my childen. Doesn’t matter how old they are getting, seeing them light up over a simple gift or large life accomplishment is what makes me the happiest.

  55. My very favorite sparkle has been in the eyes of my daughters through their many years of growing up. Today that sparkle has moved to the eyes of my five grandchildren. Nothing brings more glory to me than to see the love in their young eyes when they come to see this Grandma/Nana. I can do without a lot of things in my life but never want to lose the smile and sparkle they have in life.

  56. We make a family trip to the Stewart Family Christmas Light display every year. It is magical!!

  57. My favorite spot is sitting in my hot tub, looking up at the stars with my family.

  58. My favorite sparkle is seeing our little beautiful Christmas tree in the window of our home. My son loves seeing his tree from the oitside when it’s “charging”. We love all the sparkle ❇ during Christmas season. Whether it’s a display inside a store or lights across someone’s yard we love it all!

  59. My favorite place to see sparkle is in the eyes of my children and grandchildren during the holidays!

  60. My favorite sparkle was my wedding st itset bought from Underwoods in stlo1979 it was 18 Ct gold with a flower pattern cut around the edges and a 1/3 Ct diamond I lost it and I will have to get another one I have never seen a diamond sparkle so much I always got lots of compliments on it Thank you for the pleasure my rings brought me and see you soon Patti Randolph

  61. I love seeing the little kids at church dressed up during the month of December in their special Christmas outfits with glitter, sparkle and sequins. (And the little gents in their bow ties and vests!)

  62. My favorite place to see sparkly things during the holiday season is the Fayetteville Square!

  63. My 5 children and I have a tradition of making our yearly trip to the Fayetteville square with The Lights of the Ozarks. With a drive or walk down Dickson St towards the U of A campus depending on the the weather!

  64. We love going to Fayetteville to see the lights, but I’d rather see this ring sparkling on my finger!

  65. My sons eyes! After over 4 years of waiting/trying, Our miracle baby is 20 months old! His eyes sparkle, and mine leak when I look at him! He has my heart forever and ever. Nothing compares to a mothers love, and no one compares to my son!

  66. My favorite sparkle was my wedding set bought from Underwoods in1979 it was beautiful and I loved it but I lost it I plan to replace it after Christmas now my favorite sparkle is in my eyes when I see my grandchildren and theirs when they see me

  67. My favorite place to see sparkle during the holidays this year is a simple place, but has given me the most joy I’ve had at any recent Christmas. My two boys, ages 2 and 4, have a visible sparkle in their eyes this season from the anticipation I’m learning to foster in them for family, community and gratitude. You could see it in their eyes last night at the Stewart Family Christmas Light Display. Every day, I love seeing this age in them and starting to understand the reasons for the season. That’s the sparkle that gives me joy.

  68. My favorite sparkling place is the white lights of my Christmas tree early in the morning when it’s still dark outside.

  69. The best sparkly that I can think of is the light in my children’s eyes. My almost five year old is a proud new big brother to our 9 month old little girl and he loves her more than words can express. Seeing them everyday and especially during my favorite time of the year makes my heart sparkle with love for the two of them.

  70. My favorite thing to see during christmas is the Stewart family christmas lights!

  71. Downtown Bentonville is so dreamy but nothing beats seeing our family Christmas tree every year and the wreaths on our windows. Home with a sparkle is the best!

  72. I love anything Sparkly!! I especially love the Christmas lights reflecting off the ornaments, I have some that reminds me of the old disco balls! 🙂

  73. My favorite place to see something sparkle…. Like, besides the fact that glitter is my favorite color and my attention span is only as long as the spaces between sparkly things that float by?
    My favorite place to see something sparkle in NWA…. I have a couple little secret places I go to when I need to breathe. One is a hidden rooftop in the middle of downtown. The streets are busy and people are laughing and the stars are out while the street lights glow. Its one of my favorite places and it definitely sparkles.

  74. My tree in my den. I love just setting and looking at all the years of collecting and the led lights in the background with my family! But i also love sparkly things on my hands and neck! LOL

  75. Rocking my baby boy by our Christmas Tree while singing Christmas carols to him, he was born on 12/4, so it always reminds me of when he was a little bitty baby boy. ☺️

  76. My favorite place to see something sparkley is the twinkle in my wife’s eye, every time I say, “I Love You”. 😉 honestly, our family loves to go to see the Downtown Fayetteville lights..

