Giveaway: Workout Clothes from Fleet Feet Sports!

Everybody knows that when you “dress for the part” you’re much more likely to “act the part”. So whether you already workout religiously or you’re trying to start a new exercise habit, you’re going to LOVE this giveaway from Fleet Feet Sports in Fayetteville. It includes a new Prana workout top, Prana workout pants and one of those really cute “Sweaty Bands” for your hair. With the new top, bottom and the cute headband, you’ll definitely look like a hot workout mama.

We fell in love with Prana athletic clothes when we saw them in person at Fleet Feet Sports. They are SO pretty that you’ll find it hard to believe they’re designed for working out. And that’s what we love about them. You could easily wear one of these tops under a cute jacket while out for a date with your sweetie and nobody would know that you wore the same top last week when you were power walking on the treadmill.

And regardless of what anybody says, all workout clothes are NOT created equal. We’ve tried the cheap stuff and we’ve tried the good stuff and — yes — there is a difference and it’s worth the extra money to have the good stuff. Not only do they feel a lot better and move with your body, they also continue to look new after lots of trips through the washing machine and they LAST. We can’t always say the same for the cheap stuff.

The photos at right show two of the four styles of Prana tops and bottoms that the winner will be able to choose from at Fleet Feet. The winner will get to choose her favorites!

And here’s a photo of the Sweaty Bands, and the winner can also choose the style of band she likes best, based on what’s currently available at the store. Aren’t these cute?This giveaway package would normally cost you more than $120. Woo-hoo! Score some cute stuff without slimming down your wallet!

HOW TO ENTER: To throw your name in the drawing for the Fleet Feet shopping spree, click the orange comment button below and tell us your favorite way to move. Dancing with the kids? Swimming? The elliptical machine at the gym while listening to your iPod? Walking in your neighborhood? Leg lifts during your favorite TV show? Pilates? Zumba? Even when we grumble about exercise, the fact is that it feels GOOD to be able to move your body and we always feel better about life in general after exercise.

You can also enter via email by sending your answer to

HOW TO INCREASE YOUR ODDS: If you’re loving these workout clothes as much as we do, you can increase your odds of winning them. Just send an email to your friends and/or family about this giveaway and be sure to put on the CC line of your note. We will give you an extra chance to win for each person you tell.

HOW TO SEE THEM IN PERSON: If you’re in dire need of some new workout clothes — or shoes, a sports bra, socks, running gear, etc. — you can try all this stuff on at Fleet Feet Sports in Fayetteville. And the best part is that you will absolutely get help from someone who works there who understands these products and can help you find what you really need. Customer service is not dead, people. You just have to know where to find it. ๐Ÿ™‚

For more info on Fleet Feet Sports, click HERE to see a feature article recently published here on Or click HERE to visit them online. Call them at 479-571-8786 for more details about the store. They’re located at 1020 East Harold Street in Fayetteville, just off North College Avenue. Happy shopping!



  1. One of my favorite ways to move is yard work, but I’d be afraid to wear pretty workout clothes for that. ๐Ÿ™‚ My next favorites are walking with my son as he rides his bike, or dancing… anywhere, but mostly it happens in my kitchen or while I’m cleaning house.

  2. I like to walk our dog and push the kids in the stroller around the neighborhood, while they point out birds, dogs and squirrels.

  3. I have a trainer that works with me. It is the only way that I can consistently keep working!

  4. I move around just by keeping up with my 4 kids! But we also like to go to the trail in Bella Vista and I walk it while they ride their bikes. It’s only 2 miles, but that on top of the cleaning the house, and running around after them, is enough to wear me out by the end of the day!

  5. We love to swim in the summer! In the winter, we are in need of some sort of pick me up!

  6. I love it all and enjoy mixing up my workouts. Spin, ripped, TRX, running, swimming and even dancing in the kitchen with my kids. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. I love to Zumba! I started a couple of years ago and never tire of those Latin beats. Through Zumba I’ve learned basic Latin dance moves like Salsa, Bachata, Merangue, Cumbia and more. Now I go Salsa dancing, generally know what I’m doing and have a good time. It’s a great release, I’ve met wonderful people (En Fuego Fitness in Colt Square, Fayetteville) and I can’t imagine my life without it!

