Giveaway: Tickets to see the Acrobats on stage

national circus and acrobats2Do you have one of those kids who’s always tumbling, cartwheeling or bouncing around the house? Well, this show is the perfect fit for your little (or big) mover and shaker.

We’ve got FOUR tickets to see the National Circus and Acrobats of the People’s Republic of China on Friday, December 11, 2015 at 7:30 p.m. WAC_China

ABOUT THE SHOW: These performers are known all around the world for their unique brand of entertaining. This distinguished troupe has been dedicated to innovation and excellence in the circus arts since 1958, performing in more than 50 countries and regions around the world and winning multiple awards for their unique and inventive acts, such as Great Teeterboard, Grand Flying Trapeze, Group Contortion and other astonishing acts of agility. The show is best for ages 7+.

HOW TO ENTER: If you’d love to win the four tickets, just click on the words “leave a comment” below and tell us about something that makes you “flip out.” Are you terrified of spiders? Do kids with an attitude make you crazy? Heights? Snakes? Socks left in the middle of the room (repeatedly)?

TO INCREASE YOUR CHANCES: If you’d really, really like to win the tacos and tickets, e-mail the news about this giveaway to friends. You’ll get an extra chance to win for each person you tell. Just be sure to put on the CC line so we’ll be able to give you proper credit.

To take lady luck out of the equation, you can purchase your tickets by calling the Walton Arts Center box office at 479-443-5600. Or click here for ticket info and prices.

Good luck in this week’s giveaway, and watch your inbox because we’ll email the winner on Friday.

national circus and acrobats republic of china



  1. I completely go nuts when I can’t move my elbows. I can’t stand for even my kids to sit next to me and lean on my arm–I have to put my arm around them. If my elbows are restricted, anxiety kicks in and I panic. Strange but true!

  2. I’m deathly afraid of spiders and will truly hurt myself trying to get away from one. I always tell my husband that his main job is killing spiders and training our son to do the same!

  3. What makes me flip out….hmmm, I’m a 7th grade teacher and a mom to a 5 year old and a 3 month old…there’s just so many things to choose from in which I “flip out”. I’d say most often it’s after I’ve told my students numerous times to be quiet and some of them just don’t seem to hear me (ahem, or choose to ignore me). Therefore, I must get loud and flippy!

  4. Spiders and kids with an attitude problem make me flip out. Since today is laundry day, inside out clothing is what makes me flip haha 🙂

  5. Seeing Kids run around in tight spaces in a store with objects everywhere!! I know with children the act of being still and “don’t touch anything” is somewhat in an ear and out another. But if I as an adult can somehow get caught up in a hanger for no apparent reason……..poor children don’t have a chance! Band-aid please 🙂

  6. I “flip out” when my boys have poured water all over the bathroom floor while brushing their teeth.

  7. Shoes in the floor drive me crazy. Seems like I am always tripping over my husband’s size 12’s and my son’s. Both have way too many shoes that never seem to find their way back into the closet unless I put them there. UGH

  8. I flip out a lot lately at home over messy clutter. My 3 girlies seem to lose all hearing when it’s time to clean up.

  9. Small spaces completely terrify me add in not being able to move my arms. I’m out!!

  10. Cramped spaces have always casused me to feel anxious.
    Traditionally I love to flip- Post gymnast!

  11. Zombies… anything Zombies, gives me the heebie-jeebies. I’ve tried to conquer the fear, but no luck so far.

  12. Camel crickets or spiders, either one freak me smooth out!! Thanks for a giveaway

  13. Nothing Greeks me out like the feeling of a bug or spider in my hair. I have this. Crazy fear of not getting it out and it crawling close to my scalp and biting me. Eeeewwww, just the thought makes me cringe!