  77. The Fayetteville square at Christmas time is my favorite sparkly spot! We visit the square every year.

  78. My favorite place to see something sparkle is in the eyes of my children and grandchildren as they see all the beautiful Christmas lights on the Bentonville and Fayetteville Squares. And as they open their gifts with such anticipation.

  79. My favorite sparkle is our tree in our home & the sparkle of my kids’ eyes when we light it!

  80. I love to go to the cross on Mount Sequoya which overlooks Fayetteviile. It’s the perfect place to see all the wonderful lights throughout the entire City of Fayetteville. On Certain nights the whole City looks like shiny, twinkling snowglobe town.

  81. My favorite place to see something sparkly is Eureka Springs. There are Sparkly surprises tucked everywhere all over down town!

  82. The lights of the Ozarks and dinner with friends for sure is a top 5 great things to do

  83. My favorite place to see sparkle is in my both of my daughters’ eyes. Christmas is so much more magical for me since I’ve had children!

  84. I think there is something so special about the sparkly lights at Silver Dollar City. Always love going and seeing the pretty lights with family or friends!

  85. My favorite sparkly place is the Fayetteville square and my favorite thing there is the Razorback display!

  86. My favorite place to see sparkling blue lights is in my children’s rooms. They hang lights every year and next year I’ll only have one of 5 still living at home. Christmas is all about sparkles and so is your jewelry 🙂

  87. After decorating for Christmas there is sparkle (glitter) ALL over my house, my family, myself and anything I come in contact with!! But my favorite place to see some sparkle would have to be in our living room (with our little family) all over our Christmas tree!!! There is absolutely nothing like Christmas sparkle!!!!

  88. The display at Stewart Family is breathtaking! So beautiful and my daughter loved it. I didn’t realize you had a Pinterest and Twitter. I’m now following on those sites!

  89. We have had a family tradition since out daughters were small. We bundle up on a cold night and go see the lights on the Fayetteville Square. We love to look at the sparkly lights as well as do a bit of people watching.

  90. I love to go on lights drives with my family. It’s hard to keep littles out and going too late in the cold, so we pack up a simple dinner and drive through Bentonville and Rogers neighborhoods and just enjoy time together! We will get so lost trying to find some house with an inflatable that we saw a glimpse of off of a main road, and we laugh and wander and find our way back eventually. My daughter gets so excited by even a simple string of white lights–and this year, we will get to enjoy it all with her new baby brother for the first time!


  92. Seeing the excitement of my grandsons as they view the holiday lights is a great sparkle

  93. My favorite sparkles are the Fayetteville Square at Christmas! Upon moving to Fayetteville in 1993, my then-boss, George S Smith, Publisher of the NWA Times, started Lights of the Ozarks as he had done in Marshall, Texas with the Wonderland of Lights that continues to date. While expecting my second child, Julianna, my oldest daughter Kelly and I decorated several balls and bells with lights for the festival. They are still used in the trees outside of the Old Post Office. Of course, my next favorite sparkle is anything that I can place on my fingers, ears, wrists or neck. I LOVE jewelry!!

  94. I love watching the lights on my tree dance in the ornaments. Almost like a fireplace.

  95. My Favorite sparkle this year is the laser lights we have in our back yard…they twinkle in our trees and it is mesmerizing! also The lit up Cross in Bella Vista on the hill…it’s beautiful…this is my birthstone and I will be turning 63 on December 23rd…

  96. My favorite lights would be the nativity scene. It is so beautiful. The story of Jesus is my absolute favorite. I loved seeing the Journey to Bethlehem in Racine. What a beautiful time of year.

  97. I enjoy visiting the Fayetteville Square and Stewart Family Christmas for amazing sparkle during the holidays. I also enjoy driving around with my family viewing neighborhoods where numerous houses are decorated.

  98. I love to see the shimmer of Christmas lights on frost-covered pine trees. It’s like the whole world is decorated for Christmas.

  99. My favorite place to seeing holiday sparkle in Fayetteville is the Square. We look forward to the lights every year. It brings on a magical Christmas feeling.

