Giveaway: Tickets to see Bring It On on stage at Walton Arts Center!

This week’s giveaway is really going to “bring it”. Grab your pom-poms, mamas, because we’re sending one lucky mama to an amazing dinner at Bordinos Italian Restaurant followed by tickets to the opening night performance of Bring It On at Walton Arts Center on February 7th at 7 p.m. Treat it as a date night with your sweetie or an awesome girls’ night out with your bestie. Either way, it’s gonna be FUN.

Retail value on this package for tickets plus dinner is more than $160!

ABOUT THE SHOW: If you’ve seen the movie Bring It On on television, you know it’s a high-energy show — lots of flips, tricks, dance plus a little teenage drama thrown into the mix. What we love about this show is how it takes us right back to high school — minus the acne and the bad 1980s hair. 🙂

And if you have a tween or teenage daughter or son interested in cheerleading, then you’ve just GOT to take them to this show. (Please note that the recommended age range for attending this show is age 11 and up.) The stage version is a fun musical comedy about an over-the-top high school rivalry in competitive cheerleading.

ABOUT THE FOOD: The food at Bordinos is so worth cheering about. In fact, every time we send a mama to dine at Bordinos we usually get an email back from her afterward with rave reviews about how good the food and the service was. (Click here to see their menu.)

Plus, Bordinos has such a hip, metropolitan atmosphere that’s fun and upscale without ever being stuffy or pretentious. The winner of this giveaway package will have a $50 gift card to enjoy at Bordinos. Woo-hoo!

HOW TO ENTER: To throw your name in the online hat, click the big orange comment button below and tell us about something in your life that makes you want to cheer. Your kid aced the spelling test? Your toddler finally pooped in the potty for the first time? Got an awesome promotion at work? Your teen got accepted into college? You finally got caught up with the laundry? Big or small, we want to hear about what’s got you cheering.

You can also email your answer to

HOW TO INCREASE YOUR ODDS: Send an email to your friends/family about this giveaway and we’ll give you an extra chance to win for every person you tell. Just be sure to put on the email so we can give you proper credit!

If you’d rather take lady luck out of the equation and confirm your tickets to Bring It On, call the Walton Arts Center box office for ticket information. The number is 479-443-5600. Or check out ticket availability online by clicking HERE.

Good luck in the giveaway! Winners, as always, are chosen at random.


  1. I want to cheer because my daughter is doing so well in school!! She has came so far this year!!

  2. I want to cheer because I started back to school and only have about 12 hours till I graduate!

  3. My life is blessed beyond measure. I have a great husband,wonderful kids and a job I love. Life is good.

  4. I am absolutely blessed with awesome teens and a great hubby, not to mention a cute little dog 🙂 I cheer all the time!

  5. I want to cheer everyday at how blessed my life is! I am so happy right now–GREAT husband, AMAZING son, WONDERFUL job, HEALTHY family. Who could ask for more?

  6. I want to cheer because I’m about to have this baby!!! My due date is the end of Feb and I can’t wait to meet her. This would be an awesome final date night for hubby and I….and that’s DEFINITELY something to cheer about! 🙂

  7. I want to cheer everyday for my beautiful healthy children, my fabulous husband, my wonderful church family, and all that I have to offer to others. I am very blessed, and hope to be able to bless others thru what God has given me!

  8. I want to cheer b/c I’m about to win these tickets and of course for a loving family and good friends.

  9. Our newborn son has slept great the last few nights – only waking once to eat!! That deserves a cheer!!

  10. My daughter absolutely loves this movie series and I’m sure she would love the play as well! She’s 15 and currently on the cheer/pom squad for her Jr. High School. She loves to dance and just be herself and that’s what I have always taught her.

  11. What makes me want to Cheer? The first thing that came to my mind is an oxymoron. It is that my first cousin’s little three year old has cancer. What I want to cheer about is the awesome medical team, family and friend’s support and love that has been generated throughout her treatment. Her name is Olivia Carrol, in Denver CO. She is in her 4th round of Chemo. She spent both holidays in 2010 in the hospital and her mom Kim says she seems to love the Hospital and staff so much she would rather be there than home!

  12. I want to cheer anytime someone says “brrr”. It’s cold in here, there must be some Torros in the atmosphere! I say it in my head every time.

  13. I want to cheer when I thinkI have been Married for 39 years and still love that man and he is my biggest cheer leader.

  14. I love cheering for my daughter at her cheer competitions. She has watched the “Bring It On Movies” countless times. She would love this!!!!! Please, please pick us:)

  15. I teach ninth grade physical science. As if that is not enough to cheer about, I now have a student helper (called a TA) who is catching me up on grading. Woo – Hoo!

  16. I want to cheer when I find out my husband has a whole weekend off from work!! That happened this last weekend & it just makes me wanna dance!

  17. I am cheering because my oldest granddaughter turned 9 years old on the 27th! She is so awesome!

  18. I want to cheer for all the fun and exciting things that are brought to us on this website! Love, Love, Love you guys! Thanks for all the cool offers and information!