  8. I love to trail run. I can solve all the world’s problems and my own on a nice long run.

  9. I got Zumba for the WI for Christmas but the WI is always in my kids room. So I am using my husband’s Christmas present, the AppleTV to find exercise videos on Youtube and play them on the big screen. Love to move and choose from 1000’s of different videos early in the morning when everyone is sleeping.

  10. Elliptical machine at 5 am! It’s a love/hate relationship. I hate to be up that early but love how I feel after working out.

  11. Cardio Grove, at Trinity Fellowship. Fun moves with music from Toby Mac to Michael Buble’. Great for all ages and FREE.

  12. I go from Turbo Jam to Zumba (when I can, I get my 12 year old son to turn on You Tube and dance with me at home!) – and soon I will be starting P90X with my husband! Watch out 2012 here I come!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. I’ve taken up running in the last 18 mos. Love how many calories I can burn in a short amount of time. New workout clothes are always needed.

  14. My husband and I agreed to start training for our first Olympic Triathlon! Is is diverse and fun!!

  15. I started the Couch to 5K running program with my two kids (11 and 15). We do it at 5:30 a.m. and in return I drive them to school instead of making them catch the bus.

  16. My favorite way to move – since my 7 month old arrived is to dance around the house with him. He LOVES bopping around to music. Sad to say I have only made a gym appearance 4 times since baby. Hopefully the new year will bring new opportunities to get moving!!!

  17. I started jogging last fall. I put the baby in the stroller and run one of the NWA trails. So easy to do while the other kids are in school.

  18. I would love some new workout clothes. I’ve recently lost weight and have none that fit. I am getting ready to start Zumba, so this would be perfect.

  19. I have a pretty pink bike that I love, and we’re getting a new puppy to walk with our family!

  20. Walking with my 2-year old. It’s a way to spend quality time together, and she loves to be outside. We practice our abc’s, 123’s, and name all the things we see.

  21. I like getting on my bike in my neighborhood, or walking in a natural area, like around Lake Fayetteville, Devil’s Den, or Gulley Park.

  22. I love to work out at my gym, running a bit on the treadmill, pumping away on the elliptical, and doing some weight training as well. It’s a great way to start the morning, and I can’t wait for warmer weather so I can run outside!

  23. I try to get out and walk to neighborhood with the kids or the trail at the park by our house.

  24. I used to do Fit 4 Christ, but it wasn’t offered this year. ๐Ÿ™ I have been trying to fill it in with p-90X, but the week after I started that, I had an emergency surgery. Anyway, since then, I haven’t been able to start back, lack of self motivation. Would love some new workout stuff, and motivation to start back, as I can feel myself going into complete atrophy!

  25. I’ve been doing P90X, but have a new years resolution to start running again. My goal is to run one 5K race each month this year.

  26. I love workout videos!! But, recently I have really enjoyed working out with my hubby in the garage!

  27. I alternate my gym schedule – sometimes its yoga, sometimes RIPPED, sometimes Spinning, and sometimes the treadmill. I like mixing it up do I don’t get bored.

  28. I just started the Couch to 5K program. My husband has lost over 30 pounds in the past two years by getting back into running. I would love to have an activity we could do together – and to set a great example of fitness for my daughter. What better way to teach a young girl about healthy habits and positive self-image than by example?

  29. My favorite ways to move are:
    Running, yoga, hiking, and walking as much as possible.

  30. I am going to start the couck to 5 k today. Help me look good while I get in shape.

  31. My favorite way to move is walking my dog, even though he’s short, those little legs can move.

  32. It was tennis before I had tennis elbow so right now it is jogging and hopefully I’ll start up Zumba again.

  33. Jazzercise at the Fayetteville Jazzercise Center! It’s AWESOME–all the instructors are GREAT w/good variety. Dancing to top 40 songs is the BEST! You should join. There is actually a special today (the 9th).