  100. My favorite sparkly things to look at in NWA I are the eyes of my precious daughters. Merry Christmas 🎄

  101. I like to see the sparkle in my childrens’ eyes when looking at our Christmas tree! We love driving through local neighborhoods to see Christmas lights and decorations.

  102. My favorite place to see something sparkly is on the faces of children at elementary school holiday programs and at the Northwest ARkansas Mall visit with Santa spot. There isn’t anything more sparkly than the eyes of young children during the holiday season.

  103. Love driving through neighborhood displays. Would like to see Stewart families this year. Never been.

  104. When I hear my son talk about his excitement to graduate from U of A in Spring and go to pharmacy school. He has the best sparkle in his eye for this next adventure in his life. Makes this mom sparkle from being so proud of him

  105. I love the Christmas light displays in my neighborhood, more homes decorating every year!

  106. I love the sparkle of all the lights around NWA . But especially the sparkle in my fiance blue eyes. Just the color of this stone.

  107. On my finger. Cuz I got sparkly beautiful ring my hubs got from Underwoods.

  108. My favorite place to see something sparkly is looking down from the Mt Sequoia Cross at the Fayetteville Christmas lights!

  109. My mom’s Christmas tree. I’m 37 years old and her tree is the only one that will always be my favorite.

  110. No where in particular. I just like to look while driving the roads. You never know what someone has out.

  111. I love to see lights sparkling on christmas lights anywhere. The light show the effort people give to make so many people smile during the holiday season. The lights bring the biggest smile to my face and always warm my heart. They restore my mentality that people really are good.

  112. The Lights of the Ozarks at the Fayetteville square. I love looking at the lights with my family!

  113. My favorite place to see something sparkly is the Fayetteville Square. Walking with friends and loved ones around the square, all bundled up when it starts to snow.

  114. Love looking at the bright stars sparkling on a cold, clear winter night in NWA. 😊

  115. My favorite sparkles are on the ornaments of our Christmas tree. Every year, during my maternal family Thanksgiving, we have an ornament exchange with the ladies and my theme is “colorful & sparkly”…it’s fun. I love the ornaments on my tree and remembering where I got each one of them.
    I follow on twitter and Pinterest:)

  116. I love all the sparkly lights on Fayetteville square. It’s a great family friendly place to enjoy the beautiful holiday season.

  117. I love all the sparkly and glittery decorations that I make with my kids each year. I will have glitter all over the place when we get done ! Love doing arts and crafts with these precious girls . Merry Christmas to all !

  118. My favorite place to see sparkle at the holidays is our family Christmas tree.

  119. My favorite place to see something sparkly during the holidays is Lake Ann in Bella Vista. All of the lights reflecting off of the water is a sight to behold.

  120. I Love all things sparkly.! My favorite place to see the most sparkles is the Fayetteville Square. But I “ooh” and “ahh” just driving thru our neighborhood! And nothing sparkles like Underwood’s – inside the store as well as their Christmas lights.

  121. The fayetteville square has to be the most sparkly! Always beautiful. A great job done by the city.

  122. I love looking at the Sparkle of my son’s eye Christmas morning and the sparkle of my Underwood diamond!

  123. All the sparkly Christmas lights on neighborhood houses makes me smile! Add some sparkly snow and it is magical!

  124. The Fayetteville square has the most sparkles! It can’t be beat!! Looking at lights and eating pizza on the square is an annual tradition!!

  125. Our favorite place to see something sparkly is here in our very own home. I love the Christmas lights and decorations every year!!!

  126. This might sound a little cheesy but when I think of something sparkly during the holidays I think of Christmas lights. It’s a small amount of time where you are with your family, no one is on their electronic devices, and everyone is just having fun. Sparkly has so much more meaning. Love the Bentonville, Fayetteville square, Stewart lights, and the Rhem display in Oklahoma.

  127. I love going to the square, or to Dickson street with my husband and our three year old daughter to look at all the lights and window displays. I can’t count the number of times I’ve stopped to admire something in the windows of underwoods- I had no idea they were such a local treasure! How wonderful it would be to win a lovely jewel from them.

