The Metro fridge at its new home in time for Thanksgiving!

The Lewis’ and their four kids are grateful this Thanksgiving week for friends, family — and that brand new FRIDGE!

Tamara Lewis won the Big Chill Giveaway from Metro Appliances & More and it will definitely be getting a big workout over the holidays with houseguests and kids opening and shutting the doors hundreds (thousands?) of times.

Here’s a sweet pic of the Lewis kids with their new fridge (don’t you love how it already looks loved with all those magnets on the front?):

Tamara fridge collageCongratulations, again, to the Lewis family. In honor of Thanksgiving week, we thought we’d share just a FEW of the amazing comments we read related to this giveaway (read them all by clicking here). These thank you notes are a reminder of everything we have to be grateful for:

I’m so thankful for my daughter’s hair and mine! No we are not cancer patients. Kylee was attacked by a dog earlier this year and most of her stitches and staples had to go in her scalp. We thought they were going to have to shave her head so I told her that I would get the same haircut. Amazingly the doctor did not! It took me over 18 hours to untangle her hair. Her long beautiful hair is a blessing, even when it’s a hot mess. Mine is a bonus. ~ Kristi

I am thankful for my children’s health. We’ve had a very rough month, several bouts with strep and our youngest had scarlet fever. Thankfully though he is on the upswing and doing so much better. ~ Shannon

I have a LOT to be thankful for, but the first thing that comes to mind is the healthy little girl wiggling and growing inside me! ~Savanah

I am thankful that after 40 years of waiting, praying, and believing I received the man of my dreams, my one and only husband, John Charles Deckert….. Thankful for him. ~Malen

I’m thankful my mom survived chemo and radiation and such a serious neck surgery .. A long road ahead but things are looking up!! ~Cammi

I am thankful that I BEAT breast cancer this year! ~Sharon

Thankful for FaceTime with my grandchildren.
We live a distance away & it is wonderful to see their faces when we talk ~Debbi

I am thankful that a friend’s adoption was finally approved after three long years of waiting! ~Melissa

I am blessed! I am extremely thankful for my neighbors who are an extension of my family. We are a group of moms that are here in NWA without our families. They have been there in so many ways, from mopping my floor when sick to mopping up my tears when having a bad day or mom moment. I truly believe god put these ladies in my life I am very thankful:) ~Marie

 I am thankful for the closer relationship I have built with my Dad this past year. ~Kimberly

I’m so thankful that my mom is cancer free this year. I’m also thankful for the genetic testing that is allowing me to be proactive with my health. I am BRCA 1 positive. I just had my ovaries removed a little over 5 weeks ago and bilateral mastectomy and reconstruction begins in January. I am truly thankful that breast and ovarian cancer are not in my future. ~ Dana

Thankful that the Lord took care of my youngest when she decided to somersault out of her top bunk instead of taking a nap. She’s missing a few baby teeth, but she blessedly doesn’t have a broken neck or spine. ~ Robyn

I’m thankful that I’ve been given a fun opportunity to start a new business venture. It’s been so exciting!  (I’d also like to add that we’ve gotten most of our appliances from Metro, and they provide some of the most excellent ongoing service I’ve ever experienced. They’re a great company!) ~Amy