  14. People that don’t know how to drive makes me absolutely nuts! The person who doesn’t even look when they’re backing out of a parking spot and you’re already halfway out and you have to pull back in your spot. 🙂

  15. I flip out over numerous things … being in a closed in space, snakes, spiders, any kind of insect that can jump, a lizard getting in my house (this really happened a few weeks ago!), and much more! I would love to win these tickets!

  16. I flip out when I see glass/ ceramic clowns. They are the creepiest thing ever invented.

  17. I hate to admit this to everyone….but I hate the sound of people crunching some foods…especially ice. It’s hard for me to not get up and leave a room when someone is crunching ice!!! Absolutely makes me CRAZY!!!! (especially when in a work/church meeting! Bleh!)
    Ok…it’s out there now.

  18. I flip out over snakes. I follow you on Pinterest and Twitter, commented on FB, and I get the newsletter.

  19. I flip out about not getting Christmas shopping done! (Now there’s a recurring nightmare! )

  20. I think the thing that makes me flip out the most is out of date milk! A few years ago, I didn’t realize the milk was out of date, and I poured some into my cereal. Even the delicious taste of Cinnamon Toast Crunch couldn’t mask the nastiness of the out of date milk. SOOOOOO gross!!!!! Now I check the dates excessively!

  21. I don’t like heights! This past week, I rode a ‘mountain coaster’ with my son and tried to act brave, but inside I was flipping out!

  22. We took our kids and grandkids to see the acrobats last summer. After I got there I wondered why I ever went because I am terrified of heights for myself or others. I made it through the show and actually enjoyed some of it. If I win these tickets they will be for my grandkids and parents, not me:-)

  23. Spiders, heights, and guns…totally freak out!!! Along with dishes, dog hair, laundry, dirty bathrooms…

  24. roller coasters or any ride that drops, I can’t do it. I almost climbed out of a log ride once my family had to hold me down. lol

  25. It flips me out when people change lanes and get sooooo close to side swiping the front of your car!!!

  26. Background sounds- those things that others call white noise, I call it misery!

  27. Something that makes me flip out in a good way is winning an awesone giveaway! I would totally flip out over dinner and acrobats tickets!!!!!

  28. Kitchen cabinets and drawers left open, wet wash clothes balled up in the bathtub, cereal boxes busted open, lights left on in rooms with no one in them- I have a lot!!

  29. I flip out when going through tunnels or crossing over tall bridges, especially at night. I need control of my surroundings and I can’t handle being under or over the unknown.

  30. When the kids are out of school for a week for Thanksgiving (or soon to be Christmas break) and are fighting like crazy on the first day. #ilovemykids

  31. I’m terrified of heights and roller coasters! I hate the feeling of being weightless on a roller coaster and I feel like I can’t breath the whole time because I’m in a panic.

  32. I have to check and make sure all the doors are locked and the garage door is closed before I go to bed. (OCD) If I try to lay down I can’t sleep until I check all the doors. Even if someone tells me they closed the door. I have to check. It’s so annoying!

  33. I hate it when folks turn their clothes inside out & put them in the laundry for me to wash! Drives me crazy!!

  34. spiders!!! One *just* pranced by me while I was laying in the floor due to a sore back! Ackk!! I screamed and woke up my husband who had already climbed in bed in the other room. woops.

  35. Bon Jovi, Lord of the Rings references, a good pun… These things flip me in a great way.

  36. I can do snakes and I don’t mind mice, but if I know there’s a spider or wasp in the room, my skin starts crawling!

  37. When all three kids are trying to tell me a story at the same time…they don’t care that the other kids are talking!

  38. I flip out over anything creepy and crawly! I try my best to “be brave” so as not to teach my kiddos that these things are scary………but it doesn’t always work. LOL!

  39. Spiders are my enemy. No matter how big or small I scream like a little girl. Sadly I have passed this on to both of my kids. My poor husband must run to our side when a spider comes around. Ugh.

  40. I flip out when I hear sirens and my kids are not with me…..starts my worry wart episodes…..

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