Birthday Girls List winners!

Happy Holidays, mamas! And Happy Birthday to all of you who celebrated in November. If your birthday or anniversary is in December, e-mail us at (or comment below) and we’ll put you on the list for next month.

If you’re new to the Birthday Girls List, here’s what you need to know: During your birthday month — or wedding anniversary month — send us an email letting us know about it and we’ll throw your name in a special party hat (you can also leave a comment on this post). At the end of the month we’ll choose two winners at random and you’ll get a birthday or anniversary dinner on us, courtesy of!

Winners will be announced on the first of every month. And we’ll also run a list of all the birthday girls celebrating out there!

The December birthday winner will receive a gift certificate to Fred’s Hickory Inn. The anniversary couple will receive one to Mama Fu’s. Both restaurants are in Bentonville.


The birthday dinner winner for November is Jerushia, who celebrated her b-day on Nov. 2. She wins dinner to Bella Napoli, courtesy of!

We’d also like to congratulate Angie Coleman and her husband who celebrated their 15th wedding anniversary on Nov. 19. They win the anniversary dinner to Carrabba’s Italian Grill also courtesy of Congrats!

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What makes really unique is the way they support our community. Check out their 50% OFF gift certificates which range from $7.50 for a single “Penguin Bill” to $50 (which buys you an assortment of gift certificates that are also 50% off or more) and all net proceeds go to local nonprofits. United Way is the recipient right now. Restaurants are listed completely at random every month and you can follow them on Twitter (Here’s a link!) to get early announcements when new restaurants are about to be listed. Click here to check it out and bookmark the site for future reference, so you can check it out before your next dinner on the town or to see where you’d like your birthday or anniversary dinner!

Don’t forget that Penguin Bills make great stocking stuffers! Everyone likes to eat. Or you can save a few bucks when taking relatives out to dinner over the holidays 🙂

We also want to give a shout-out to the November birthday girls.

Happy Birthday to these NWA moms:

Melanie, Nov. 1 (Happy 50th!)

Jerushia, Nov. 2

Angie Coleman, Nov. 3 (Happy 40th!)

Cheri LaRue, Nov. 6

Dana Davis, Nov. 9 (Happy 31st!)

Laura Wilson, Nov. 11 (Happy 42nd!)

Lindsay Adams, Nov. 16

Kari Lawson, Nov. 19

Courtney, Nov. 23 (Happy 28th!)

Happy Anniversary to these mamas and their husbands:

Angie Coleman, Nov. 19 (15 years)

Melissa, Nov. 22 (10 years)

Don’t forget to send in your December birthdays and anniversaries for a chance to win dinner out!


  1. Hey! It’s Lauren Dowling…and my birthday is December 26th. Yes, my mother was in Labor with me on Christmas evening…in a movie theatre watching “The Three Amigos.” How funny is that? Thanks, Y’all!(She SAYS…It was the worst pain out of all her natural births…my older sister, by three years, and my EIGHT pound twin brothers, younger than me by 18 months. No pain medicine, my grandfather was a D.O. and the Dr. who delivered all four of us in Ft. Worth didn’t believe in any pain management. Woohoo! I think that’s great, but sounds horrible!? I never had any pain in my 20 hours of trying to have natural labor with my 5 pound twins at 38 weeks. For some reason, I want to know what that pain feels like….No?!

  2. The Three Amigos is a great movie to be watching while in labor 😉

    You crack us up!!!

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