  128. My favorite place to see something sparkly is at Underwood’s Fine Jewelers!

  129. My favorite sparkle is all the lights on the Fayetteville square. It’s so pretty. I wish it would snow then that would be my favorite sparkle ❄️

  130. The lighting of the Ozark is a new family tradition for my family. It’s so magical when the city comes alive with the Christmas sparkle.

  131. This is kind of crazy, but I didn’t have Christmas growing up. So having multiple trees and celebrating the idea that giving is better than receiving is really special. Being in NWA with my husband and stepkids to put it together, well, together makes it all the more meaningful.

  132. Feel in love with my hubby all over again under the lights at the Fayetteville Square. He battled prostate cancer this year and won! His birthday is in December so this month is our month to celebrate life, love, and salvation! BLESSED!

  133. I love the Opryland Hotel in Nashville, TN. The huge atrium and all of the indoors is decorated and lit up during the Christmas season. Plus, there’s tons of amazing lights outside too!

  134. My favorite place to see sparkles is in my daughter’s eyes when we put up
    Christmas lights —and when we drive around to look at lights. And this year, I got to see it in a NEW way when I took her to her first Christmas parade. I love watching her take in all the love and wonder of Christmas! ♥️ Merry Christmas to all!!

  135. Favorite place during the holiday season is watching Christmas movie by tree light snuggled on the couch with my man and two little ones reading books or watching Christmas movies. ❤️

  136. My favorite place to see the sparkles is the lights on the Fayetteville square!

  137. We just moved here recently and I’m excited to discover all the great places to see lights! I love my kids’ reactions to the amazing light shows people make the effort to create!

  138. My favorite place to see something sparkle is in my living with my family and our tree!

  139. I love to see sparkly things in the yards of NEA. Driving around to look at llights in our local neighborhoods is a thrill this time of year.

  140. I love the sparkly lights in my trees and mantel. I love sitting and staring at them at night!

  141. I like to see beautiful sparkes on my fingers,ears and around my neck while Im enjoying all the sparking beauty of all the christmas lights and enjoying a night out on the town!

  142. I would love to see it sparkle under the full moon on an evening of clear blue sky.

  143. My favorite place to see something sparkly has been coming to NWA and watching my husband graduate with his Master’s. He has always worked so hard to achieve his goals and I am so proud of him!

  144. Nothing compares to the sparkle in a child’s eyes when they look at all of the wonders of Christmas. Maybe it is the reflection of all the lights on the tree on Christmas morning or maybe it is the glow from the innocent hearts. Either way it is magical.

  145. I love the lights of the ozarks, the Fayetteville Square, old main, and all the festivity of the various lights.

  146. The last sparkly I received was 10 years ago when my husband bought me a new wedding ring from Underwood. He said he wanted a perfect diamond for a perfect wife.

  147. I so enjoy my sparkling Christmas tree each year with my Family and listening to Christmas music!

  148. I love seeing all the sparkling lights when I’m with my friends. When we get together, everything sparkles and the love is shining through our friendships.

  149. My favorite place to see something sparkly is in my kids’ eyes. Topaz is my birthstone–I’d love to see THAT sparkly too!

  150. I love to lay under the tree and look up at the lights through the branches.!

  151. Cliche, but the lights on the Bentonville Square are cozy and beautiful. We love to take our kids and just watch their eyes light up at the sight!

  152. I enjoy going to the top of the hill in Bella Vista at Concordia. Park and watch the lights dance to the music. I lost my my dad 27 years ago on Christmas Day so it helps. I also lost my mom 8 yrs ago on Christmas Day. It’s my comfort place to go.

  153. My favorite sprinkles spot is on square in Fayetteville. That’s same spot my husband took me almost 34 years ago now after her ask me to marry him. Lights are so awesome & makes you feel like a kid again & full of love & hope for a better world!!! Nwa mother

  154. New to NWA….still learning about the area. Favorite place to see something sparkly would be in our home, looking at our tree. So nice to finally be settled in a home after moving. We are really enjoying the area. Everyone is so kind and nice! Merry Christmas!

  155. I love to see the lights sparkling on the Christmas tree, in the garland, and as we drive through the neighborhoods.

  156. I love to see the lights anywhere! My husband, daughter, grandson and I love to drive around and see what we can see.