  19. I am cheering because all 4 of my children made straight A’s last semester. That is worth celebrating!

  20. The opportunity to enter this contest makes me CHEER because winning it would make my daughter CHEER!

  21. I want to cheer every time I think about how much my son saved us on college tuition.

  22. My only daughter (who is a cheerleader) makes me want to cheer! I love her heart and her drive!
    She has a great future and I am a proud Mama! If I win, I will be taking her…for a Mom & Daughter night out on the town!

  23. Being a single mom to the most incredible children. Wittnessing God give me the strength to rise above and helping me to stand strong in my beliefs and values. My children have struggled this past year but hearing them pray on the way to school this morning made my heart want to cheer! My daughter cheers and is on a competitive cheer squad and would love to go in addition to mommy and daughter time we’ve both been hoping for. 🙂

  24. I want to cheer because my daughter, who dances for the Fayetteville Youth Dance Company, has mastered her left, right & middle splits! We’re both so excited!

  25. I have a couple things that make my want to cheer!! First off I have lost 23 pounds and counting!! My husbands lost over 13. And my 2 kiddos can count over 20! And the 3 yr old can write his whole name!! Makes me wanna cheer and dance like Ellen!! Would love to win this pize:) date night much needed!!!

  26. I want to cheer that I have a full-time job at Shiloh Christian school and now my kids can go there with me!!!! I want to cheer that Jesus loves me and also that Cheerleading Season is OVER and my daughter can stay home with me more!!!!

  27. I want to cheer for my daughters cheer team winning first place at cheer competition. She would love to see “Bring It On”

  28. I have been cheering a lot lately!! My girls are getting bigger and becoming best friends! I cheer every time I see them playing sweet together and loving each other, it makes my heart so happy!!

  29. Health! Good health! I have Lupos I have good days and bad days! My daughter made cheer @ a local middle school then we had to move she had to quit her squad! I would love to take her to this! i

  30. I wanna cheer at each child’s milestone. They are getting so big and I wanna try and enjoy every little moment!

  31. I want to cheer for my husband! What a great man he is…so patient, kind, hard working…every day. I’m so blessed!

  32. I am cheering because I just got my 2nd degree, got a job a week before graduation and I am raising 2 happy, healthy kids all as a single mom!

  33. Any time I get a day off from playing referee for my 2 boys because they are getting along and playing nice together 🙂

  34. I want to cheer about having a super funny, healthy, happy child, a wonderful husband, and a new sweet baby to add to the fun on the way!

  35. I want to cheer for my wife! We had our 3rd kiddo a about 3 months ago. I also travel for a living which means she does most of the work by herself. I wondered if we’d ever make it with 3 kids. I cheer loud and proud for my wife because she is the cornerstone for our family…and there is no way our family would survive without her!

  36. I want to cheer for all my blessings that are too many to list but to name just a few: a wonderful loving hubby who is a great father, a couple of sweet, bright kiddos and amazing friends!

  37. I really think that cheering for the little things in life is important. So I cheer for my kids being sweet to each other, I cheer for the dog peeing quickly when we are out in the rain and I cheer for my husband when he comes through the door bearing a Diet Coke for me at the end of long day. : )

  38. I cheering because I have 2 happy and healthy girls! I cheer for success in school. I will do lots of cheers if I get to take my little girl to Bring It On!!!

  39. I have three smart wonderful children. My oldest is a junior in college on a full scholarship, the next writes wonderful poetry & prose and is an eight (almost nine) year brain stem tumor survivor, who volunteers and works with teen cancer challenge & the pediatric brain tumor foundation, and my youngest is.a funny, smart film maker who keeps us all laughing when we really need it.

  40. I have great friends to cheer about and would love to share this night with a girlfriend. Hoping I win.

  41. I would like to cheer about my oldest daughter being a senior. She has grown into a wonderful young women and I am especially proud of her!!!

  42. I always feel like cheering when I accomplish a great thing or put something together and it turns out great!

  43. I have the best family in the world! They will even go camping with me on chillier than expected January nights. Thanks guys!

  44. I have been ill for several weeks; my family, friends and coworkers have been a true blessing in my life during this time.

  45. I have been ill for several weeks; my family, friends and coworkers have been a true blessing in my life during this time. Praise God for putting such wonderful people in my life.

  46. I am a special education teacher. When I see my students achieve at any little thing I cheer. Could be a student who just figured out how to log into the computer, or another student who just learned how to communicate with a speech board. Just seeing the happiness in their eyes has me cheering everyday. :0)

  47. My job makes me cheer! I love my job and love helping people get done the things that they don’t have time for.

  48. I wanna cheer because I am so lucky to have spent the last 5 years with a man who supports me and loves me unconditionally.

  49. My daughter has dyslexia and she still battles the spelling but she is reading much better this year – she is in 5th grade

  50. CHEERS it’s Friday! I get to spend the weekend with my fabulous husband cheering on the Patriots & planning our trip to KC for my daughter’s next All Star Cheer Competition!!! There’s a lot to be thankful for & cheer about in our home! Would love to see Bring It On to cheer on our local Bentonville boy too!

  51. Cheers for a wonderful husband, two awesome kids, a job I love and ALL my extended family! I am so blessed!

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