  34. Actually, my ONLY way to really move is walking at the gym while talking with my two walking buddies. It’s much more motivating to walk if you have friends to walk with.

  35. We love to have a “dance party” at our house!!! Nothing better than turning the music up and dancing silly with the kids!!! I also like to do Zumba with friends!

  36. Riding bikes when the weather is good.. at home I love to dance with my little one!

  37. Taekwondo has always been a workout that I love, my absolute favorite is to play the dance games on the Wii with my son Austin!!

  38. I could do Zumba all day long!! You’re having so much fun that you forget you’re working out!

  39. I love moving with our new xbox kinect. I get to have fun with the kids and get a workout at the same time.

  40. I always love playing outside with the kiddos, but I also love taking time for me and doing some ZUMBA! at the new YMCA in Rogers!

  41. I really enjoy a great walk, and if I am in need of some extra get up and go I like to take that to a job or a few sprints.

  42. I love Fleet Feet Sports! Always get my shoes there.
    We are planning to hike the Grand Canyon rim to rim this fall, so my workout routine is going to be more intense this year. It would be great to have some new workout clothes to wear while preparing.

  43. Run, run, run! I have become a runner and have lost 38 lbs since January 1 of last year. Had to start really setting an example for my children and lower my cholesterol. I’ve never been happier or felt better. Fleet feet is my store for my running shoes! Love it!

  44. New workout clothing – Great way to start the new year and get motivated to be healthy.

  45. Zumba is my favorite way to move followed by Wii dance party with the family.

  46. Our daughter got a trampoline from Santa, let’s say momma’s Jumping around like a kid and burning some calories!

  47. I watch TV shows on DVD while on the elliptical. I am anxious to see the next episode, so it motivates me to climb on board!

  48. I work out MWF with WOW fitness, a free work out for women only, provided by Trinity Church on Rolling Hills. I run, hike or bike on TThSat. Working out regularly provides physical, mental and emotional stability (stress relief).

  49. I haven’t worked out in a longggggg time!! But if I win these cute work out clothes I would go to Zumba

  50. I actually love jogging on my treadmill with good tunes on the iPod and doing Zumba on youtube! Occasionally I really love a good weight workout… :o)

    Dancing with my 4 year old daughter and also teaching her things like burpees, pushups, running etc are also great! She LOVES burpees!

  51. My M-I-L got me a XBox 360 w/Kinects for Christmas. This thing works me out, and I don’t even notice it until I’m about to collaps on the floor.

  52. I love the elliptical at the gym…. We don’t have cable so I plug in my headphones and instead of vegging on the couch I catch up on my favorite shows while getting my sweat on!…. I lost 20# last month! I need new workout clothes because most of mine are getting too loose! ๐Ÿ˜€

  53. I am a small-scale runner! I am trying to get a little more hard-core, though! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  54. I’ve been doing Wii Fit Plus and Wii Biggest Loser lately… add in some walking here and there too! Some of those Biggest Loser workouts get me sweating too! I could soooooo use a Sweaty Band!!! And my pants are getting too big (YAY) so new ones would be fab!

  55. Leading a group of youth runners through the trails or on their bikes…whatever gets them moving!

  56. I love to walk through the neighborhood while listening to my iPod. It seems to be a lot more relaxing than using the machines at the gym and I am still getting exercise. I need to start taking my dogs with me so they can get the exercise too.

  57. I love workout dvds! They let me workout while the kids are at school and baby is sleeping.

  58. Super cute!!!! I need some workout clothes … Love jogging and going on long walks w/ my daughter<3

  59. Sorry if I missed this detail, but must one be local to be elgible?

    If not, these are my top favorite ways to move: vigorous vinyasa, elliptical with good music, and hiking.

    wolverina401 at gmail dot com

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