  157. My family loves to take our guests to see the sparkly lights in the memorable, dazzling Downtown Fayetteville Square. Lights, lights, lights everywhere, a winter wonderland. It gets us sentimental each time. The Cinderella-style lit-up horse-drawn carriage rolling by polishes off the look, and a hot chocolate served there warms us even more.

  158. My favorite place for sparkling things are on my fingers💍💍💍

  159. My dad bought my mom’s wedding ring set from Underwood’s in 1971! And he has a handwritten letter from Mr Underwood himself!
    I love lighted trees!! They are my favorite displays ..

  160. I would love the blue topaz! I had one in a setting and it fell out in a rain storm, I looked for hours drenching wet and never did find it. This would be a great replacement. My favorite place is with my husband who lovingly nicknamed me “sparkles”. After 43 years of marriage this would make a great ring for me to celebrate our 45!!

  161. My favorite spot to see things that sparkle in NW Arkansas is my home decorations which excite my granddaughter and make her eyes sparkle with excitement as well.

  162. My Grandma’s house is my favorite place during the holidays to see “Sparkle!” It’s always so cozy and beautiful with all the decorations and lights around the house!

  163. Love the sparkle of the lights on the trees my husband decorates and the lights he puts up outside. It puts sparkle in my family’s eyes. But also enjoy the sparkle Underwood’s helped add to my finger years ago.

  164. How about the sparkle in the eyes of the orphans being with a family for Christmas? That’s really what it’s all about to me. There are so many that are without and seeing them excited to be in a loving home for the season it the best!

  165. LOVE this! My birthday is 3 days before Christmas, what a GREAT bday present this would be 🙂
    I love watching pretty Christmas trees and Christmas lights sparkle!

  166. Christmas on “The Hill”… Fayetteville Square the Lights of the Ozarks is a beauty of sparkle and shine in NWA! The only thing that makes me happier than the Fayetteville Square is the sparkle in my beautiful December born baby girl’s eyes and the way her face lights up when she sees any Christmas lights hung out on the homes throughout NWA! The Square is majestic but the way my child’s face lights up as we see all the lights all over NWA just puts every bit of magic in Christmas!

  167. I think all of the lights are great and bring a peace to many who need it. The true meaning of Christmas should always shine through all of us year round. I often wonder why we do not do lights all year since we all enjoy the affect it that it brings to each of our lives in a different way. The way the lights shine and sparkle cannot help but cause the child in all of us to smile.

  168. I enjoy looking at the square in NWA with my granddaughter and daughter. Watching my granddaughter’s face light up when she sees not only these lights but lights every where is so very special to me and she truly enjoys sharing this time with her family.

  169. My favorite place to see Christmas lights is Silver Dollar City, but in NWA it’s the Lights of the Ozarks, including Dickson Street!

  170. With 12 children and nine grandchildren spread across the country, many service men and women, we rarely have a get together including all of us. But every Christmas we have a personalized ornament made with each ones name, bringing us together in tradition. These make our hearts warm and our eyes sparkle with love. Those are my favorite lights of the area, those that twinkle and shine in love.

  171. I love to see he sparkly lights at the Stewart Family Light Display. It’s a winter wonderland!

  172. Sparkle is my favorite color during the holidays! Oh how I love all the lights , shiny ornaments , and glittery bows!

  173. My favorite sparkly site is the Bentonville square lights. Its so pretty this time of year

  174. I love to watch my children and grand children light up “Sparkly” when they come home for the holidays…I have always told them that as long as they believe in Santa, there will always be a gift under my tree for them. Seeing the “sparkly” eyes as they have grown into adults is wonderful.

  175. My favorite place to see something sparkly is on the Fayetteville square. The lights are always just beautiful!

  176. My favorite sparkly place was my grandma’s house. She would begin decorating early October just to be ready for the holidays and her eyes would light up just as bright when all of the family would come through the door.

  177. My favorite sparkle is the Christmas lights in all of Northwest Arkansas. My Christmas tree is blue and sparkling and as soon as the doctors get me feeling better my blue eyes will sparkle again.

  178. My favorite part is driving around with the grandkids and looking at all the lights in Fayetteville and the different displays in all the neighborhoods

  179. My favorite place is to oull up to my own home and see one of our 2 family christmas trees in the front window welcoming me home 🙂

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